April 11, 2012
I’ve got a message for Rush Limbaugh: It’s time to panic. Rush told his listeners he would tell us when it was time to panic. Instead, he found himself in the precarious predicament of being a victim of his own missed opportunity. You see Rush, it was time to panic a long time ago.

Conservatives, like their counterparts the liberals, will blindly defend their heroes staunchly against any criticism. If you tell them “America is going to hell in a hand basket, it’s time to wake up!” they cry, “We are awake! We’ve been awake!” Really? Then why, pray tell, is America unraveling, nay, imploding before our eyes? Someone failed to do something, and there is plenty of blame to go around.

Now we have reached that same point of no return that so many countries do when they realize they’ve put the wrong person in power. Eventually they learn they’ve put the fox in charge of the henhouse and there is no one left to petition when the hens start disappearing one by one.

Rush recently pointed out on his radio show that everyone is scared of the Democrats. Sadly it appeared that he was too. Or at least he’s scared of losing sponsors. After posting a long apology on his website regarding his remarks on Sandra Fluke’s testimony before Congress, he prolonged his fans’ agony on his radio show with an extended explanation that he had “descended to their level,” and how he did not feel that Ms. Fluke was either one of “those two words.” However, most people understood his original point: That Ms. Fluke’s proposed ideology was casting the taxpayer in the role of “pimp” in the contraception show. Sadly, this point was lost when he followed the analogy through to its sordid end.

After being pushed and pushed and pushed, he finally misstepped. When Rush Limbaugh can make one misstep and have to ‘cry uncle’ to keep his job, America has reached the point of no return.

In the days following the mysterious death of Andrew Breitbart, we had to watch the left’s exuberance and joy at his death. We watched them mount a massive campaign to successfully knock out some of Rush Limbaugh’s biggest sponsors. We learned from Jeffrey Lord at the American Spectator that Rush’s sponsors are not exactly who we thought they were as we watched them give him a public flogging. We had to contemplate what we thought was a bomb scare at Rush Limbaugh’s home.

We listened to Barack Obama give a Reaganesque speech on “having Israel ‘s back” when he is in the midst of cutting their funding and has thrown them under the bus time and time again. His glittering words belie reality.

We watched Piers Morgan interrogate Kirk Cameron for daring to believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman. The gay movement then caught the pass and ran for a touchdown crying “homophobia!” (As if the gay Marines homecoming kiss wasn’t enough of an affront to our senses.) Not to outdo himself, the next day Morgan followed up with a polite English-gentleman-turned-bulldog attack against Michele Bachman using the Cameron interview as fodder.

While driving home listening to a local Conservative radio show, I heard the radio host defending Cameron. “Finally, a voice of sanity,” I thought to myself. His reason for defending Cameron suddenly took a path I should have expected but didn’t. He began to decry anyone attacking anyone else’s religion: “After all, we all can believe in the same God, whether he is Allah or whoever you believe him to be.” What? My God is not Allah! I screamed in frustration as I turned off the radio. Yet another namby-pamby “tolerant” Christian making me feel as though I had squeezed in bed with John and Yoko.

Many of us realize we lost the churches a long time ago. (Rick Santorum has it on high authority that Protestantism is “gone from the world of Christianity,” so that leaves us with the Catholic Church, which has had one of the most scandalous and widespread institutionalized histories of sexual abuse ever.) In America now, calling homosexuality a sin is a sin. Not being tolerant of other people’s gods is a sin. Hurting “Mother Earth” by not recycling is the 11th commandment. Apparently there is still a list of sins; but they have been modified from the original ones taught before say, 1980. Thanks to this influence, many Christian Americans have lost their proverbial balls and replaced them with marbles.

It’s not all the Christian’s fault. Most have been operating from the mistaken premise that man is basically good and good should tolerate evil, even though that deviates from Biblical teaching. Most Christians are not liars. Most don’t plot and plan attacks against those who disagree with them. Most don’t plan ahead for the inevitable attacks of evil that start out as skirmishes in the woods but turn into full-fledged battles on the open field. Most are naive. Even Rush Limbaugh, the Christian and intellectual that he is, did not identify the bait that was being laid for him (and us) in Ms. Fluke’s testimony before Congress.
As we suddenly realized we had mysteriously lost a great crusader in Andrew Breitbart, we were keenly aware that Rush Limbaugh could easily be silenced at any moment by the inmates we’ve put in charge of the asylum. No sooner had Rush uttered his words than a low roar was heard from the Left, an eerie sound like Dracula’s Renfield laughing in the asylum as he sneaks up on a “nice fat spider.” Getting America’s #1 talk show host off the air would be orgasmic for Rush haters. (Remember when seemingly everyone in attendance, most importantly President Obama, laughed at the White House Correspondents Dinner when comedian Wanda Sykes joked about Rush dying from kidney failure? Sadly our President was Renfield that night.) We are also faced with the reality that if they successfully silence Rush’s mic, we lose the country. An overstatement? I hardly think so. With a listening audience over 20 million strong, he has been the glue that has held the small fragments of our shredded Constitution together. He is doing it for us. That is why organizations like Media Matters are still building steam to trip him up and tear him down.

