Dr. Ben Carson, O’Reilly and the Nazi’s

Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson on Government Intimidation: “Think About Nazi Germany”

By Susan D. Harris

There comes a time when people with values simply have to stand up. Think about Nazi Germany. Most of those people did not believe in what Hitler was doing. But did they speak up? Did they stand up for what they believe in? They did not, and you saw what happened. And if you believe that same thing can’t happen again, you’re very wrong…But we’re not going to let it happen.

– Dr. Ben Carson

In a jaw-dropping twist of pabulum-puking progressive spin, Dr. Ben Carson was maligned across the internet and elsewhere for asking the tough questions.

When interviewing Dr. Carson about his recent remarks, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly asked him:

So if you mention Nazi’s, you know you’re going to get hammered. But what you said right at the end there intrigued me a bit. You said if you believe it can’t happen again…see I don’t believe that Nazism could happen in the U.S.A….nor could Communism happen here. Do you disagree with me?

Dr. Carson went on to explain that if people do not speak up for their beliefs, they will be trampled. He added that buzz words that supposedly shouldn’t be spoken, like “Nazi’s” and “slavery” are examples of political correctness that he believes is a “bunch of crap.”

The best point Dr. Carson made was when he said he was most worried about the populace remaining silent and “not expressing what they believe because they’re afraid. They’ve been intimidated.” At this point, O’Reilly jumped in and asked, “By whom?” (If you hadn’t taken your blood pressure meds at this point, you needed to leave the room.)

“By the government,” Dr. Carson said, surprised by the question.

“How?” O’Reilly quipped, (as if he himself hadn’t reported on many examples of intimidation, including the IRS scandal.) Dr. Carson answered:

By the government, and by the media…the P.C. police, you say something…this is a perfect example. You’re using an example of how people would not speak up — they try to turn the argument away from that because they know it’s true…But rather than talk about that, they want to divert the issue to something else.

Dr. Ben Carson gave his comments at a fundraiser for an Oregon GOP Senate candidate. The full text of his comments discussed how the secular progressive movement wanted to “fundamentally change who we are,” and part of that entailed “keeping a blanket of silence over the majority.”

Immediately after his speech, he was excoriated by websites and news outlets across the country for simply mentioning Nazis.

Never mind that graveyards across the world are teaming with Nazi victims. Never mind that but for thousands of brave souls and gallons of spilt blood we might be speaking German. Now, in true fascist tradition, no one is allowed to mention the world “Nazi” unless they are spinning history for the History Channel.

Is it a coincidence that society waited for most of our WWII heroes to die off before they decided that any reference to “Nazi’s” was politically incorrect?

It begs the question: What did Americans die for? Did they die so we could forget the tactics and oppression of an ideology that nearly destroyed the world?

Progressives aside for a moment, does O’Reilly not know that U.S. lawmakers gathered on Capitol Hill as recently as last summer to discuss ways to combat an increase in Nazism across the globe? Does he not know that 20,000 American citizens attended a Nazi rally at Madison Square Garden in 1939? Are we really a completely different people?

The answer is no, we are the same vulnerable people. Nazism may not currently be America’s biggest threat, but we have allowed ourselves to be taken over by progressives that espouse the same zealotry, irrationality, vitriol and mass suppression as the goose-stepping tyrants of decades past. The ideology may be different; but when the time comes when we are maligned or ridiculed for legitimately asking whether those in power are using tactics similar to the enemy our fathers and grandfathers died to spare us from…we know that our future is very, very bleak.

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  • Ralph M yers

    I agree 100% with Dr. Carson’s comments he expressed on the O’Reilly Factor concerning what is happening in America today and the similarities of what happened in Nazi Germany in the 30’s and 1940’s. I wrote an article about this very subject and posted it on my blog Write Thoughts on Jannuary 8, 2014. If you are interested in reading it please click on the following link,
    Ralph Myers

    • Susan D. Harris

      Mr. Myers,
      Your blog article comparing Nazi Germany to present day America is excellent. Your viewpoint on other issues is also impressive. Being the survivor of a murdered loved one who was killed by gun violence, but who still supports the Second Amendment; and also being a US Army Veteran — you have a unique background to speak from.

      Yes, I believe it IS already happening…has been happening. I also think half the people who hate Obama are unwitting participants in it. The “health obsessed” people who are convinced that people who smoke or drink or eat white sugar or drink large soda’s should be eliminated from society (no matter how nicely they say it, that’s what they mean.) They don’t even realize they are following Nazi culture.

      The “green” people who worship the earth more than God; who put recycling above the life of their neighbor (no matter how nicely they say it, that’s what they mean.) Yep…Republicans, Democrats, Christians, Muslims, Anarchists…they are all falling into the same world view but they don’t know it yet. It’s creed is: “I’m superior to everyone else, and everyone else can die for their own imperfections.” God, empathy, sympathy, righteousness, justice…all are falling by the wayside.

      There was a chart in the news recently showing how the 1928/1929 stock market pattern eerily resembles current stock market patterns. If we had a similar chart that showed the loss of religious and civil liberties in Nazi Germany — and could compare it to America today — I’m afraid they would be eerily similar as well.

      Thank you for posting. I am sorry for your loss. I thank you for your service.

      Don’t stop blogging.

      God Bless,

      PS I wanted to leave this comment on your website as well, but I do not have accounts with any of the log in options.

      • Ralph M yers

        Dear Susan:

        Thank you for your comments. You can be assured I will continue to blog and express my opposition to most, if not all of all of Obama’s Liberal positions that are leading to a complete and destructive downfall of American Right’s and liberties as we know them to be.

        Below, I have pasted one of your comments into this message which is right on point about those obsessed with food and how they want to limit what all Americans eat or drink even though it is our choice to eat or drink whatever we choose even if it is unhealthy and decreases our life span, besides given the current political environment in America today I’m glad that at 72 years of age I won’t live to see a America that no longer has its constitutional rights and freedoms. I refer to them as “Food Nazi’s” (borrowed from the old Seinfeld episode the Soup Nazi, can you say Mayor Bloomberg or Michelle Obama, Kathleen Sibelius and many others?)
        “The “health obsessed” people who are convinced that people who smoke or drink or eat white sugar or drink large soda’s should be eliminated from society (no matter how nicely they say it, that’s what they mean.) They don’t even realize they are following Nazi culture”.

        Ralph L Myers

  • Mitch

    Islam is the greatest threat to the entire world.In the past Obama has been reported meeting with the muslim brotherhood on CBN news several times.ISIS has massacred murdered crucified and beheaded Iraqui Christians children and even toddlers. They are carrying out genocide just as the Nazis.. Boko Haram is another problem in Africa.The War against hamas is yet another. Joel Rosenberg reports this is all about Jerusalem.In the Bible it is written near the time of the end He would make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for the entire world and behold it is.Islam is also active in Britain and in France.Jewish folks are fleeing. 400 jews landed in Israel in recent weeks from france and more are planning to do so on their own terms rather than flee for their lives!! It cannot be any plainer.Walid shoebat used to be a young “Palestinian ” terrorist & has been reporting what the arabs say and what they mean for many years.He can be found on IsraelNational as well as ZolaLevittMinistries. Islam is how the LORD is chastising the entire world & its adherentsare in power in this nation.Today is Sept 1 2014. It is a day of prayer for many to pray for Jerusalem. We all need to do the same.Tomorrow pray for God’s mercy on the US!! And YES in the Name of Jesus Christ!