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A Generation’s Lonely, Dark Path of Sexual Confusion

By Susan D. Harris

Originally appeared on WND.COM

Our children’s souls are being plucked from our grasp. We change their diapers, wipe their noses, sacrifice, worry and pray for them – but we have dwindling control over their teachers, friends or the media, which are constantly demanding they drop any inherent disgust with depraved sexual acts in lieu of embracing them not only with tolerance, but preference.

It’s an oft forgotten fact that life in the 20th century changed more rapidly than it had thousands of years prior. Moral and social norms tried frantically to evolve as quickly, but failed on many fronts. We become addicted to change, panting after cutting edge technology and advancing science as eagerly as we broke long established social norms in a quest to be the newest and best version of what it means to be human. In the rush, we mistakenly view the centuries before us through the prism of recently morphed values. Early photographs of women walking arm-in-arm are assumed to be lesbians – in much the same way Ruth’s well-known declaration for Naomi is now said to be the most touching example of biblical, lesbian love.

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