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Kate Steinle & the Globalists: Did we just legalize murder in some deluded effort to promote social justice, peace and harmony?

By Susan D. Harris

While most decent Americans are lamenting the fact that our court system failed Kate Steinle and her family, I can’t help but think of people like George Soros and organizations like the Center for American Progress … how large is our fight and how determined are our foes!

It may seem like a far-fetched connection, but it’s not.  Kate Steinle’s death and the ensuing, nauseating injustice of her trial verdict are part of a much larger picture: the globalist push for open borders and mass immigration bent on destabilizing the West.  Soros is using his money and influence to make sure that destabilization happens, which will only ensure there will be more Kate Steinles.

Kate Steinle saw no unusual behavior or heard anything odd before she was murdered.  She was just walking leisurely on a pier with her father, a fatal walk that would end with “Help me, Dad.”  She had no idea that her imminent murder would spark a debate that wouldn’t even have been possible 20 years ago.  Twenty years ago, George Soros and Interfaith organized progressives (private or institutionalized like the Catholic Church) hadn’t yet spent millions of dollars conditioning Americans (and the EU) to tear down their international borders and private boundaries; this as a prerequisite to accepting any and all immigrants.  Twenty years ago, progressives wouldn’t have posthumously mocked Steinle as “Beautiful Kate,” as they did in – even to make a point.  While Slate claimed Trump was exploiting Steinle, they themselves called her murder, “the most convenient of tragedies.”

Slate went on to explain:

Steinle’s death…gave Trump an opening to stoke the fears of primary voters.  If “beautiful Kate in San Francisco” — a young, innocent white woman — could be murdered in cold blood by a Mexican “animal,” so could any young, innocent white woman in any town in the United States.

(It’s still disgusting to me that so many progressive outlets disapproved of calling a cold-blooded killer an “animal.”)

Slate then made the case that Steinle’s murder was Trump’s ace in the hole.  They quoted David Frum in the Atlantic saying, “Something happened in July to send Trump’s numbers soaring…that something may have been the murder of Kathryn Steinle.”

While Slate was busy resenting that “beautiful Kate” had been murdered at such a convenient time as to help Trump’s poll numbers, Matthew Vadum at was penning the more accurate observation:

Left-wingers in San Francisco should be hanging their heads in shame after their borderline seditious, destructive immigration policies allowed an illegal alien felon to murder a young woman randomly in broad daylight.

How much more shall we say now?  Now — when Defense attorney Matt Gonzalez decided to immediately thumb his nose at the U.S. Attorney General, Vice President and President Trump — by telling them:

Let me just remind them: they are themselves under investigation by a special prosecutor in Washington D.C. and they may soon avail themselves of the presumption of innocence beyond a reasonable doubt, so I ask that they reflect on that before they comment or disparage the results of this case.

From Gonzalez’s characterization, it seems to me that the Steinle verdict was payback for a Trump presidency, and setting a murderer free for political payback is such an egregious act, it’s nearly inconceivable.  But Kate Steinle is just one person, and the truth is that so many people — in so many countries — are in danger of similar payback for not submitting to globalists who are forcing mass immigration upon them.

Jack Montgomery at Breitbart is documenting how Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is fighting George Soros’s Open Society Foundations’ plan to “flood the continent with an unlimited number of third-world migrants.”  Orbán “has warned that the elites plotting a United States of Europe are using mass migration to engineer a post-Christian, post-national super-state.” 

Just this past October, Hungary detained a Pakistani wanted in his home country for murdering about 70 people.  This came after a tip from Austria…but how many more murderers, rapists and those bent on harm have already entered Europe and yes, the United States?  How many more are to come?

The verdict on the murder of Kate Steinle did not happen in a vacuum.  There is a globalist push for Western destruction of what Hungary’s Orban calls, “conservative values centered on country, family, and tradition.”  Hungary is holding firm in their stance against forced acceptance of unchecked migrants; and they must have George Soros rattled, because he issued a rare rebuttal of Hungary’s policies just days ago.

The immigration war still rages across Europe and America, and only time will tell if Hungary will succeed in leading the resistance on that front.

Right now, the U.S. is heavy-laden with a populace that are themselves aliens; we are fighting an uphill battle.  President Trump said it best on the campaign trail:

American cities should be sanctuaries for law-abiding Americans, for people that look up to the law, for people that respect the law, not for criminals and gang members that we want the hell out of our country.

For now, all we can say is, “We tried, Kate.”  Yet we must also add that such a miscarriage of justice has only sharpened our seething teeth against Soros organizations and progressives across this country that are willing to legalize murder in some deluded effort to promote social justice, peace and harmony.

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NBC joins the archbishop of Canterbury for a ‘hate Trump’ diatribe

By Susan D. Harris

The Archbishop of Canterbury justified a possible meeting with President Trump (apparently to appease those who might consider it abhorrent behavior for someone of the archbishop’s position) by rationalizing that he meets lots of people he disagrees with, including mass murderers.  The Most Reverend Justin Welby went on to say that it’s his job to do this as he testifies to the love of Christ and “draws people in a different way” — in which it seems he means in a different direction than the one they are headed.  If you read his original remarks as reported on ITV, I think you’ll agree with my paraphrasing.

You might also agree that one can easily deduce that the controversial principle leader of the Church of England is comparing the democratically elected President of the United States to mass murderers.  Additionally, he seems to be contradicting our presidents own claim of being a Christian — because it sounds as if the archbishop wants to pull Trump “to the love of Christ” — inferring Trump does not now know the love of Christ.

The original Associated Press (AP) article focused mainly on the archbishop’s remarks during an ITV interview in which he stated “he ‘really genuinely’ can’t comprehend why fundamentalists have provided such a strong base for Trump.”  (In the same interview, and in his usual way of playing the sneering globalist who chases everyone with a hot poker, he also made controversial remarks on Brexit, the Irish border dispute, and the British economy.)

The Drudge report chose to link to the NBC story, which was the original Associated Press story with a little tweaking.  One sentence in the NBC story stuck out like no other:

He (the archbishop) noted that he’s met with worse people than the president of the United States.

This didn’t sound like the good journalism of yesteryear (God rest it’s soul.)  It’s a pretty heavily weighted sentence to be thrown in the middle of a straight news story with no direct attributable quote from the archbishop to back it up.  But had the archbishop really said something so similar as to justify such a broad, geopolitically demeaning sentence; or was something taken slightly out of context?  I can’t be sure, as of this writing, because I can’t find the entire interview online.  However, it still struck me as odd until I glanced at the bottom of the report which said that NBC intern Yelena Dzhanova had “contributed to the story.”  (Later it was switched to say only, “Contributor: Yelena Dzhanova.”)

A quick search found the Baruch College grad on LinkedIn.  Another quick search revealed the kind of liberal snowflakes NBC is hiring to tweak their AP stories into particularly loathsome anti-Trump drivel.  In a digital media project for Baruch, still published online, we see Ms. Dzhanova’s “Abstract Response to The Handmaid’s Tale,” which no doubt reflects her own views.  In it she says:

In the beginning, women created the earth…and women said ‘let there be light’…and women said ‘let there be a firmament…let there be land and water and grass and a fruit tree’…and women said ‘let there be day and night’…and women then said ‘go forth, be fruitful and multiply.’  Multiply, create more humankind or don’t.  The choice is yours.  If you marry among one another…and a heterosexual marriage can dilute or eliminate a lesbian experience…You are given no boundaries, no constraints, no borders, no boxes, no limits.  Now that you have risen, you can live on this earth and depend on one another…

At the end of the short, chaotic, social justice rant, Dzhanova credits “Compulsory Heterosexuality and the Lesbian Existence,” “The Handmaid’s Tale,” and “Identity, Complicity and Resistance in The Handmaid’s Tale.”

I wonder if Dzhanova would be so bold as to rewrite portions of the Quran instead of the Bible to better fit her LGBT, feminist agenda?

It seems it was also NBC writer Dzhanova who tweaked the end of the AP article adding: “Though he said he’d meet Trump, (the archbishop) also said, ‘It’d be unlikely I’d do more than shake hands with him.’”

Overall one can see that despite the archbishop’s comments being overtly insulting to a sitting U.S. president and the people who elected him, NBC news has no problem hiring interns so steeped in pre-existing agenda’s that they can easily grind salt into an existing AP story — just to make sure any open wounds are painfully exploited to their full potential.

Mindfulness and Manipulation: Brain dead Goldie Hawn & Old Vaudeville Hypnotist Roy Masters Brought Brainwashing to Public Schools

By NBC Television – eBay itemphoto frontphotoback, Public Domain,

By Susan D. Harris

Here comes the submissive new world of feigned individuality meshed into universal oneness for the sake of the greater good – a world rejecting the moldy, cavernous halls of Christian cathedrals and synagogues while grinning like the Cheshire cat as it adulterously embraces everything but the Judeo-Christian.  This new world system will forge all religions in the fire of socialist globalization in order to ensure a uniformity that is more easily corralled – because separateness and unique thought only breed rebellion that needs quashing.

You will be happy.  You will accept everyone; including all immigrants who fail to assimilate and those who expect you to follow sharia law.  You will love everyone – even those who want to run you down on the sidewalk with 5,000 pounds of gas-fueled metal.  You will admire other cultures more than your own because you have so much to learn from them.  You’ll yearn for open borders and seamless societies, though a rebellious few will be shouted down for daring to speak of national sovereignty.  You will be social justice warriors.

If a family from Madagascar come to your door escaping the plague, you’ll ask them to dine with you and your children, because that is the socially just thing to do.  If you still cling to some biblical notions, the church will have already taught you that rejecting the visitors is a mortal sin.  It’s only fair that everyone share equally in risking The Masque of the Red Death.

It’s coming – it’s already here – washing your brain with Mindfulness and spreading contagion from patient zero directly to your community via your local “interfaith” organization.

The same messages are coming at us from all directions.  The pontificating Roman Catholic Church has numerous outreach programs urging us to empathize, sympathize, sentimentalize, and Share The Journey of the immigrant.  Meanwhile, Mindfulness programs are teaching us the compassion we need to accept multiculturalism in anticipation of absentee drone-like global control.  As one expert stated, Mindfulness is:

…just a deep knowing ‘this is how things are’ – that’s the field out of which compassion arises – because you recognize ‘Oh, we are connected.  Our lives have something to do with one another.’  So Mindfulness leads to insight, insight leads to compassion.  Compassion rests on how we pay attention; so if I were to meet a stranger … I remember ‘look at them.  Be here.  Open.’  Then the compassion might well arise.

So says author and famed Buddhist meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg in the 2015 CBS documentary Meditation, Mindfulness, and Spirituality.  This Buddhist Transcendentalism-Taoist-Zen mixture has been skillfully repackaged into a seemingly non-religious, mind-numbing practice known as “Mindfulness” that’s already swept the country, from pre-kindergarten classes to the workplace.  The last few years have seen Mindfulness covered on all major networks and in books, and popping up in magazines completely dedicated to its practice.

Today’s Mindfulness has its unusual roots in the teachings of Reuben Obermeister.  The son of London diamond-cutters, he learned about human nature from watching vaudevillian hypnotists and African witch doctors.  Obermeister is known to Americans as Roy Masters, founder of the Foundation of Human Understanding (FHU), which has sold millions of relaxation CDs (including to our military personnel) and has a dedicated, cult-like following.  The now 89-year-old Masters, who still lives on his expansive compound in Oregon, has been at the center of many controversies.  One of the biggest scuff-ups in my memory, which apparently hasn’t gone away (and, according to the “Statement of Belief” on his website, he still hasn’t resolved), is the fact that he claimed to be converted to Christianity but denied the Trinity.

For over a half-century, traditional conservatives have been drawn into Masters’s counseling radio show, Adviceline.  An article published in 2014 called Roy’s son, Mark Masters, “The Godfather of Right-Wing Radio.”  They weren’t that far off the mark.  The founder of Talk Radio Network (TRN), Roy Masters, and his son, who took the mantle, Mark Masters, have wielded a huge amount of power and money while continuing to draw unsavory attention to themselves over the years.  (The feisty elder Masters was arrested as recently as last month on menacing and harassment charges.)  Still, nothing can change the fact that Roy Masters is credited by many as being “the Englishman who introduced America to Mindfulness meditation.”  Masters regularly refers to his own work as “Mindfulness meditation” on his websites while simultaneously dissing Eastern meditation.  It’s a masterful ploy to ensure mass appeal to naïve evangelicals who might open their wallets.

Masters’s name appears on websites with other meditation moguls like Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, a teacher and master who oversees a global network of Buddhist meditation centers.  Rinpoche is quoted in the CBS Mindfulness documentary saying:

I feel like within Buddhism, within meditation, we are being challenged more than ever.  It’s not just ‘What would Jesus do?  What would the Buddha do?’  And that challenge is not just being held on the shoulders of leaders, but … on the shoulders of individual citizens[.] … [There’s a] sense right now that we’re at a crossroads, there’s a real shift going on, and I think a lot of predictable measures of stability are no longer there[.]

This author would argue that the “stability that is no longer there” lies in the abandonment of traditional Christian and Jewish values that were the glue that held our society together.  The age-old conundrum of creating a vacuum that will suck in the “worse things” has played out once again.

More than a few of the floundering ’60s generation – motivated by the likes of The Beatles and the world-traveling Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – went to India to learn how to meditate, conveniently popping back into the 21st century to save people lost in the post-Judeo-Christian secular swamp they helped create.

One of the main perpetrators of this old but new movement is Goldie Hawn.  Hawn’s brainchild, MindUp™, works to get Buddhist concepts into children from pre-K to 8th grade.  (Here she is with New Age guru Deepak Chopra explaining her life journey from go-go dancing to an “exploration of her own mind,” which apparently led her to repeated trips to India to do the “Ganga Aarti” at the Dashashwamedh Ghat (a ritual prayer event for the River Ganges, which is worshiped as a goddess).

The unstated goal of programs like MindUp is to recreate the benefits of a Judeo-Christian society and biblical teachings without having to be constrained by that nasty old concept of God.  One young woman with NYU Generation Meditation, being interviewed for the CBS Mindfulness documentary, expressed it best when she said, “I was always searching for this new way of channeling spirituality but not through a deity.  I wanted a contemplative lifestyle practice that permeated everything.”  For Millennials, it fits in perfectly with the desire for a buffet-style belief system.

Schoolchildren, however, don’t have a choice. It’s a Machiavellian interfaith indoctrination that won’t allow Franklin Graham into your child’s classroom to share his views but welcomes Goldie Hawn with open arms because she won’t pin the tail on a deity.

The CBS Mindfulness documentary was an “Interfaith Special.”  It’s not a big leap from Mindfulness to your local interfaith organization.  The Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life at New York University was featured prominently in the show, and as the camera shows Muslim women gathering in the Center, the narrators tells us, “They are seeking a democratized way of being in whatever spiritual or religious space they are.”

(Enter the burgeoning interfaith movement and the question of who is harnessing its widespread powers and lucre – but that’s a subject for another day.)

Even the Mayo Clinic tells us, “Mindfulness is the act of being intensely aware of what you’re sensing and feeling at every moment – without interpretation or judgment.”  We’re already told that this leads to compassion for others, and that fits in quite nicely with Pope Francis’s vision for expanding the social justice movement of the Catholic Church.  Recently at a world congress in Rome discussing “Refugees and Migrants in a Globalized World: Responsibility and Responses of Universities,”  Pope Francis told his audience, “It is also important to reflect on the basic negative – sometimes even discriminatory and xenophobic – reactions that the welcoming of migrants is provoking in countries with a longstanding Christian tradition.”  (I guess he never asks himself why this is.)

From thousands of interfaith organizations across the country to the Catholic Church to the mindlessness of Mindfulness, there is a multipronged approach underway to mold hearts and minds into the one-world religion and one-world class that can be most easily manipulated by power-hungry globalists with the most evil of intentions.

Summing things up, I can’t help but think of a quote from that genius of a television show, The Twilight Zone – an episode well known to enthusiasts, “Number 12 Looks Just Like You.”  When the powers that be get us just where they want us, we’ll all be saying the same thing: “Life is pretty.  Life is fun.  I am all, and all is one.”

“Mystery Booms” Leave Many Frightened and Unnerved

You’re sitting in your living room with your family watching TV. Suddenly you hear what sounds like a loud explosion. The house shakes. You run to the window expecting to see your neighbor’s house reduced to a ruinous heap; but thankfully everything’s fine.  You then meet your neighbors coming to see if your house is in a ruinous heap.  After a brief discussion of what could have possibly happened, you call 911.  They take your information and say they’ll send someone out to investigate.  The next morning your local news reports a “boom” was heard in your area, people’s houses shook, multiple residents called 911, and local authorities investigated but found no logical explanation.

This scenario is playing out across the United States, even across the world, at a regular if not increasing rate.  The first spate of unexplained Alabama noises seems to have begun in 2011.  By 2012, the science website featured the headline, “Mysterious, unexplained “booms” in Alabama, Georgia, Wisconsin.”

These events, dubbed “mystery booms,” are being reported by local news outlets via TV, radio and internet.  On the surface, they might sound like the stuff of conspiracy theories; but that’s far from the truth; these are real events reported by real journalists who consult USGS, local military bases and scholarly astronomers before reporting back to their stupefied public.

(Wikipedia refers to them as “Skyquakes” and regularly updates their entry to reflect all possibilities until nailing down any explanation seems futile.)

One man began gathering reports of these enigmatic events for broadcast on his YouTube channel — aptly titled “Engima Seeker.”  On his channel, Peter Reyland outlines both his interest in what he considers “supernatural” UFO’s and his thoughts about “mystery booms.”  Regardless of what his own beliefs are about the phenomenon, he has, in my estimate, the best compilation of  USN’s (or “Unexplained Strange Noises”) and “mystery booms” on the internet; precisely because the majority of his information is taken directly from local news reports.

A mystery boom occurring November 14 in Alabama (and heard across eleven counties) garnered extra attention when it was reported by various Fox News syndicates, as well as numerous other sources like RT News, Newsweek, and a link off Drudge Report.  While it was reported that “the National Weather Service in Birmingham hypothesized the sound originated from an aircraft sonic boom or a meteorite from the Leonid shower,” the varied explanations become almost laughable if you read or watch the literally hundreds of similar events that remain unexplained — despite the most intense investigations.

The booms themselves are nothing to laugh at however.  Each boom usually results in 911 calls alerting emergency responders who end up using valuable resources chasing ghosts.  Reports from justifiably alarmed citizens lead emergency services to investigate all possibilities: a gas main or propane explosion, a downed aircraft, train derailment or perhaps the most feared…a bomb or terror attack.

Just two days before the recent Alabama boom, a similar noise shook residents in Cape Coral, Florida.  Residents reported it wasn’t “just external, you felt it to your core.”  Prior to that event, there were news reports of shaking and booms in San Diego, New Jersey, Iowa and North Carolina.  The list goes on.

After the booms in Alabama, there were similar reports in Lewiston, Idaho.

Sometimes they are explained as small earthquakes, like this one in the U.K.  Others, like the more highly publicized spate of booms that struck in 2016 along the southern Jersey Shore to Long Island and the Connecticut coast — were explained as most likely coming from “Naval aircraft testing” over the Atlantic.  The expansive area covered by those booms was said to be caused by “temperature inversions.”

While “mystery booms” have been attributed to everything from sonic booms to large waves or exploding meteorites; most remain unexplained like this “strange jolt” in Michigan last year.  WZZM said they contacted the Michigan National Guard, who said they had no planes fast enough and based in Michigan that could create a sonic boom.  The National Weather Service couldn’t explain it, and the USGS recorded no earthquake.

Still, one ponders the larger implications in the mystery boom phenomenon.  When similar events happen across the country, whatever they may be, however seemingly insignificant they may seem, is there anyone with any authority charged with tracking patterns?

While cataloging the booms for his YouTube channel, Reyland said that one of the most alarming things he’s run across is how media outlets don’t share information.  A television station in Central Pennsylvania reporting mysterious booms in Clearfield and Cambria counties might be totally oblivious to the fact that nearly the exact same thing happened in Kansasville, Wisconsin.

While the explosion of social media has put real time information at our fingertips, it’s shocking to think how many things might be happening independently of each other until someone, somewhere, starts to connect the dots.  Under the worst case scenario, one can’t help but consider that anyone with nefarious intentions could be testing our responses to numerous stimuli before carrying out some larger scale attack.

Whatever one believes to be the cause of these “mystery booms,” one thing is certain…to those who have been shaken to their core by hearing or feeling them, and those charged with investigating them…they have left too many people feeling frightened and unnerved.

When Nothing Else Matters Because Your Best Friend is Gone: Katey Harris 2003 – 2017

Katey Harris

February 20, 2003 – October 30, 2017


Why are you where we ain’t???

Mexico’s Day of the Dead Takes Over Halloween

By Susan D. Harris

All Photos by Susan D. Harris

It’s practically official: The truly unique American Halloween experience has been forced to incorporate the Mexican Day of the Dead.  Elite globalists made a decision somewhere, somebody flipped a switch, and 2017 sees the dawn of the Day of the Dead in America.  Also known as “Dia de los Muertos,” it’s suddenly appearing in decorations, costumes, candy, magazine covers, games and any other place it can be crammed down our throats.  I’m sure some people in Southern states are aware of this holiday, but this year it’s been commercialized across the country.  I can personally confirm that Day of the Dead decorations have made it to stores near the Canadian border; leaving many hillbilly New Yorkers scratching their heads at the flowers and sugar skulls spilling off their local Halloween shelves.

There’s always going to be the puritan Christians who maintain that participation in any Halloween activity will send one straight to the devil.  However, I think everyone can agree there are many different roots to what grew into one of America’s biggest holidays.  (The National Retail Federation predicts we’ll spend a record $9.1 billion on Halloween festivities this year.)

Whatever it may have grown into, the Halloween fright night Americans came to know and love never involved anything even close to human sacrifices, or any solid belief in keeping departed souls scared off or welcoming others.  It’s good enough to say, as this article does, that: “The book Every Day’s a Holiday accurately observes that Halloween “probably combines more folk customs the world around than will ever be sorted out, catalogued and traced to their sources.”

That sums it up.  To me, Halloween was nothing more than a fun concoction with elements of the Brothers Grimm, a few old wives tales and certainly some pagan roots.  And pagan roots there must be to everything due to the fact that they were here first.  Painstakingly tracing pagan roots for every modern day celebration, in my humble opinion, leads one down a rabbit hole.

To the average American, Halloween has mostly been a childhood tradition of carving pumpkins, hanging spooky pictures, dressing in costumes and going door-to-door to collect candy.  If there was anything evil to that — most of us were none the wiser; and that simple truth left us innocent, happy, and unqualified to be condemned in any Judeo-Christian dictum for worshiping the golden calf.

If we are to adopt the Day of the Dead, (since the ‘forced globalization powers that be’ seem to be thrusting it upon us); we must now take our children to Grandpa’s grave and build an altar to him on November 2.  We must spend days baking and creating skeletons in a ton of different ways — in fabric, plastic, statues, dolls, face paint and edible sugar skulls.  These we place on Grandpa’s grave with a ton of flowers.  We put a picture of Grandpa on the altar.  We know he doesn’t look like the Grandpa we remember however; he’s just a skull and bones lying under that dirt now.  What a great way to remember him…to remember all our loved ones who’ve passed away.  We leave flower petals and light candles to guide Grandpa to his worm-infested tomb, because we really believe he’s coming back there for a visit.  We then take all the sweets and goodies (and crunchy grasshoppers) off Grandpa’s grave and eat them by candlelight; wash them down with a swig of tequila and dance.  They say it’s a beautiful thing.  (For some reason Shirley Jacksons’ The Monkey’s Paw comes to mind.)

It is the spiritual aspect of this I find most disturbing.  Building altars for the dead in order to lure them back for a visit is antithetic to traditional American Judeo-Christian beliefs.  One has to believe that this big push is part of a larger multicultural aim to erase the lines of our traditional belief system and smudge it into a nice globalist multi-colored blur.

From a Brain Games book to spandex leggings – you can click on this gallery of pictures of Day of the Dead merchandise in my area.  Even this month’s cover of Better Homes & Gardens implores you to “Celebrate the Day of the Dead.”  Inside they tell us the holiday is “finding new life north of the border” with its “vibrant decorations and seriously delicious food.”  It urges us to “bring a little passion” to our next party and learn about its traditions.  PBS host Pati Jinich explains “Sugar skulls defy death.  They take sadness and make it sweet.”  One page adorned only with skull-pierced cocktails explains how the celebration on Nov. 1 & 2 “has its origins in ancient Aztec times and ties in with All Saints Day and All Souls Day.”  Tying it into the Catholic Church apparently gives it the green light.

But the Day of the Dead is not All Saints Day or All Souls Day; and it’s not Halloween, and never will be.  Well, I may be wrong on that: I doubt an overtly secular society which reveres its zombie parties, video games and flesh-eating, blood-spattered cult culture will revolt against a “new” holiday that so fully embraces the death it already craves.

Promotion of the holiday began in 2008 when UNESCO’s “Intangible Cultural Heritage” took effect.  Mexico’s “Indigenous festivity dedicated to the dead” was recognized for “the transitory return to Earth of deceased relatives and loved ones…Families facilitate the return of the souls to Earth by laying flower petals, candles and offerings along the path leading from the cemetery to their homes.”  Their statement continues:

This encounter between the living and the dead affirms the role of the individual within society and contributes to reinforcing the political and social status of Mexico’s indigenous communities… The fusion of pre-Hispanic religious rites and Catholic feasts brings together two universes, one marked by indigenous belief systems, the other by worldviews introduced by the Europeans in the sixteenth century.

