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Lidice Lives!

Lidice Lives

By Susan D. Harris

Lidice floats high above the clouds.

People scurry,

laughing, working, loving.

None are torn from each other’s arms;

White stone houses stand defiantly.


Sheep graze the fields

Wheat still grows;

Saint Martina’s bold pear tree

stretches her limbs,

yawning in the warm June sun.


Plato’s Forms and God’s universe

Do not contradict –

But ensure existence

On planes we cannot see.


There is no Divine Power that would allow

Lidice to be no more.

No man can take away what God has given.

The grass and flowers and children grow –

Preserved intact

With every eye that beheld them.


Every demonic spell

Enchanting the world today

Is broken with the victory

Of these two truths:


He is Risen


Lidice Lives.



 A new Lidice has risen from the ashes. It is a symbol of the common need for all people of the world to live together in friendship and peace. If Lidice dies again, our civilization will also perish.”

Dr. Barnett Strauss, 1963.

In support of the new sculpture in Stoke-on-Trent, being unveiled with the people of the “new” Lidice, I have been honored to have my poem for Lidice featured on their website.

The sculpture will contain a “miner’s tag” with the initials of every person who promised to tell TWO people the story of Lidice. I am proud to have my tag among those.



mom war years


Above: Arlene, the littlest, with her family on her birthday in 1939. Arlene (the author’s mother) wishes to thank all the people who responded with such sincere appreciation of this article…from all around the country – and internationally as well.

NOTE: I am honored to have this article being used in the regular cirruculum at the London Metropolitan Museum class: Writing Your Family History. 

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