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Obama’s Race War: The Not-So-Pretty National Discussion on Race

By Susan D. Harris

The hometown of my youth, like so many small towns in the Northeast during the 1970’s, contained a handful of black families. A little black girl sat with me on the bus, and my only thought in regard to her color was noticing how her neck looked different from mine after we’d been sunburned.

During my childhood, I watched as the Cosby Kids provided many laughs as they spent their time rummaging through a junkyard. The association with junkyards prevailed as I watched “Sanford and Son.”

“Good Times” gave me a look into ghetto life as I watched a decent, moral family struggling in a Chicago housing project. On the flip side, I watched “The Jeffersons” after they’d “moved on up to the east side, to a deluxe apartment in the sky.” Most of the laughs came from the fact that they:  a) had a hard time being accepted in their new world and b) made fun of white people.

My next introduction to black people on film was a harsh one. We were forced to watch “Roots” in school at a rather young age. The only naked people I’d seen on film prior to this were dead ones in WWII newsreels. Thus my introduction to seeing live, naked people was watching blacks in the jungle or on a slave ship. It was shocking; not just because they were being tortured or killed, but because in the big scheme of things, I now assumed all blacks had once been abused, naked people who had slid off ships. Worse yet, the implicit message being thrust upon our class was that we, as white people, were responsible for this. I was offended. Neither I nor my parents were even alive when all of that happened. I felt a twinge of bitterness for being forced to shoulder the blame for events I had no hand in; and accused of feelings I did not harbor.

When I was 18, I moved to a town with a substantial black population. I learned the hard way that they had their own side of town, as parking there to watch a softball game netted me four slashed tires simply because I was white. “But why does that matter?” I kept asking my friends.

Calling a taxi to go home from my job at the mall became a hassle. I found that black families would call every taxi service and take the first one that came, leaving the others hanging. At one point I became so frustrated trying to get home that I called a taxi and said, “I’m white and I will wait for your taxi.” It worked.

Another bad impression of black people came when I was an entertainer who interacted with shoppers at a local mall. Due to the demographics, shoppers were mostly white, so when I saw a black man and woman walking quickly through the crowd with particularly sour expressions and avoiding eye contact, it caught my attention. I purposely avoided them. I later learned they had just killed an entire (white) family of four. They were at the mall using the stolen credit cards of their murder victims.

Later, as the editor of the college newspaper, I was sitting alone in the cafeteria after-hours when I was approached by a large black man who kindly asked me to proofread his theme paper.

The theme of his paper centered on the fact that he was having a hard time controlling his anger; he was being bullied by another black man, the result of a longstanding feud between two families. I made grammar and punctuation suggestions, carefully avoiding discussing the content. He thanked me, and seemed like a genuinely nice guy.  A month later he was arrested for premeditated murder after using a sawed-off shotgun to kill the man he’d written about. I actually kind of felt bad for him, wondering why his professor hadn’t identified the theme paper as a plea for help.

Last year, a blogger writing on whether blacks commit more crimes than whites, spoke of the “violent subculture theory.” He said:

This is the idea that some black communities, for some reason, have developed cultural values that are more tolerant of crime and violence.

Adding that it was a “mostly right-wing” view, he went on to call it “highly controversial,” when pitted against the “poverty breeds crime” argument.

It’s a generally accepted fact that a law-abiding white person walking into a mostly black neighborhood is at an increased risk of being victimized by harassment or vandalism, at the very least. It’s also safe to say that a law-abiding black person entering a mostly white community will be safer than he is in his own neighborhood.

When black ghetto culture became pervasive among young whites, I cringed. Until then, I had been able to avoid looking at men’s undershorts in public; men holding their crotches and spitting as they walked down the street listening to rap music. All of that was avoidable by staying away from the black section of town. Now, young white men were doing it walking down my street. They were playing that chanting, rhythmic music filled with vulgarity; they were idolizing black ghetto culture. They picked up the lingo, the hand gestures; they were passionately embracing a ghetto culture that many blacks were working hard to escape. Now they would never escape it; it was all around them. White culture fed into it and wanted more. They got it in spades too…drugs, rap sheets, violence, fashion imitating prison clothes, and gang slang.

So if blacks really want to have a “national discussion” on race; the truth isn’t going to be pretty. As far as I’m concerned, that “national discussion” has been beating a constant drum in my ears all the way from the fraudulent story of Kunta Kinte — to the culturally degrading influences of celebrities like Jay Z and Beyonce. (What a downward spiral for a culture that once gave us some of our best loved Christian hymns.)