At this point, things are starting to sound a little muddled.

UNESCO’s recognition came before the 2015 James Bond film, “Spectre.”  Filmed in Mexico City, the opening scene shows the villain running through a parade of skeleton-clad revelers.  In 2016, Mexico City had a not so indigenous first-ever parade, claiming the film inspired them to promote tourism with “floats, giant marionettes and hundreds of dancers and performers.”

Google Mexico produced “Day of the Dead: A Celebration of Life” last year as a type of promotional video to educate us that the celebration was “breaking borders and gaining the attention of people worldwide.”

The unstated goal surely must be that by the time Walmart has a sugar skull on every table in America under the pretext of “Halloween,” we’ll realize we have much more in common with Mexico than a love of tamales.  We will feel the deeper spiritual connection and realize we are all one people with one heart and one faith — living in one borderless global village.  It might even help us Share the Journey of the legal and illegal immigrant, as we are conditioned to accept anyone who crosses our border with open arms and no walls.  It’s a win-win for everyone; at least that’s what the sugar skull told me.

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How Christian goodwill was exploited to spread Islam and ‘globalize’ America

By Susan D. Harris

Pope Francis is becoming a rock star with refugees – his hip picture on looks like a still from a Beyoncé video. The Catholic Church kicked off its two-year “Share The Journey” campaign on September 27,, 2017. It’s a program designed to reprogram Westerners (but mostly those stubborn colonialist American holdouts,) into believing that Jesus Christ was a refugee and that rejecting an immigrant, legal or illegal, is a mortal sin. (Check out the “simulation floor plan” on — a related website — which demonstrates “suggested exercises” for conditioning students to accept, empathize with, and “engage” immigrants.)

After writing about Caritas “Share the Journey,” campaign, I received an email from a lady in California who wrote: “Please investigate the church’s growing relationship with PICO — a Soros and like-minded groups-funded community activist organization that, with regard to churches, uses the nom-de-plume Faith in Action, or some variant. Among PICO’s founders and the current board chairman is Fr. John Baumann, a disciple of Saul Alinsky.” (Indeed Fr. Baumann quite openly discusses his great admiration for Alinsky here.)

Unfortunately, I was already drowning in quicksand trying to compile a list of “Interfaith” organizations that were pushing the pro-immigrant (especially pro-Muslim) agendas. In my area, the interfaith group funded an entire mosque; I assumed similar things were occurring elsewhere. I wondered if they were all connected. Harvard University’s Pluralism Project seemed to be the only place cataloging these organizations and looking at America’s “interfaith infrastructure,” thanks to a grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations (AVDF). (AVDF funds the Hartford Seminary’s fellowship program for Christian-Muslim relations and seminars like “Religious Leadership in an Interfaith World.” This is working out so well that at least one alumnus was moved to write “The Islamization of Hartford Seminary” in 2016.)

A CEO at one interfaith organization I talked to told me he believed none of the various city or state organizations were connected. Instead, he believed them to be organic and coincidental; whereas I was finding them about as organic as The Boys from Brazil. Harvard’s project seemed to favor my own research as they state:

 “It became clear in our research that local organizations often are dynamically linked to national or, sometimes international, initiatives.”

Boom – that’s all you need to know.  All the interfaith community organizers at your local level are working toward the same globalist/multicultural/sustainability/social justice goals because they are all funded and guided by the same organizations that pride themselves on “interfaith” philanthropy. Not surprisingly, grant money is scattered through documents and time:

Here it might be interesting to mention the 2006 book that documents how the iterfaith movement began targeting youth. “Building the Interfaith Youth Movement: Beyond Dialogue to Action” documents the first National Interfaith Youth Work Conference organized by the Interfaith Youth Core at the University of Chicago Divinity School in 2003 — which was funded by The Ford Foundation and Harvard University’s Pluralism Project. (Did you catch your tail yet?) It’s also an interesting caveat that the woman who manages “the most important research project on religious diversity in the U.S.” (the Pluralism Project), is a practicing Wiccan.

The website Inside Philanthropy found it hard to track the money these interfaith organizations receive. They admit:

“… an array of…funders have supported initiatives aimed at pushing back against anti-Muslim sentiments and fostering interfaith dialogue. Groups that have received backing for such work include the Interfaith Alliance, Sojourners, the Shoulder-to-Shoulder Campaign, and New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good. Because most of these groups work on a range of issues, it’s difficult to identify grants that specifically have supported their work on Islam.”

Along with the Catholic Church’s “Share the Journey” project, there are a plethora of auxiliary organizations dedicated to dragging the United States down into a Muslim dominated, globalist hellhole via interfaith fly paper. If you want to play Six Degrees of George Soros, let’s start with the interfaith ShoulderToShoulderCampaign.Org which leads us to “8.5 Million; Your sources on Muslim, Arab and South Asian issues,” which leads us to ReThink Media which leads us to George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

I’m sure my interpretation of what’s happening would be considered intolerant at a tolerance-teaching interfaith meeting: As an evangelical Christian, it sounds like we’re being herded toward the one-world religion the Bible warns us about.

There’s an old spiritual that laments: “Everybody talkin’ ’bout heav’n ain’t goin’ there.” The same applies here. All of these organizations with goals screaming “peace” “democracy” “freedom” and “justice” will ultimately undermine each one. They’re on par to implement their multiculturalist, globalist, world-without-borders agendas, and they’ve used Christian good will and American religious freedom to do it.

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A Stranger In My Own Land

By Susan D. Harris

It was my 11th year Social Studies class when the teacher gave us some “Xeroxed” papers – still warm with that “just copied” smell and repeating that old school refrain: “Take one and pass it back.”

A square box was drawn in the center of the sheet, and there was a line for the student’s name in the corner.  The teacher told us to put whatever we wanted in the box, but to think hard about it first.

I took everything very seriously in 11th grade, so I asked myself, “If I have one box to put anything in, I should put the most important thing in the whole world.  So what is the most important thing in the whole world?”  It came to me like a bolt of lightning:  “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”  I wrote the verse in the tiny box and passed my paper forward.

Within a few days, the teacher returned our papers.  We were told they had not been graded, only “reviewed” because they were a “social experiment.”  She explained that what we put in the empty box represented what would be the most important thing in our lives:  The essence that would drive everything we did.  Reflecting later in life, I was impressed with its accuracy.  My faith, and sharing it, has been the most important thing in my life.  It seemed the box experiment worked for me; but I had serious doubts about how well it worked for classmates who filled their boxes with everything from boats to lions.

If They Have Persecuted Me, They Will Also Persecute You

Now I realize how blessed I am to have been born in a country where I could write John 3:16 in a classroom assignment and not be persecuted or killed for it.  In many countries, that one act could have been my death sentence.  There have been plenty of reports that Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world.  And while there are those who envy their peaceful, tolerant Hindu and Buddhist neighbors in America, back in their countries of origin — India or Sri Lanka for instance, there are Hindu and Buddhist nationals beating, raping and killing Christians at an alarming rate.  If they’re lucky and get to live, they might only face a fine for choosing the wrong faith.

I once knew a Christian-basher that posted on social media, “Persecution of Christians? How stupid.  It doesn’t exist.”  Indeed, it didn’t exist in her little town where everybody met on Sunday mornings to do business at the popular social club — otherwise known as the Methodist Church.  Nobody had to endure a gun-wielding thug demanding they renounce Jesus Christ — that would have been too far-fetched for Pleasant Valley.  And if anyone had suggested a three year prison sentence for holding a home Bible study, they would have been laughed out of town.  (Sadly, a prison sentence is exactly what happened recently to Chinese citizen Ma Huichao and four of her fellow Christian martyrs who were arrested for the trumped up charge of “gathering a crowd to disturb public order.”)

But Isn’t Everybody Christian?

Years ago, before the tragedy of the World Trade Centers, I bought a Bible as a Christmas gift for a fellow employee.  I inscribed it:  “To one of the finest Christians I know.”  Later on she said, “That was kind of strange what you wrote…about my being one of the finest Christians you know.”

“Well you are!” I said.

“Well,” she continued hesitantly, “We’re all pretty much Christians aren’t we?  We’re all born that way. So it sounds kind of funny you know?”

Needless to say, by the time 9/11/2001 rolled around, my friend had a tough learning curve.

Is A Post-Christian Era Already Here?

Who would have guessed that by 2017, traditional middle class Christian America would be expected to unquestioningly acquiesce to any and all whims from Buddhists, Hindu’s, atheists, pagans, wiccans, Satanists, Muslims, freethinkers, gays and everyone else who deviated from their traditionally held beliefs?  If they express concern that other religions or worldviews might destructively infringe upon their way of life, they are labeled intolerant or xenophobic. Social networking sites can be found suggesting Christian nut jobs should just die off and let the world evolve beyond the antiquated biblical morality that hung witches from the gallows.

The trouble lies in the fact that contemporary Christians and secularists now agree that morality, as defined in the Bible, is all relative.  Relativism automatically undermines any permanent ideas of right and wrong; which in turn strips Christianity of any moral authority it had as the glue that held society together.  Years ago, political theorist Russell Kirk wrote “the essence of social conservatism is preservation of the ancient moral traditions of humanity.”  Assuming this is true; one might easily argue the essence is gone.

If I say that God says something is wrong, i.e. a sin, I am informed (silenced) that my interpretation is disputable and relative to my own (probably twisted) worldview.

Many say we’ve reached a post-Christian era in America.  While a Pew poll showed 70% of Americans continue to identify as Christian, I submit that they are not the same kind of Christian that one would have found 25 years ago.  The simplest barometer of this is that the majority of Americans — including self-identified Christians — now support same-sex marriage.  The Bible didn’t change its teaching on the subject, but people’s perception of sin changed in response to social mores which were influenced by political activists and professional lobbyists.

Modern Christianity is like a supermarket tomato.  It doesn’t taste anything like it did, say, 50 years ago.  “Decades of breeding the fruit for uniform color” is one reason the tomato has changed, and one could easily say the same about Christianity:  It’s been bred for uniform acceptance and watered down to a palatable ideology, thus removing the underpinning judgements that supported civilized society:  Lies have become untruths; adultery is a societal norm. “Thou shalt not kill” is about the only commandment most can agree on, but even that gets murky for those still inside the womb, on death row, or nearing the end of their natural life.

It seems every stumbling block to sin is being removed from our path so we can run full speed to a hell which we (ironically) still believe in.  We do all the things the Bible tells us not to do, but still tell pollsters that we believe in God — as if God won’t notice. It’s kind of like name-dropping someone you don’t know just so you can crash the party.

Afraid To Be Christian In America?

I live in an area surrounded by occult shops that cater to pagans, Satanists and others who rightfully believe society gave them carte blanche to openly practice anything they see fit. “Pagan Pride” and witch related bumper stickers slightly outnumber left-over “Bernie 2016” and “Clinton/Kaine” stickers.

(Maybe “deaths of despair” have gone up for so many because, without even leaving their front porch rocking chair, they have been uprooted and thrown into a land of chaos where they are lost among the libertines.)

Add to this the fact that my area is also experiencing an influx of Muslim refugees who refuse to assimilate, and I’m suddenly a stranger in my own land.   Speaking English outs me as a local; wearing a cross marks me as a judgmental Puritan.

My local supermarket is now frequented by women in hijab’s walking behind their husbands; I’ve even seen little girls in full niqabs (head coverings that only reveal the eyes; which apparently are not even required in Islam.)

The truth is I’ve reached the point where I’m almost afraid to go out in public and speak the words that I wrote in that little box so many years ago.  It’s acceptable to be a Christian — as long as you are the kind that doesn’t take the Bible literally; as long as you don’t bother anyone else about it; as long as you know when to shut up.  Once reprogrammed, you might earn the right to be assimilated into your own society, or accepted back into your own town.

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Why is there no mass mobilization on the right?

September 13, 2017

It’s infuriating. The message on my phone reads as follows:

Hi Derk. This is Laurie volunteering with MoveOn. Last week, Trump announced he’s terminating the DACA program – putting 800,000 young people at risk of deportation to countries they do not know. We can’t allow Trump to break up immigrant families. Will you call your representative now at (123-456-7890) and demand they protect Dreamers by co-sponsoring a clean Dream Act ASAP? Tell them there should be no new money for wasteful walls or brutal enforcement. After calling, text back and tell us how your call went!

The weird thing is, I’m in New York, and the number given was to Arizona’s Senator Flake’s office, and he’s clearly not “my representative.”  The volunteer named “Laurie” texted from a number local to me.

The larger question is, where are the conservative organizations doing what and Organizing for America are doing?  You can throw some names at me…but none has the recognition of the organizations I’ve mentioned.

For years now, people have been asking questions like, “Why isn’t there a Republican equivalent of Care2 and”

Indeed, where did the outspoken, bold, fed up Americans go who were opposed to the liberals, progressives, Marxists, muddled snowflakes, and anarchists who wanted to overthrow the Republic?  They were vocal in the 2016 presidential campaign.  Did they think they just needed to vote Trump and walk away, go back to their jobs, believing they’d saved the country?  Do they really believe that a hashtag campaign and few funny memes are all that’s needed now?

Massive mobilization” is an everyday thing for liberals.  For conservatives, it is a thing apart.  We have not yet figured out how to stop the massive amounts of money being poured into these liberal organizations, nor have we planned ahead well enough even to send out one text message saying, “Call your representative and tell him you support President Trump terminating the DACA program!  Then text us back and tell us how it went!”  The Democrats are then taking such data and storing it; analyzing it; and using it to recruit, predict, and influence future soldiers of liberalism.  We’ve got…nothing.

The lack of organization on the right continues to be a huge problem.  While we complain about the chaos in Washington D.C., we don’t even realize that we’re dropping the ball out here by not forming cohesive groups that are “organizing for action” with both long- and short-term goals.  Conservatives are more apt to start screaming on a case-by-case basis, without planning for the future.  Volunteer Laurie and intended recipient Derk seem to know that they are in an ongoing, everyday battle for the soul of the country.  Their ranks are growing larger and larger, not just through the bigger, nationally known groups, but also through smaller ones in cities across America – like the Chicago Socialists who “unite to fight right-wing terror.”

If anyone has any ideas how to counteract these massive organizations and their massive funding…rent a conference room and a projector.  Maybe we can brainstorm once a month.

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The Catholic Church’s Push for a Multicultural Utopia Gets Weird


By Susan D. Harris

Motivated by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who they claim was himself a migrant and a refugee; the Catholic Church is set to kick off their “Share the Journey” campaign on September 27, 2017.  With left-leaning Pope Francis at the helm, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) intends to instruct all Catholics to get with the program and accept all kinds of immigrants in the U.S. — or face eternal damnation.

Worse yet, I’m going to outline how the Catholic Church is putting young people through questionable psychological exercises in an odd game of “be the refugee.”

Hot off the presses and hitting a church near you comes the pamphlet, “Our Faith Teaches: Welcoming the Refugee and the Migrant.”  The pamphlet begins the churches’ two year mass education effort to condition (especially United States) Catholics to support programs like “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) and apparently accept “global migration” by any immigrant group — no questions asked.

The “Share the Journey” website first introduces us to immigrant “Ruth” — a name obviously meant to invoke the Biblical Ruth who was widowed then followed her mother-in-law into a strange land — and famously gave the world, “Whither thou goest, I will go.”  Today’s Ruth, however, sadly “lived in the shadows” until President Obama introduced DACA. We are told that, “Over 780,000 youth have received protection from the DACA program since its inception by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in 2012.”  The USCCB official statement is pretty clear on the subject and reads in part:

The cancellation of the DACA program is reprehensible.  It causes unnecessary fear for DACA youth and their families.  These youth entered the U.S. as minors and often know America as their only home…This decision is unacceptable and does not reflect who we are as Americans…As people of faith, we say to DACA youth — regardless of your immigration status (emphasis mine), you are children of God and welcome in the Catholic Church.  The Catholic Church supports you and will advocate for you.

So they aren’t just welcoming illegals into the church spiritually and offering hot meals, they’re also saying “come to us and we’ll help you fight the government.”

It’s much bigger than DACA though.  Over the next two years, the Catholic Church will attempt to convince every adherent to its faith that its long history of social justice is culminating in forcing every country, (but especially the United States) into accepting any and all illegal immigrants in the name of Jesus Christ.  One of the two greatest commandments was, after all, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” (the name of the churches’ first upcoming campaign for immigrants and refugees;) and if one fails to comply, that would obviously be a sin; and Jesus — the scorned migrant — was crucified for the forgiveness of our sins.  If you think this is too over-the-top, consider that the “Social Justice” part of the churches catechism is being invoked with a heavy-handedness not seen since its inception.  From Article 3, Social Justice, we find the phrases:

  • “Distribution of wealth…”

  • “Social justice is linked to the common good…”

  • “Society ensures social justice by providing the conditions that allow associations and individuals to obtain their due.”

  • “The duty of making oneself a neighbor to others and actively serving them becomes even more urgent when it involves the disadvantaged, in whatever area this may be…This same duty extends to those who think or act differently from us.”

  • “These differences belong to God’s plan, who wills that each receive what he needs from others…These differences encourage and often oblige persons to practice…sharing of goods; they foster the mutual enrichment of cultures.”

  • “The equal dignity of human persons requires the effort to reduce excessive social and economic inequalities”

(In an interesting aside, this article comparing Socialism to Catholicism, then subsequently rejecting the idea, reads like it was written in 2017 rather than 1913.)

This scrutiny of the Catechism of the Catholic Church is done now owing to the churches current in-your-face activism and their upcoming agenda which begins with the “week of prayer and action for migrants and refugees.”  Set to run from October 7-13, the main webpage prominently features a Muslim woman; and since all of the pictures beneath her are of Muslims, one assumes they are the only type of “immigrant and refugee” that the church is concerned with.

The toolkit offered for “prayer and action” has instructions for implementation at Mass, in Catholic schools, on college campuses, and at community-wide events.

At Mass, one can obtain a “Global Migration” prayer and commitment sheet.  This contains a prayer not for the refugees, but to condition the person praying into taking some kind of action on behalf of the refugees.  Realizing it’s going to go against some people’s grain, you are even instructed to ask God to “Continue to call me beyond my comfort and into encounter.”  Then you sign the commitment sheet as an informal contract that you are going to become an immigration activist.  The sheet is officially stamped by the USCCB, Catholic Charities U.S.A., and Catholic Relief Services (CRS).

It also suggests asking a representative from your local “Catholic Charities office (immigration legal services or refugee resettlement) to say a few words at the end of Mass.”

The “Schools” program encourages Catholic high schools across America to become CRS Global High Schools; but wait…there’s more…you can choose the Silver, Gold or Platinum commitment level.  For the Gold or Platinum, CRS will provide a certificate for graduating seniors “recognizing them as Global Advocates.”  At this point, it appears your child has learned nothing in high school except how to be an immigration rights activist after repeatedly being immersed in the “Encounter migration” mentality.  Remember, it was Pope Francis who urged everyone to change their attitudes towards immigrants/migrants/refugees from one of “defensiveness and fear” into a “culture of encounter” so we could “build a more just…world.”

On college campuses, the plan gets a little more…weird.  Students are instructed to organize “solidarity prayer vigils” and sign personal “advocacy letters.”  They’re also told to hold “simulation experiences” in which groups of students form “refugee families.”  They are then led through nine “stations” (reminiscent of ‘stations of the cross’) where they are forced to make difficult choices so they can “empathize” with refugees.

Colleges can find other suggestions at the CRS “I Am Migration” webpage; or through the Catholic Legal Immigration Network.  They’re urged to utilize social media to promote #ShareJourney.

They can also visit Cabrini University’s WeDidNothingWrondg.Org — an “Educational Simulation about Syrian Refugees created by the University’s “CRS Ambassadors.”  (St. Frances Cabrini is the patron saint of migrants.)  This program leads students through a more intensive course with “Refugee re-enactors” who “orient” the student then send them through a “smuggling” situation and a “journey obstacle course” which afterward requires a “journey debriefer.”  Then it’s on to the “Reflection Area” which of course leads straight to the “Advocacy Area” — because there’s no way they expect your personal reflection to lead to anything but advocacy.  When the programming is complete, the human propaganda machine spits out a committed immigration rights activist and a passionate Global Advocate.  (There is no mention of whether counselors are available should this exercise have a negative, profound or unwanted effect on the participants.)

Lastly, organizing community-wide prayer vigils is encouraged, as well as praying the Rosary in accordance with the Catholic bishops of the United States pastoral letter, “Welcoming the Stranger Among Us: Unity in Diversity.”  When Catholics do this, they are entering “into the mystery of the Mystical Body of Christ” because:

As St. Paul teaches in his first letter to the Corinthians, the mystery is that we are made part of that Body through our Baptism.  By learning to celebrate our individual differences while embracing our union with others, we grow not only in our understanding of Jesus, but in the knowledge of our own true selves.

Of course there’s money involved too.  The website set up to create Global Advocates who will fight for all migrants, legal and illegal, is asking for donations.  “Share the Journey” has a “Help Now!” button with an option to “Help in the U.S.”  When you click it, it doesn’t mention migrants or refugees at all.  It simply reads “Catholic Charities U.S.A. — Donate to help us end poverty.”

As columnist Victor Davis Hanson wrote:

The history of nations is mostly characterized by ethnic and racial uniformity, not diversity… America is history’s exception… When immigration was controlled, measured, and coupled with a confident approach to assimilation, America thrived… The history of state multiculturalism is one of discord, violence, chaos, and implosion.

The Catholic Church doesn’t seem to be teaching any of that in their instruction pamphlets. Instead they seem destined to systematically integrate the entire world into what they believe will be a multicultural utopia…apparently by the authority of God himself.

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Growing Up American: An Opry Saturday Night

Growing Up American: An Opry Saturday Night

By Susan D. Harris

I brought the radio to the hospital bedside of my elderly mother.  It was Saturday night; the night our local classical music station switches over to old country music.  The tunes came pouring out, and included vintage recordings from the 1920’s through the 1970’s.  I was flooded with memories of my own childhood.

There was a time in America when Saturday night meant only one thing — the Grand Ole Opry.  The nation’s oldest continuous radio show was what made the grass grow and the mare go — as Jerry Clower might have said.

I don’t know what anyone else in the house was doing, but my mother used to steal away, snuggle in bed with her radio, and turn on the Opry.  A little tyke that stuck close to Mommy, I was right there listening with her.  We’d cut out the rest of the world by turning out all the lights, and all you could see (with your radio eyes), was the huge opry stage and the acts that paraded across…some telling jokes and stories, others belting out songs that would either make you sad or set your toes to tapping.  All the usual suspects were there…Roy Acuff and the Smoky Mountain Boys, Little Jimmie Dickens, Minnie Pearl, George Jones, Johnny Cash (the man in black) and a host of other names that we all took for granted as they left their huge footprints in history.

America was a cohesive society then, and part of the glue that held it together was a love of the same music.  When I was young, for instance, just about anyone you talked to knew the name of the number one song in the country.  Old or young, black or white, they would inevitably hear it on Dick Clark’s “American Bandstand,” or later on Casey Kasem’s, “American Top 40.”  If they missed those or didn’t care, the local DJ was bound to tell them anyway, whenever they turned the radio on.

Black and white acts vied for and won the coveted “No. 1” position on radio.  On TV, some blacks preferred watching Soul Train, while whites were more likely to watch American Bandstand (“Dick Clark helmed the longest running broadcast program aimed at mainstream youth to air on American network broadcast television”); the music often overlapped and no one thought too much about it beyond that.  The Midnight Special showcased everyone from the Bee Gees to Jim Croce; from Aretha Franklin to Dobie Gray.

Indisputably however, it was country music that was the original life-giving force behind America’s musical airwaves.  And as it matured, it endured. No matter what genre the No. 1 pop song was, everyone was still keeping tabs on the pulsating heart of Nashville.  New stars and a seemingly unprecedented pool of talent breathed fresh life into country music after the heyday of artists like the Carter Family, Hank Williams and Patsy Cline had passed. 

Along came the Statler Brothers, Dolly Parton, George Jones (The Possum) and Tammy Wynette, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, the Okie from Muskogee (Merle Haggard), Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty, a little firecracker named Tanya Tucker…and so many more.  Glenn Campbell was a cross-over artist, making history as he won four Grammy’s in 1967 in both Popular and Country and Western categories. He even had his own TV show for a few years.

The excitement kept coming with record smashing groups like The Oak Ridge Boys, and Alabama.  The Statler Brothers usually left my parents dabbing their eyes, while The Oak Ridge Boys got the whole family clapping and singing along.  I remember when we brought the record player out to our screened in back porch and cranked hits like Alabama’s “Mountain Music.”  I ran barefoot onto the fresh-cut grass, whooping and hollering with joy.  The evening ended with me lying on the cool ground with a piece of straw between my teeth listening to Charley Pride sing “Roll on Mississippi.”  To this day I’ve never seen that river, but that doesn’t stop me from having fond memories of it.

Then there were the country stars that history seemed to hiccup and forget.  To name just a few, there was superstar Barbara Mandrell who had a series of top 10 hits and successful TV shows; but after her career was abruptly interrupted by a devastating car accident, she was slowly forgotten in the public conscience.

Marty Robbins — the seasoned Nashville star whose highest chartered album came in 1959 with “Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs,” and included the infamous hit “El Paso” — was still flying high in the early ‘80’s with top 10 hits “Some Memories Just Won’t Die” and “Honkeytonk Man.”  My family was among his biggest fans, and we were planning a trip to Nashville just to see him when died of a massive heart attack and unsuccessful surgery in December, 1982.  Robbins had a huge fan base that spanned generations — but he seems largely forgotten today.

Conway Twitty had 50 No. 1 singles, but after his sudden death in 1993 at the young age of 59, I almost never heard him on the radio again.

