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By Susan D. Harris

The uncrowned king of conservatism, Rush Limbaugh, made this observation on his Jan. 14 radio show:

“… the way to understand what’s happening in the media, inside the beltway … is to understand the objective. (It is) the elimination of any effective conservative opposition. And that goes for the Republican establishment too, the Democrat Party naturally, and it is Obama’s modus operandi.”

Elaborating on the viciously successful attacks by progressives, and a desperately needed yet woefully lacking unity among conservatives, he said:

“Look at how many conservatives are demonized … their character, their credibility. When they launch assaults on (pick your favorite conservative anywhere, elected or in the media), the rest of the conservative establishment usually does not defend that person. They join in the criticism, or they express sorrow … and concern and agree something needs to be done about what that person said … because they are trying to curry favor with the critics. … They figure if they join in they will show themselves to be smarter than the average dumb conservative, and therefore more appreciated by the critics on the left. … The most often result is that people distance themselves from the conservative under attack, lest it descend and touch them.”

If you substitute “Jew(s)” for “conservative(s)” in either of those quotes, it’s eye-opening. That should be a required test for any society: Whenever you can substitute any word with “Jew” and have a statement still read logically, it doesn’t make your society fascist, but it does measure where you stand on the freedom scale.

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April 11, 2012
I’ve got a message for Rush Limbaugh: It’s time to panic. Rush told his listeners he would tell us when it was time to panic. Instead, he found himself in the precarious predicament of being a victim of his own missed opportunity. You see Rush, it was time to panic a long time ago.

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