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Another Day, Another Apology to Muslims

By Susan D. Harris

“Don’t listen to liberals, because the Muslims will cut your heads off.”  That’s the comment that warranted the KRQE headline, “Parents accuse Belen priest of making discriminatory comments against Muslims.”  Apparently no one had a problem with the “don’t listen to liberals” part. Instead, being well trained in political correctness, it was the moment Fr. Jonas Romea, a priest in Belen, New Mexico, told a group of pre-K to eighth grade Catholic kids that there were Muslims terrorists that caused the problem.  Specifically mentioning Muslims cutting “heads off” was when parents became terribly offended on behalf of Islam.  The next thing you know, a reporter at KOAT Action News was asking Fr. Romea if he didn’t think his remarks were “Islamophobia?”  Fr. Romea said that he denied that label, and strengthened his point by saying:  “Recent reports out of the Middle East show that Catholics around the world are under attack.  The news pieces that we get…from there tell us that actually, Christians are being slaughtered.”

KRQE reported that after receiving complaints about Fr. Romea’s remarks (made during a homily to students at Our Lady of Belen Church,) the “Archdiocese of Santa Fe sent out a letter to parents saying the homily didn’t fully embrace the message of Jesus Christ.”

Later, Fr. Romea sparred with KOAT reporter David Carl asking, “Are all people burglars? No, not all people are burglars.  But my next question is, do you lock your doors at night?”

Carl responds, “I do. I do. So are you lumping in Muslims as burglars? Are you making an equivalency there?”  Carl knows better, but with progressively tweaked critical thinking techniques designed to disarm traditional reasoning, Fr. Romea is easily mocked, then easily silenced with a craftily edited interview.  By this time, he has been so intimidated — by someone or some governing body — that he will not even name “that religion that he mentioned” — Islam.

The original story aired March 30th.  By April 12th, Fr. Romea issued what some local people told me they believed to be a “coerced apology” which can be read here; and by April 28th he found himself terminated from the diocese. (This fact was told me by someone who had spoken directly with Fr. Romea himself, and was also present during the April 30th mass where Fr. Romea’s departure was discussed.  There has been no official statement from the diocese.)

Romea’s apology contained the sentence:  “I have come to realize that the Islamic Faith is not to be equated with terrorism and vice-versa.”

Sadly, 84-year-old French Priest Jacques Hamel didn’t get a chance to concur with that statement, having had his throat slit by ISIS militants less than a year ago during a quiet morning Mass.  One has to wonder what kind of internal spiritual struggles these Catholic Christian leaders are suffering as the world keeps forcing them to the ground — symbolically or literally — to grovel toward Mecca.

In New Mexico, the incident took on an overtly political tone when former Senator Michael Sanchez reportedly shone a spotlight on it by Tweeting what happened “wasn’t right” and that he “stands with Muslims.”

Stories of priests being silenced as they try to speak against Islam aren’t new, but aren’t abating either.  Earlier this month, the diocese of Orlando, Florida reprimanded a priest for teaching his students about Muhammed from the writings of Catholic Saint John Bosco.  The story, not surprisingly unearthed by the Huffington Post’s Documenting Hate Project, ended with the Orlando diocese stating “the information provided in the sixth grade class is not consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.”

This past February, The Rev. Peter West, pastor of St. John’s Catholic Church in Orange, NJ made news calling moderate Islam “a myth” and openly supported President Trump’s travel ban, (though its characteristics changed over time.)  A spokesman for that diocese said, “…we are concerned about Father West’s comments and actions, and will be addressing them according to the protocols of the Church.”

Journalist Mark Mueller, writing for, told his readers:

(Father West’s) attacks, while popular with many of his 7,300 Facebook followers from around the country, run counter to the statements and philosophies of his own leader, Newark Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, and his ultimate boss, Pope Francis.

What is really happening in small Catholic diocese across the country, one can only guess; but you can be sure the politically correct thought police are on duty everywhere.

Looking beyond our borders, we see precedents in places like Germany — where a Catholic priest was banned from preaching after speaking at an anti-Islamization protest; and a priest arrested in France for being “too hard” on Islam, and having his website shut down.

