Republicans Say Obama Violating Constitution – Little Can Be Done About It As Republic Offers Its Last Prayer


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The Republics Last Prayer!
By Susan D. Harris
A word divinely inspired
Carefully crafted; the same visions that drove
Joan of Arc across Orleans
With passion and piety
Now fill my head with cries of “Liberty!
Our enemies rise up before us
Like resurrected bones our foes
Assemble in Megiddo’s dust.
We feebly fight with feckless words
As if our adversary had wit and reason.
Have we not defeated despots past?
Lexington and Concord; at the Marne
And the bulging forest at Ardennes;
Sicily, Soreno, Normandy all stained
With blood and fertile ashes of courage!
History is strewn with defeated demagogues —
The shadows of Caesar and Pompey roam
In search of an empire that is no more;
While Pharaoh’s ghost surveys the sea
For thundering chariots silenced by its swell.
Who bravely raises De Tocqueville’s sword
In democracy’s sweet sentimental defense?
How long can this Republic stand
When powerless patriots guard weakened walls?
I ask…Who will mourn when this Republic falls?
The coliseum lions are loosed once more
The last bastion of Christianity, breached by traitors
Wrestles to free itself from the tearing teeth of tyrants.
Will some epiphany of outrage rise
To salvage centuries of sacrificial sweat?
God! Let Judeo-Christian principles prevail
And Freedom’s torch be passed once more.
With stakes so high, we’ll not fail those who’ve died,
Nor surrender our souls and whimper “we tried.”
With one last breath we cry: “Freedom!”
By Susan D. Harris
flag distress

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  • Joseph miller

    I enjoyed your article and your website. I was wondering if you could tell me where I could find a copy of the poem the republics last prayer.
    Thank you
    Joseph Miller

  • Susan D. Harris

    Mr. Miller,
    I received your comment on The Republic’s Last Prayer. I did indeed write it, and you are welcome to reprint it or share it anywhere – extracted from the article, so long as my name accompanies it.

    Thank you for visiting. It was my hope that the poem would express the feelings of many Americans.

    Blessings to you,
    Susan D. Harris

  • Susan D. Harris

    I am posting an email I received from Mr. Miller, as it expresses so many peoples’ feelings, and we are thankful for his father’s service:

    Ms. Harris
    I have reprinted your poem with credit given to you as you asked.

    This is a very stirring poem and struck a chord in me. We indeed live in perilous times with respect to our nations future!

    My recently deceased father was a wwII vet that put his life on the line 32 times as a navigator and bombardier over Europe.

    I only hope I will be able to carry on the torch of true freedom in Christ for my daughters and granddaughters as my father did for our family!

    Thank you
    Joseph Miller