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Soylent Green Really IS People?!

soylent green 2

By Susan D. Harris

Imagine it’s 2014. Nazi concentration camps whose smokestacks emitted the by-product of incinerated human remains were eradicated more than sixty years before. The only place one could see such horrors was in oldnewsreels or science fiction films.

Not so fast.

It turns out some smokestacks in the U.K. have been billowing out the burned remains of more than 15,000 fetuses over the last two years. This would have necessarily included not only aborted fetuses, but babies that were stillborn or the result of miscarriages as well. Imagine the horror of being told your baby was “cremated,” only to find it was disposed of in a “waste-to-energy” plant and used to heat the hospital.

Tom Bryant of Britain’s Mirror Online writes:

“Forms handed to women at the hospital say remains are “cremated,” not mentioning “incineration.” This goes against guidance from Sands, the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity, which states “incineration must not be called cremation.”

Adding to the messiness of the story, one hospital was surprised to learn that fetal remains from another hospital were burned at their facility; which of course means that waste was transported there — much like the garbage truck that took remains to the disposal-center in Soylent Green.

Britain’s Channel 4 is airing the results of this investigation in a program hosted by Amanda Holden called “Exposing Hospital Heartache.” Coincidentally, two days before the report was to air,the Telegraphreported that the “Department of Health issued an instant ban on the practice which health minister Dr. Dan Poulter branded “totally unacceptable.” Kudos to Holden for doing what journalism was meant to do: expose injustice and keep society in check. It is obvious, however, that many people must have known this was happening, but no one was doing anything about it.  It also appears the Department of Health scrambled to put a ban in place on Sunday night in an effort to stave off backlash that would inevitably come when the story went public.

A comment underneath the story in the Telegraph asked, “As the mothers and staff have discarded them as so much unwanted waste — why attack the disposal (method)?” Apparently this commenter hastily overlooked the fact that the “fetal remains” also consisted of babies from miscarriages and stillbirths.

I recently had an epiphany while watching a documentary on the Holocaust. I saw the dead, as well as the emaciated living (who likely had days or hours to live after their camps were liberated). Instead of being sickened, I was struck by their beauty; an indescribable beauty that transcended their pain and suffering. I saw people whose minds and physical bodies had been pushed to the limit as they strove to maintain that one great gift from God — life. How indomitable the human spirit is; how miraculously unyielding the human body can be! Yet how easily we take that gift and deny it to others or discard it like trash.

The fact remains that aborted fetuses in America are either incinerated as medical waste or disposed of in landfills. What seems to have shocked the public with the recent revelations in the UK is that this waste was used to generate heat in what can only be termed “extreme recycling.”

While Briton’s are likely to reel from Channel 4’s revealing documentary on the treatment of fetuses, there’s hope that all reverence for life is not lost. Emerging from a country that like our own seems to be wallowing in degradation, are Britain’s latest viral sensations, “Mr. & Mrs. F.”

Tom Flectcher, one of that country’s most popular singer/songwriters, married his girlfriend, Giovanna Falcone, in 2011. Childhood sweethearts who seemed to epitomize true love, the couple announced they were expecting a baby in a creative video. Months later, after they posted a video called, From Bump to Buzz, the public learned that the couple had photographed Giovanna’s pregnancy every day for nine months. In a touching time-lapse video (complete with an original song), we see them welcome the birth of their first child, Buzz Michelangelo Fletcher.  One can only hope that with role models like the Fletchers — and others — the U.K. will at least have a fighting chance at raising a new generation that will put pregnancy and childbirth back where it should be: into the realm of the miraculously divine. Let’s hope a new generation of Americans can be inspired to do the same.

From American Thinker:





Is it any wonder it’s called the “green movement?”




Dr. Ben Carson, O’Reilly and the Nazi’s

Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson on Government Intimidation: “Think About Nazi Germany”

By Susan D. Harris

There comes a time when people with values simply have to stand up. Think about Nazi Germany. Most of those people did not believe in what Hitler was doing. But did they speak up? Did they stand up for what they believe in? They did not, and you saw what happened. And if you believe that same thing can’t happen again, you’re very wrong…But we’re not going to let it happen.

– Dr. Ben Carson

In a jaw-dropping twist of pabulum-puking progressive spin, Dr. Ben Carson was maligned across the internet and elsewhere for asking the tough questions.

When interviewing Dr. Carson about his recent remarks, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly asked him:

So if you mention Nazi’s, you know you’re going to get hammered. But what you said right at the end there intrigued me a bit. You said if you believe it can’t happen again…see I don’t believe that Nazism could happen in the U.S.A….nor could Communism happen here. Do you disagree with me?

Dr. Carson went on to explain that if people do not speak up for their beliefs, they will be trampled. He added that buzz words that supposedly shouldn’t be spoken, like “Nazi’s” and “slavery” are examples of political correctness that he believes is a “bunch of crap.”

The best point Dr. Carson made was when he said he was most worried about the populace remaining silent and “not expressing what they believe because they’re afraid. They’ve been intimidated.” At this point, O’Reilly jumped in and asked, “By whom?” (If you hadn’t taken your blood pressure meds at this point, you needed to leave the room.)

“By the government,” Dr. Carson said, surprised by the question.

“How?” O’Reilly quipped, (as if he himself hadn’t reported on many examples of intimidation, including the IRS scandal.) Dr. Carson answered:

By the government, and by the media…the P.C. police, you say something…this is a perfect example. You’re using an example of how people would not speak up — they try to turn the argument away from that because they know it’s true…But rather than talk about that, they want to divert the issue to something else.

Dr. Ben Carson gave his comments at a fundraiser for an Oregon GOP Senate candidate. The full text of his comments discussed how the secular progressive movement wanted to “fundamentally change who we are,” and part of that entailed “keeping a blanket of silence over the majority.”

Immediately after his speech, he was excoriated by websites and news outlets across the country for simply mentioning Nazis.

Never mind that graveyards across the world are teaming with Nazi victims. Never mind that but for thousands of brave souls and gallons of spilt blood we might be speaking German. Now, in true fascist tradition, no one is allowed to mention the world “Nazi” unless they are spinning history for the History Channel.

Is it a coincidence that society waited for most of our WWII heroes to die off before they decided that any reference to “Nazi’s” was politically incorrect?

It begs the question: What did Americans die for? Did they die so we could forget the tactics and oppression of an ideology that nearly destroyed the world?

Progressives aside for a moment, does O’Reilly not know that U.S. lawmakers gathered on Capitol Hill as recently as last summer to discuss ways to combat an increase in Nazism across the globe? Does he not know that 20,000 American citizens attended a Nazi rally at Madison Square Garden in 1939? Are we really a completely different people?

The answer is no, we are the same vulnerable people. Nazism may not currently be America’s biggest threat, but we have allowed ourselves to be taken over by progressives that espouse the same zealotry, irrationality, vitriol and mass suppression as the goose-stepping tyrants of decades past. The ideology may be different; but when the time comes when we are maligned or ridiculed for legitimately asking whether those in power are using tactics similar to the enemy our fathers and grandfathers died to spare us from…we know that our future is very, very bleak.

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