Another country music talent explosion happened in the late 80’s and early 90’s when singers like Garth Brooks, Dwight Yoakum, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Reba McEntire, Vince Gill, Randy Travis and Brooks and Dunn reigned supreme.  While some of these can still be heard on “oldies night,” others seem to have fallen into radio obscurity altogether.  And oldies night never, ever goes back as far as Roy Acuff, Marty Robbins or Loretta Lynn.  One would have to agree with Ronny Robbins, Marty’s son, who’s been quoted as saying, “Nowadays history only goes as far back as Garth (Brooks) fifth album…That’s as far as anyone looks anymore.”

My mother recuperated and came home; and we occasionally still listen to “old” or “classic” country music on Saturday nights — because there’s nothing of today’s country that doesn’t (to us) sound like pop, rock or hip-hop; or at the very least just nasally sounding, lame attempts to recreate sounds that were perfected years ago.

It’s a sad fact that never before in American history has music been so confounded and scattered like languages were in the biblical story of the Tower of Babel.  Years ago my mother quipped, “If I’m ever dying, play Roy’s “Wabash Cannon Ball” for me.”  Sadly, because the music industry accelerated so fast, splintering into dozens of genres and perhaps hundreds of subgenres; there are fewer and fewer people left who would even know what she was talking about.

“Growing Up American” is part of an article series dedicated to preserving the totally unique American experience. For other installments by the author please visit

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Witches: The Most Recent Victimized Minority to Come Out of the Closet

By Susan D. Harris

(Little known fact: Many of today’s witches are gay men.)

(The article has some similarities to the last article covering the Westchester Witch segment, but with a very different approach.)

Move over LGBTQ activists and Black Lives Matter.  The most recent victimized minority to “come out of the closet” and demand acceptance and attention is your local witches’ coven.  That’s right – witchcraft, Wiccan — call it what you will – these poor persecuted souls are demanding we embrace their occult practices as the fastest growing “faith” or “religion” in the country.  The words “faith” and “religion” are repeatedly used to describe witchcraft in an investigative piece that recently aired on News 12 Now in Westchester County NY.   Our sympathy is piqued for these oppressed faithful as we’re told that “not so long ago, witches were actually hunted!”

(In an effort to gracefully rationalize our acceptance of the occult, one witch tells us she teaches her children that, “a spell is nothing more than a prayer.  And those are my words; and words are powerful… If I’m setting an intention to accomplish a goal — whether you call it a prayer or you call it a spell, it’s really semantics.”)

News 12 Now seems anxiously giddy as they try to shame middle class Americans into abandoning their witchy stereotypes.  It’s just another attack on those old, out of touch Judeo-Christian haters who don’t realize how wonderful witchcraft really is.  After all, we’d better get with the program because in addition to its being “one of the fastest growing religions in the country…New York might as well be its capital!”

Westchester, NY news reporter Tara Rosenblum “spent four months exploring and gaining access to” a “thriving underground community of witches.”   In her promotion for the piece, Rosenblum promised it would “take everything you think you know about witches and turn it upside down.”

Most of us know the drill — we’re supposed to buy the witch pitch (again) that they do good and never do any harm.  They’re nature-loving do-gooders that happen to be more in tune with the earth            than the rest of us muggles. (And yes, one witch excitedly admits she has been casting spells ever since getting hooked on the “Harry Potter” series as a child.)  

After watching people who’ve sworn an oath of secrecy chanting in hooded robes — which in today’s atmosphere you’d think many might see as scarily reminiscent of KKK gatherings — we’re shown pentagrams, tarot cards, a voodoo doll and skulls on display at a witches gathering.   During the intro, one host says that mentioning the word “witch” conjures up pictures of “black cats, broomsticks and bubbling cauldrons,” while the next host quickly contradicts saying that “doesn’t necessarily describe the modern Wicca.”  Later, a self-described witch jokingly tells us “we don’t boil anybody in our cauldrons,” as those around her cackle with laughter.  Ironically, we’re then shown a ritual of these modern-day witches chanting as they boil something in a black cauldron.  In short, buying into the line that we’re supposed to “throw out our old ‘witch’ stereotypes” turns into a full-blown knee-slapper.  

Even more laughable, the promo said we’d be meeting, “some of the most powerful witches in New York,” as if there had been a formal competition and this was a documented fact.

According to one witch, the modern day Hudson Valley (known to many for being home to the Clinton family compound), is on top of a giant quartz crystal, “so all the energy is radiated through (there.)”

A Wiccan high priestess tells us, “There are people that are very, very dedicated witches in all walks of life…your ER nurse, your lawyer…who knows?”  (This begs the question ‘What constitutes very, very dedicated?’)

“It becomes a way of life,” she says, “You start honoring nature; you start having a connection with the sky.”  (One assumes the John Muir Society wasn’t enough for them.)  Yet another one tells us she knows witches “that even go to church.”  They’ve agreed to be interviewed, they say, because they want to help people, teach people, and preserve their path.  In one highly suspicious moment, reporter Tara Rosenblum is doing a Facebook Live stream with two of the witches and checks her social media saying, “My sister Brooke Rosenblum is checking in with us.” A quick gander at the Facebook comments show her sister Brooke quoting one of the witches saying: “It’s just who we are,” followed by a heart and a smiley face.

Rosenblum’s three part series titled, “Speak No Evil” tells us, “There are nearly 1 million Wiccans in the United States.  More than 20% of them live here in New York.”  Apparently they’re going public to grow their ranks.  Undoubtedly, they’ll find success in a culture ready to turn any group that whines loud enough into the victimized, bullied, persecuted, “attacking us is a hate crime” flavor of the day.

The witches are, after all, afraid to come out and expose themselves for fear of persecution; but they bravely say their “passion for the occult is unwavering.”  

Rosenblum reports, “It’s a mysterious, feminist and nature-focused religion that rewards faith and patience…with magic.”  She asks the Wiccan high priestess, “What is your faith capable of?”  The reply, “Anything that you can think, you can be.”   The purposely evasive answer sounded more like an inspirational speech to a group of fifth graders.

The report tells us they have no Bible but claim a strict moral code which is similar to Karma.  They talk to an antler god and then ask the moon goddess to cast a protection spell “shielding them from those who wish to do harm.”  The narrator tells us “witches of course have faced a long history of persecution.”  What?  All that stuff we learned about innocent women being put to death was a lie?  Does that mean all the accusations of paranoia and injustice that history lobbed at the witch trials were a mere ruse for covering what were truly occult practices?  Apparently so, as one witch who claims to be descended from British witches shocks the audience by admitting, “We kept it a secret.  We were persecuted.  We were actually burned at the stakes.”

None of that persecution stuff these days though. Today’s witches have set up shop — as Rosenblum says — “only a hagstone’s throw away from West Point.” They even offer military discounts.

Today’s witches are into “building community,” “supporting each other and everyone else,” and helping the total person with “mind, body and spirit.” Throw in some Reiki, herbalism, and some henna art — and you’ve got nothing but a bunch of well-intentioned, good witches gathering for fun and frolic in your local woods.

Responding to the Westchester segment on Facebook, one man asks, “How come all the witches aren’t collectively working together to get Trump out of office..???  If u guys r really good witches why isn’t this happening!??!”  A woman apparently identifying as a witch responds, “Many of us are.”

New York State: America’s Witchcraft Capital

By Susan D. Harris

According to the TV news in Westchester County, Wicca is “one of the fastest growing religions in the country,” and “New York might as well be its capital.”

Westchester, NY news reporter Tara Rosenblum “spent four months exploring and gaining access to” a “thriving underground community of witches.”  Her investigative piece debuted on Tuesday, August 29, and continues Wednesday night.  In her promotion for the piece, Rosenblum promises it will “take everything you think you know about witches and turn it upside down.”

Most of us know the drill — we’re all supposed to be surprised (again) that witches do good and never do any harm.  They’re nature-loving do-gooders that happen to be more in tune with the earth than the rest of us muggles (non-magical people.)  After watching people who’ve sworn an oath of secrecy chanting in hooded robes — which in today’s climate many might see as scarily reminiscent of KKK gatherings — we’re shown pentagrams, tarot cards, a voodoo doll and skulls on display at a witches gathering.  During the intro, one host says that mentioning the word “witch” conjures up pictures of “black cats, broomsticks and bubbling cauldrons,” while the next host quickly adds that “doesn’t necessarily describe the modern Wicca.”  Later, a self-described witch jokingly tells us “we don’t boil anybody in our cauldrons,” as those around her cackle with laughter.  We’re subsequently shown a ritual of these modern-day witches chanting as they boil something in a black cauldron.  In short, it becomes knee-slapping laughable to be told that we need to throw out our old “witch” stereotypes.

The promo says we’ll be meeting, “some of the most powerful witches in New York,” as if there had been a competition and this was a documentable fact.

According to one witch, the modern day Hudson Valley (known to many for being home of the Clinton family compound), is on top of a giant quartz crystal, “so all the energy is radiated through (there.)”

A Wiccan high priestess tells us, “There are people that are very, very dedicated witches in all walks of life…your ER nurse, your lawyer…who knows?”  (This begs the question ‘What constitutes very, very dedicated?’)

“It becomes a way of life,” she says, “You start honoring nature; you start having a connection with the sky.”  (One assumes the John Muir Society isn’t gratifying enough for them.)  Yet another one tells us she knows witches that even go to church.  They’ve agreed to be interviewed, they say, because they want to help people, teach people, and preserve their path.

An on-screen graphic tells us, “There are nearly 1 million Wiccans in the United States.  More than 20% of them live here in New York.”  Apparently, they’re also going public in a bid to grow their ranks.  Still, it’s good to shine a light to see who — or what – is hiding in the darkness.

The news piece teases that we will see them perform a “white magic ritual and summon sacred spirits” in an upcoming segment.

The witches are afraid to come out and expose themselves for fear of persecution; but they bravely say their “passion for the occult is unwavering.”  Rosenblum says, “It’s a mysterious, feminist and nature-focused religion that rewards faith and patience…with magic.”  She asks the Wiccan high priestess, “What is your faith capable of?”  The reply, “Anything that you can think, you can be.”  The purposely evasive answer sounded more like an inspirational speech to a group of fifth graders.

They have no Bible but claim a strict moral code which is similar to Karma.  They talk to an antler god and then ask the moon goddess to cast a protection spell “shielding them from those who wish to do harm.”  The narrator tells us “witches of course have faced a long history of persecution.”  What?  All that stuff we learned about innocent women being put to death was a lie?  Does that mean all the accusations of paranoia and injustice that history lobbed at the witch trials were a mere ruse for covering what were truly occult practices?  Apparently so, as one witch who claims to be descended from British witches shocks the audience by admitting, “We kept it a secret.  We were persecuted.  We were actually burned at the stakes.”

Part two of the series promises to take us “deep into the woods of Orange County to witness a candle magic ritual.”

If you’re not in the Hudson Valley, you can check out the Church of the Knotted Ash which begins their Wicca 101 courses in Western NY in September; the upcoming 18th annual Pagan Pride Day in Syracuse, NY (you have to check out their attractive feminist symbol here);  the Albany area Capital District Witches Meetup; and if you’re planning way ahead – check out WitchsFest USA in Manhattan next summer.

The News 12 Now report comes on the heels of my sharing my own devastating experience working with a Wiccan.  The irony is I was destined to work with yet another witch in the job that followed.  One sunny day in May I touched the witch statue on her desk and said, “That’s kind of cute you keep your Halloween decorations up all year.”  She growled back, “That’s not a Halloween decoration.”  And so began my next career struggle.

I used to think my experiences were the same as thousands across the country; little did I realize New York State seems to be ground zero for every conceivable occult-based affront to Judeo-Christian values.

Snobs Beware: I’m Cranking Carmen In My Ten-Year-old Ford

By Susan D. Harris

Instead of pulling an Elvis and shooting my TV, I sought relaxation and diversion in classical music.  Eventually I even learned to appreciate opera more than I thought possible.  Let snobs beware; I’m cranking Carmen in my ten-year-old Ford.

When a piece of music calls out to me like a lover calls to his mate — I must claim it and know everything about it.  I want to know the composer, the writer of the libretto (if applicable), the singer (if applicable), and all the succulent details regarding the history of the piece.  The histories are so complex they can lead you from a palace in Versailles to the slums of Charleston, South Carolina.   Piece them all together and you form the staves that Western civilization is played on.

Let’s start with one of the most beautiful songs in history, “Song to the Moon.”  Even the name of the opera that spawned it is enchanting: Rusalka. It’s the name of a water nymph — the main character in the 19th Century opera by Antonín Dvořák.  Who determined it was one of the most beautiful songs in history?  Well…me for starters.  I’m listening to mezzo-soprano Frederica von Stade singing it on YouTube, and I’m in that nirvanic state of music enjoyment that one tries to recreate as many times as possible before mortal death.

I first heard the song while streaming — a website where I can switch music “channels” based on my mood from minute-to-minute.  I often seek out the songs I hear to play them again — that’s what I’ve done and I’m listening in stunned silence. Von Stade’s voice — her presence — Dvořák’s passionate creation — the synergy has me transfixed.

In the case of Ms. von Stade, I’m filled with nationalistic pride after learning the diva is from New Jersey.  In my mind, the only thing more American than that is being from New York — something I can say safely from behind my keyboard.

I’m late in finding this golden-throated nightingale – she’s 72-years old now, and the “engagements” section of her website hasn’t been updated since 2015.  I can only hope that she’ll suddenly pop up in my city to sing some of her greatest arias.

It’s not far-fetched.  Something similar did happen once.  I’d just discovered Louis Prima and Keely Smith while watching Classic Arts Showcase; a vintage video of their Grammy Award-winning song “That Old Black Magic” had me laughing and clapping.  I wanted more, and the next day, like something that only happens in a dream, the radio announced that Keely Smith would be performing at our State Fair on the heels of her new album, Swing, Swing, Swing.  The coincidence was shocking.  Soon I was flaunting pictures of me and Keely hanging out.  But I digress from the topic of opera, though Keely, in the opinion of many, remains one of the most gifted balladeers and swing singers in the history of belting out tunes. Ms. von Stade might even say Keely had an operatic voice; she commented once:

You know, Julie Andrews—that’s an operatic voice. Audra McDonald’s is an operatic voice. We opera singers don’t know how to belt, really, the way Broadway singers do.

Let’s go back to opera and a strange fact you’ll find if you wade into that genre: There’s a demographic of strangely obsessive people who have very strong opinions about which is the best opera, the most melodious diva, the best performance of a particular opera, best aria, and other such idealistic skirmishes like ‘Who was the best Figaro?”  These people will go to the mat for their opinions, and it’s funny to see them fighting like raggedy-eared tomcats on the back fence.

We do, after all, have our own tastes in music, and those are only influenced if some external source (such as someone else’s opinion or urging) stimulates a preexisting gene; a gene that awakens and allows us to grow our music appreciation in a new direction.

Maybe my father passed that gene on to me.  When my mother first met him, my father was in possession of the complete recording of Carmen, the scandalous opera by Georges Bizet.  As no science will confirm, therein lays my genetic predisposition.

I have loved classical music more and more with each passing decade of life.  I made the first important step of actually purchasing a CD of Edvard Grieg’sPeer Gynt” in the 1990’s and continued from there.  Opera was still a ways off, but I already had an introduction to it as I watched Italian operatic tenor Luciano Pavarotti perform, “’O Sole Mio.”  It was a song I knew well — my mother played the 78 rpm by Enrico Caruso on the antique Victrola.  Granted, the famed Neapolitan song wasn’t opera, but Pavarotti was — and he scored a Grammy award and worldwide attention singing “O Sole Mio” in 1980.  With four decades under his belt as an opera and pop crossover artist, (and with the help of rapidly advancing technology), Pavarotti likely lured more people into opera appreciation than anyone before him.

Probably like a lot of folks, the first true opera song that carved its name in my heart was Puccini’s “Nessun Dorma” — and no, I wasn’t introduced to it through a disturbing movie ending.  I heard it from a charismatic blind man with a voice that channeled the angels.  Why was it Andrea Bocelli’s voice that spoke to me more than say, Pavarotti’s?  Who can say?  I only knew I was hooked. (Here’s a look back at Bocelli, Pavarotti, and the Trump inauguration.)

Eventually I asked someone what “Nessun Dorma” meant in English.  I wish there’d been a picture taken of my face when someone translated: “No one sleeps.”  Who would have thought that one of the greatest songs ever written was about insomnia?  I loved it even more.

Eventually I heard the story of the opera from whence “Nessun Dorma” came: the princess Turandot, a suiter, riddles that must be answered to avoid senseless death and so on.  Sadly for me, the opera was set in China and I personally never had any interest in that country or its culture.  That’s when I learned one could love music from a particular opera, but not necessarily like the opera itself.

Take La Traviata for instance.  As one book put it, “Nowhere, perhaps, is death by tuberculosis more lyrically romanticized than in La Traviata.”  It’s true: Some of the greatest operas seem like glorified versions of Puddles Pity Party.  Then you hear a recording of Maria Callas singing the main role of Violetta, and you decide you can overlook the more macabre aspects and enjoy the beautiful music.

And if you’re not familiar with Callas, you might as well forget about opera altogether.  Luckily I’d accidentally stumbled across a documentary about her years ago.  When I heard her sing though, I had no opinion one way or the other.  It was years later, sitting in a grocery store parking lot listening to the radio when I finally “got it” — that moment I heard the quality of greatness in her voice.

And that was only the beginning; there is always so much more to hear.

According to the Arts and Cultural Production Satellite Account (ACPSA), Americans don’t mind spending more to attend performing arts events — and that includes opera performances.  That isn’t exactly helping fight the age old stigma that opera is a luxury; a social snobbery for the rich.

As for me, I’m going to have to continue listening to classical music and opera via internet and radio; on my couch or in my car.  My only night at the opera will likely be with the Marx Brothers.

Originally published in American Thinker 8/27/2017

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Itching for a Fight: America Under Siege Before Charlottesville

By Susan D. Harris

Long before talk of KKK and neo-Nazi’s came to Charlottesville, VA, large fights were leaving cities across America battered and bruised.  Spring and summer of 2017 saw an epidemic of what the media simply called “large fights” — from Florida to Texas and New York to Utah.

Dozens, sometimes hundreds, of people have been beating the crap out of each other; generally using bare fists, knives, baseball bats and the occasional knife or gun…but always leaving injured or dead in their wake.  The reasons for the massive fighting is usually unclear and always senseless, as baffled police continually ask “anyone with information” to contact them.

It almost doesn’t matter whether its gang related, drug related, or “after the bars close.”  What matters is it’s happening; and if you happen to be driving down the wrong street, cutting through the wrong parking lot, or walking through the wrong park or mall when it begins…you’ll play hell escaping unharmed.

I caught my own local headlines playing down one such fight.  The headline read something simple like, “Police break up large fight.”  When I clicked on the story, I nearly fell over reading that an estimated 200 people had been actively fighting along two city blocks!  Close your eyes and picture that for a moment:  Two hundred people beating the hell out of each other in the middle of a city street.  The word is overused these days, but I’d have to say that would be “apocalyptic” to witness firsthand.

And if you’re dismissing this frightening scenario as only happening in large metropolitan cities — you’d only be partly right.  This is only a partial list of some of the “large fights” from Spring/Summer 2017:

  • April 2; Gainesville, FL:  Three people were arrested and one police officer was assaulted after police “responded to reports of a large street fight.”  Police did not give an estimate of how many were involved.

  • April 6; Jersey City, NJ:  “Cops use pepper spray to break up massive Jersey City street brawl.”  Many students are involved; one is stabbed, horns honk as the fight between an estimated 50 young people spills into traffic.  A police officer overheard reports of planned “large street fight” minutes before.

  • April 6 & 7; Portland, OR:  Brazen groups of 20-40 teens fight at a mall and across the street from a police precinct.  One report said, “Officers arrived at the mall to find a group of about 20 young people assaulting mall employees, damaging property and fighting with security staff…”

  • April 14; Rochester, NY:  A “massive police presence” used Tasers and pepper spray to break up a “large fight” reportedly involving 300 people.  “When police initially arrived on scene, they say they found multiple groups of people fighting in the street.”

  • April 16; Detroit, MI:  A shocking Greektown street brawl gets posted to Facebook as local TV reports, a “mob of young people getting out of control and beating two men on the street.”

  • April 16; Centralia, IL:  Police call for assistance from six surrounding police departments for a “large Saturday night fight.”

  • April 24; Grand Forks, ND:  “A large group of people started fighting outside city hall” leaving it damaged.

  • April 26; Syracuse, NY:  “Three men were stabbed in a large fight near downtown Syracuse…”  Entire city blocks were sealed off with crime tape.  An officer at the scene said there had been a “large group fight.”

  • April 26; Millville, NJ:  Police were called for a “large group fighting.”  A woman is “punched, kicked and dragged by several men and women.”  The beating goes viral on Facebook.

  • May 8; New Brunswick, NJ:  “Two juveniles were shot in a low-income housing complex, and it may have stemmed from a large street fight that occurred there earlier.”

  • May 10; St. Paul, MN:  “A large fight between young people, including some wielding baseball bats, broke out near a busy recreation center.”  Three teens needed medical attention.  The neighborhood is left in fear following “other reports over the past week of brawls at St. Paul parks.” (This article is quite detailed and frightening.)

  • May 12; Milwaukee, WI:  “Police said multiple people began fighting in the street…following a two-vehicle crash…A large group of people appeared to be attacking a woman in the street…”  A witness reported, “four or five firemen were standing around watching it, like it was some big show or something.”

  • May 15; Coney Island, NY:  A stray bullet hits an elderly couple’s window who report that “rowdy teens are often fighting in the street below their window.”  This incident is notable for once again drawing attention to the fact that in New York, “There are some cases where gunfire isn’t counted as an official shooting, like if bullets don’t strike a person…”

  • May 17; Baltimore, MD:  Only two people were arrested after “Citiwatch camera operators observe ‘large fight’ downtown.

  • May 17; Syracuse, NY:  A “large fight” is reported in the early afternoon near the transit hub, leaving two hospitalized.

  • May 18; Cleveland, OH:  Police responded to a “large group fighting and exchanging gunfire” in the Hough neighborhood.

  • May 19; New London, CT:  Men and juveniles were arrested in a “large New London fight” after police responded to, “reports of a group of males carrying sticks, bats and bottles and talking about assaulting someone.”

  • May 22; Maplewood, NJ:  “Police estimated about 150 to 200 teenagers crowded into (a) park” after a festival.  The mayor said “he saw one altercation involving only a few of the teens;” but according to Maplewood police it took five different police departments and the sheriff’s department to break up the crowd. Local media reported it as a simple “melee.”

  • May 30; West Valley City, UT:  A teenage boy is shot dead after neighbors “heard arguing and threatened to call police after they saw a group fighting in the street…”

  • May 30; Milwaukee, WI:  “Police responded to 15 separate shootings.” “Two children were shot after adults started fighting in the street and fired guns…”  The police chief warns that “disputes escalate too quickly for police to have a chance at intervening.”

  • June 25, Manhattan, NY:  A police officer is struck by an SUV after responding officers try to break up a “large group of men fighting.”

  • July 5, Niagara, NY:  After the fireworks, police use pepper spray to disperse 200 people near a park — another 70 to 80 are dispersed nearby, and multiple police units respond to another park where 30 people are actively fighting with “several other” spectators” watching.

  • July 5; Grand Haven, MI:  “Grand Haven State Beach was evacuated following a large fight involving 300 people.”

  • July 13; Dayton, OH:  “Police, deputies escort funeral procession for homicide victim following large fight” at a Baptist church.

  • July 15; Wichita, KS:  “Police say a family fight over child care on Friday boiled over to Saturday evening when between 60 and 80 people got into a large disturbance.”

  • July 16; Killeen, TX: Riot breaks out at Texas mall involving 30-45 adults and juveniles.  Police “were unable to get control of the riot inside, but were able to move (it) out of the building.”

  • July 16; Syracuse, NY:  A man was shot in the ankle as police responded to “a large fight” with “several groups of people fighting.”

  • July 17; Amsterdam, NY:  “Police say large fight leaves 5 stabbed in Amsterdam…parking lot brawl.”

  • July 20; Syracuse, NY:  Thursday afternoon police responded to 911 calls reporting a “big fight where “some people had been stabbed.”

  • July 26; Staten Island, NY:  “Slashing, shooting were part of large fight in Stapleton.”

  • July 26; Austin, TX:  Austin police investigated a “large fight” at Fiesta Gardens park.  Neighbors say it “happens often” and video footage was available and shown on KVUE TV.

  • July 27; Ellenville, NY:  Police responded to a street fight involving “some 30 people.” An 18-year-old who allegedly tried to run over another person during a large fight” was facing felony charges.

  • July 29; Buffalo, NY:  A 20-year-old man was stabbed during a “large fight” involving 30 to 40 people.

One thing seems obvious: The malevolent forces trying to drag this country back to the social divides of 1968…or 1868…have a restless army at their disposal. When the frenzy is high, there seems little difference in the danger of pointing to a statue or a politician. One need only yell to the madding crowd, “Are you ready? Then light your torches and go!”

Unless the stampede is herded away from the cliff, those caught up in its swell will destroy their friends, their neighbors, their countrymen – and ultimately themselves.

Appearing on American Thinker

Sabotage and Destruction: From My House To The White House

By Susan D. Harris

There was a time when America wasn’t quite so evil; a time when very few people would boldly lie or sabotage someone else’s work or destroy a career.  Now it seems commonplace…from the living room, to the boardroom, to the courtroom to the highest office in the land.

