Distracted by racism…Sexism Grows

Distracted by Racism: And I Still Can’t Get My Deli Meat

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  • Anne

    Distracted by racism – Susan, you nailed it! This is something that I think every woman has run into. It’s fortunate that we’re strong enough to not let it beat us down. I’m retired now, and it never stops. Sometimes now it’s even worse because now I’m an “old” woman. But, you know, over the years we do learn how to handle it. And sometimes we get some education done, too!

    • Susan D. Harris

      Thank you so much for your comment. I also handle it well – I suppose saying that it effected my “self esteem” after enduring that job for 8 years made me seem like Dainty Damsel. In truth, I had very respectable jobs in National Security before I took that position with the “good ole boys” – so it was a bit of a culture shock. Upon reflection, I think it did have a negative effect on me. Women like to pretend it doesn’t, I think, as a coping mechanism. But believe me, I’m not permanently damaged and I’ve never been accused of being demure! LOL

      It does makes us stronger doesn’t it?

      I really appreciate your taking the time to stop by! God Bless you!