Getting Up With Fleas: Breitbart Takes the Low Road

Somebody's Watching!

Somebody’s Watching!

Like many conservatives, Andrew Breitbart was a hero of mine; so when I saw Breitbart California on Tuesday, I was overcome with disappointment.

Soon after powering up the laptop, I noticed a lot of quirky internet comments relating to a naked woman going on a rampage at a McDonald’s restaurant.  I wasn’t really interested, but since it was a Breitbart link, I clicked it.  I then watched a woman wearing nothing but a thong decimate a McDonald’s in St. Petersburg Florida before stopping to enjoy some ice cream.  This was a stand-alone Breitbart recommended video on their front page.  There was no text with it except a link to the original article at the Daily Mail.

Underneath were thousands of comments, many wittily filthy.  Beyond the fact that it is a sad commentary on our society, I wasn’t sure why Breitbart felt a need to feature this on their front page except for the shock, titillation and sad comedic value.

What I saw after that was even more shocking:  A giant picture of Michele Bachmann (portrayed by Miley Cyrus) with her legs spread apart touching herself.  Michele Bachmann’s name overlaid it in large letters.

Clicking on it, one learned that Breitbart California had been engulfed in a controversy after running an article on street art (supposedly inspired by Andrew Breitbart) that included a Photoshop of Nancy Pelosi’s face on a crawling body of Miley Cyrus, complete with protruding tongue.

After Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz condemned it as “tasteless and undignified,” Breitbart decided to run a column calling them out for their total hypocrisy.  They rightly pointed out the Democrats silence after numerous incidents in which conservative women were sexualized and degraded by liberal media.  Most notoriously was an SNL skit in which Cyrus posed as Bachmann, touching herself and writhing on the ground while a “gay, hypersexual” John Boehner writhed nearby.

My question is a simple one:  Can we crawl out of the sewer?  It is one thing to discuss these issues as legitimate news stories or opinion pieces; it’s quite another to demoralize Bachmann yet again by posting the picture prominently on their website.  I certainly understand that unless people see what is being discussed, they don’t understand why it is shocking and worthy of discussion.  But this was too much.  Obviously Breitbart was playing “gotcha” with Pelosi and Wasserman-Schultz; but who really came out looking undignified?  Breitbart did. And with that, we all did.

And who exactly is claiming that Pelosi’s Photoshopped head on Cyrus is “inspired by Andrew Breitbart” to begin with?  He is not here to speak for himself.

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, who had earlier praised the launch of Breitbart California, requested his column be taken down after a backlash against the pictures.  All of the pictures, which also included renderings of Mark Zuckerberg, Gov. Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger, were part of an ad campaign to promote the launch of their California site.

I understand we are fighting a foe that seems to have no moral compass.  The liberals have dragged us kicking and screaming into the mud pit with them, and it often seems we have no choice but to “fight dirty.”  We are, however, losing what it means to be a conservative when we give in to these base instincts.  The old saying about lying down with dogs and getting up with fleas comes to mind.

Nobody stops to consider what William F. Buckley Jr. would do anymore, let alone Jesus.

Breitbart California’s page on Tuesday was nothing I personally care to start my day with again.  Alongside the culturally pointless video of the naked woman in McDonalds was a video titled, “Residents want local bikini baristas to cover up.”  This supposedly newsworthy story was about scantily clad servers at a place called “Bottoms Up” in Sacramento.  If this is Breitbart California, they are working their shock value wonderfully, but they are not promoting the conservative cause, nor are they worthy of using Andrew Breitbart’s name.


You will never win without God on your side.

If you think that sounds crazy, then…

excuse my righteous indignation.”