It is the greatest irony that while there is no known Catholic priest, nor adherent of Catholicism, that has been charged with beheading a Muslim in modern times, that those who warn against Islam are the targets of censure and ridicule by their own societies.  Instead of shouting “never again” to the ideological/religious perpetrators of such violence, Americans robotically repeat “not every Muslim is an extremist!”  Strangely, this phrase seems to have been beaten into us harder than the sharp edge of every reported “radical Muslim” sword that has slaughtered man, woman and child around the globe.

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Preterists in Sheep’s Clothing: The Growing Plague of End Times Deception


By Susan D. Harris

“If you want to find out if someone understands Scripture correctly, ask them if they think Israel has a right to the land.”

In the 1980’s, when Hal Lindsey’s book, “The Late Great Planet Earth” was still popular, I was busy with high school and college. Frankly I wasn’t giving much thought to Bible prophecy. It was always in the back of my mind however – in a file marked “for future reference.”

And I believed I had all the time in the world. Most Bible prophecy was yet to be fulfilled:  The coming of the Antichrist (who I believed would be a real person), the mark of the beast, the Gog and Magog war, and the armies that would surround Jerusalem – the burdensome stone.

As editor of the college newspaper, I covered Gorbachev’s reforms in the Soviet Union — Perestroika and Glasnost. The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty was paving the way for the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty; “mutually assured destruction” would march into the history books.

I watched as the Berlin wall came down. I remember thinking, “Certainly Bible prophecy is a long way from being fulfilled. The Soviets are our friends; Communism is collapsing!” The world was destined for peace.

I had read the Bible as Holy book. I believed that my interpretation of its teaching and prophecy were revealed to me with divine guidance. Now there is a doctrine gaining steam in the churches, however, which wants to convince me that the divine guidance I’d experienced was all a lie.

Not too many years ago, I hadn’t ever heard of the terms “dispensationalist” or “futurist.” If anyone had mentioned “eschatology,” I would have thought it was a French word for the study of snails. And I most definitely had never heard of “Replacement Theology” or “Preterism” — the idea that all Bible prophecies that I expected to be fulfilled in the future — had already been fulfilled with the Siege of Jerusalem and the destruction of its temple in 70 A.D.

Not until I was faced with a Preterist that held these beliefs did I even know they existed. Worse yet, this Preterist was starting a Christian organization in my area and revealed to me that his secret goal was to convince Christians that their Futurist, Dispensationalist, end-times ideas were a manufactured lie. (He is currently working to spread his organization to 300 U.S. cities).

This man revealed to me that he was bitter that his late father had been “brainwashed” by “false teachers” like Hal Lindsey and Pat Robertson. His poor father had died, he said, waiting for a Savior that never came.  It sounded more like it wasn’t the father who had become disillusioned with his own beliefs; but his son – a son who turned to Preterism.

To hide the truth of his own bitterness, this Preterist blamed Futurist interpretations of Bible prophecy for every ill that befell America. He wrote:

“Modern American teachings on “the end times” are, in my perspective, half of the reason we have the apathy and complacency we do in the Church, and it will definitely be one of my objectives to challenge and confront what I consider to be false teachings through this ministry (in time).”

He said “in time” because he lures his followers by making them think he believes as they do, and intends to deceive them with the false doctrine of Preterism after he gains their trust.

The “apathy and complacency” he refers to apparently stem from Christians “sitting back and waiting for Jesus.” Only later would I learn that this is one of the main Preterist denunciations of Futurists (or Dispensationalists): Christians don’t become engaged in bettering the culture because Jesus is coming back soon — so they choose to sit on their hands.

Eventually I also learned that Preterists don’t support Israel because they do not see the Jews as God’s chosen people.  In fact, they say God has been done with the Jewish people since the First Century A.D. because they rejected Christ. Consequently, Israel has no place in God’s future plan. It might  sound inconsequential until you realize there is a strong undercurrent of anti-Semitism at the core of this belief; and its modern manifestation has some serious implications for our present day foreign policy…a foreign policy that increasingly contradicts the very basis of America’s historical support for Israel.

