We come in the ages most uncertain hour…

I simply share this heartfelt cry:


Regardless of Simon’s politics, this song best expresses the American’s cry of today. Let us give him credit for at least not being Springsteen or Streisand.

There is also a wonderful symbiotic relationship with the message of this song and Simon’s use of Bach’s chorale from St. Matthew Passion – which forms the melody of that great hymn, ‘O Sacred Head Now Wounded.’ 

While Simon may have been a liberal lamenting the America he saw in 1973; I think there are some things that are written for one time, but are actually prophetically birthed to express the joys or lamentations of a later time. American Tune fulfills that mystical occurrence – for now we have really come to the “age’s most uncertain hour” – and the sovereignty of our unique American tune teeters on the brink of destruction.

~ Susan D. Harris