My particular story happened many years ago.  My company had hired a new boss for my department about a year after I was hired.  She worked in software development, but held a degree in psychology – which she used to psychoanalyze underlings and coworkers.  On two occasions, boss lady called me into a conference room to tell me that my facial expressions revealed that I did not understand what was happening at our team’s morning meetings.  I thought she was a complete loon, but spent the remainder of my career there distracted by consciously employing eyebrow arching, affirmative looks, chin-rubbing and nodding in agreement.

I was already walking a thin line trying to keep my boss entertained – trying to bond with her or act the part of medieval minstrel or court jester so she wouldn’t fire me on a whim.

Even that backfired.  She called me into the conference room to tell me, in her Freudian manner, that she perceived I was working too hard to get people to like me.  I yearned to tell her that I spent most of my time trying not to tick her off so she wouldn’t fire me in a fit of misguided psychoanalysis; but I didn’t.  I took the petty, acrimonious speech on the chin like I’d taken all the others.  Nearly six years passed this way, and though I had wonderful reviews from my colleagues and accompanying pay raises, boss lady was gnawing on my last nerve. I held out hope that the imminent hiring of a new person in our small group would distract her from making me the scapegoat for her psychobabble venting.

She finally hired a new girl.  She seemed friendly enough, but dressed oddly and confided strange things in me.  From the beginning, she seemed to purposely work late when I did in order to tell me disturbing personal information – always unsolicited — which made me uncomfortable.  She had dated an indigenous Canadian man who she claimed had hit and verbally abused her.  She said she didn’t feel pretty anymore.  She needed therapy and I didn’t know what to do.  I assured her — in an “older sister” kind of way — that she was a beautiful young woman who should have more confidence in herself.  I tried to wrap up the mostly one-sided conversations as diplomatically as possible.  No one else knew of the troubled tales she was telling me, and I was hesitant to tell anyone due to the personal nature of what she was sharing.  Things went along like this for a while — until boss lady’s husband got cancer.

Boss lady was gone most of the time for nearly a year.  When she did come to work she was (understandably) hard to get along with … either crying or angry or experiencing some roller coaster emotion.  I began to resent her for being abusive toward me when she did come in.  For an entire year, my work life was in crisis because hers was in crisis.  This affected my home life as well.  I was worn out, working extra hours with no pay because I thought it was the right thing to do.  Who is so low to complain about extra work when someone else has a family member dying of cancer?  I was verbally commended by family and coworkers for my work ethic and lack of complaining.  I was, however, on a collision course with the new girl who was angling for more power and saw me as a threat.

The new girl, it turned out, was Wiccan.  She had begun an affair with a guy in the IT department, and they’d married in a circle of humans, rocks, incense and various other oddities in the middle of a forest.  The bride wore a heavy dark velvet dress on a hot summer day.  When she told everyone they “wanted a private ceremony” — nobody questioned why she hadn’t invited anyone from work.  My coworkers never figured out she was Wiccan and thought the marriage ceremony was a “back to nature” kind of thing.

Eventually I became Wiccan girl’s target of hate.  The Bible on my desk, Bible verses pinned to my cubicle, the cross I wore; they irritated Wiccan girl to no end, though I’d never proselytized to her.  With boss lady largely out of the way, Wiccan girls’ loathing of me continued unchecked.

That’s when I stumbled across a shocking truth:  If someone is truly a bad seed and truly wants to sabotage your work…there’s likely no way to stop them.  Spreadsheets were changed, burned PROMs were damaged, tapes were tampered with, and my fate was sealed.

When boss lady returned after the death of her husband, Wiccan girl took advantage of her vulnerability to become her dearest friend — a shoulder to cry on. They became thick as thieves, and it proved a deadly duo for me.  Eventually Wiccan girl became Salome to boss lady’s Herod Antipas. When Wiccan girl told boss lady, “Bring me the head of John the Baptist,” it was me who was about to have her head on a platter.

Before I knew it I was being hauled into Human Resources and questioned about why I couldn’t get along with Wiccan girl.  I wanted to scream.  Wiccan girl was on a “lynch the Christian” vendetta and had the full backing of boss lady — who was already tired of her self-induced burden of psychoanalyzing how many times I blinked.

What’s important about this whole story is what came next.  It wasn’t reality; it was all about perception.  Wiccan girl was always around corners, whispering to my coworkers. They began to see me as a “problem,” though in what way I’ll never know.  I was urged to be nicer, to treat Wiccan girl differently, to work harder and be a better person.  I became part of a play I hadn’t even auditioned for; I was being forced to resolve a problem I didn’t have.  Someone was hell-bent on destroying me and I kept being told the problem was me!

It was, until the death of my father, the worst time of my life.  I regularly vomited before work each morning.

Eventually the company put me on a three month notice “to be a better team player” with Wiccan girl or I would be fired.  There was nothing to do. I had done nothing wrong so there was nothing to improve.  I spent every free minute in the bathroom with my Bible, begging God to intercede on my behalf.

I will never understand why it had to happen, but when I was finally fired it was a gut-wrenching relief.  I was never given a clear reason.  My mother assured me that someday I would find out what happened. It was the only time in my life she would be wrong.  I never found out what lies were whispered about me; what grievances were launched against me.  I had even feared for my physical safety; my view of the workplace would never be the same.

I learned something important however, and that was that if someone really wants to destroy you, they can drag you into a pit where everything is only about you and them.

It’s a form of bullying and we’re watching it happen to the President of the United States.  North Korean leader Kim Jong Un makes his demands, his threats…but President Trump is the one blamed for stirring up trouble.  NPR and other liberal news outlets keep assuring people that despite the U.S. president’s threats, we might be able to avoid nuclear war.  The casual listener might think Trump was threatening to nuke Kansas.

It’s Trump who is seen as the aggressor; Trump who doesn’t type the right Tweets; Trump being forced to run defense because an evil, crazy man has threatened to destroy everyone around him.  It’s Trump who is “escalating the rhetoric” when poor Kim Jong Un hasn’t even taken part in these “exchanges.”

Sure it’s a bit of a stretch to compare my experiences to the leader of the free world, but one has to wonder – just like with boss lady and Wiccan girl — how far will the regressive left go with their lies and bullying? I never thought I would see the day when it could happen on such a large scale…the world stage.

As the president tries to govern, Kim Jong Un keeps trying to pull Trump into a pit where everything is only about North Korea.  Meanwhile liberals are salivating for the president to make one wrong move.  (I remember what that feels like too.)

One almost wonders if Kim Jong Un is being bankrolled by Organizing for Action.  I never discovered all of the dark forces behind my abusive work experience. I can only pray that our president can rout out the dark forces trying to distract and destroy him before it’s too late.

Originally published on American Thinker August 14, 2017

Western Media Eliminating ‘Temple Mount’

By Susan D. Harris

There is a subtle repositioning in process by the mainstream media to influence the way people think – or don’t think — about the Temple Mount.  In short, we are to think of it primarily as a sacred Islamic Jerusalem shrine that the Jews falsely lay claim to.  In order to accomplish this, the term “Temple Mount” must be stealthily eradicated.

Drudge Report first caught my attention with the July 14th headline:  “2 Israeli policemen killed in shooting near Jerusalem shrine.”  I wondered, “What Jerusalem shrine?”  Surely if it were the Temple Mount it would say so.  The headline linked to an AP story which told me in the first paragraph that it was a “major Jerusalem shrine,” (at this point I wondered why they were hedging about the location.)  The second paragraph told me it was a “sacred site” … which in American lingo is starting to sound like an Indian burial ground somewhere in the Old West.  The next thing I read is that it is known to Muslims as the “Noble Sanctuary.”  Huh. I guess that would be…yep…now the article tells me it’s known to Jews as the “Temple Mount.”  There you have it!  It took three paragraphs but the Associated Press finally connected this vague sacred site to the Jewish people — after first telling us it is revered by Muslims.

The same day, British daily The Guardian told us by their second paragraph that the attack occurred “in the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif complex.”  Before the paragraph is over however, Muslims again get first dibs as it’s described as being “revered as a holy site by both Muslims and Jews.”

Two days later, CNN took a more serious tone as they reported the Israeli policemen were killed “just outside one of the world’s most important religious sites.”  In keeping with framing the Temple Mount as firstly a Muslim site and secondly a Jewish site, CNN falls in step saying the attack was “next to what Muslims call the Noble Sanctuary and Jews the Temple Mount.”

July 21st Reuters followed suit.  In their article titled, “Jerusalem on alert as religious tensions rise over holy site,” the first paragraph dips its toe in the water referencing only a “sensitive holy site.”  By the second paragraph we’ve waded into the pool as we’re told the “shrine” is the Muslim’s “Noble Sanctuary,” followed by a mention of the Jew’s “Temple Mount” — as if they were second in line with squatter’s rights.  Now officially drowning in chaos, the London based news service decides to go with “Noble Sanctuary-Temple Mount compound.”

Also July 21st, Fox News joined the club with a headline about the “holy shrine tension.”  Almost laughably, it tells it’s apparently not too worldly-wise readers about a “long-contested shrine near the Lion’s Gate in Jerusalem.”  Once again, Muslims are named first when discussing the “volatile Jerusalem shrine, revered by Muslims and Jews alike.”

The same day, Britain’s Telegraph chased its tail as it reported, “Palestinian gunmen ambushed and killed two Israeli police officers at the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem on Friday, bringing bloodshed and chaos to a religious site that is sacred to both Jews and Muslims.”

VOA (Voice of America) News got the memo as well.

It seems obvious that the site formerly called the “Temple Mount” by Western media is not the preferred name of the “holy site,” “sacred site,” “holy place,” “holy shrine,” “Jerusalem shrine,” that is known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary.

A search on an American/Canadian newspaper archive – holding nearly 40 million newspapers dating back to the 1800’s — returned 1,933 “Temple Mount” results, and only 86 “Noble Sanctuary” results. The phrase “Temple Mount” spanned the years.  However, while a few of the “Noble Sanctuary” results were from the late 19th Century, the rest were mostly from the year 2000 onward.

(And it wasn’t just websites and newspapers.  I heard numerous radio news reports referencing it as the Muslims’ Noble Sanctuary before mentioning it was “also a Jewish holy site.”)

While the United Nations has been pushing the narrative that the Jerusalem holy site is “Muslim, not Jewish” for years, it should be troubling to those who support Jewish claimsto the site that even the most conservative Western media are now falling in lockstep with UN talking points.

Of course Israel is often its own worst enemy.  Their left-leaning Haaretz newspaper declared, just days ago, that “The ‘Temple Mount’ belongs to the Muslims.”  In his multiple charges outlining how the Israeli government has damaged and continues “to do harm to the mosque,” writer Abed L. Azab gets to the crux of the “Temple Mount” nomenclature:

The third and most serious aspect, which is indeed putting Al-Aqsa in danger, are the efforts by the Israeli rights to portray it as the “Temple Mount” – with all that entails.

“With all that entails” – and therein lies the crux of why we are being told again and again and again that it is a Muslim holy site first and foremost.  Erase “Temple Mount” and you’ve erased the history of the Jewish people…with all that entails.

Published by American Thinker:

The Most Absurd, Needless Cultural Suicide in History

By Susan D. Harris

With a family member seriously ill and confined to different hospitals recently, I’ve sought out hospital chapels to be alone and say prayers.  Or I should say I sought out the areas formerly known as  “chapels.”  Now they are known as Interfaith Centers or Spiritual Care Area’s or Meditation Rooms.  There is no Christian cross hanging in any of them lest someone be offended.  There are, however, Muslim prayer rugs and signs pointing toward Mecca.

In some of these spiritual area’s you can write down a prayer for your loved one and put it in a prayer wheel: a cylindrical container that has instructions to “spin it” after you put in the tiny paper containing your prayer.  Though the wheels are of Tibetan Buddhist tradition, there is no telltale Sanskrit on the outside, or anything else indicating it’s anything other than a fun way to spin your prayer from your fingertips up to God, or some creator, or whatever force you think will have some impact on your life.

There are tiny prayer rocks you can put in your pocket; pamphlets with inspiring verses from the Psalms, the Quran, the Talmud, a little Buddhist dharma thrown in and some Native American quotes about the Great Spirit to round out your peaceful ecumenical experience.  I suppose some people might lament that there is nothing for the atheists and Satan worshipers.  In at least one spiritual area, there were pamphlets with inspirational thoughts for pagans.

As I kneeled to pray, I didn’t know which way to face.  The front of the room held a table and vase filled with artificial flowers.  That wouldn’t do – I felt as though I were praying to Keats’ Grecian urn.  I turned the other direction, but Mecca didn’t seem an appropriate way to face either.  Two choices left – one direction faced an abstract painting that looked as though it had spilled out of someone’s troubled mind just before they’d purposely leapt from a window; the other direction faced some stacked chairs. 

Finding a Post-It note and a pencil, I drew a cross and stuck it to a panel behind the fake flowers in the front of the room.  I got down on my knees and faced it.  That’s when I saw the CCTV camera.  For a brief moment I panicked realizing I had just broken the rules and put a cross on public display.  I said my prayers and left, but noticed the tiny drawing was gone first thing the next morning.

I wandered into the back halls of the spiritual room in this great, large hospital in Upstate New York.  They had dozens of Christian Bibles piled next to dozens of Qurans – all ready to be given to whoever was in spiritual need.  Two new unopened boxes of Qurans had just come in and were waiting to be stacked on the shelf.  There was one book labeled as a guide to Jewish prayer.

I take my Bible everywhere, so I never really need a room or a special place to talk to God.  But I do remember those places used to exist in hospitals — places where a Christian cross adorned the front of the room and a Bible lay open on a lectern for anyone to read.  When you walked in, a quiet reverence came over you because you believed that room to be blessed as a designated dwelling place for the presence of God.  There you could commune with a power that could bring about divine intervention.  I remember kneeling in some of those rooms, begging God to spare the life of a loved one; asking for mercy, forgiveness, or letting my tears fall onto a carpet where so many other’s had shed tears with similar pleadings.

But in these new touchy-feely, one-religion, one-world, global-peace-inspired rooms I feel…nothing.  It’s as though one’s mind, and even history itself, has been wiped clean of any memory of that God your parents talked about.  Then you angrily wonder what the hell happened while you were busy taking the kids to soccer practice.  If you have any sense of the gravity of what’s really happened, you feel like Charleton Heston riding up the beach and finding the Statue of Liberty broken and beleaguered in the sand: “You maniacs! You blew it up!…God damn you all to hell!”

The worst part was nobody seemed to care about little things like hospital chapels.  Our Christian chapels were replaced with generic meditation rooms containing not-so-generic Muslim prayer rugs, qiblah compasses and Buddhist prayer wheels and nobody dared peep in protest.  In fact, in many places the moves were likely heralded as “interfaith solidarity.”

Such was the case with the sign I passed on my way home from the hospital.  With a Lutheran billboard as a backdrop proclaiming “Hallelujah Jesus Lives!” a sign below it proclaimed, “To our Muslim neighbors, Blessed Ramadan.”  I pulled into the parking lot to take a closer look.  The sign was a product of the New York State Council of Churches.  Apparently I didn’t notice them last year when they began popping up “in front of churches and synagogues, and on urban and suburban lawns across the Capital Region.”

An article in the Albany Times-Union last year waxed progressively poetic when it said the signs “were meant as a kind of metaphor, these small candles of interfaith solidarity lighted against the darkness of religious intolerance and racism.”  The article went on to say that, “They were a rebuke to anti-Islam rhetoric spouted by the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump, who called for a ban on Muslims entering the United States.”  Apparently, it didn’t start out as a New York thing; the NYS Council of Churches got the idea from a Michigan counterpart, and it also comes up under other states Council of Churches’ organizations.  On the Minnesota website, you can “request a #BlessedRamadan sign” and also memorize what to say, verbatim, when you call to “tell congress that you oppose Trump’s rewritten order to discriminate against refugees…”

I cannot follow the logic that leads to embracing diversity by ripping down crosses in hospital chapels, while Christians simultaneously stampede to the curb in order to be the first ones to wave “Blessed Ramadan” to their passing Muslim neighbors.

Maybe it’s time for everyone to come clean about their true intentions: To discard all individual religions in the name of peace and form that one universal religion that the United Nations has been clamoring for.  The idiocy is the Vatican thinks it’s going to be able to hold a Rosary in one hand and a Quran in the other; and the Lutherans think all they have to do is take pork out of their church suppers and the Muslims will be their BFF’s.  Meanwhile Muslims have no intention of capitulating, and the West mistakenly thinks it can integrate Islam into everyday life the same way it successfully absorbed Yoga, Reiki and Feng shui.

We are watching the most absurd, needless and naïve cultural suicide in history.

Published at American Thinker :

Growing Up American: Easter, the Story That Can Never Die

By Susan D. Harris

Every year at Easter there are those predictable puritans who come forward to educate us on that holiday’s pagan origins.

In an example from as far back as an 1877 newspaper, an article slyly titled, “Easter Traditions:  Interesting Notes for the Festival,” draws the reader in with talk of “that most ancient of Christian festivals.”  The writer, perhaps the Alex Jones of the 19th Century, then springs his trap and exposes the truth of Easter’s “heathenish origins,” lecturing readers on Ēostre, Astarte, and variations of the goddess Ishtar.

This revelation continues unabated every year, though I don’t think it’s stopped one chocolate bunny or colored egg from appearing on Christian tables across the world.  In fact, writer Anthony McRoy made an interesting case against the Pagan/Easter synthesis in this 2009 article.

My parents were, however, happily unaware or decidedly apathetic about such controversies, and we children were delighted with the finest garnishments, candies and tiny toys that any Easter basket could contain.

Palmer was always the Easter chocolate of choice in our family, with Baby Binks, Parsnip Pete and Peter Rabbit being the most enjoyed basket centerpieces.  (Peter Rabbit’s package still contains a tiny booklet with the original Beatrix Potter story, and I gasped again just this year while rereading it, having forgotten that Mrs. McGregor had actually baked Peter’s father in a pie after an “accident” in the garden!)

Tiny, brightly colored foil eggs scattered through fake grass provided more chocolate to be picked through in coming days.  A plush stuffed animal; tiny plastic toys that you wound up or pulled back and let loose — including the quintessential bunny-in-a-carrot car — made up the remainder of goodies. Silly Putty, that unexplainably fun silicon polymer (which everyone said had been to outer space!) was a staple too.  In addition to stretching, snapping, rolling and bouncing it, you could press it down on the “funny papers” and make an exact color replica of a newspaper cartoon. It was magical.

I believed in the Easter bunny; and growing up in the country made it easy to imagine him slipping down from the seclusion of the evergreens on yonder hill, or sneaking his way up from the field where the apple tree stood barren from the long winter.  For some reason, however, I was convinced he had a hideout somewhere on the wooded hill near the train trestle that crossed the road about a half mile away.

One reason I was so sure the Easter bunny existed was because of a great act of kindness he showed me when I was very young.  I was at home with my mother, a homemaker, a few days before Easter.  I lay on the couch slowly recuperating from some childhood illness.  My mother was sitting nearby, watching TV with me.  (If I were older and wiser, I would have known this was odd because my mother never stood still long enough to watch TV; there were too many chores to do.)  Suddenly there was a series of loud raps at the back door.  My mother sat forward and looked alarmingly at the door.  “What was that?  Who could that possibly be?” she asked.  She got up and walked hesitantly toward the door while I followed closely behind.

Yet again too young to be suspicious, I didn’t think it odd when she told me to open the door and let her know if I saw anyone.  I opened the door – and I shall never forget it – there was a grand Easter basket that held coloring books, a new box of Crayola crayons, and a couple of small toys.  I was thrilled!  My mother explained the Easter bunny must have known I was sick and brought some things a few days early.  He had rapped on the door with his big fast feet, then ran away quickly so as not to be seen.  To this day, I can still hear that rabbit’s foot rapping at that door, and though my mother continues to insist she made the noise, I’m still not sure I believe her.

My parents loved Easter, and my mother started an Easter morning tradition which hard-core critics might call pagan:  She would tell us children to go outside and bring back the first sign of spring.  This usually entailed some pussy willows or a twig of tree buds; but on at least one occasion a frog had to be herded out of the kitchen.

Such evidence of the earth’s rebirth was an important lesson — that after the harshest, coldest winter; after things had died…God could bring forth new life.

And while the bunny’s baskets and some new spring clothes excited us, it was the mystery on the table that held us in awe year after year:  The large family Bible opened to the story of the Resurrection; illuminated by flickering taper candles.  Behind it stood the large wooden cross my father had made especially for Easter — suddenly draped with a bright white cloth, replacing the somber purple that had been there since Good Friday.  Now surrounded by lilies which were absent the night before, and a sign my mother had carefully placed above it which read:  “He Is Risen!”

This was indeed the focus of it all, and as my parents talked of the huge stone that was rolled away and an empty tomb, we children felt we had a front row seat to a supernatural event that had just occurred — not a 2000 year old musty narrative.

The story, it turns out, can never die; because every year it is born again.

Originally published at American Thinker:

Catholics and Muslims: Too Close for Comfort?

By Susan D. Harris

Having been in the hospital on and off for the last few months, even thinking once that I might die, I found myself, as many people do, delving deeper into my faith.

I was raised by my parents with a strong Protestant faith, but have long felt abandoned by increasingly liberal Protestant churches — open for worship one hour per week; while concurrently promoting hot young Christian singers to draw in the young folks.  That’s my take on it; but I know many would disagree.

So when I recently attended a Catholic Mass and realized there were people talking about Jesus Christ every day of the week, I loved it!  At this particular church, everything seemed to be about Jesus.  (One of the Protestant’s biggest gripes with Catholics involves what is commonly called “Mary worship;” but I decided to let the chips fall where they may and focus on the risen Savior.  Mary could come along for the ride, blessed among women as she is.)

I knew also that the diocese of my area was adamantly supporting their sanctuary city, and that I had personally watched Catholic Charities busing in immigrants for years, most of them Muslim.  However, a Catholic friend convinced me I was attending Mass for Jesus sake, and suggested I ignore my larger social concerns.

So I continued on the path of the independent Christian…there are many of us…feeling betrayed by organized religions but popping into whatever church has an unlocked door to kneel in front of the universal sign of the crucified Christ.

You’ll soon see the great irony is that this story happened to me just days after I’d written about parishioners complaining about a Priest fired for warning students against Islam. Thus begins my story:

I missed Mass so I decided to go check out a historical Catholic church that a Google search told me had Mass at noon. It exuded classical 19th century ambience, and thrust up quintessential spires trying to reach heaven. As I pulled into the parking lot, I wondered if the internet was mistaken on the Mass time. I was ten minutes early; but there were only about five cars. I tugged on all the doors I could find, but they were locked. The day was dark and dreary, and a light rain began to make everything feel surreal.

The main church, which I’ll call Fill-In-The-Name, was connected by a corridor to another building that faced the church. Above that large building it read: “Fill-In-The-Name Parish Center.” As a last resort to find people, I opened the door beneath the sign. I thought it strange it was made of purely heavy solid metal. I walked in and saw a large room filled with about 200 plastic chairs and tables. A shabbily dressed white man sat dozing against the wall.

“Excuse me, I thought Mass was supposed to start at noon, but the church doors all seem to be locked.” I said.

“What are you looking for?” he asked, looking confused. He spoke without an accent and looked like anybody’s grandpa…on a bad day.

Just then a white woman in street clothes came out of nowhere and asked me what I was looking for. She didn’t speak with an accent either, but she too was confused and explained they had nothing to do with “that” – pointing to the main church across the parking lot.

“But that’s crazy; it’s all part of the same building. How could you not know what I’m talking about?” I asked.

Just then, the shabbily dressed man stood up and pronounced to the woman: “Take her to the sister!”

“This way!”

“Oh thank goodness,” I said, “A sister! She can help me.”

“Well,” the man said quietly, “she’s our sister.” At this point I seriously wondered if all three of these people were related. There were no clues about what I was about to find.

After walking down long corridors I was ushered into an office that was filled to the brim with books – all embossed with gold Arabic writing. In the middle of the room sat a dark Muslim woman dressed all in black, with only her face visible. She stood quickly and faced me: “What do you want?”

You could have knocked me over with a feather. “I’m sorry to bother you, but I’m just here for Mass and I must have stumbled into the wrong place. You see, all the church doors were locked.”

She walked quickly towards me and kept asking with a thick accent, “Where did you come from? What door did you come in?” I told her but it wasn’t good enough. “Show me,” she said. She never smiled once. With her demeanor questionable at best, I was becoming very uncomfortable holding a hymn book and a Bible with a cross prominently hanging around my neck. “That door.” I pointed. She then had me follow her to it as quickly as possible. Before I knew it we were outside. I was looking up at the “Fill-In-The-Name Parish Center” sign over the door as she said, “This door is supposed to be locked! We have a school here. We just rent. I don’t know anything about that church, but there’s a man there who can tell you.” She disappeared after pointing to another scruffy looking white man hurrying across the parking lot with a box.

I approached him and said, “Wow. This is all very odd. Is there a Mass here at noon?”

“I think so; there’s one door unlocked to the main church over there…”

“So…am I to understand that the entire large building connected to the Catholic Church is a Muslim school?” I asked. He rolled his eyes and kind of whispered, “Yeah. It sure is.” He confirmed “Fill-In-The-Name” church rented it to them. “It’s all pretty strange,” he said before scurrying away.

I went into “Fill-In-The-Name” church and there were a handful of people sitting in a pew. The inside was gorgeous; the stained glass windows breathtaking. A woman standing at the end of a pew looked annoyed and asked, “Are you here for confession too?” I told her no, I was there for Mass.

“Oh I think they have that in the little room at the top of the stairs,” she said pointing away from the sanctuary.