There are many blacks who I admire and hold up as heroes: Thomas Sowell, Alan Keyes, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Col. Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, and Star Parker among others. And of course I’ve had black friends in my life.

However, from my own view in suburbia, to the riots I see on national television, I admit I often have a hard time not lumping all blacks into a group that I blame for deteriorating American culture.

If this country had elected a black president that could have helped elevate the black community out of the depths of its fiscal and cultural demise — into the higher moral consciousness and economic affluence that is so deserves — we would have a healthier and happier society. We might even have had a better chance at staving off anarchy in our cities.

Every day I struggle to remain colorblind, despite personal experiences. But thanks to Obama, that struggle is getting harder.

One day, about a month ago, a black woman pulled up next to my car and yelled, ““F-ing white b-ch!” I ignored her and drove on.

Later that day, in a supermarket line, I was behind another black woman. Normally outgoing, I was about to ask her how she intended to use her panko bread crumbs. But as I turned my head, the cover of Time magazine blared: “Black lives matter.” (I couldn’t help thinking what a strong statement it would have been if Time had printed instead: “Black Lives Matter.”)

In light of recent events, I found myself uncomfortable starting a conversation with this black stranger while surrounded by such controversial headlines. I wondered if she too might hate me because I was white. Pre-Obama, I would have only been thinking about bread crumbs.

Most of us, black and white, have worked to overcome prejudices we’ve built-up or encountered in our own lives. And we were doing a pretty damn good job of it before President Obama and his Department of Justice decided to exploit every real or perceived injustice in an attempt to incite a race war aimed at dividing our country.

Charles Manson was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, partly fueled by his obsession with starting a race war. It is lamentable that Barack Obama will not be held accountable for inciting violence underpinned by his black liberation theology — which is apparently just another demented interpretation of the Beatles’ “White Album.”

The Stench From the National Decay


The Stench From the National Decay

By Susan D. Harris

So we keep sitting here preaching to the choir while liberals have no clue what we’re talking about because they don’t even bother to listen. Many of them don’t listen because they are just plain ignorant or they have some deep-seated problem with authority or religion or suffered some other basic ethical or moral tragedy that forever altered their perception of life. It only takes a little scratching beneath the surface to reveal these problems with most of them, and that’s why I believe Ann Coulter and Michael Savage were right when they said that liberalism falls into the spectrum of mental disorders. A classic example is a former coworker of mine whose car was covered with bumper stickers like “COEXIST” and “The last time someone mixed politics and religion people were burned at the stake.” She was the same one who slunk around the workplace, eyes glowing like a schoolchild in “Village of the Damned,” saying Sarah Palin “scared” her and whispering about the Koch brothers to anyone who would listen. If you talked with her long enough, you found she had been raised Catholic – a supposedly devastating fact she blamed for recurring nightmares about the devil that continued to have a profound impact on her every waking moment. (It’s okay to pause now and roll your eyes.)

Other liberals are coming from a much darker place. They are controlled by Satan as he uses them as tools to destroy their own country. I’m not even going to try to justify that or soft peddle it because most of us know in our gut this is the case, it’s just not “nice” to publicly out evil when you live in an evil society. (Of course there are Republicans, Independents and all sorts of people controlled by Satan, but when you have one group whose ideology seems to fly in the face of everything good, you should name  it.) The truth is, like the Bible predicted, we are living in the end times and a great deception has fallen on the people. But the hardest part — for those of us who haven’t slept near the pods yet — is trying to pretend it isn’t happening; watching all the talking heads sit and try to talk or reason with these people. Watching Conservative Christians trying to talk to progressives is like watching someone trying to have a calm conversation with Linda Blair as her head spins around and shoots out green vomit. Every day I turn on the TV and watch some level headed, kind Conservative trying to talk rationally  to a liberal who inevitably opens their mouth to spew the equivalent of unintelligible guttural noises – or at least that’s what most of us hear.

I actually try to watch some liberal TV shows or read their websites to keep up on their ever-changing herd mentality – just to monitor in which direction the herd is stampeding. On one such website a headline read, “Problems in the Ukraine…and watch how they are going to try to blame this on Obama too.” Like their president, they have no concept of peace through strength, or any idea of the larger concept of the diplomacy and strategies that are needed to keep the world from falling into the grips of war at any given moment.

We watched Obama do his cute one-liner – you know the one – “The 80s called, they want their foreign policy back” – clearly written by some clever aid and planted in Obama’s ear to spout off as soon as that crusty old Romney mentioned Russia. Hardy har har – that was quite a knee slapper for the unbalanced liberals. The rest of us cringed as we watched Romney trying to hide exasperation and frustration as he tried to debate with someone who had a 5th grade understanding of domestic and foreign affairs.

