California Chrome basically ran a race on 3 legs

You gotta give it to a horse who forces himself to run one and a half miles in terrible pain, and still finishes fourth.

California Chrome is an animal hero today — sustaining an injury but continuing to give it his all. We humans could learn a lot from him. Today, Chrome, you are my hero.



And who isn’t suspicious? As Steve Coburn said, “He had a target on his back.” We’re supposed to believe that the beloved Triple Crown hopeful just happened to be the only horse injured right outta the gate? Suuuuure.

And Mr. Coburn is right: We will never see another Triple Crown winner with the large field of horses they run and the slew of new competitors that don’t even compete or qualify for the previous two Triple Crown races.

Here is the best article written about this historical day:

But all of us in the horse racing business know that anything can happen in a race. On this occasion though it is more than sad because this injury alone could have cost California Chrome history.

Imagine a chunk getting taken out your heel down to the bone. Could you run a mile and a half? or a few yards for that matter. You know these horses are made out of flesh and blood like us.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the pain this horse withstood throughout the race was horrendous. I now pray it doesn’t turn out to be a quarter crack which can get quite serious.

And say what you will about owner Steve Coburn, NBC’s antics were infuriating.

You don’t rush in just seconds after the conclusion of a race to get a comment of any owner who has just lost a race much less one that was one leg away from winning the triple crown, especially a new owner that just entered racing.

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