She appeared to be a middle-class white woman and I asked if she were a parishioner at this church. She was. Still stymied, I asked her if it was true that half the church was rented as a Muslim school. She said it was.

So…I’d come all that way and was going to have mass in a little room far away from the historic sanctuary…but looking out onto an apparently large Muslim school? A school I had mistakenly entered, felt interrogated in, and escorted from in a not-so-friendly manner? No way.

“Forget it. Thank you.” I said and headed for the door.

“Why are you leaving?” the woman shouted irreverently down the holy aisle. “Because of them?” she asked pointing toward the school.

“No; because of Jesus Christ.” I answered.

“He’s over there too!” she yelled, still pointing toward the school.

“No. He’s not.” I retorted. Muslims respect or revere Jesus; but to me he is my Lord and Savior, the son of the living God.

She loudly condemned me:  “Oh you are terrible. You are bad! Those are nice and good people over there!”

“I didn’t say they weren’t,” I answered, “but my faith is not here.”

I contemplated how large that school was. How many Muslims were being educated?

I realized I would never again feel comfortable walking into any Christian church just because it was labeled as such. That large church was but a relic of the past. There wasn’t really anyone there for mass; only a handful of sinners looking to recite their sins. In my memory now they seem like a missing episode of The Twilight Zone…every day the clock strikes noon they are condemned to relive fighting each other to get into the confessional booth.

As for the Muslims, they’d better start collecting more Catholic churches and plastic chairs. After all, they are growing “more than twice as fast as the overall world population.”

Another Day, Another Apology to Muslims

By Susan D. Harris

“Don’t listen to liberals, because the Muslims will cut your heads off.”  That’s the comment that warranted the KRQE headline, “Parents accuse Belen priest of making discriminatory comments against Muslims.”  Apparently no one had a problem with the “don’t listen to liberals” part. Instead, being well trained in political correctness, it was the moment Fr. Jonas Romea, a priest in Belen, New Mexico, told a group of pre-K to eighth grade Catholic kids that there were Muslims terrorists that caused the problem.  Specifically mentioning Muslims cutting “heads off” was when parents became terribly offended on behalf of Islam.  The next thing you know, a reporter at KOAT Action News was asking Fr. Romea if he didn’t think his remarks were “Islamophobia?”  Fr. Romea said that he denied that label, and strengthened his point by saying:  “Recent reports out of the Middle East show that Catholics around the world are under attack.  The news pieces that we get…from there tell us that actually, Christians are being slaughtered.”

KRQE reported that after receiving complaints about Fr. Romea’s remarks (made during a homily to students at Our Lady of Belen Church,) the “Archdiocese of Santa Fe sent out a letter to parents saying the homily didn’t fully embrace the message of Jesus Christ.”

Later, Fr. Romea sparred with KOAT reporter David Carl asking, “Are all people burglars? No, not all people are burglars.  But my next question is, do you lock your doors at night?”

Carl responds, “I do. I do. So are you lumping in Muslims as burglars? Are you making an equivalency there?”  Carl knows better, but with progressively tweaked critical thinking techniques designed to disarm traditional reasoning, Fr. Romea is easily mocked, then easily silenced with a craftily edited interview.  By this time, he has been so intimidated — by someone or some governing body — that he will not even name “that religion that he mentioned” — Islam.

The original story aired March 30th.  By April 12th, Fr. Romea issued what some local people told me they believed to be a “coerced apology” which can be read here; and by April 28th he found himself terminated from the diocese. (This fact was told me by someone who had spoken directly with Fr. Romea himself, and was also present during the April 30th mass where Fr. Romea’s departure was discussed.  There has been no official statement from the diocese.)

Romea’s apology contained the sentence:  “I have come to realize that the Islamic Faith is not to be equated with terrorism and vice-versa.”

Sadly, 84-year-old French Priest Jacques Hamel didn’t get a chance to concur with that statement, having had his throat slit by ISIS militants less than a year ago during a quiet morning Mass.  One has to wonder what kind of internal spiritual struggles these Catholic Christian leaders are suffering as the world keeps forcing them to the ground — symbolically or literally — to grovel toward Mecca.

In New Mexico, the incident took on an overtly political tone when former Senator Michael Sanchez reportedly shone a spotlight on it by Tweeting what happened “wasn’t right” and that he “stands with Muslims.”

Stories of priests being silenced as they try to speak against Islam aren’t new, but aren’t abating either.  Earlier this month, the diocese of Orlando, Florida reprimanded a priest for teaching his students about Muhammed from the writings of Catholic Saint John Bosco.  The story, not surprisingly unearthed by the Huffington Post’s Documenting Hate Project, ended with the Orlando diocese stating “the information provided in the sixth grade class is not consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.”

This past February, The Rev. Peter West, pastor of St. John’s Catholic Church in Orange, NJ made news calling moderate Islam “a myth” and openly supported President Trump’s travel ban, (though its characteristics changed over time.)  A spokesman for that diocese said, “…we are concerned about Father West’s comments and actions, and will be addressing them according to the protocols of the Church.”

Journalist Mark Mueller, writing for, told his readers:

(Father West’s) attacks, while popular with many of his 7,300 Facebook followers from around the country, run counter to the statements and philosophies of his own leader, Newark Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, and his ultimate boss, Pope Francis.

What is really happening in small Catholic diocese across the country, one can only guess; but you can be sure the politically correct thought police are on duty everywhere.

Looking beyond our borders, we see precedents in places like Germany — where a Catholic priest was banned from preaching after speaking at an anti-Islamization protest; and a priest arrested in France for being “too hard” on Islam, and having his website shut down.

It is the greatest irony that while there is no known Catholic priest, nor adherent of Catholicism, that has been charged with beheading a Muslim in modern times, that those who warn against Islam are the targets of censure and ridicule by their own societies.  Instead of shouting “never again” to the ideological/religious perpetrators of such violence, Americans robotically repeat “not every Muslim is an extremist!”  Strangely, this phrase seems to have been beaten into us harder than the sharp edge of every reported “radical Muslim” sword that has slaughtered man, woman and child around the globe.

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Three Who Kept the Communists at Bay in Popular Culture

Three Who Kept the Communists at Bay in Popular Culture
By Susan D. Harris

2/7/1986 President Reagan with William F Buckley in the White House Residence during Private birthday party in honor of President Reagan’s 75th Birthday.

When I was young, there were three people of import who held me spellbound when they spoke:  William F. Buckley Jr., Reverend Billy Graham, and Venerable Bishop Fulton J. Sheen.

Each one of them seemed to hold within themselves a palpable, direct line to God.  Each one taught lessons that left you leaning back in your chair contemplating some great life-changing concept that often evoked an epiphany.  To top things off, each one spoke with such authority, held such charisma, and exuded such a vibrant personality that nary anyone that drew breath could ignore them.

Recently I had occasion to recall Bishop Sheen with my friend Sr. Mary.  Though I grew up Protestant, (and still am), there was always silence in my house when Sheen’s television show, “Life is Worth Living,” came on.  It is estimated his show, which originally ran opposite Milton Berle (then known as Mr. Television” because of his enormous popularity) on Tuesday nights in the 1950’s, drew as many as 10 million viewers.  Later he had another program, “The Fulton Sheen Program.”  (To be clear, I was born well after Sheen’s original shows, and only saw them in reruns which continued on broadcast stations through the 1990’s.  Later they were shown on EWTN, the Global Catholic Network.)

What was particularly striking was that although Sheen’s shows were taped years before, they always seemed applicable to current events.  His subjects were deep and diverse; I can name no one else, for instance, that was talking about Fyodor Dostoyevsky on television in 1956.  Sheen taught his audience thus:

In (Dostoyevsky’s) works he describes Communism that is to come. He describes it…in “Crime and Punishment.”  For one of the characters is Raskolnikov, the individual Communist. Raskolnikov does not believe in a distinction between right and wrong; good and bad.  But he’s interested in the masses.  He’s concerned about the poor.  He wants to build up a social system.  He’s concerned with the proletariat.  And this new social system that loves the masses must be built up; but it in order to build it up…you have to have money.  So he kills an…old woman pawnbroker to get money to establish his Socialistic state.  And he argues, ‘She was vermin anyway.’  You see the system?  You kill one; you aid a thousand of the masses.  That’s simple arithmetic; and that’s Communism.  No concern whatever for the individual person.  All that matters is the Party-state.  The totalitarian structure…and as for individuals wherever they be…let them be wiped out.  All that matters is the regime that professes to love the poor and tramples them.

More than ever in its history, America needs to hear Sheen’s words – and others.

They need to hear Billy Graham’s Crusades like this one where he educated his audience on the Red Guard Revolution in China telling them, “You’ll find a lot of the sayings of Mao Zedong have been taken right out of the Bible and applied to Communism…or to his brand of Communism.” (Reverend Graham is 98 years old; his son Franklin has taken over his ministry).

(Photo Above: Sept. 8, 1963 Billy Graham set the all-time record attendance for the L.A. Coliseum: 134,254)

They need to watch William F. Buckley Jr. as he explains the House Un-American Activities Committee routing out Communists in post-WWII Hollywood:

You can’t just say ‘oops I’m sorry that I was supporting Stalin during the period when he killed 15 million people,’ you’ve got to say ‘I am sorry and I want to prove that I’m sorry by cooperating…and the most concrete way to do that is to show that you are willing to identify…(for instance) the other Ku Klux members, the other members of the Nazi movement, the other members of the Communist party.

The topics these men covered and the lessons they shared are more important to the welfare of America now than when they were originally spoken.  They were all standard-bearers of their time, a time that seems long ago, but is still oh so relevant today.

All three men helped educate a generation and drove back the invading Communist-Socialist-Fascist all-consuming blob that eventually became today’s Democratic Party.

An old George Jones song lamented the loss of so many great country stars.  It was titled, “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes?”  It also seems an appropriate question when remembering these intellectual and spiritual titans…these three men I admire most…a terrestrial trinity of thinkers that kept the barbarians at bay, at least for a while.

(Note: Sheen passed away in 1979; Buckley in 2008)
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Upstate New York students debate exterminating Jews

By Susan D. Harris

Upstate New York students debate exterminating Jews

The New York Education Commissioner defended a local teacher’s assignment asking students to argue in favor of exterminating Jews.  It sounds incomprehensible, but MaryEllen Elia, speaking in Syracuse NY (Onondaga County) this past Thursday morning, did just that.  It seems especially hideous, contemporarily, since that city’s Jewish Community Center has been under lockdown three times this year:  Twice for bomb threats and most recently for a vaguely described “threat of violence.”

The education commissioner was addressing an assignment given by a teacher in neighboring Oswego County this past February.  The teacher, Michael DeNobile, gave the assignment as part of the Oswego County CiTi / BOCES New Vision program.  According to local reporter Julie McMahon, the students were asked to “put themselves in a Nazi leaders’ shoes and argue for or against the “Final Solution” to exterminate Jewish people.”

It seems that only two students were disturbed by this request. Jordan April and Archer Shurtliff (neither are Jewish) are both seniors at Oswego County high schools participating in the New Vision program.  The program allows students to take college-level classes on the SUNY Oswego campus.  April and Shurtliff brought their concerns directly to DeNobile, higher administrators, and even the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).  The two girls’ goal was “to make sure no other student would be asked to argue in favor of killing Jews again.”  They also asked for the New Vision program to retract the assignment completely.  They were unsuccessful.  In exchange for their complaints however, the entire class was given the opportunity to choose their own alternative project.  Only three students took advantage of that, including April and Shurtliff.

Education Commissioner Elia held strong to her support of the assignment, citing critical thinking as the supposed learning tool saying, “I think it’s certainly a question where you want students to think on both sides and analyze … which position a person is taking.”  Student Archer Shurtliff, in a separate interview, stated conversely that, “It’s settled opinion…you can’t say that Jews deserve to die.  It should be a settled thing.”

Dogged local reporter McMahon posted the actual homework assignment on Syracuse’s online news website.  Eerily, it was stamped “Top Secret” in red at the top.  McMahon writes:

The assignment itself notes that the point is “not for you to be sympathetic to the Nazi point of view…Ultimately, this is an exercise on expanding your point of view by going outside your comfort zone and training your brain to logistically find the evidence necessary to prove a point, even if it is existentially and philosophically against what you believe,” the assignment says.

(Ironically, Oswego County is home to “Safe Haven Holocaust Refugee Shelter Museum,” which commemorates America’s only refugee camp for victims of WWII.  In 1944, nearly 1000 refugees were housed in the army barracks there as “guests” of President Roosevelt.  According to previous newspaper reports, approximately 900 of them were Jewish.  Strangely, the words “Jew” and “Jewish” are apparently only mentioned once on the museum’s website.)

ADL Education Director Beth Martinez said the whole thing was “deeply troubling” adding that students should never be given an assignment “that even hints at their [sic] being ‘two sides’ to the ‘Final Solution’ / Holocaust.”  Martinez said she was notified by Roseann Bayne, the assistant superintendent for the CiTi program, that the assignment was still being offered along with an alternative.

Martinez cited Common Core as a catalyst for pushing students to argue from a perspective from which they do not agree.  This sounds rather benign at first glance – until you see an example like this where a student is asked to justify mass murder as part of a learning experience.  One can only hope that such a thing would be outside of most people’s “comfort zone;” and remain there.

The fight is definitely not over for two 17-year-old girls who had the guts to take on a monumental task:  Teaching some seriously misguided adults that “critical thinking” does not mean abandoning all human decency at the schoolhouse door.

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Below: The Wave – Take 45 Minutes to Watch This (give the picture time to clear up. Even if it’s a little fuzzy, it’s worth it.)

Checkmate at Blackburn’s Ford

America’s Civil War magazine, July 2016, contains Susan D. Harris article: “Checkmate at Blackburn’s Ford.”

You can read it here:’s%20Civil%20War%20-%20July%202016.pdf

Check out pages 21 and 36-39

Dodge Unleashes Demons – Literally


By Susan D. Harris

(Exclusive to the Crusader Journal)

After clicking on a Christian video on YouTube, I was shocked when an image of Satan popped onto my screen displaying a split second subliminal image. It had no intention of being subliminal however; it was an advertisement for a car — the 2018 Dodge Demon — and it was terrifying.

Granted, back in the 1970’s, another Dodge Demon automobile gained popularity, complete with little cartoon devil decals which, according to one website, “didn’t sit well with some religious groups, but definitely added to the Demon’s flair.”

In 2017 however, Satan is literally in your face. How fitting that in these “ends of days” — when we see evil openly manifesting itself without apology — that Dodge would put out a slimy, hell-sizzling video tease like this:

Another Dodge Demon promotion titled “Cage” has elements similar to both the CERN operaSymmetry,” as well as the strange satanic opening of the Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland. Indeed, a similar tunnel is used by Dodge to transport a mechanized demon from its underground cage to the streets above to be unleashed on the world. In the next unabashed display of Luciferian pride, the mechanized creature suddenly reveals himself to be Satan himself. Flames abound in all of the Dodge Demon promotional videos.

Even more cryptic is the fact that Dodge launched a microsite for the new car titled “If you know, you know,” which is simultaneously being advanced as a hashtag promotion. One can’t help but think of a similar sounding enigmatic piece of advice: “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”

Dodge is now owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, or FCA. It’s described as “an Italian-controlled Dutch multinational corporation…currently the world’s seventh-largest automaker.” If you visit their website, you will see all of the U.N. Agenda 21 gibberish about being “A World Class Sustainable Plant” and a proclamation that they are one of the “most sustainable automotive companies in the world…contributing daily to the transition to a circular economy.” You’ll also see a ton of greenie talk that outs them as Climate Change, New World Order globalists.

Whether it’s a scientific hadron collider, a transportation tunnel or a new car, Satan seems to be taking center stage as Jesus’ return draws closer. Thanks be to God that our hope lies in the return of our Savior, and not in the hellfire and lies of his adversary.

-End of Article-

Psalm 91King James Version (KJV)

91 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.

He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;

Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.

A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.

Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.

Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation;

10 There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.

11 For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

12 They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.

13 Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.

14 Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.

15 He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him.

16 With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.

My Promise to Daddy

By Susan D. Harris

dad and katey croppedDaddy died in January 2016.  For eight long years he struggled with Alzheimer’s.  My mother and I struggled as well, myself the most.  My mother being too disabled to get up the stairs (due to spinal stenosis) and necessarily sleeping downstairs, I became my father’s primary caregiver.

Ever since I was little, whenever I walked into a room, Daddy would say, “That’s my Susie!”  When the day came when he wondered who I was …well, it hits you right in the gut.  We were lucky in that he remembered who we were much of the time.  But there were so many other things, things no one could prepare you for, drastic personality changes that entailed having food thrown at you, being accused of stealing things, or dangerous things — like when I found he gathered every jackknife he’d ever owned and hid them under his pillow in case he felt threatened by Don Quixote’s windmills.

As time passed, my own room became filled with things I’d confiscated from my father’s bedroom — Pepto Bismol, Lysol disinfectant, deodorant, and other things he would liberally apply anywhere on his body.  I’d seen him through his cataract surgery, two hernia operations, and cellulitis that led to bloody infections on his legs…and ailments I can’t even remember now.

My father developed lung disease and was on oxygen.  He didn’t like it and I would often find his oxygen cord tied in large knots under his bed — knots he learned in Sea Scouts and the Navy.  On two occasions he took a knife I’d given him for supper and cut his oxygen cord into tiny pieces.  In short, every moment of my life became as exasperating as his.

I lost my job in 2012.  It was a blessing in disguise as I realized my parents, my father especially, needed 24/7 care.  At first I cashed in my entire 401k to support us, but that eventually ran out.  My father’s greatest fear was being placed in a nursing home, and since he had not been forward-looking with his finances, he would necessarily be at the mercy of the cheapest nursing home available. (After my father’s lifelong career as a tool and die maker, my parents suffered unexpected financial crises in the ‘90’s and never recovered.)

We survived with WWII VA caregiver benefits — something I discovered my father qualified for when he became housebound.   Those proud stories of starting out in the Navy as an arterial gunnery instructor on North Island at the end of WWII had finally served him properly.  Sadly, by the time the benefits came through, my father was too far gone to understand that his Navy service was helping us survive, decades after he’d been honorably discharged.  He would have been proud.

He got to stay home almost until the last when, for reasons I’ll never know, he simply fell out of bed twice.  The first time I was able to yank his long, strong, 6 ft. body back into bed.  He was up and walking again in no time.  The second fall was impossible.  He pleaded with me not to call an ambulance, but I told him I had no choice.  Off he went to the hospital…to rehab…back to the hospital…and ultimately left alone for long periods of time in an understaffed hospital to deteriorate.  I was there every day, but couldn’t be there every minute.  A month passed.

Some days he was lucid and we would talk: “Dad, we never understood why you’ve had the entire soundtrack to Carmen since you were young.  Did someone introduce you to the music?”

“No, I just heard it and liked it and bought the albums.”  After all those years, the mystery was solved with a simple answer.

I’d had one call that he was fading and I should come to the hospital ASAP.  When I got there he was in ICU, on a BiPAP machine for pneumonia.  His eyes were alert and he looked at me and squeezed my hand hard as if to say, “It’s okay, I’m still here.”

The last call came late one night just after I’d left the hospital.  My tire pressure was low and I’d stopped at 4 air pumps – all of which were surreally broken.  The fifth one was working when my cell phone rang.   “Your father’s vitals are falling, the team is in the room, and you’d better come quickly.” There was no time to get mom.

I drove carefully because Dad would want me too.  “There’s never anything so important it’s worth dying in a crash for, always remember to take your time;” he’d taught me that when I was 16.  When I got there the attending resident was blathering about vital signs until I interrupted, “Is he gone?!”  “Yes, he’s gone,” she said.  I pushed passed her and pulled back the curtain.  Tubes were disconnected and he lay there looking calm and peaceful.  The nurses had tucked his large stuffed Snoopy in bed next to him — I suppose they thought it would be cute, but to me it was a horrific scene as if even Snoopy had died.

I took his hand and squeezed, but this time he didn’t squeeze back.  I shook him, called to him, and checked his pulses.  I kissed his forehead and told him I loved him and it wouldn’t be long until mom and I were with him.  I took the Bible and read Psalm 23.  The resident on duty said there were no clergy on hand and would I like her to say a Christian prayer?  She did.

I was given his little bag of toys – Daddy loved toys all his life and made many himself. It was a lifelong point of pride that he boasted he was born the same year as Mickey Mouse.  I took his Snoopy, and various other belongings — everything that mattered squashed into a little plastic bag.

There was no one outside the hospital in the pitch dark, cold night. My knees were wobbly and I vomited walking down the sidewalk.  For the first time in my life, I wished someone would rush over and ask, “Ma’am, are you okay? Can I help you?”  There was nothing but a silent brisk wind.

The Navy came and played taps at his funeral and presented my mother with the flag.  We couldn’t afford a gravestone, but someday I hope to have one large enough for mom’s name too…when that sad day comes.

My parents were married 62 years.  My mother has lost her one true love and her best friend; but in a way she’d lost him years before.

In one of my father’s last lucid moments he told me, “You’ve done all you could for me and I appreciate it.  You do what you have to do from now on.  Just make sure you take care of Mama (my mother).  She’s gonna need a lot of looking after when I’m gone.  If you take care of that Mama, you’ll know you’ve done right by me.”

When Daddy died the VA Caregiver money stopped immediately.  I applied for VA Widow’s pension and Aid & Assistance help for mom.  She now needs 24/7 assistance herself, and being sharp as a tack to boot, I won’t be putting her in a nursing home either.

I was initially told the wait wouldn’t be so long — the average wait was three months.  Then I called the VA national hotline and was told that widow benefits filed in February wouldn’t be processed until at least December.  (There is a belief among some that they wait for the elderly to die so they don’t have to pay the benefits.  I wonder.)  We only have Daddy’s social security check, so until the VA funds come through, we struggle to keep the lights on and get food at the Food Bank.  The cable TV will have to go, my mother’s only amusement and distraction.

As for Daddy, it was indeed the long goodbye; I know it was time for him to go, but that didn’t make it any easier.  The Alzheimer’s Association having a webpage with “reading resources” that tell caregiver’s to “make time for yourselves” doesn’t even touch the tip of the iceberg.

I know there are so many other veterans suffering too, along with their children or spouses.  I think of the maimed in battle; I think of their caregivers.  Caregivers who, like me, sacrifice everything they have — even going through bankruptcy just as I did — to save my home where I could care for my loved ones.  Here they were safe with their gardens, their beloved dog, and home-cooked meals they knew and thrived on.

I would have liked Daddy to die at home in his own bed, instead of surrounded by strangers in a cold, sterile environment.  Everyone deserves to stay home if they can.  I think of all the other veterans, languishing in hospitals, nursing homes and hospice care across the country.

What becomes of a country with a Veterans Administration that takes a year, often longer, to process claims while people suffer and die?  It shouldn’t be this way.

This is Daddy’s first Father’s Day in heaven with his true Heavenly Father — and it’s a far, far better place he’s gone than the world I’m seeing around me today.  I only hope I can keep my promise to Daddy to take care of Mom to the end, like I was able to do for him.

May God Bless all father’s this Father’s Day, and all caregivers who give so much.

Susan D. Harris can be reached at . She is currently published in the July issue of America’s Civil War.

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It’s the Little Things: Remembering Western Civilization

Felix Mendelssohn

Felix Mendelssohn

By Susan D. Harris

Classical music is a pinnacle of Western Civilization that always evokes in me a feeling of prideful human achievement. Now, however, seeing Western Civilization seeming to scramble in disarray, I sometimes feel a bit mournful when I listen to the great composers. As ISIS tries to drag us into the dark days of bloody beheadings and Jihad, and the globalists push us toward a social justice that would have us all grubbing in the Ganges equally, I struggle to hold onto the beautiful things that used to define us.

Mendelssohn is a classical composer that lifts me to another realm; a kind of escapism resulting from the composer’s passion and the symbiotic relationship it forms with my cerebral ear.

Recently, however, while listening to the Hebrides Overture (Fingal’s Cave) I rejected the mournful contemplation of our current cultural demise and mused instead on those small, seemingly inconsequential moments that affected Western advancement.

Closing my eyes, I could see Vincent Van Gogh’s hand as it made circular swirling motions while composing The Starry Night.

I could hear Ludwig van Beethoven working out the beginning strains of Fur Elise; defiantly creating though nearly deaf.

I watched as Albert Einstein had the “happiest thought” of his life while sitting in a patent office in Bern, Switzerland; pondering how a falling person would feel weightless…and setting his mind to unraveling the profound force of gravity.

I could see Coney Island in 1904, as 90,000 visitors per day filed into Luna Park, anxiously anticipating how the world would change after seeing the “Electric Eden” illuminated by a million incandescent light bulbs.

In a blur of sunlight, I could see John Keats sitting under a plum tree in the spring of 1819, hearing the song from the nightingale’s nest above him, moving him to set pen to paper.

Over in Stratford-upon-Avon, I could see Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, touring Shakespeare’s home together and forming a bond that, though tested, would last a lifetime and help forge a country.

Farther back in time, the Roman Emperor Constantine stands with mouth agape as he sees a cross of light in the heavens; changing the course of Christendom.

Johannes Gutenberg is slapping his hand on an old wooden table in a “by golly I’m gonna do it” moment, deciding to use his mechanical moveable type creation to print the Bible.

There was Michelangelo in 1512, sighing with exhausted arms, as he made has last brushstrokes for The Creation of Adam in the Sistine Chapel.

Farther on in my journey I saw Martin Luther looking for a nail to hammer his 95 Theses to the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg.

Alas, the music did not last any longer than to accommodate those few thoughts.