Yet even though we proclaim, “There are more of us than there are of them!” we have not been able to harness our energy into a cohesive force. Please don’t point at the Tea Party as that cohesive force. While they played a major role in the 2010 Congressional elections, they became so confused about Republican nominees they incapacitated themselves like Laurel and Hardy trying to walk out the door at the same time. The reality is that we are in this situation because we have tragically failed somewhere. Those of us still employed have been going to work, afraid to miss a day so as not to lose our jobs or anger the boss. We’ve been keeping our language politically correct in the workplace and in the grocery story. We’ve been tolerant, polite, and submissive as we hand over our children and grandmothers to be groped by TSA screeners, only complaining after the groping was complete. We’ve mistakenly thought that we had strength in numbers and that somehow we would win the fight by simply acknowledging there was a problem.

Our country was originally taught not to connect with our enemies nor compromise our beliefs, but to separate ourselves from those oppressive forces that wanted to quell us.

“When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.” (Declaration of Independence, 1776)

We’ve done a fair job of declaring our causes, but we keep diving in the pool to make friends with the antagonists who are peeing in it. We’ve let this country deteriorate to the point that quoting our own founding fathers will alert the Department of Homeland Security.

“…That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” (Declaration of Independence, 1776)

The question that no one dares ask is “How do we abolish it?” We cannot even whisper it without hearing stories that the ‘ole fox we put in charge is trying to silence a few more hens in the middle of the night. Instead of serious talk of impeachment, instead of throwing off our normalcy bias, instead of taking to the streets in protest — we watch the Occupy Wall Street movement and all its tentacles take to the streets in some sort of mass hysteria against “the powers that be” while we condemn them for causing social upheaval. While we struggle to understand their motives and their backers, the irony of it is amazing. We should be the ones protesting in the streets. We should be the ones proclaiming, “Enough is enough.” Still we watch from the sidelines; confused, castrated and apparently unable to identify our enemies or predict their next move.

In the midst of this, we are seeing the wheat separated from the chaff within our own ranks. We watched those that report the news passionately take sides. While Matt Drudge has exposed much of the hubris of the Obama administration, simultaneously he almost single handedly destroyed Newt Gingrich’s campaign for Republican nominee. He culled and posted story after story of anti-Gingrich attacks, lamentations, and soapbox vitriol over such a short period of time it was the equivalent of volcanic ash raining down on Pompeii. Republicans formed mental flash-mobs and ran for their torches to pile on. In the process, we lost what many of us believe was our best man for beating Obama. Consistently manipulated, they’ve failed to realize that the left wants Romney just as much as Anne Coulter, Chris Christie, Karl Rove, and John McCain. Even Michael Savage, a Conservative who enjoys hating other Conservatives, embraced Romney after offering Gingrich $1 million to drop out of the race and embraced Romney. Instead of being unified against Obama, we turned on each other. Early cries of “ABO” — (Anybody But Obama), quickly splintered into “Nobody but My Guy.” Dwindling our choices further, the media told us there were only two candidates, Romney and Santorum. Conservatives have been forced to pick from contenders they didn’t even feel were in the running. Unlike Biblical Samuel asking Jesse “Are these all the sons you have?” Conservatives were hit with the terrible truth that there is no David to summon from the field. While I won’t exhaust the reader with all the reasons why both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum would lose against an Obama Presidency, the fact that the mainstream media, i.e., the Social Progressives, kept hoisting Romney on their shoulders while singing, “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” should have made Conservatives a tiny bit suspicious. Still, Romney is morphing into our ideal candidate, and should soon be officially nominated Power Ranger for the party.

Romney will be on the defensive explaining the bane of his capital. The Obama machine will roll it’s away across the country cutting down everything that seems good, proper, and reasonable. In spite of tremendous unemployment and crippling gas prices, despite drowning in executive orders and new rules and regulations that emerge every day to impede our lives, throngs of shining faces will once again be mesmerized with the Chosen One’s charisma and follow his empty promises into voting booths across the land. Miracles will happen, and the dead will vote.

In the end, I sit and wonder what I can do. I’d go to a public area and protest, but like most people I don’t feel like being run down in the street in what would inevitably be written off as an isolated incident. I would try to protest the arson of my country by threatening self-immolation, but we’ve come to the point that even that flashpoint would fail to make a dent in the 24-hour news cycle. (At least when the Arabs do it, the act is usually met with cries for justice, but we are too rational for that.) Shall I write my Congressmen? (Insert laugh here.) Either they are in the enemy’s camp or their hands are tied too. Shall I call my radio or TV station? Shall I fight for “good” until the end or shall I put away my sword? Shall I fall to my knees in prayer?

Everyone has advice. They hide behind their keyboards and lament a world spinning out of control, then order a pizza and watch the game. Did I miss something? Is there no Plan B? Is there no secret meeting at the clubhouse? If not, then join with me in a dirge for the “shining city on the hill” because I am sick and tired of enduring this long and painful death of the Republic.

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