One pastor put it succinctly when he said, “If you want to find out if someone understands Scripture correctly, ask them if they think Israel has a right to the land.”

Recently I had a lengthy phone call from someone who I thought shared my “Futurist” beliefs. A friend as well as an editor, he wanted me to remove references to “end times scripture” in an article I’d written. Why? Because it had already been fulfilled in 70 A.D. I nearly fell over.

“If you read it in context…” he kept saying. I kept thinking, “There is so much more to my faith than reading something in context.” My faith, my relationship with God and the communication that passes between us is so much bigger than “in context.”

I don’t care to debate a Preterist on specific Bible verses. How can you debate a self-professed Christian who is willfully blind to the awesomeness of God’s predictions being fulfilled in news headlines daily?

(Those debates are perhaps better left to people like New York Times bestselling author Joel Richardson who tackles Preterism head-on in his latest book, “When a Jew Rules the World.”)

Instead, my intention is to alert Christians that Preterism is spreading like wildfire, and it’s threatening an already dwindling amount of people who identify as Christians in America. It’s threatening because it destroys the exhortation to Christians to be “watchmen on the wall.” When you eliminate the watchmen, it becomes a salvation issue. The book of Ezekiel tells us:

“But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take [any] person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.”

Preterism, by its very nature, stifles Christians’ ability to warn people of what is coming upon the earth.

If, as the Preterist believes, the Antichrist was the Roman emperor Titus, there’s no sense in warning people about the beast (who will derive his power and authority from Satan) who is yet to come.

It follows that if there is no beast yet to come, there is no reason to dissuade people from receiving the “mark of the beast” – an act the Bible tells us will incur the wrath of God.

This brings us back to Preterism being a salvation issue and the fact that meddling with human’s salvation is the primary skill listed on Satan’s resume. Surely this doctrine is part of the great deception, a time when 2 Timothy tells us that people will “not endure sound doctrine,” and will “turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”

It’s hard to believe that people can be convinced that all prophecies were fulfilled by 70 A.D., especially when you consider that miraculous day in May, 1948 when Israel became a nation in one day.

As I look back at events that have shaped the world since the 1980’s, I am shocked at how drastically the world has changed; how many things have fallen into place to fulfill Bible prophecies that were unthinkable a few short years ago.

As a Christian, I believe these things have been revealed to me by the Holy Spirit…just as they have been to millions of Christians – Christians who don’t need to be lectured to read the Bible “in context;” – Christians who have a higher authority than man assisting them in Bible interpretation. God is revealing his plan not only through his Word, but also through a higher frequency – discernment on the spiritual plane…the Comforter who was sent to teach us all things.

Be vigilant. Preterists are often secretive, hiding their beliefs, seeming to graze among congregations like wolves in sheep’s clothing. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask someone if they are a Preterist. The easiest thing might be to ask, “Do you think Israel has a right to the land?” The answer to that one crucial question reveals all you need to know about a person’s theology.

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A MUST READ (click the title below to open the article):

Preterism: The Marxist’s Favorite Theological Tool by Joel Richardson


By Joel Richardson: “History shows that Marxist regimes have always made efforts to crush Christian movements. This was primarily due to the fact that the Biblical-messianic-utopian hopes of the Christian faith were in conflict with the Marxist-humanist-utopian vision. Marxism is not so much threatened by what Christians believe about Jesus dying on the cross for their sins, but rather what they believe with regard to the future eschatological messianic expectations.

This time around however, the Marxists are trying an entirely new tactic. They are infiltrating the Churches. And by altering a few key eschatological doctrines, they believe that they can reconcile Christianity with Marxism. Why the need to eradicate Christians when they can just as easily be converted and utilized as useful idiots for the Marxist cause? It’s far less bloody after all.

But in order for the Marxist conversion to take place, Christians must first abandon their traditional messianic hopes through the corrosive doctrine of Preterism.”