The music stops and I am back in a harsh reality…I see anarchy on the roads, crime in our streets, drugged and drunken masses. I see foul-mouthed, vulgar acting young adults who have no larger concept of where they came from, and an even smaller one of where they’re going. Indeed they mistakenly think Western Civilization, America in particular, is waiting breathlessly to embrace their falsely fresh concepts of failed Utopias. They believe everything that came before them was a terrible mistake; it’s up to them to expose and destroy the hypocrisy of Democrat ideals, Capitalism, and Judeo-Christian morality.

It makes one wonder how so many people can be so easily misguided. It’s like riding 50 miles on a horse and then being persuaded to shoot him because it’s better to walk.

As far back as 1997, an experimental audience was asked to listen to a musical piece and concluded it was written by J.S. Bach when in reality it had been composed by a computer. A computer program called EMI (Experiments in Musical Technology) had the “ability to scan pieces by famous composers, automatically distill some of their essence and then churn out imitations of the work.” Today, artificial neural networks (imitating how the brain works) and algorithms can generate their own music – creating new compositions or predicting the outcome of an existing one based on minimal input. That’s right; you no longer need Beethoven to create Ode to Joy.

Along the same lines, you don’t need Van Gogh or Rembrandt anymore either. ING, Microsoft, and several other businesses recently debuted a new Rembrandt painting created by an AI (Artificial Intelligence) while recreating brush strokes using a 3D printer.

Will neural networks and algorithms be able to analyze Einstein’s theories and progress to a new discovery that he himself could have made had his mortal coil not disintegrated at 75? Will AI be able to create a new Shakespeare sonnet that the bard himself would be proud of?

It is Western civilization that has advanced the world, and continues to do so – so why are we disintegrating culturally? Can we not advance our spirit; our souls? Could it be that the indomitable human spirit that has been the cornerstone of Western Civilization has rendered itself obsolete due to its own advances?

If so, the teeming masses must be cared for as wards of the state as they willingly give up original thought and creativity. As they do so, it becomes easier for them to dismiss cultural achievements of the past, as well as the impetus for those achievements. Once artificial intelligence takes over our smartphones, will our creativity and comprehension continue to fall as we ourselves become robots; simple vessels for thumb-punched data in/data out?

Will we not beg the government to care for us as we lose the ability to think independently? Could that be the goal?

One has to wonder, being so advanced, why we can’t load America’s founding documents into an artificial neural network and project the outcome and evolution of their ideals. By the same token, could we not load data from Socialist, Communist, or Fascist countries and predict the outcome for similar emerging states?

Better yet, maybe some artificial intelligence could tell us why predominantly Muslim countries and areas governed by Sharia law are perpetually truculent, misogynistic, dangerous hell-holes.

If we’re so damn smart that we can outwit Beethoven and Rembrandt, why can’t we convince our increasingly dumb-downed, brainwashed populace that we need to preserve Western civilization and not embrace and accept cultures that not only refuse to assimilate, but are intent on destroying us?

We’ve battled our way through the World Wars; but nothing can compare to thousands of years of man’s inhumanity to man and the ongoing parade of suffering and slaughter in the east.

Why then, when we’ve reached our greatest peak of academic, technological, scientific and economic prosperity, must we commit suicide to honor a globalist agenda and be forced to absorb cultures that have done nothing but salivate for the death of the west?

Originally published on American Thinker:

I Changed My Mind – I Support Abe Snake for President!


Russia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, and Germany: What’s wrong with this picture?

europe 1939

By Susan D. Harris

How ironic is it that Austria and Germany – countries that saw a mass exodus of Jewish refugees in the 20th Century – are now the largest importers of Muslim refugees in the 21st?

Importers” seems a proper word, as German Chancellor Angela Merkel seems to have summoned her immigrants from a distance – not unlike Dracula willing his victims from their beds to the garden. In so doing, she instigated an immigration emergency in Europe; then arrogantly scolded other EU countries who didn’t immediately march in lockstep with her dream (or nightmare) of an Islamic Europe.

Unlike the Jewish refugees from pre-WWII Europe, who by and large lived peacefully and prosperously in any region they settled, it is well-known that Islamic followers do not assimilate well. As Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal pointed out earlier this year:

The huge issue with non-assimilation is the fact that people want to come to our country but not adopt our values – in some cases, not adopt our language, in some cases, want to set apart their own enclaves and continue to hold on to their own values. I think it is dangerous in America and it’s dangerous in Europe.”

So Europe, led by Germany, capitulates to Islam and helps President Obama orchestrate the fall of Western civilization. (President Obama began the Arab Spring with a speech in Cairo and never looked back, pulling our troops out of Iraq and eventually supplying the radical Islamic group ISIS with modern, heavy-grade, American weapons.)

Many Americans didn’t even realize there was an immigration problem until they started asking, “Why are the trains stopped in Budapest? And, “Should we care?”

Across the line they poured from Serbia into Hungary…thousands of people labeled refugees or migrants…with Serbia begging Hungry not to draw a line in the sand because virtually none of the immigrants passing through want to stay in Serbia.

Serbia, Hungary, Austria, and Germany: What’s wrong with this picture? History shows us that it never bodes well with the world when grave crises arise in those areas.

And let’s not forget about Russia – who, similar to her actions prior to WWII, keeps making secret alliances while the world is busy putting out other fires. Russia has warships sailing the English Channeldocking in Iran for naval training, and unapologetically has arms and advisors on the ground in Syria. Meanwhile, seemingly ages ago in the 24-hour news cycle, President Putin invaded the Crimea with the same nationalist excuses Hitler used for going into the Sudetenland and Danzig. Hitler was emboldened by a weak Western leader named Chamberlain; Putin by a weak Western leader named Obama.

Russia is also carrying on a very talked about affair with China, developing “a very intimate and very close political, economic and cultural relationship, and a certain degree of cooperation in the field of security.” No alliances they say, just a few harmless glasses of champagne, comparison of sanctions, and sharing of Hillary Clinton’s emails between friends. How could that possibly impact the U.S.?

Italy started crying ‘uncle’ over the immigrant crisis earlier this year. The Italian government has been doing battle with their own local towns and regions that are refusing to take immigrants. Three months ago, those big-hearted countries of Austria, France and Switzerland were spitting asylum seekers right back onto Italian soil. Italian Prime Minister Renzi told everyone the unfolding crisis “should not be underestimated” – but nobody listened.

Over in Turkey, they’re having dreams of the old Ottoman Empire: President Erdogan “has allied the country not only with the conservative Sunni Muslims of Saudi Arabia, but with the Muslim Brotherhood regime of former President Morsi in Egypt, and with the Sunni militant Palestinian group Hamas.” – The Daily Mail

Every time the world blinks, Turkey kills some more Kurds, showing Ankara still festers with a passionate hatred akin to the old “Armenian problem.”

At the same time back in Germany…always back in Germany…there is talk of a “Fourth Reich.” Spiegel online, exploring rumors of Germany accumulating too much power in the eurozone, explained:

But further reflection on the word “Reich,” or empire, may not be entirely out of place. The term refers to a dominion, with a central power exerting control over many different peoples. According to this definition, would it be wrong to speak of a German Reich in the economic realm?”

But now this German democracy, interwoven with national-socialism, is wielding power beyond its monetary domination, dragging Europe into a potentially devastating cultural and humanitarian crisis. The potential for widespread terrorism hasn’t even been assessed yet.

And what of America?

Many Americans are scratching their heads at pro-immigration rallies in Germany, Austria, and Hungary. In Germany, if you’re opposed to mass immigration of questionable foreigners, you’re either a xenophobe or a neo-Nazi. There is no in between. As for the rest of Europe, they embrace the idea that they are global citizens.

Regular Americans in the fly-over states haven’t yet been brainwashed, like Europe has, with the United Nation’s Global Citizen worldview.

A perfect day for a global citizen means having dinner at the new Bhutanese restaurant with your Japanese friends; buying a fashionable sari to wear to theBlack European Women’s Council dinner; and stopping at the Unitarian church to light a candle for the people of Myanmar. You pat yourself on the back at the end of the day for living and loving diversity.

You’re thinking of hosting an immigrant family; even the Pope thinks you’re cool. It puffs you all up inside, and eventually the headiness of being a global citizen pushes all those silly ideas of national sovereignty, individuality, and cultural pride right out of your mind.

You are one with the universe; and the world shines a little brighter because of your open-mindedness. Socialism sounds more like what you do on Facebook; Capitalism is so yesterday.

These are the people cheering the influx of immigrants in Europe. They believe they are better and smarter than those God-obsessed, gun-loving Americans.

Unfortunately they are here in America too; it’s just that not everyone’s on board yet. We’ll see more and more pro-immigration rallies; and though they will be the minority, their voice will be loud.

Twenty-seven Iraqi Christian asylum seekers are being held by ICE at a San Diego detention facility; but we’ll be opening the floodgates to Middle East Muslims quicker than you can say Allahu Akbar.

At least liberals won’t have to waste their time with anti-war protests; like ancient Troy, most countries will have to go no further than their own cities to meet the enemy.

America lacks integrity, her militarily is weak, and her morals have disintegrated like a moth-eaten wool sweater. We’re in no shape to fight, or win, a war. And with no Winston Churchill to ride to the rescue, neither is Europe.

It’s important to remember how many times Churchill was scorned for his warnings before the bombs started dropping. Prime Minister Netanyahu has repeatedly sounded similar alarms. But in the 21st Century, with America backing a nuclearIran who is itching to wipe Israel off the map, there may not be too many chances to say, “That guy was right! Get him back here!”


For God or Country? Imprisoning Christians in America


By Susan D. Harris

This is what America has been reduced to by those who hate her:  A woman crying on a witness stand defending her religious conviction that marriage is between one man and one woman.

This happened largely because so many Christians were cajoled by family members and friends to believe the lie that homosexual “love” surpasses the dark realities of sin.

Kim Davis knows better. The Kentucky county clerk who defied a federal court order to issue licenses to gay couples knows that someday she will stand in judgment before God. She knows that as a person with authority, she will have to give account to God as to why her name is written on pieces of paper condoning an act the Bible calls, “an abomination.” So she chose to obey God’s authority over man’s authority.

As a Christian who has accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior, she knows her name is in the Book of Life:

“He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.” Revelation 3:5

Names are important. The apostle John tells us:

“But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep. To him the porter openeth; and the sheep hear his voice: and he calleth his own sheep by name, and leadeth them out.” John 10:2-3

In a culture we seem to have lost, a man’s name held greater importance in society; being more attached to his actions, his words, and his character.

During the Renaissance, denigrating a man’s name was occasion for a duel.

The Classical German writer Goethe wrote:

“A man’s name is not like a mantle, which merely hangs about him, and which one perchance may safely twitch and pull; but a perfectly fitting garment, which like the skin has grown over and over him, at which one cannot rake and scrape without injuring the man himself.”

Socrates advised:  “Regard your good name as the richest jewel you can possibly be possessed of…”

Kim Davis wants to protect her name not only on earth, but in Heaven too.

In a spectacle that easily rivaled the persecution that drove America’s founders to wild, untamed shores, Kim Davis was jailed by our government for refusing to usurp God’s authority.

Discussing this cruel and unjust action ordered by U.S. District Judge David L. Bunning, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly posed a question to Senator Ted Cruz:

“One of the most persuasive arguments (Kim Davis’) detractors have is that she was apparently offered…the chance to just have her deputies (issue marriage licenses to gay couples)…She wouldn’t have to do it. Now it would be under her authority, she would have to allow them, and the deputies were prepared to do it…and she said no to that…So what are same sex couples supposed to do if you’ve got the head clerk saying ‘no one can do it because of my religious beliefs?’”

Cruz answered in part, “…Number one her name would be on it regardless; and she’s saying it’s inconsistent with her faith to put her name to it, to being part of it…”

(He went on to describe the recent Supreme Court decision on gay marriage as “fundamentally illegitimate” and urged everyone to read Chief Justice Scalia’s powerful dissent on the ruling.)

In the book of Hebrews we find that everyone in authority will have to give account to God for those that followed their orders:

“Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account…”Hebrews 13:17

In refusing to allow gay marriage licenses to be granted, Davis was following God’s word as well as guarding the souls of those who served under her.

To those who argue that Davis herself was not obeying those who rule over her, I offer Senator Cruz’s sagacious remarks:

“The consequence of that…standard is that Christians can’t hold public office; or if they do they must be willing to violate their faith or go to jail. That is not America; that is not how this country works…As Justice Scalia said, it’s not the job of five unelected lawyers to be the rulers of 320 million Americans, and to claim, illegitimately, the authority to strike down the marriage laws of all 50 states. That is lawless.”

The old Latin phrase, “Pro Aris et Focis,” or “For God and country,” has now become the soul-searching question: “For God or country?”

Karl Marx said, “The profane existence of error is compromised as soon as its heavenly oratio “pro aris et focis”… has been refuted.”

Summarizing the German philosophical critique of religion in 1843, Marx began his “Introduction” with the following observation:

“For Germany, the criticism of religion has been essentially completed, and the criticism of religion is the prerequisite of all criticism.”

Today, as Kim Davis sits in prison for protecting her name in the Book of Life, we can now say that, “For (America), the criticism of religion has been essentially completed.” The prerequisite has been fulfilled.

What is the next step? According to Marx, once religion (or the “opiate of the people”) is painfully peeled away, “the truth of this world” will be established.

There’s just one problem with that “truth” scenario. There really is a God who will call us all to account. In short, both Karl Marx – and Kim Davis mockers – can be refuted with a phrase from Col. Jessup in the movie, A Few Good Men: “You can’t handle the truth!”

Published in Renew America

graphics-music-notes-514150The Old Rugged Cross – George Beverly Shea – BILLY GRAHAM CRUSADE – MADISON SQUARE GARDEN. 1957graphics-music-notes-514150


So Let Me Get This Straight: Hackers vs. Cheaters


By Susan D. Harris

Welcome to the first installment of my new column — “So Let Me Get This Straight” — a  short and sweet commentary on any given current event…to be interspersed between more “serious” articles. 

Worse than finding out that Canadian-based, extra-marital cheating website Ashley Madison had been hacked, was learning that nearly 40 million people had registered — and paid — to engage in clandestine, adulterous, sexual hook-ups.

This really brings one to a “What Would Jesus Do?” moment; while simultaneously striking a pose of Rodin’s Le Penseur.

It’s a disgusting day for Western democracy when courts are put in the position of defending immoral activity by going after the illegal hackers that exposed it. (By the way, that’s the same immoral activity that many U.S. state courts consider legal grounds for a “fault divorce.”) But then again, after the “shining city on a hill” was lit up like a rainbow to celebrate the abomination of “a man lying with a man as with a woman,” we should have assumed traditional Western values were all headed for the same toilet.

Forty million people:  Women looking for women, men looking for men, many posting their limits as “anything goes.” Beat me, tar and feather me, nail me to the wall…but please give me an orgasm…some way…any way. God help us.

Adding to the allure of the website was the “ooh I’m doing something bad in secret” factor. You know — those people who derive extra satisfaction from the fact that they’re doing something wrong in the eyes of society. The people who have no comprehension of an omnipotent God who doesn’t need a computer to track their IP address, or a cookie to compile their browsing history. That nasty old God who saw them naked and afraid when they came from their mother’s womb; and will still see them naked and afraid the moment before they pass from this mortal life.

The very same God who, without his original objection, no one would be able to have the satisfaction of that extra titillation of “doing wrong” to begin with.

Ironic isn’t it?

Going after the hackers-who-went-after-the-adulterers reminds me of the story of a Wyoming woman who was charged with robbing her neighbors after she found out they were hoarding a nice stash from an armed robbery they’d previously committed.

While Sir Walter Scott’s famous quote from Marmion is unquestionably most aptly applied to the life and times of Bill and Hillary Clinton; it begs quoting in light of the Ashley Madison “scandal-within-a-scandal”:

“O, what a tangled web we weave,

When first we practise to deceive!”

Appearing on and Renew America

Preterists in Sheep’s Clothing: The Growing Plague of End Times Deception


By Susan D. Harris

“If you want to find out if someone understands Scripture correctly, ask them if they think Israel has a right to the land.”

In the 1980’s, when Hal Lindsey’s book, “The Late Great Planet Earth” was still popular, I was busy with high school and college. Frankly I wasn’t giving much thought to Bible prophecy. It was always in the back of my mind however – in a file marked “for future reference.”

And I believed I had all the time in the world. Most Bible prophecy was yet to be fulfilled:  The coming of the Antichrist (who I believed would be a real person), the mark of the beast, the Gog and Magog war, and the armies that would surround Jerusalem – the burdensome stone.

As editor of the college newspaper, I covered Gorbachev’s reforms in the Soviet Union — Perestroika and Glasnost. The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty was paving the way for the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty; “mutually assured destruction” would march into the history books.

I watched as the Berlin wall came down. I remember thinking, “Certainly Bible prophecy is a long way from being fulfilled. The Soviets are our friends; Communism is collapsing!” The world was destined for peace.

I had read the Bible as Holy book. I believed that my interpretation of its teaching and prophecy were revealed to me with divine guidance. Now there is a doctrine gaining steam in the churches, however, which wants to convince me that the divine guidance I’d experienced was all a lie.

Not too many years ago, I hadn’t ever heard of the terms “dispensationalist” or “futurist.” If anyone had mentioned “eschatology,” I would have thought it was a French word for the study of snails. And I most definitely had never heard of “Replacement Theology” or “Preterism” — the idea that all Bible prophecies that I expected to be fulfilled in the future — had already been fulfilled with the Siege of Jerusalem and the destruction of its temple in 70 A.D.

Not until I was faced with a Preterist that held these beliefs did I even know they existed. Worse yet, this Preterist was starting a Christian organization in my area and revealed to me that his secret goal was to convince Christians that their Futurist, Dispensationalist, end-times ideas were a manufactured lie. (He is currently working to spread his organization to 300 U.S. cities).

This man revealed to me that he was bitter that his late father had been “brainwashed” by “false teachers” like Hal Lindsey and Pat Robertson. His poor father had died, he said, waiting for a Savior that never came.  It sounded more like it wasn’t the father who had become disillusioned with his own beliefs; but his son – a son who turned to Preterism.

To hide the truth of his own bitterness, this Preterist blamed Futurist interpretations of Bible prophecy for every ill that befell America. He wrote:

“Modern American teachings on “the end times” are, in my perspective, half of the reason we have the apathy and complacency we do in the Church, and it will definitely be one of my objectives to challenge and confront what I consider to be false teachings through this ministry (in time).”

He said “in time” because he lures his followers by making them think he believes as they do, and intends to deceive them with the false doctrine of Preterism after he gains their trust.

The “apathy and complacency” he refers to apparently stem from Christians “sitting back and waiting for Jesus.” Only later would I learn that this is one of the main Preterist denunciations of Futurists (or Dispensationalists): Christians don’t become engaged in bettering the culture because Jesus is coming back soon — so they choose to sit on their hands.

Eventually I also learned that Preterists don’t support Israel because they do not see the Jews as God’s chosen people.  In fact, they say God has been done with the Jewish people since the First Century A.D. because they rejected Christ. Consequently, Israel has no place in God’s future plan. It might  sound inconsequential until you realize there is a strong undercurrent of anti-Semitism at the core of this belief; and its modern manifestation has some serious implications for our present day foreign policy…a foreign policy that increasingly contradicts the very basis of America’s historical support for Israel.

One pastor put it succinctly when he said, “If you want to find out if someone understands Scripture correctly, ask them if they think Israel has a right to the land.”

Recently I had a lengthy phone call from someone who I thought shared my “Futurist” beliefs. A friend as well as an editor, he wanted me to remove references to “end times scripture” in an article I’d written. Why? Because it had already been fulfilled in 70 A.D. I nearly fell over.

“If you read it in context…” he kept saying. I kept thinking, “There is so much more to my faith than reading something in context.” My faith, my relationship with God and the communication that passes between us is so much bigger than “in context.”

I don’t care to debate a Preterist on specific Bible verses. How can you debate a self-professed Christian who is willfully blind to the awesomeness of God’s predictions being fulfilled in news headlines daily?

(Those debates are perhaps better left to people like New York Times bestselling author Joel Richardson who tackles Preterism head-on in his latest book, “When a Jew Rules the World.”)

Instead, my intention is to alert Christians that Preterism is spreading like wildfire, and it’s threatening an already dwindling amount of people who identify as Christians in America. It’s threatening because it destroys the exhortation to Christians to be “watchmen on the wall.” When you eliminate the watchmen, it becomes a salvation issue. The book of Ezekiel tells us:

“But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take [any] person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.”

Preterism, by its very nature, stifles Christians’ ability to warn people of what is coming upon the earth.

If, as the Preterist believes, the Antichrist was the Roman emperor Titus, there’s no sense in warning people about the beast (who will derive his power and authority from Satan) who is yet to come.

It follows that if there is no beast yet to come, there is no reason to dissuade people from receiving the “mark of the beast” – an act the Bible tells us will incur the wrath of God.

This brings us back to Preterism being a salvation issue and the fact that meddling with human’s salvation is the primary skill listed on Satan’s resume. Surely this doctrine is part of the great deception, a time when 2 Timothy tells us that people will “not endure sound doctrine,” and will “turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”

It’s hard to believe that people can be convinced that all prophecies were fulfilled by 70 A.D., especially when you consider that miraculous day in May, 1948 when Israel became a nation in one day.

As I look back at events that have shaped the world since the 1980’s, I am shocked at how drastically the world has changed; how many things have fallen into place to fulfill Bible prophecies that were unthinkable a few short years ago.

As a Christian, I believe these things have been revealed to me by the Holy Spirit…just as they have been to millions of Christians – Christians who don’t need to be lectured to read the Bible “in context;” – Christians who have a higher authority than man assisting them in Bible interpretation. God is revealing his plan not only through his Word, but also through a higher frequency – discernment on the spiritual plane…the Comforter who was sent to teach us all things.

Be vigilant. Preterists are often secretive, hiding their beliefs, seeming to graze among congregations like wolves in sheep’s clothing. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask someone if they are a Preterist. The easiest thing might be to ask, “Do you think Israel has a right to the land?” The answer to that one crucial question reveals all you need to know about a person’s theology.

Published on RenewAmerica.

A MUST READ (click the title below to open the article):

Preterism: The Marxist’s Favorite Theological Tool by Joel Richardson


By Joel Richardson: “History shows that Marxist regimes have always made efforts to crush Christian movements. This was primarily due to the fact that the Biblical-messianic-utopian hopes of the Christian faith were in conflict with the Marxist-humanist-utopian vision. Marxism is not so much threatened by what Christians believe about Jesus dying on the cross for their sins, but rather what they believe with regard to the future eschatological messianic expectations.

This time around however, the Marxists are trying an entirely new tactic. They are infiltrating the Churches. And by altering a few key eschatological doctrines, they believe that they can reconcile Christianity with Marxism. Why the need to eradicate Christians when they can just as easily be converted and utilized as useful idiots for the Marxist cause? It’s far less bloody after all.

But in order for the Marxist conversion to take place, Christians must first abandon their traditional messianic hopes through the corrosive doctrine of Preterism.”



(Keep in mind “end-times” believers consist of pre-Trib believers, Mid-Trib believers, and Post-Trib believers. Everybody…)

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Is Illuminati obsession overshadowing Jesus Christ?

Jesus vs. the Illuminati

By Susan D. Harris

Conspiracies exist. Ever since the serpent started chatting up Eve in the Garden of Eden, evil people have been conspiring against someone, somewhere. Evidence the fact that the word “conspired” appears 19 times in the King James Bible. It’s a fact of life; it’s human nature.

More powerful in man’s consciousness than conspiracies against the individual, are conspiracies against principalities and nations; those ancient conflicts that originated when the first boundary lines were drawn.

Later, in the 19th and 20th centuries, we saw ideologies such as Socialism, Communism and Fascism emerge as political conspiracies against nations.

The Christian belief system teaches that all evil perpetrated by mankind is initiated by the fallen angel known as Lucifer. The Apostle Paul called Satan the “god of this world” in 2 Corinthians. He said that if the gospel is hidden, it’s hidden from those who Satan has blinded, “lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.”

So we know that there are people walking amongst us who Satan actively works to control; whom he blinds to the truth of Jesus Christ. On any given day, it’s probably the person to the left of you, the person to the right of you…maybe it’s you.

With the advent of the internet, millions of people have been educated on the idea of an “Illuminati” – an evil force of men who maniacally manipulate global events. Disturbingly, revealing the existence of an “Illuminati” has turned into a cult-like obsession with many of these folks; so much so that many people “studying” the Illuminati are more familiar with that subject than they are with the Bible. It’s also lucrative – there are thousands of books, websites, movies and YouTube videos catering to an unhealthy, increasing hunger to learn more about this shadowy cabal.

There are many atheists and agnostics involved in the Illuminati obsession. Many of those are simply drawn to Illuminati theories that are, at their core, anti-Semitic. Those new to Illuminati beliefs might say, like Hitler did in Mein Kampf, “I was not in agreement with the sharp anti-Semitic tone, but from time to time, I read arguments which gave me some food for thought.”

If you are going to be an Illuminati-obsessed Christian, you should realize that you are walking arm-in-arm with people who passionately hate the Jewish people. You can’t carve out your own definition of “Illuminati” and ignore that its seed sprouted from Jewish hatred. An even greater consideration is that the Illuminati obsession is actually part of Satan’s’ plan to increase Jewish hatred around the world.