They say a lot of liberals, or Obama voters, are “waking up.” Ask me if I care. The damage has been done, and even if the Democrats don’t fix the next election (People like Carol Davidson, the head of integration and media targeting for Obama’s 2012 campaign are already working on it I’m sure, even as Republicans continue to flounder like fish left behind by the tide) – if a Republican wins the 2016 presidential election, it would likely take decades to repair the damage Obama has done to this country. He has shredded the Constitution and institutionalized criminality in the federal government on such an unprecedented level that we can’t just walk in, sweep up the mess and move on.

And then there are millions of Americans like myself. Obama and his similarly deranged finks took control of the country just as my own personal crises were coming to a head. I always wondered what it was like for some poor Southern family as they struggled with their own problems: Grandma was sick and they couldn’t afford the operation to save her, crops failed, the well was dry, beloved Old Shep was failing and Mom was in bed with the fever – and then all of a sudden the Yankee troops are taking the city. Now I know. It means all your neighbors are out trying to save themselves and you are on your own. It means immeasurable suffering and eventually you are gone…100 years later there’s a parking lot sitting where you and your family struggled to survive and no one remembers your suffering, let alone that you even existed.

To those who continue to fight the good fight I say “Godspeed.” The offensive truth is that in a few years or a few months, we will no longer be the world’s leading super power. Our military will be drastically cut and those who remain will largely consist of a bunch of drunken drag queens.  White people will become the minority and everyone will believe the world will be a better place for it. Heterosexuality will be considered an aberration. The Jewish or Christian concept of God will be scoffed at by a greater portion of the population who will classify all believers in such fantasies as dangerous criminals – especially if they try to own a gun. Eventually the Muslims and the atheists will be left to fight it out on their own.

Actually, to those of us who have the misfortune of having the time to sit back and watch the wheels go round and round, we can see it’s already come to this. Most people are so busy trying to maintain their large screen, Hi-Def lifestyles they’ve only begun to notice something is wrong. Those that are hooking their wagons to the green/sustainability neo-hippie movement are still doing well too. Heck my liberal neighbor just a got a whole new set of furniture delivered even as many of us struggle to scrape together $15 for a small roasting chicken. That’s just as it should be because it was the plan from the beginning. Dumb, kind-hearted capitalist that I am, I thought we should all have roasting chickens and new furniture – powered by a healthy, competitive economy.  I didn’t think that whole “redistribution of wealth” thing would work. I was wrong; it’s working out great for believers dedicated to the regime.

Every day it’s some new trickery afoot. Today Republican Rep. Daryl Issa walked into a trap as Lois Lerner strutted in, claimed the fifth (again and again and again) concerning her testimony on the IRS targeting scandal, and Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings pulled a dramatic Sarah Bernhardt performance for the cameras and his loyal deranged finks. “”I am a member of the Congress of the United States. I am tired of this!” he blustered.

Now the talking heads come on and calmly talk about it. We can’t say what we are thinking. We can’t say that Lerner should have been taken out in handcuffs and placed in solitary until she talks. We can’t say we wish that Issa had slapped Cummings and told him to shutup. No, that would be lowering ourselves to their level. As an old friend of mine used to say when I would question conversations she’d relate to me, “I didn’t say it, but that’s what I was thinking.”

The fact remains that is exactly what many Americans are thinking, and the anger is simmering and boiling up to the top. As soon as someone makes the “wrong” move, liberals will yell “Aha! We told you they were all dangerous criminals!” We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Maybe at that point we will all be herded into concentration camps just as the conspiracy websites say. Frankly I don’t rule anything out anymore and neither should anyone else. So far we seem to have underestimated everything these people were capable of.

We’re watching that “fashion reminiscent of Jane Giss Khan” idiot John Kerry roaming the world like Lurch in the Adams Family, sputtering and spitting meaningless rhetoric.  Meanwhile Putin is using the same tactics to take the Ukraine as Hitler used on Czechoslovakia in 1938. And it’s supposed to be absolutely no coincidence there are endless civil wars around the world while our president has been playing golf, bicycling in his mom jeans and jogging around the White House with his VP like a weak, simpering fool.