(Keep in mind “end-times” believers consist of pre-Trib believers, Mid-Trib believers, and Post-Trib believers. Everybody…)

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The Road to Dystopia (Audio Available)

renoir4The Road to Dystopia

By Susan D. Harris

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With misty eyes, I will always remember my parents huddled at a garage sale, literally scraping together all the money they had to buy their youngest child a box set of encyclopedias and the classics of western literature.  My mother convincing my father it was worth it, then my father proudly lugging the dusty boxes to the car.  I squealed with delight and they felt fulfilled in their parental roles; though they were secretly perplexed by my enthusiasm. I was precocious in my reading, and was blessed to have parents that scrambled to meet the demands of my developing mind.

Before 10 years of age I had already commandeered my mother’s set of Literature and Life books. I slipped away to ponder Mentresors’ revenge against Fortunato, and Prospero’s deadly masquerade ball.  By the 5th grade, my parents were notified I was reading at a 1st year college level.  At 15 I was reading Shakespeare – not for class assignments, but because I enjoyed it.  I regularly sent for free “sample” copies of everything I could get my hands on… The Economist, Smithsonian, The Atlantic Monthly and National Review. To ensure continuous copies, I started to use a fake name. (Do not try this at home.)  I kept this from my parents until the male alias I’d used to receive free samples received an official letter requiring him to report for registration with Selective Service.  My sins had found me out, and I confessed to my parents, shuddering with fear that I would finally be arrested for wanting to read what I could not afford.

And so I brought with me a quietly humble, yet advanced level of comprehension when I embraced a circle of friends that would introduce me to new authors and new philosophies.  Most importantly was Jean Paul Sartre.  From there I strung along with the crowd like the last person in The Loco-Motion dance train, following them to Franz Kafka, Simone de Beauvoir, Ayn Rand and the philosophy of Hegel.

To me, it was like walking into the ominous ambience of Prospero’s black room with the red windows.  I tried to act enlightened.  How anyone could prefer Being and Nothingness over Democracy in America confounded me.  I listened in silence to passionate discussions of the genius of those authors. Inside I was squirming.  It was, to be frank, the biggest bunch of nonsense I’d ever heard or read.  When I reached college, I met a kindred spirit in Plato and a playful debater in Socrates.  I returned again and again to the Bible of my youth, and a man named Jesus.  Once embarrassed to voice my supposedly unlearned opinion on existentialist authors and the Hegelian dialectic, I eventually concluded that they had done to Western thought what Picasso had done to art:  They’d rejected traditional techniques of perspective, jumbled everything up, and narcissistically expected everyone to proclaim their works revolutionary masterpieces.  And throngs of their followers did just that; heaping praises upon kings that had no clothes.

I continued to collect books.  One discarded library book I picked up on a whim was titled, SDS: The Rise and Development of the Students for a Democratic Society by Kirkpatrick Sale.  I always had a nagging urge to figure out why American culture imploded in the 1960’s, besides the obvious influence of the Vietnam War.  I could never get my head around the SDS or their motivations.  (Little did I know they would provide the backbone of a Progressive movement that would overtake the country.)

There was a missing link and I couldn’t put the chain together – at least not until a contemporary of Sartre’s named Saul Alinsky came into my life.  Ah, now I’d come to what Ibsen called, “the serious part of the frolic.”  Alinsky’s methods and Rules for Radicals took all the darkness of existentialism and turned it into a blueprint for action. (Hillary Clinton’s thesis acknowledged that Alinsky himself accepted the label “existentialist.”)

Eventually I watched an old 1967 episode of Firing Line where William F. Buckley Jr. interviewed Alinsky in a show titled, Mobilizing the Poor.”  To conservative political geeks it was a nearly “orgasmic” (as Limbaugh would say) ideological smack down as Buckley played the master chess player, anticipating his opponent’s strategy and blocking every move. I nearly had a cigarette afterward.

Now things were coming together.  The Progressive worldview, and the Libertarian, Rand-worshipping worldview — are all part of the same existentialist family tree containing Sartre and Alinsky.  Rand’s humanistic objectivism is as cold and Godless as Sartre’s humanistic existentialism.   These pseudo-intellectuals are the reason Christianity has been quietly erased line by line, year after year in the popular psyche.  God was dead to Nietzsche, Sartre and Ayn Rand; and we all know Alinsky dedicated Rules for Radicals to Lucifer. Even Sartre’s famous cousin, Albert Schweitzer, denied the divinity of Christ. They were simply players in a full-court press for a total paradigm shift that has led us to the Mad Max dystopian hellhole upon which we are now teetering.