Another branch of Illuminati believers concentrate on the Free Masons. They will “prove” to you that America was conceived in Masonic influence and is therefore evil. So you can scratch off any admiration you may have had for the founding fathers, your ancestors…even your parents for that matter. The Masonic-focused Illuminati belief holds that America was founded by Satanists, not God. Millions of good, decent, God-fearing Americans who have come and gone throughout her history were, apparently, dust in the wind.

By the time the Illuminati obsession is complete in a person – he realizes he has no say in his own country, so there is no reason to vote. He realizes America was founded on evil and should be destroyed. He realizes that Jews are the root of evil in the world. Those negative thoughts hardly sound inspired by the empowering Word of a God who conquered the grave. Indeed, the Illuminati obsession sounds more like a page ripped from the Progressive playbook; a massive brainwashing to convince people that free will and individual liberty have never, and will never, exist. In short, all is for naught. (Is life worth living at this point?)

The Apostle John said “And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.” So why beat people over the head to tell them there are dark forces at work? We’ve known that for thousands of years.

I get the fact that Satan is in high-gear, ripping down every good and decent thing that America ever established. So I shouldn’t be surprised – though I constantly am – that our president seems to be seeking our global demise – and that the people around me are blinded to basic moral concepts of good and bad, right and wrong.

When I see a preacher on YouTube ranting that God is using a Triple Crown horse race to tell us that we have an “American Pharaoh” in power; I’m highly suspect. I already knew we had a self-appointed pharaoh in power. I didn’t need a horse race to tell me that. I don’t need to be informed that the horse jockey said the number “12” three times – that that adds up to “36” and that translates to three “6’s” – the mark of the beast! (Then consider that the Triple Crown race occurred on 6/6/15 – which adds up to 666. Kinda. Before you know it, Christians start to sound like the people in line for lotto, playing the serial numbers from their lucky dollar bills.)

I know we are surrounded by imagery and actions inspired by Satan; I only have to look out my window to see it. Joyously, I also see signs from God.

One of the first things God told us in the Bible was that the moon, the sun and the stars would be used for signs. Luke spoke of the end times, telling us: “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring…”

There are many signs coming from God right now: blood moon eclipses, planet conjunctions, distress of nations, waves roaring, earthquakes, famines and a host of other prophesied signs are happening at an alarming rate.

So why are so many people focusing on the signs coming from Satan? We’re told that the anti-Christ “shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if [it were] possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”

Of course we need to sound the alarm in anticipation of the rise of the anti-Christ and the coming mark of the beast. But we should be countering Satan (and his followers) the way Jesus did…with the Word of God.

Instead, many Illuminati-hipsters are playing a game of Where’s Waldo with Satan, trying to find him in every corner…and he takes great joy in tipping them off.

Certainly as watchmen on the wall, Christians are called upon to warn the sinner to turn away from his wickedness. However, if – in the process – Christians begin to feel themselves “illuminated” and brag of knowledge of the darker forces, they need to take a step back and look up instead of down; unless that is where they wish to go.

When people spend so much time studying the evil Illuminati, how does that reflect on God? How does it reflect on Christians when internet-centric people have heard more about the Illuminati than they have about the force that’s going to destroy them?

Does exposing the existence of an Illuminati convince people that Satan is a real force operating on earth? Are people are being led to Jesus Christ by being shown that Beyonce is wearing a Baphomet ring, (a goat-headed representation of Satan)? I’d like them to step forward and give testimony.

Christians ARE the Illuminati. THEY are the “illuminated ones.” The book ofHebrews calls Christians “the enlightened ones.” So why are they panting after a knowledge of darkness and calling it by an antithetical name? Why are they chasing after Satan?

Jesus Christ is coming back soon – and every dark force that existed since time began – especially evil conspirators some call “Illuminati,” will be cast into the eternal fire. I wouldn’t waste my time studying something that will soon be incinerated.

Even though he may not be as popular as the Illuminati are right now…the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…the God of Israel…the true sovereign God of creation….will have the final, ultimate victory. Pray that you will be focused on righteousness that day; and you won’t be saying, “Wait a minute God; I wanted to ask them about the triangle hand sign first before you reduce them to ash…”

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” ~ Jesus Christ

The Civil War Was About States Rights


God Bless the People of the South – both black and white – who were slaughtered — or whose lives were ruined as they watched their property, and all they held dear, burn to the ground.  Only because they dared to fight for States Rights.

That flag belongs to them – their descendants- and anyone in this country who believes in free speech; it does not belong in a museum.

confederate flag


Destroying America 101: The Blueprint Exists


By Susan D. Harris

I believe there is a plan for destroying America, that it exists on paper, and that thousands of people are involved in executing it. Many are doing it knowingly, some are being used as pawns, and others are being bribed for their silence.  It’s based on greed, built on power, and fueled with hate. And it’s the biggest damn conspiracy in the history of the world.

Watching events unfold in America and around the globe since 2008, it is undeniable that this blueprint for destruction was readied to hit the ground running as soon as Obama took office. It’s dependent upon disruptive ideologies, social science, and metrics. It’s Saul Alinsky on steroids.

Yes there were many factors in place prior to Obama taking office – systemic brainwashing in academia, United Nations tentacles reaching into small-town America etc. But the election of 2008 was D-Day for the progressive’s plan of fundamentally transforming America. With the executive branch in their control, they could begin using the highest powers in the land to change the face of America. With the Department of Justice, the State Department, the FBI, CIA and the Supreme Court at their disposal, they had carte blanche to commence the attack. There was just one more thing they needed:  tech savvy.

By 2011, the president was meeting with America’s wealthiest internet entrepreneurs, supposedly under the guise of a “technology summit” aimed at creating new jobs. Reporters were banned from the event, but a White House photo showed the group “toasting the future.” It remains one of the most chilling photo’s I’ve ever seen: a tyrant building a coalition of power in order to make use of the technology least understood by the average American.

One might wonder what kind of fruit this meeting bore. We didn’t have to wait long to find out.

Most people don’t remember Carol Davidson, the head of integration and media targeting for Obama’s 2012 campaign. She appeared in a Fox News Special titled, “Your Secret’s Out” – a program that only touched the tip of the iceberg in explaining how Obama’s campaign used multiple analysts to target and analyze Americans on an unprecedented scale. The goal of this huge data mining operation (a.k.a. “big data”) was to figure out people’s likes, dislikes, television and social media habits, cultural and religious values, propensity for activism …basically what makes them tick. Once they figured that out, they could predict what kind of bait to use to attract them. Once lured, they were categorized into a group; said group could be manipulated into voting a certain way. Basically it was the largest spy ring ever established, and it’s still operating under one guise or another today.

What is Carol Davidson doing now? This past March she gave a lecture titled, “Disruptive Technologies for Social Impact.” So what is “disruptive technology?” (Bear with me.) The simplest explanation is to say that the laptop was a disruptive technology to the typewriter. One could argue that that wasn’t disruption, but innovation. Not so fast. Forbes Magazine had this to say:

“Innovation and disruption are similar in that they are both makers and builders. Disruption takes a left turn by literally uprooting and changing how we think, behave, do business, learn and go about our day-to-day. Harvard Business School professor and disruption guru Clayton Christensen says that a disruption displaces an existing market, industry, or technology and produces something new and more efficient and worthwhile. It is at once destructive and creative.”

(Forbes describes Christensen as the Harvard grad who introduced the term “disruptive innovation” to explain that “cheaper, simpler or unexpected products and services can bring down big companies like U.S. Steel, Xerox and Digital Equipment.”)

What if you wanted to employ the same tactics to bring down…say…a country? Do you see where we’re going with this? The same concept is being used today in liberal social engineering. Social engineering encompasses influencing popular attitudes and social behavior on a mass scale. The liberal’s aptly named “progressive” attitude is aimed at disrupting established societal norms and replacing them with something “more efficient and worthwhile;” destructive yet creative. It’s called “disruptive ideology” and it’s out to destroy Christianity, morality, the economy, and the Constitution. It’s out to destroy order and create chaos.

Then, like a corporate board meeting, they analyze their metrics to measure their success after every situation they exploit. They learn from their mistakes and tweak their strategies for the next event.

With a Marxist-loving, community organizing lackey at the helm, liberals were able to execute their plans on many fronts simultaneously. Internationally, they perpetuated chaos and fomented revolution resulting in the Arab Spring. It was no coincidence that nearly every Middle Eastern country descended into chaos after Obama took office.

A case can be made that Obama’s ignorance and lack of experience in international affairs has led to global chaos; but since his goals and worldview differ so radically from traditional Americans, that case is nearly irrelevant. One need not know how to keep a car running if one’s intention is to drive it off the cliff.

On the domestic front, a series of plans were already in place for multi-pronged attacks on American culture. Anything not in the original plan fell into the category of “disruptive opportunity” as they took advantage of unanticipated events to further their agenda. Some of the larger goals have been obvious:

  • Silencing the opposition (Lois Lerner/Holly Paz) which effected an election.

  • Promoting abortion

  • Focusing on disarming the American people (In 2013, Atlantic writer Philip Bump stated that “(the Obama) administration has seen more killings on a per-month basis than any of the four proceeding.” Strange isn’t it?)

  • Destruction of traditional marriage

  • Weakening of our military

  • Promoting Islam

  • Attempting to destroy the cultural history of the American South (most likely a “disruptive opportunity”)

  • Flooding the country with illegal immigrants: Rapists, murderers, drug dealers and disease — with a side order of stealing American jobs.

  • Instigating racially motivated riots in Ferguson, Baltimore, and numerous other protests across the country.

The list goes on and on — from Obamacare to Obamatrade. They’re all filed under “O” — for Oppressor.

Bill O’Reilly stressed, on numerous occasions, that he doesn’t “think (Obama is) trying to injure people. The hard right thinks he’s a Communist and wants to destroy the Republic. That’s what they think. I don’t think he wants to injure people.”

O’Reilly and every other talking head that spewed the same insane naivety are dead wrong. I don’t doubt for one minute that this administration doesn’t have multiple task forces established to attack every aspect of traditional American culture. (It’s time to send someone to break into the Watergate building again and get the dirty Democrats master plan.)

Of course, Obama is not working alone. He’s a minion of the maelstrom — working for the global community, the United Nations, Islamists, Communists, and America-haters everywhere. They are working together using unpaid academic advisers, a consortium of behavioral scientists (COBS), the mainstream media, and the internet, to brainwash and manipulate the American people. (They are the psychiatrists; we are the inmates at the asylum.)

What we can’t understand is why the planned destruction of America wasn’t apparent to those inside the beltway who had the power to take drastic measures to stop it. Yes filibuster. Yes shut down the government. Yes impeach. Do whatever you have to do, but stop it. Only a handful did anything. The others were pocketing kickbacks, exchanging votes, and taking bribes. We’ll probably never know the grotesque extent of the corruption.

And why wasn’t anyone worth their weight in salt able to anticipate the administrations next move and develop a plan to counteract it? While the Obama administration is busy planning how to exploit the next crisis, opponents are busy trying to analyze the last one-two punch.

It’s time to rewrite Saul Alinsky’s dedication in his book, “Rules for Radicals.” (You can read the original here if you don’t have it memorized after six years.):

“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the greatest radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical who truly employed disruptive ideology, who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Obama.”

It took us a little while, but we the people have been able to anticipate the administration’s next move better than our elected officials; probably because we have a passionate vested interest in our own demise.

So what’s the next big event? Islamic terror on the Fourth of July with Obama urging everyone not to blame a few misguided youths? Obama threatening to bomb Israel if war breaks out and she tries to defend herself?

One thing is certain, it’s time to start naming the names of everyone that aided and abetted in the destruction of the country thus far. If we ever recuperate enough to hold something akin to the Nuremberg trials, they will need to be held accountable. If not, they are destined for judgment in front of that Christian God they hate so much. Won’t they be surprised?


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Kurdish Singer Delivers One-Woman Counter-Offensive Against ISIS

helly luv

By Susan D. Harris

When I saw there was an “anti-ISIS pop music video” on the internet, I immediately wondered what courageous American entertainer had finally broken the boundaries of Islamic intimidation.

Not surprisingly, it wasn’t an American, but Kurdish pop-star Helly Luv, a woman who – despite numerous previous death threats for her song “Risk It All” – has pushed the envelope even further with the release of her new hit, “Revolution.”

The entire video for “Revolution” was filmed less than two miles from the frontline where Peshmerga fighters were battling ISIS. The video ends as nearby gunfire causes Luv to duck.

While much is being written about Luv, the Peshmerga fighters, and the Kurds – I would like to focus on why Luv’s video is so important.

First, it shines a glaring light on the fact that no singers or other celebrities in the United States have the guts to stand up and speak against the Islamic terror threat…using their talents as musicians, entertainers or actors as a springboard to do something useful. Instead, we get people like Prince singing about “Baltimore” and headlines declaring that “Ferguson came to the Grammies.”

The American tempest continues to be stirred from within, distracting and disabling us. It reminds me of the now politically incorrect children’s book, “Little Black Sambo.” It tells the story of an Indian boy who throws his clothes and belongings to four hungry tigers. The tigers wear the fine clothes; each is vainer than the other, and they end up chasing each other around a tree until they melt into butter. Sambo scooped up the butter and took it to Black Mumbo to make pancakes. The story tells us:

“And she fried them in the melted butter which the tigers had made, and (the pancakes) were just as yellow and brown as the little tigers.”

Scandals being created, fomented and exploited in America are whipping us into butter, and the Islamists are waiting for the right time to come scoop up what’s left of us.

Watching Luv’s video… in which no shots are staged or faked…should force us to face these stark realities:

  1. The Peshmerga fighters were our first line of defense against ISIS, but thanks to Obama, they are grossly incapable of staving them off for long.

  2. Airstrikes might have helped save some of the trapped Yazidis last year, but it was too little too late; we only abandoned them again. Indeed, the in-and-out style of the U.S. led airstrikes were similar to airstrikes in 1996 which the leader of the Kurds referred to as “just part of Bill Clinton’s election campaign.”

  3. Due to the lack of real leadership in the United States, other countries are not doing enough to back the Kurds fight against ISIS either. Just days ago, the Wall Street Journal ran a piece titled, “Kurdish Peshmerga Say They Need Weapons After ISIS Seizes Iraqi Arsenal…Forces worry they cannot hold defensive lines.”

Helly Luv’s “Revolution” video isn’t only good for the morale of the Peshmerga fighters; it’s sending an SOS to the entire world. The video’s high number of hits on Vevo and YouTube are also a much needed counter-offensive to ISIS “powerful propaganda machine” that is attracting young people on social media.

In WWII, such songs and visual images, which many uninformed Americans now deride as “propaganda,” were the very things that helped inspire our soldiers and boost support among the masses. Propaganda in the hands of bad people can be deadly; propaganda in the hands of good people can save lives. One consists of lying or exaggerating in order to further a despicable cause; the other is simply spreading information in order to open people’s eyes to the truth. Luv’s video does the latter. The fact that she chose to film it practically in the crosshairs of her enemies demands the kind of respect rarely earned by a non-combatant.

With Luv telling the world that no one is doing enough to help the Kurds, and calling attention to their 1.5 million refugees, I doubt she will be invited to the White House very soon. Those invitations are reserved for those who continue to stir the tempest from within.


Luna Park 1904


Famous photo of Luna Park at night, 1904. The most electric bulbs anyone had seen in their lives.

Famous photo of Luna Park at night, 1904. The most electric bulbs ever on display up to that point in history.

luna scroll

By Susan D. Harris

(Click on the embedded links (underlined below) for more info)


I was dancing with Max Fleischer,

And his animals on the moon.

Soon I was Somewhere in Dreamland,

Sung to sleep by a cricket’s tune.

I didn’t dream of marble halls,

Nor did angels appear to me;

Instead, I saw electric lights

Lighting Luna Park by the sea.

A warm breeze brushed by me gently;

Salty air of a summer night.

The full moon challenged Edison

On who had the right to give light.

They both prevailed till the dawn broke;

Parrish painted the morning sky.

Pierrot bowed, the curtain came down,

And the sun spread her wings to fly.

A pleasant dream I awoke from,

On a tranquil but rocky shore,

Where we kindred souls had gathered,

Remembering 1904.

We’re ‘children of paradise’ now,

Perplexed by the stage far below.

We tired of the din and chaos,

Our lost planet had come to know.

Tired of computers and cell phones,

Tired of gadgets and high-tech toys,

Weary of lies and deception,

And dirty political ploys.

If Einstein had only slowed time,

In a world advancing too fast,

We might not have felt so trapped there,

As if gravity stole our past.

So we’re on the moon with Fleischer,

We escaped unnoticed last night.

We have no plans for returning,

It was strictly a one way flight.

A comet will blaze through heaven,

Like a beacon to all mankind,

Beckoning others to join us,

If they feel the earth too unkind.

Tell them we yearned for long ago,

When the greatest thrill there could be,

Was strolling through the lights at night,

Down in Luna Park by the sea.


luna park 1

This poem is copyrighted to the author, and any reproduction must be attributed to her.

moon giphy


Obama’s Race War: The Not-So-Pretty National Discussion on Race

By Susan D. Harris

The hometown of my youth, like so many small towns in the Northeast during the 1970’s, contained a handful of black families. A little black girl sat with me on the bus, and my only thought in regard to her color was noticing how her neck looked different from mine after we’d been sunburned.

During my childhood, I watched as the Cosby Kids provided many laughs as they spent their time rummaging through a junkyard. The association with junkyards prevailed as I watched “Sanford and Son.”

“Good Times” gave me a look into ghetto life as I watched a decent, moral family struggling in a Chicago housing project. On the flip side, I watched “The Jeffersons” after they’d “moved on up to the east side, to a deluxe apartment in the sky.” Most of the laughs came from the fact that they:  a) had a hard time being accepted in their new world and b) made fun of white people.

My next introduction to black people on film was a harsh one. We were forced to watch “Roots” in school at a rather young age. The only naked people I’d seen on film prior to this were dead ones in WWII newsreels. Thus my introduction to seeing live, naked people was watching blacks in the jungle or on a slave ship. It was shocking; not just because they were being tortured or killed, but because in the big scheme of things, I now assumed all blacks had once been abused, naked people who had slid off ships. Worse yet, the implicit message being thrust upon our class was that we, as white people, were responsible for this. I was offended. Neither I nor my parents were even alive when all of that happened. I felt a twinge of bitterness for being forced to shoulder the blame for events I had no hand in; and accused of feelings I did not harbor.

When I was 18, I moved to a town with a substantial black population. I learned the hard way that they had their own side of town, as parking there to watch a softball game netted me four slashed tires simply because I was white. “But why does that matter?” I kept asking my friends.

Calling a taxi to go home from my job at the mall became a hassle. I found that black families would call every taxi service and take the first one that came, leaving the others hanging. At one point I became so frustrated trying to get home that I called a taxi and said, “I’m white and I will wait for your taxi.” It worked.

Another bad impression of black people came when I was an entertainer who interacted with shoppers at a local mall. Due to the demographics, shoppers were mostly white, so when I saw a black man and woman walking quickly through the crowd with particularly sour expressions and avoiding eye contact, it caught my attention. I purposely avoided them. I later learned they had just killed an entire (white) family of four. They were at the mall using the stolen credit cards of their murder victims.

Later, as the editor of the college newspaper, I was sitting alone in the cafeteria after-hours when I was approached by a large black man who kindly asked me to proofread his theme paper.

The theme of his paper centered on the fact that he was having a hard time controlling his anger; he was being bullied by another black man, the result of a longstanding feud between two families. I made grammar and punctuation suggestions, carefully avoiding discussing the content. He thanked me, and seemed like a genuinely nice guy.  A month later he was arrested for premeditated murder after using a sawed-off shotgun to kill the man he’d written about. I actually kind of felt bad for him, wondering why his professor hadn’t identified the theme paper as a plea for help.

Last year, a blogger writing on whether blacks commit more crimes than whites, spoke of the “violent subculture theory.” He said:

This is the idea that some black communities, for some reason, have developed cultural values that are more tolerant of crime and violence.

Adding that it was a “mostly right-wing” view, he went on to call it “highly controversial,” when pitted against the “poverty breeds crime” argument.

It’s a generally accepted fact that a law-abiding white person walking into a mostly black neighborhood is at an increased risk of being victimized by harassment or vandalism, at the very least. It’s also safe to say that a law-abiding black person entering a mostly white community will be safer than he is in his own neighborhood.

When black ghetto culture became pervasive among young whites, I cringed. Until then, I had been able to avoid looking at men’s undershorts in public; men holding their crotches and spitting as they walked down the street listening to rap music. All of that was avoidable by staying away from the black section of town. Now, young white men were doing it walking down my street. They were playing that chanting, rhythmic music filled with vulgarity; they were idolizing black ghetto culture. They picked up the lingo, the hand gestures; they were passionately embracing a ghetto culture that many blacks were working hard to escape. Now they would never escape it; it was all around them. White culture fed into it and wanted more. They got it in spades too…drugs, rap sheets, violence, fashion imitating prison clothes, and gang slang.

So if blacks really want to have a “national discussion” on race; the truth isn’t going to be pretty. As far as I’m concerned, that “national discussion” has been beating a constant drum in my ears all the way from the fraudulent story of Kunta Kinte — to the culturally degrading influences of celebrities like Jay Z and Beyonce. (What a downward spiral for a culture that once gave us some of our best loved Christian hymns.)

There are many blacks who I admire and hold up as heroes: Thomas Sowell, Alan Keyes, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Col. Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, and Star Parker among others. And of course I’ve had black friends in my life.

However, from my own view in suburbia, to the riots I see on national television, I admit I often have a hard time not lumping all blacks into a group that I blame for deteriorating American culture.

If this country had elected a black president that could have helped elevate the black community out of the depths of its fiscal and cultural demise — into the higher moral consciousness and economic affluence that is so deserves — we would have a healthier and happier society. We might even have had a better chance at staving off anarchy in our cities.

Every day I struggle to remain colorblind, despite personal experiences. But thanks to Obama, that struggle is getting harder.

One day, about a month ago, a black woman pulled up next to my car and yelled, ““F-ing white b-ch!” I ignored her and drove on.

Later that day, in a supermarket line, I was behind another black woman. Normally outgoing, I was about to ask her how she intended to use her panko bread crumbs. But as I turned my head, the cover of Time magazine blared: “Black lives matter.” (I couldn’t help thinking what a strong statement it would have been if Time had printed instead: “Black Lives Matter.”)

In light of recent events, I found myself uncomfortable starting a conversation with this black stranger while surrounded by such controversial headlines. I wondered if she too might hate me because I was white. Pre-Obama, I would have only been thinking about bread crumbs.

Most of us, black and white, have worked to overcome prejudices we’ve built-up or encountered in our own lives. And we were doing a pretty damn good job of it before President Obama and his Department of Justice decided to exploit every real or perceived injustice in an attempt to incite a race war aimed at dividing our country.

Charles Manson was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, partly fueled by his obsession with starting a race war. It is lamentable that Barack Obama will not be held accountable for inciting violence underpinned by his black liberation theology — which is apparently just another demented interpretation of the Beatles’ “White Album.”

Twitter Spreading Islam – Will the Real #Jesus Please Stand Up?


Twitter Spreading Islam Like a Snowball Headed for Hell – Will the Real #Jesus Please Stand Up?

By Susan D. Harris

Muslims are reeling in converts using Jesus like a worm on a bait hook. Hiding behind hashtags like #Christ, #Christians, #Jesus and #Mary, they lure the curious, the lost, and the unsuspecting into their den of false doctrine. They’re hitching their wagon to Christianity, just like they’ve been doing for roughly 1400 years.

Muslims and Islamic terrorists are having great success spreading their lies via social media; but try typing “#Jesus” in a Twitter search and see what you get.

During my own Twitter search for #Jesus, one of the first results I read said: “I love Jesus; it is a requirement of faith for #Muslims to love the Prophet #Jesus!” Just for kicks, I typed that exact sentence into a Twitter search. The results number in the thousands, maybe more. That sentence, verbatim, is tweeted daily, sometimes hourly, by thousands of different users. They are milking the whole “Jesus the prophet” angle for all it’s worth.

Twitter doesn’t like individuals to tweet the same message numerous times, and they seem to be cracking down…at least on me. I’m not a big Twitter user, but I’ve tweeted links to my own articles for years. Surprisingly, after tweeting my recent article, “Need Prayer? Google Promotes Nearest Mosque” — my Twitter account was suspended.

Meanwhile, Muslims are taking to Twitter en masse to try to convince anyone with the slightest affinity for Jesus that Islam loves Jesus too – so why not consider joining Islam? It seems everyone wants a piece of Jesus. Apparently 2000 years hasn’t changed that.

A good test is to type in #Jesus and switch to a “Live” view of the active tweets. Of course results can very at any given moment in time, but here’s what I found mixed in the very first search results:

  • Tweet: “Come chat with us to explain the purpose of life” #Christianity #Christian #Christ #Jesus #Bible #Mary

This tweet takes you to a website called where you can instantly start a live chat about the “purpose of your life.” The profile summary reads, “If you want to know the truth about religion ask me or follow the link.” The link leads you to “The Way to the Truth” (based in Riyadh) which beckons you to “open this link if you are lost in life.” (The Way to the Truth has nearly 23,000 followers.) The final link, buried under all those misleading hashtags in the original tweet, takes you to – where you can find teachings on Islam in more than 100 languages.

Remember – this all started with the following hashtags and no others: #Christianity #Christian #Christ #Jesus #Bible #Mary

Here’s the kicker: “The Way to the Truth” runs a website called Ratoatr — that generates “automatic” tweets for 70,000 Muslim subscribers.

  • Tweet: “Saint Paul obligated the common practice of the veil for all women in Corinthians 11:4-10” #Jesus #Christianity #Bible

A look at the user’s profile shows him to be a devout Muslim looking for a wife while preaching Islam. He also tweeted “Kindness is emphasized by #Islam, appreciated by humans and benefits everyone; so always be kind!”