And while our foreign affairs and diplomatic relations are falling apart, we have an endless supply of ethical assaults on the homefront. The effects of Obamacare on the disabled, terminally ill and elderly of this country will be as devastating as Roe vs. Wade was for the unborn. Surprisingly, our nation’s general attitude towards the “unproductive” of society is taking a nasty turn for the worse from all sides of the political spectrum. A good number of Conservatives are posting nasty comments across the internet against those they deem unworthy of their “hard earned tax dollars” (thus making their hard earned tax dollars more important to them than human life.) Frankly that’s just scary. There seems to be plenty of Conservatives to fight for the unborn but a straggling few to fight for the homeless, the poor, the widow…or people like little Jahi McMath who was declared brain dead and referred to as a “corpse” while her heart was still beating on life support. Indeed, under a recent article on Jahi’s situation on a well-known Conservative website, commenters posted again and again, “She’s dead” “She’s a corpse” “It’s a dead body” etc. When people feel so self-assured in declaring someone “dead” when they have no personal, first-hand knowledge of that persons condition…we are in deep, deep doo-doo. These people think it is their self-appointed job to proclaim the harsh “reality” – while in fact they are boldly playing God.

I don’t see any relief in sight. The only thing I can do, due to my own limited circumstances, is pray that those who are still good and decent and true can continue to see clearly enough to help friends, family and strangers get through this active national decay. The stench is getting worse day-by-day. If anyone doesn’t realize things are going to get worse quickly, they are kidding themselves.


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Send Lawyer Guns and Money! 

(How was I to know she was with the Russians too?)


Conservatives Dismissed Birther Concerns – How’s That Working Out? (Audio Available)

Obama Trayvon

Conservatives Dismissed Birther Concerns To Tackle Obama On “Serious Issues” – How’s That Working Out?

CLICK HERE to listen to the author read her article.

By Susan D. Harris

In a recent Freedom Outpost article  by Tim Brown, we learned that Obama’s presidential eligibility appeal will  finally be ruled on by Judge Roy Moore and the Alabama Supreme Court.

As we look back, we see a long road strewn with the wreckage of a divided  Conservative base. We see some Conservatives that can be likened to the kindly  driver who, in a quest to prove his generosity and fairness, waves a car into  traffic and directly into an accident — then drives on feeling no responsibility  for the crash.

In the same way, Conservatives who refused to acknowledge there was a problem  with Obama’s birth certificate have continued to feel no responsibility for  failing to defend Article II of the Constitution; and no remorse for attacking  those who did. We watched them cite newspaper birth announcements, and a short  form certificate, as proof enough. Eventually they accepted a long form  certificate that experts and scientists agree was faked. “It’s not a winning  issue,” was their mantra. Liberals so successfully mocked so-called “birthers,” that many Conservatives slunk off embarrassed and distancing themselves from  those who continued to assert the issue had grave Constitutional ramifications.

Many of us knew that the Democrats long-awaited, unblemished red heifer had  been groomed to take our country into Socialism within two terms, but  unfortunately for everyone, we couldn’t unite to stand and say, “You shall not  pass.”

Five years into the presidency and steeped in scandals and corruption, those  who scoffed at “birthers” got what they wanted. They wanted to tackle Obama on  the “serious” issues. The point of those who could see through the lies  surrounding his birth certificate was that they didn’t want to tackle  him on the serious issues. They never wanted him to get that far because they  feared when he did, it would be too late to save the country.

To the Conservatives who wanted to “take the high road” and engage Obama on  his own terms and merits, now is your chance. Try to expose his abuse of the  Patriot Act or peel back the layers of lies on Benghazi. Try to get beyond the “Cincinnati office” and find who was really responsible for the IRS targeting of  so many Conservative groups that it may have played even a small role in the  outcome of the 2012 election.

Carol Davidson, the head of integration and media targeting for the 2012  Obama campaign, spoke on the Fox News special Your Secret’s Out.  Speaking in generalities of “the cave,” a central Obama campaign hub that  manipulated the voting public, she said:  “The cave was where we put the  analysts…Multiple analysts were in that room,” doing “more like top secret work  right? So, you know, you don’t want…people coming by seeing what was on the  screens of everyone. And we actually, during the election, didn’t want people to  know that the group even existed.” Why the secrecy? Could it be because they  knew Americans wouldn’t appreciate their President dissecting and evaluating  them in a way that no elected official has ever stooped to  before?

In the cave, they worked on determining who the persuadable voters were in  the battleground states. They successfully blitzed television networks that  Republicans dismissed as irrelevant. Meanwhile the IRS was standing on the necks  of Conservative groups who naively thought they were contenders in a fair  fight.