For the last forty years, parents who raised their children with Christian values increasingly saw them usurped on college campuses with more socially acceptable ideas of karma or Taoism, atheism or paganism — or some eclectic hybrid “spirituality” picked from a smorgasbord of world religions.

Like our religion, our politics has become one large stew assembled from an array of ingredients no one remembers – an amnesia that could be our undoing.  In a desperate attempt to save the country, we find ourselves desperately cherry picking from various ideologies to accomplish whatever our goal is on any given day.  We are becoming a nation of lost souls passionately proclaiming our oxymoronic beliefs at home and abroad.

When all is said and done, the “huddled masses” don’t really know or care where they got their views, or the origins of their trickle-down philosophies.  As for our leaders on Capitol Hill, there are very few who adhere to any solid political philosophy, and even fewer that believe they answer to a higher power.

The original impetus of a Conservative worldview rooted in the Judeo-Christian ethic is being replaced by a Libertarianism that lacks Biblical morality; and makes no apologies for doing so.  Worse yet, despite Conservatism’s firm moral foundation and a historically intellectual superiority over competing ideologies; it wasn’t able to stop an ideologically inferior Alinsky trained robot from becoming the leader of the free world.  That is why a complete overhaul of Conservatism is currently underway.  Initiated by groups like the Tea Party, only time will tell if this embattled reconstruction will be successful and quick enough to turn the tide of history.

In the end, my “book learning” has been both a blessing and a curse.

For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow. (Ecclesiastes 1:18)

My quest for knowledge led me to an answer that I and millions of Americans already inherently know:  That those unpretentious souls who lived in centuries past, plowing by day and reading the Bible by lantern light — had a deeper and more correct understanding of their role as “community organizers,” their purpose on earth, and the very meaning of life itself — than any Sartre, Rand, Hegel or Alinsky could ever have.

We search the world for truth;
We cull the good, the pure, the beautiful,
From all old flower fields of the soul;
And weary seekers of the best,
We come back laden from our quest,
To find that all the sages said,
Is in the book our mothers read. ~ John Greenleaf Whittier

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What Are Your Neighbors Really Up To? (Audio Available)

Rear Window

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By Susan D. Harris

Throughout our lives we mistakenly assume our neighbors and acquaintances are going about their lives in a manner similar to our own. It often takes a good hard shaking to wake us to the fact that this is occasionally not the case. That reality check might come when your neighbor gets arrested for possessing child porn while all the while you had believed he was wiling away the hours at his computer investigating how to perfect his hybrid hostas. Or you wake to the headline that the biggest meth lab bust in the state happened two blocks from your house, during which time you were in bed, dog-earing that Kipling book you’ve always wanted to finish.

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”

There is a time for being aware of what is going on around us, and a time for burying our heads in the sand. Let us take a moment to peek out of the dunes, lift our binoculars like Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window, and focus on what might really be happening behind those lace curtains across the street.

Moving our binoculars to the first window, we see a young girl immersed in a growing fad called lucid dreaming. While most of us are trying to get enough sleep to simply be able to converse coherently the next day, others are desperately attempting to enlighten their consciousness with this new snake oil for the mind. The simple explanation is that lucid dreaming is being aware that you are in a dream, and then controlling that dream. It promises to take you to “another level” — kind of like when the Beatles went to the Himalayas, but usually minus the drugs. One lucid dreaming Facebook page claims their “experiential two day workshop” includes “sacred movement, investigative exercises, guided meditations and dreaming,” that will be “combined with storytelling, journeys to other worlds, (and) move participants into dreaming. Lucid dreaming can be awoken in anybody.” To most people of the Christian faith, these catch phrases are equivalent to holding a séance. To those of us who have suffered from sleep paralysis, it sounds like self-torture.

