Luna Park 1904


Famous photo of Luna Park at night, 1904. The most electric bulbs anyone had seen in their lives.

Famous photo of Luna Park at night, 1904. The most electric bulbs ever on display up to that point in history.

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By Susan D. Harris

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I was dancing with Max Fleischer,

And his animals on the moon.

Soon I was Somewhere in Dreamland,

Sung to sleep by a cricket’s tune.

I didn’t dream of marble halls,

Nor did angels appear to me;

Instead, I saw electric lights

Lighting Luna Park by the sea.

A warm breeze brushed by me gently;

Salty air of a summer night.

The full moon challenged Edison

On who had the right to give light.

They both prevailed till the dawn broke;

Parrish painted the morning sky.

Pierrot bowed, the curtain came down,

And the sun spread her wings to fly.

A pleasant dream I awoke from,

On a tranquil but rocky shore,

Where we kindred souls had gathered,

Remembering 1904.

We’re ‘children of paradise’ now,

Perplexed by the stage far below.

We tired of the din and chaos,

Our lost planet had come to know.

Tired of computers and cell phones,

Tired of gadgets and high-tech toys,

Weary of lies and deception,

And dirty political ploys.

If Einstein had only slowed time,

In a world advancing too fast,

We might not have felt so trapped there,

As if gravity stole our past.

So we’re on the moon with Fleischer,

We escaped unnoticed last night.

We have no plans for returning,

It was strictly a one way flight.

A comet will blaze through heaven,

Like a beacon to all mankind,

Beckoning others to join us,

If they feel the earth too unkind.

Tell them we yearned for long ago,

When the greatest thrill there could be,

Was strolling through the lights at night,

Down in Luna Park by the sea.


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