I Changed My Mind – I Support Abe Snake for President!




  • Lyin Ted Cruz: politician
    Lyin Mark Levin: Establishment Media controlled fraud fighting to protect the $$B status quo “conservative” media gravy train. If Trump fixes everything they’ve talked about for decades, what they gonna talk about?

    • I don’t think Cruz has lied about anything. I just think now is Trump’s time and now is the time to stand behind him. The divisive rhetoric has gotten to be too much – and the media is responsible for most of it – I agree.

      Cruz and Levin love this country though; I believe that. They are just misguided right now. Everyone will coalesce around Trump eventually. But thank you for commenting and I look forward to the day when we can defeat the Commie Scumbags together. We have to focus on the enemy, not each other. I will check out your website!

    • Actually Hannity was so upset about possibility of a brokered convention today, he was almost spitting nails. You might want to reassess. Check out Wed. Night program.

      • His words are empty. He can scream all he wants about not opposing a BC but his actions say the exact opposite. Cruz needs 814 of the 946 remaining delegates. Impossible. Hannity knows this. Instead of doing the right thing he continues to talk about Cruz as viable as Trump. He has ignore the consistent polls for 9 months. Insanity. If Hannity were not a fraud, he would demand Cruz and Kasich to drop out, immediately. Refusing to do so, only keeps the idea of a BC alive, makes Cruz go deeper into the gutter, and gives the #nevertrump crazies incentive.