One otherwise healthy young girl, who began dabbling in lucid dreaming, posted this internet plea for help: “I feel huge vibrations when I sleep. I developed sleep paralysis. I’m afraid to go to sleep, somebody help!” Claiming to have already tried the “mild’ and “wild” techniques of lucid dreaming — including rubbing her hands together or “spinning like a tornado” in an effort to “get back to the same dream,” she found herself now facing some very real physical consequences for engaging in a craze that boast tens of thousands of “illuminated” followers.

If you can dream — and not make dreams your master;
If you can think — and not make thoughts your aim…

As we turn our gaze to the window with the open shutters below, we find a young man who lacks any religious foundation deciding to give “energy work” a try. This real story comes to me of a young man looking for “any energy-working acts to get a parent off your back (nothing harmful, anything relating to Paganism or Wicca would be great).” What a relief, he’s only looking to invoke energy from Paganism or Wicca instead of one of those harmful religious alternatives. Of course this is nothing new, I myself have been surrounded by coworkers who were Wiccans and made my life a living hell with their anti-Christian bigotry. If you haven’t heard the whole spiel about “good” witches being different than “bad” witches (from someone who isn’t talking about The Wizard of Oz,) you haven’t dipped your toe in the extremely popular whirling cesspool that is socially condoned witchcraft. It’s got such a following that you can be pretty sure there is someone, somewhere, trying to harness earth, wind, fire and water to send some kind of “energy” your way. If they have “eye of newt and toe of frog” in there however, you can rest easy that they’re only invoking The Scottish Play.

Oh the road to En-dor is the oldest road
And the craziest road of all!
Straight it runs to the Witch’s abode,
As it did in the days of Saul,
And nothing has changed of the sorrow in store
For such as go down on the road to En-dor!

Moving to the very top window, we find a reclusive neighbor who subscribes to a vampire magazine. Not because he loves the cinematic Bela Lugosi, but because he’s truly convinced he needs to drink blood. If he’s really hip, he’s part of the gay vampire subculture, or partying at the vampire bar.

Lastly, and perhaps most frighteningly, is your closest neighbor. She’s a liberal blogger who excitedly reposts everything from The Maddow Blog, while rabidly devouring the latest irrelevant 72 point headlines on the Huffington Post. Her favorite book is Greenblooded: An Introduction to Eco-Friendly Feminine Hygiene, a topic she thinks sane enough to blog about daily. While she’s never actually mentioned your “Don’t Tread On Me” hat, she’s convinced you are a rabid bigot, and is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to shove your hat down your throat. If you’re really unlucky, she’s conjuring negative energy against you while lucid dreaming about how to get a taste of your warm blood.

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you…

(Of course we haven’t even touched upon the millions of people addicted to street drugs or prescription drugs or alcohol; or those poor dark souls spending their lives contemplating death by suicide. The troubling fact is that contemporary society has so devolved as to make the repulsive culture of Cabaret about as shocking as a church picnic.)

We conclude the scene with our neighbor’s footsteps approaching our door. They are coming for us, because we know what they buried in their flower garden. We rapidly flash our camera bulbs to blind them and keep them at bay. Is it real… or only a lucid dream?

Perhaps it’s time to close the curtains, go back to bed, and open that dog-eared book and say:

I always prefer to believe the best of everybody, it saves so much trouble.

*All quotes by Rudyard Kipling


This is a piece of creative writing to educate the reader on the mainstream use of Witchcraft, the latest mind-warping fad of “lucid dreaming,” with a mention of the very real prevalence of the gay vampire culture and real blood drinkers who attend vampire bars.  It’s all real. It’s all out there. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg. IT’S INTERESTING TO NOTE THAT MOST OF THOSE RESPONDING NEGATIVELY TO THIS ARTICLE WERE RADICAL ANTI-CHRISTIAN PAGANS AND WICCANS. GO FIGURE. Yes, if you click on their names, it’s all there.

The author used a Hitchcock film interweaving some  Kipling quotes as the vehicle to tell the story. The few people who believe she really accumulated this information while sitting with binoculars glued to the neighbors windows — and is encouraging others to do the same — well, what can I say? Evil is in the eye of the beholder. Or perhaps…they do “protest too much, methinks.”


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