Davidson developed something called the “optimizer,” to let her know what  television shows the target audience was watching and when. Obligingly, cable  companies sold out our privacy to assist. “We were able to get the data from our  vendors, ingest the data into our system, and at the same time pair that data to  the voter file data,” Davidson said. John Roberts, host of the show, told her  some people might find it creepy that there “was that much data out there about  them,” only to learn it was used in a political campaign. In a valley girl  accent dripping with the words “like” and “right?” Davidson answered, “To me at  the end of the day you get e-mails or direct mail sent to your house all the  time that like, you didn’t know the person who sent them to you and they still  knew your name…Is it just a difference, or is it really a concern about invading  your life?”

Note to Ms. Davidson: Like, it really is a concern about invading our lives.  Right?

Maybe I’m just feeling too parental, but when I see young women like Carol  Davidson and Holly Paz, the IRS supervisor who issued rulings on tax-exempt  groups, I can’t help but feel like these women needed to be sent to their rooms  without supper and had their cell phone privileges revoked, long before they  acquired any position of power.

As a woman, I am embarrassed by the likes of Lois Lerner, Victoria Nuland,  Susan Rice, Jen Psaki, Samantha Power, Carol Davidson, Holly Paz, and yes,  Hillary Clinton.  These volunteers mustered into Obama’s army are helping him  fundamentally transform (aka destroy) the country they are leaving to their own  children. I just hoped women would be smarter than  that.

It’s hard to believe that Sarah Palin — a constitutionally articulate,  intelligent, God-fearing woman with exceptional leadership skills — is merely a  Fox News Contributor. I fear the day may never come when Palin, and others like  her, will wrest our country from the mindless cast of Glee, who view us as  experimental tadpoles in their Progressive petri dish.

Many Conservatives left the birth certificate issue nicely covered in the  litter box. And while they spent their time attacking their fellow  Conservatives, young Progressives like Davidson and Paz were using their  Machiavellian skills to ensure they’d be ready when Conservatives decided it was  time to tackle the “serious issues.”

The fact remains that neither our citizens, nor our government or media  properly vetted a presidential candidate who had a childhood and upbringing that  would have raised red flags at the Behavioral Analysis Unit on Criminal Minds. 

Many Independents, Democrats, (and some Conservatives) are just beginning to  realize the scope of Obama’s lies. With this much scandalous water under the “Hope and Change” bridge, the fact that a president forged/faked his birth  certificate may actually be a small blot on the American landscape by the time  he’s done dividing and conquering it. The sad part is — it didn’t have to be  this way.

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A Generation’s Lonely, Dark Path of Sexual Confusion

By Susan D. Harris

Originally appeared on WND.COM

Our children’s souls are being plucked from our grasp. We change their diapers, wipe their noses, sacrifice, worry and pray for them – but we have dwindling control over their teachers, friends or the media, which are constantly demanding they drop any inherent disgust with depraved sexual acts in lieu of embracing them not only with tolerance, but preference.

It’s an oft forgotten fact that life in the 20th century changed more rapidly than it had thousands of years prior. Moral and social norms tried frantically to evolve as quickly, but failed on many fronts. We become addicted to change, panting after cutting edge technology and advancing science as eagerly as we broke long established social norms in a quest to be the newest and best version of what it means to be human. In the rush, we mistakenly view the centuries before us through the prism of recently morphed values. Early photographs of women walking arm-in-arm are assumed to be lesbians – in much the same way Ruth’s well-known declaration for Naomi is now said to be the most touching example of biblical, lesbian love.

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Something always rubs me the wrong way when people tell us that hard times draw us closer together and teach us what is really important in our lives. “We’ve lost the country, at least we’ve got each other.” There is something inherently defeatist and depressing about that; accepting defeat, especially unfair defeat, is a hard pill to swallow.

Obama and Me: Four Years Later

October 28, 2012

Obama. Every day is Halloween as I hear Vincent Price echoing that name in my mind like a warning in a horror movie…sure to haunt me until my dying day.

As we near the election, a graduation speech comes to mind: “We’ve have had a long four years. We’ve made new friends, and sadly lost some. We’ve learned a lot about each other and ourselves. We face a future that will be as bright as we ourselves will make it.” (You can cast off your robes now.)

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By Susan D. Harris

Originally appeared in American Thinker

It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.
 – J. Krishnamurti
“Remember the Billy Joel song We Didn’t Start the Fire”? Undoubtedly the only song that successfully rhymed the phrase “children of thalidomide”? As I watched that music video recently, the flashing images that had once seemed so novel and thought-provoking now seemed a simplification of the increasingly disturbing images swirling in my head. My mind can easily replace the song’s fast paced sequential “boomer decades” images and lyrics with a much shorter timespan of frightening images from today:

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