A quick search reveals this exact sentence about “kindness” has been tweeted thousands of times by different users; daily if not hourly. Go ahead, type it in the search box in Twitter, and choose “Live” to see how many are coming up right now.

  • Tweet: “Priests and Preachers Entering Islam. video” #Priest #church #Christianity #Christian #Bible #Jesus #Truth #Islam

A quick search reveals this has been tweeted by thousands of users with a link to the same video, which is available on Many of the users’ Twitter names misleadingly profess a love for “God” or “Jesus” with no mention of Islam or Allah.

  • Tweet: “How the Bible led me to Islam!” #Muslim #muslims #Christian #Jew #Hindu #Sikh #Atheists

This creative tweet baits not only Christians, but Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and atheists. It links to a video of former Christian youth minister Joshua Evans who converted to Islam after “studying a lot of religions.” The write- up under the video on says:

“A very interesting video about the former Christian Youth Minister Joshua Evans who converted to Islam after studying a lot of religions as: Christianity and Buddhism. Evans shows issues made him leave Christianity and embrace Islam such as: the contradictions in the Bible, the pornographic phrases in it, and verses which offend some of Allah’s Prophets considered the best creation. These verses make them in the worst images. Also, Evans mentions a proof that confirms Jesus isn’t a God.”

Note: Joshua Evans was reportedly raised Methodist in Greenville, S.C. He now “works as a full-time lecturer and caller to Islam.” You can see his rad new look here:

“How the Bible led me to Islam,” with Evans video attached, has been tweeted thousands of times by different users.

  • Tweet of hashtags only: #islamophobia / #God #lord #jesus #bible #christ #atheism #atheist #kik #love #chat #me

These exact hashtags, in this exact order, have been tweeted thousands of times by different users; daily if not hourly. They all display the same graphic that reads, “Don’t listen to the media about Islam. Listen to me, don’t listen about me.” The graphic is surrounded by cutesy hearts. Clicking on it takes you to a live chat on (Go ahead, do a “Live” Twitter search right now and see for yourself.) is a live chat website where operators are available 24/7 to lead you to Islam. According to their website, they too are based in Saudi Arabia.

Of course there are thousands of tweets about the real Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the one true Son of God who rose from the dead.  (Relegating him to the status of “prophet” undermines the very meaning of Christianity, and Muslims know this.)  On the up side, there is a group called Jesus Tweeters whose goal is to have each member tweet the word of Christ three times a day; but they are in stiff competition for souls. Muslims know that a tweet can lead a person to a website, a video, a live chat, or some other vehicle that can capture hearts, minds…and souls.

The cross of Jesus is not leading the way on social media. If so many Christians believe that time is short and they will soon see the return of Jesus, why are they lagging behind so badly in their use of social media as a tool for bringing souls to Christ?

The virtual war for souls taking place on social media — especially sites like Facebook and Twitter – is recruiting an army for Islam that could morph into real terrorist attacks in the streets of America — and ultimately Sharia Law. (And let’s face it, Google, Facebook and Twitter know what they’re doing, and many of us believe they’re intentionally allowing this activity.)

Even worse, this virtual war is losing souls that God commanded us to try to save:

Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me.

When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand.

Yet if thou warn the wicked, and he turn not from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul. (Ezekiel 3:18-19)

Christians need to use every means available to warn those who are falling prey to false doctrines. Of course, it doesn’t help that millennials who use social media from dusk to dawn are the least Christian generation in the history of America. That makes them easy prey for Satan’s followers.

The day is fast approaching when the teachings of the Christian Bible will be banned as hate speech by the giant social networks that dominate the internet. That’s why they’re collecting our photo I.D.’s and cell phone numbers.

Jesus may not be on Facebook, but he knows you are. Jesus may not be on Twitter, but he knows you are. Jesus Christ may be losing Friends and Followers, but he knows you have the means to find them. He only asks…nay commands…that you at least try.






Pope Francis—-Drunk with Power in a Vito Corleone Kind of Way?

godfather-pope-francis-220x110 (1)

By Susan D. Harris

A crabby looking guy who looks like someone’s Uncle Mario is sitting at his favorite corner table in Mama Luigi’s Bar and Grill in Brooklyn. You can find him there anytime – stirring up trouble and giving orders to “his boys.”

That’s the story one would likely conjure up in their mind when shown a picture of the Argentine-born Italian, Jorge Mario Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis), in a luxe smoking jacket; Havana cigar in one hand, and a glass of Scotch in the other.

In reality, Uncle Mario is in the Vatican wielding more power than a mobster with family ties from Bensonhurst to Hoboken.  The funniest part of this scenario is that millions of people think God chose Mario to be His representative on earth — which would actually be kind of funny in a “My Cousin Vinny” kind of way — if Uncle Mario wasn’t so drunk with power in a Vito Corleone kind of way.

It’s time someone posted an Instagram picture exposing the fact that the emperor in the pointy hat has no clothes:  If this pope isn’t the False Prophet predicted in the Bible, then he’s been doing an awfully good impersonation.

Exactly one year ago, Pope Francis inserted himself into the Middle East peace process when he asked Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, and then Israeli President Shimon Peres, to meet at his apartment in the Vatican; presumably for some Scotch and Havana cigars.

“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” – The Godfather.

That was about the same time he flew into the West Bank and became the first pontiff to declare said land was the “State of Palestine.”

(Of course, it wasn’t like God hadn’t warned us something bad was coming down the pike:  He’d sent two lightning bolts hurling into the Vatican hours after the former pope resigned and weeks before the current one was elected.)

The Vatican’s betrayal of Israel began previous to Pope Francis assuming the throne however.  In 2012, the Vatican hailed the United Nations’ vote for a Palestinian state, and called for an “internationally guaranteed special status for Jerusalem.” According to Reuters, this was also a “propitious occasion” to recall a “common position” on Jerusalem expressed by the Vatican and the Palestine Liberation Organization when the two sides signed a basic agreement on their bilateral relations in 2000.”

Last week, Israel National News reported that Israel’s Foreign Ministry warned:  “This decision does not advance the peace process (but) distances the Palestinian leadership further from…direct negotiations.”

Adding insult to injury, the day before Israel’s national holiday (May 17th) commemorating the reunification of Jerusalem after the Six Day War, the pope presented Palestinian leader Abbas with a bronze “angel of peace” medal and reportedly called Abbas an “angel of peace.” (Or he may have said, “May you be an angel of peace.” It really doesn’t matter.)  All this was done as the Vatican readies itself to sign a historic treaty officially recognizing the sovereignty of the State of Palestine – which technically has no borders and doesn’t exist.

The following day, Jerusalem Day in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the world one more time:  “Jerusalem shall never again be divided.”

Simultaneously, the Pope was conferring sainthood on two “Palestinians,” both of whose lives and work were associated with Bethlehem.  It was widely seen as both a “religious and political gesture” by the pope. Certainly the timing was not coincidental.

Former Congressman Allen West, when asked about the Vatican recognizing the State of Palestine, said:

“This is horrific. At a time when Islamic terrorists are slaughtering Christians, Catholics, all over the Middle East; for the pontiff to recognize a terrorist organization, which is really either Hamas or Fatah…this is unconscionable…It just goes to show the level of propaganda success that the Palestinians have, and the level of disdain and anti-Semitism that there is out there; it’s even coming from the Vatican now.”

Pope Francis is simply fast-tracking what the powers in Rome have been lobbying for all along:  The division of Jerusalem.  And if Christians want to be theologically precise, that would necessarily mean the Vatican is also lobbying for the rise of the Anti-Christ. What other conclusion can be reached when the Catholic Church turns its back on the word of God in favor of dividing the land of Israel?

To be clear, the last thing we need to do is start hating on the Catholics. There are many courageous conservative Catholics who are fighting to preserve Christianity here in America – and we need them. There are even more dying for their beliefs in foreign countries. And to be sure, this papacy is fracturing the Catholic Church itself, in what some are calling a civil war.

But the influence of this radical pope – in these radical times – can no longer be underestimated. He has forced many of us to speak-out concerning his aggressive anti-Capitalist, Socialist agenda; his stance against the eternal capital of Israel; his false edicts on the climate change lie; and recent moves by the Catholic church to embrace sodomites. The blasphemies are many and overwhelming.

(And why, oh why, was he smack-dab double in the middle of the U.S. normalizing relations with Cuba after more than a half century? Surely Uncle Mario already had access to all the cigars he needed.)

I respect my Catholic friends, but it’s impossible to keep pretending that crazy, progressive Uncle Mario was anointed or appointed by God to redistribute global wealth and tell the Jews to divide their homeland. On the contrary, Uncle Mario is looking more and more like he’s been anointed by the adversary who roams the earth like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

At midnight, May 14, 1948, the Provisional Government of Israel proclaimed the new state of Israel – a sovereign country with defined borders. That same day, the United States recognized the Jewish government as the de facto authority of the new Jewish state, fulfilling Bible prophecy that the nation would be born in a day. (Isaiah 66:7-8). Will the Vatican seal the fate of Israel in a similar manner?

If he knows anything about Bible prophecy, the pope must know he’s playing for the wrong team. Perhaps that’s the scariest part. We can see Uncle Mario sitting in that corner booth at Mama Luigi’s, shrugging his shoulders and saying, “So? What are you gonna do about it?”



Need Prayer? Google Takes You to the Nearest Mosque!

And this is what's wrong with the United States military.

And this is what’s wrong with the United States military.

By Susan D. Harris

Thursday was the National Day of Prayer.

If you were looking for prayer events in your area, you might have used a search engine to look for service times.  If you did, you were likely surprised that those search engines assumed you had your Qur’an in one hand and your prayer rug in the other.

Here’s a little experiment you can try right now.  Google “Prayer in ____;” filling in the blank with the name of your city.

I’m betting the first search result will be a link to  As a matter of fact, it’s likely that most, if not all of the results on the first page, will be Islamic links.

Will it play in Peoria? Let’s try it. “Prayer in Peoria, IL” returns the following results: (Islamic Foundation of Peoria) (Islamic Center of Peoria)

Let’s try another one.  If Bugs Bunny wanted to say a prayer after missing a left turn in Albuquerque, NM, he’d do a Google search and find the same:  Islamicfinder, SalahTimes, and a few extra’s like – which would welcome him to the Islamic Center of New Mexico!

If you’re still saying “Show me!” — let’s take a look in Missouri. “Prayer in Jefferson City” nets us, of course, IslamicFinder, MuslimPro, (Jefferson City Muslim Community); then surprisingly throws us some Christian links farther down the page.

No matter what city you pick, Google displays Islamic Finder as the first search result; a site that will ensure your prayer schedule is spot on. It even gives you a different quote from Allah every day, as well as a list of local Masjids, Islamic Centers and Muslim Owned Businesses.

Try it on Yahoo or Bing and you’ll get fairly similar results.

People typing “prayer” into search engines are usually those who are urgently looking for others to pray when they or a loved one fall into desperate circumstances. They are people looking for help and hope; people asking questions.

It would seem that someone, somewhere, is hoping they’ll turn to Islam for the answers.

Originally published at Freedom Outpost, Renew America, and Sons of Liberty:

Marching Into Hell: A Blunt Message to the Young People of America


By Susan D. Harris

When I was your age I was following orders. I had to follow orders or men would die; and I watched men die. I watched men take their last breaths on sandy beaches, in muddy trenches, and on jagged rocks on islands no one had heard of. I put a cigarette in their mouth to calm them in their final moments; and I didn’t lecture them that it was bad for their health. I heard them ask God for mercy, and I didn’t “correct” them and tell them God was a useless fairytale. I heard them call out for their mothers — and believe me they did call out no matter what age they were — and I didn’t laugh at them for being babies.

When we came home from those foreign lands, we worked. You don’t know the meaning of work. You don’t know the meaning of working so hard from dusk until dawn you’d shoot anyone who told you to “go to a gym.”

When you do work you move slowly and sloppily because you think the people you work for — or cater to — or serve — are undeserving of your precious time. You talk to coworkers endlessly instead of paying attention to your job. You make mistakes, but you don’t care. You’d get away with murder if you could, because covering your butt is more important than taking responsibility.

You don’t know how to build a skyscraper or a bridge; you can’t fix a kitchen sink or change your own tire. We had a name for that — worthless. You’re a generation of button-bangers and paper-pushers spawned by generations that studied Alinsky and Freud instead of learning a trade.

Why did they do it? How did they turn out the way they did? Nobody knows. We wanted our kids to have a better life than we did. We didn’t want them to have to fight to preserve their way of life; we just wanted them to enjoy the freedom we fought for. We thought we gave them that; but they took that freedom and buried it in the mud at Woodstock. They burned that freedom in smoke that burned out their brains. They blurred that freedom in kaleidoscope eyes. They degraded that freedom in wanton and perverse sex. They stomped out that freedom with their heels on an American flag that we died defending.

Then they had children. And their children had children. And here you are today:  An amoral generation spawned by an immoral generation.

Your lack of sympathy for your fellow man is surpassed only by your lack of empathy. You likely don’t even know the difference between the meanings of sympathy and empathy because your education was nothing compared to ours. We learned reading, writing and arithmetic. We learned history. We learned manners. What did you learn? You learned its okay to have two mommies or two daddies. You learned to worship the earth instead of your Creator. You learned computers, computers, computers; the Almighty computer that consumes your lives and your minds. You worship your thumb-driven gadgets like the rebels of old worshiped the Golden Calf. You play on them, work on them; you even have sex on them. None of it is real. You don’t know what real life is. You think your technology has freed you, but it’s stripped you of privacy and compromised your freedom. The Bible says “If thy right hand offends thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee” – well maybe it’s time to cut off your thumbs.

I see you walking down the streets in your pajama bottoms because you have no dignity left. Grooming isn’t considered a good habit anymore. Dirty is cool. It’s your “right” after all: Your “right” to walk around disheveled; your “right” to walk around with your underwear hanging out; your “right” to spit on the sidewalk and mark your territory like some scenting beast.

You don’t respect your own bodies so you defile them. You mar your skin and pierce your flesh. You frivolously waste the money you earn on your own destruction.

And when is the last time you made some extra money shoveling someone’s driveway, or raking leaves simply because you wanted to lend a hand? You wouldn’t waste your energy – you have to save it for texting, listening to music, or sending pictures of your genitalia to your girlfriend.

You’ve never had to be part of a community where you helped others — not only because it was the right thing to do — but because someday you might need help too. You didn’t have to rely on neighbors for food or comfort when someone in your family had the Spanish flu or cholera or polio and was quarantined in their house.

You didn’t have to tend a garden because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have any vegetables to eat. You didn’t have to mend the neighbor’s fence or bring in the hay because the man of the house had gone to war, or the woman had gone to the defense factory.

War is nothing but a video game or a movie to you. You get points for killing someone or wait excitedly to see the blood splatter. In real life every life you take is like a kick in the gut – even when you know it had to be done. Even when you know that if you didn’t kill them first they would be here killing your family and your neighbors.

You still babble about “peace” as if it’s two-way street. Like everybody wants it so what’s the problem? Well everybody doesn’t want it. There are thousands of people, right now at this very moment, who would like to see you splattered from here to kingdom come. It’s called evil; and pretending it doesn’t exist only allows it to grow into a huge black cloud that will eventually suck the last peaceful air from your pacifistic lips. Then you’ll know why there were people who were willing to die to keep you and your loved ones safe.

That’s what we did. We didn’t just fight for you; we fought for the American way of life. We fought for the principles our founders laid out in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. And yeah, we were proud of those things. So proud we marched in parades, carried the American flag and sang songs about heroes who sacrificed their lives for the sake of their men and their country.

In your narrow minds you think patriotism is propaganda; something we were force-fed to make us behave a certain way or pull a trigger. It wasn’t. It was innate in us. It was passed down from generation to generation; a survival instinct so we’d be ready to act when our way of life was threatened. It was a natural feeling…like a mother feels when she spends a lifetime protecting and nurturing her child…and then her heart swells up all big inside as she watches the fine man or woman she created go out into the world.

Oh don’t worry, you’ll never be drafted. You can’t show up for work on time so we damn well know you could never defend a country. Besides, you can’t win a war with men and women playing Fifty Shades of Groping on the front lines; or when a man knows the guy behind him is more interested in squeezing his butt than saving his butt.

The funny thing is you think you’ve progressed so far beyond those generations who came before you…but you haven’t. You can go on crying about climate change or shouting about “marriage equality,” but sooner or later you’re going to find out that there are people who want to poison your water supply, cut off your heads, rain rockets on your city or set off a dirty bomb on Main Street. Then you’ll be on your own. We won’t be around to help you anymore. Only then might you remember something about grandma or grandpa; something they may have said that you thought was “so stupid” at the time. Maybe then you’ll pull up your pants, grow some glory, and be able to “fight for the right without question or pause” or “be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause.”

Sure, there are a bunch of you out there who have it right, but I feel sorriest for you because you have an uphill battle ahead of you. A battle against an army of Progressives who are padding their ranks with millions of illegal immigrants who are hell-bent on destroying everything your grandparents fought for.

We used to say there were no atheists in foxholes. That used to be true. When the day comes that the foxholes are filled with nothing but atheists — run to the hills — because you’ll know there’s nothing left worth fighting for.

This article was inspired by the brave generation who lived through the Great War; conversations with the courageous men and women of the Greatest generation (WWII) who can still voice their opinions; as well as those whose voices have been silenced by time. 

Originally published on Freedom Outpost


graphics-music-notes-514150…Nathan Hale and Colin Kelly too…graphics-music-notes-514150

Growing Up American: When the Doctor-Patient Relationship was More than a Computer Screen


By Susan D. Harris

‘Growing Up American’ is an article series dedicated to sharing and preserving eyewitness accounts of the way we lived – in a world that seems destined to forget.

Today, the average time a doctor spends with a patient is twelve minutes or less. Dr. Stephen Schimpff, an internist and former CEO of University of Maryland Medical Center, told Newsmax that, “Doctors who are in a rush don’t have the time to listen,” and that patients today “often get referred to specialists when the problem can be solved in the office visit.” The same article reported that doctors are stressed out and 9 out of ten would “discourage others from choosing their profession.” Also, “data suggests that 300 physicians will commit suicide this year.”

Things weren’t always that way. In 1947, Norman Rockwell was on assignment for the Saturday Evening Post to record the lives of representative Americans in his artwork. In his painting Norman Rockwell Visits a Family Doctor, Rockwell painstakingly reproduced the office of his own family physician in Vermont. Underneath this painting, in a book of his illustrations (1) it reads: “The family doctor is a hometown’s man of miracles. The people want him, when they need him, and he is usually there. His office resembles a den more than an examining room. The doctor himself is a kindly, tolerant man with a reassuring manner and a good disposition, with friendly advice stemming beyond the field of medicine.”

This is an account of a similar doctor; a doctor not unlike many doctors in small towns across the America of yesteryear.

The winter of 1934 was one for the record books. Temperatures well below zero were plaguing my hometown. When it dropped to -21 on February 9th, folks didn’t think it could get much worse. Within a couple of weeks however, below average temperatures joined forces with a massive snowstorm that caused much of the Northeast to grind to a halt.

My grandfather, who walked the railroad tracks to his job at the paper mill, couldn’t get home to his wife and six children. My mother, the youngest, was only two months old and getting sicker by the hour. My grandmother knew the signs – the wheezing, the rising fever – it was the dreaded pneumonia. Grandma bundled up her two oldest children — girls aged 9 and 11 — and sent them down the long dark road to the nearest house that had a telephone. Kerosene lanterns in hand, they arrived at the elderly couple’s home and explained their urgent need to phone the family doctor. They returned with news that the doctor would “come as soon as he could.”

They waited. The girls took turns watching out the window, scraping the frost away to see down the long wavy road in the distance. But the snow got higher…and higher…and higher. With increasing anxiety they realized they had not seen a car in hours. The road had become impassible. Night came; then morning, another night and another morning. The baby was growing weaker.

Finally, as the exhausted family held vigil they heard a great rumbling sound. “It’s a plow! It’s a plow!” the children yelled. My grandmother and her five children held their breath as they squinted to see the large plow lumbering up the road in their direction. It inched closer, cascading mountains of snow into the air on either side. “There’s something behind it,” someone said. Closer and closer it came until everyone shrieked with joy and surprise. Like a chugging caboose the doctor’s car was following closely behind the plow! For how long and for how many miles had he steadfastly followed that plow to come to the aid of the baby he’d delivered just two months before? Not one of those six children would be lost on his watch. Those were his children; and so he felt about every child he’d brought into the world or for who he’d been hastily summoned when injury or illness threatened.

Under his care, the baby rallied quickly back to health. It was such an emotional event as to be retold by the children many times over the years. In fact, whenever the memory of some great family calamity was recounted, it always ended the same way: “Thank God for Dr. Simpson.”

There may have been others doctors, but like most towns across America, there was generally only one who the people trusted.

Dr. Simpson came to the house when my mother’s brother Richard was complaining of stomach pains after a family picnic on Labor Day. After a short examination, he scooped up the 12 year-old in his arms and carefully laid him in the backseat of his car and took him to the hospital. Time was of the essence as he rushed the boy in for emergency surgery; his appendix had already burst. Miraculously he lived and returned home less than two weeks later to celebrate his 13th birthday.

When my mother’s 10 year-old brother Maurice tore his leg open while sledding, family members rushed him to the hospital. It was Dr. Simpson who stopped the blood loss and put 22 stitches in his thigh; a scar that served as a lifelong reminder of the family doctor’s seemingly endless heroic efforts.

The doctor carried a bag that contained a stethoscope, thermometer, and other various instruments, including the most common medicines he might need to dispense.

Sometimes, the prescribed medicines were things we might scoff at today. When my mother’s two year-old niece had fever and couldn’t eat, the doctor prescribed a teaspoon of orange juice every two hours until she felt like eating. She recuperated quickly.

Of course, the doctor wasn’t limited to adults. When my grandmother broke her finger so badly it was pointing the opposite direction, Dr. Simpson came to the house to repair it. He called my grandfather home from work, put my grandmother under anesthesia on the couch, and used his strong hands to put the finger back in place.

If you wanted to visit the doctor, you went to his house. Like most doctors, he had a room set aside for receiving patients. His walls were filled with pictures of all the children he’d delivered; my mother and her five siblings were there. In addition to his desk, the room was teeming with books and glass bottles. From those glass bottles, the doctor retrieved his prescribed medicines, sealing pills or powder in a little white envelope with instructions handwritten on the outside.

He performed all of his surgeries at the hospital; a hospital built at the turn of the century and whose doors remained open until they were closed forever during the Obama administration.

While history has tales of country doctors accepting chickens and other odd forms of payment for their services, most small town doctors were amply compensated for their work. Most of all, they were generally happy – feeling themselves an intricate and needed part of their community.

If there was a doctor who was not skilled, had a poor bedside manner, or was not trusted by the community, he did not thrive as a doctor. If only we could say the same thing today.

There were no laptops; no practice management software. There wasn’t a different doctor every visit who had to review your medical history in less than five minutes, examine you quicker than a Valvoline oil change, then prescribe treatment with the assumption and hope that you fell into the same medical case model he’d learned in school. There were no doctors stopping to read their Tweets while pretending to listen to your ailments. While advances in medicine have saved millions of lives, it’s incontrovertible that in those dim years past, we left behind something of what it meant – not only to be a doctor – but to be healed.

(1), Faces of America, The Curtis Publishing Co., 1982

To read more ‘Growing Up American’ please visit

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On a Lighter Note: God and the ‘Mouse Scream’

mouseBy Susan D. Harris

I consider myself a calm, rational person… a Renaissance woman in my own mind. I don’t mind working on my own car and getting some oil or grease up to my elbows. I’ve even rebuilt the carburetor in my lawnmower. I certainly don’t flinch at the sight of the blood and any spider I see is stomped dead in his tracks without the slightest flinch from my eyelids.

Why is it then, that whenever I see a mouse, a primal, high-pitched noise bellows forth from my mouth that I have no control over? It surprises me more than actually seeing the mouse, and I stand there stunned at the very sound of it. It seems to be similar to when the doctor hits your knee with the little hammer and your leg thrusts out. It just happens. For this reason, more than any other, I am sure I am a girl. Certainly there are steadfast anatomical aspects that would seem to cement this fact; but even if nature had given me more appendages, or less, depending on your view, I would know what I was the moment a small gray rodent flashed across the floor in front of me.

In that menacing mouseful moment, I am prehistoric woman. I am standing beside the fire in the cave waiting for my mate to return, club in hand, dragging our dinner behind him. I am no longer in my civilized clothes, but clothed in leopard fur. In short, I embarrass myself.

Not that it’s so bad to be reminded you’re a woman; but it would nice if I squealed instead at the sight of a bouquet of flowers or sighed with satisfaction at the scent of a favorite perfume. Those acts would certainly seem more admirable and much less startling to those around me.

I can’t help but think that the mouse is equally scared by the shrill alarm that goes off whenever he enters the kitchen. Perhaps, I think, he is sure that there is some wire that he’s tripped, or some beam of light he’s broken that sets off the ear-shattering screech. He skids back to into his mouse home breathlessly declaring, “It happened again!”

Of course that doesn’t happen, but I’ve seen enough cartoon mice to know that it could.

After all is said and done, I’ve concluded that the mouse scream is something that God wove carefully through my DNA to remind me that I am of the gentler sex of His creation. I imagine that God, in all His glory, hears the scream in heaven and thinks, “Susan saw a mouse again.” He looks down through space, down through the swirling clouds of earth, down into my kitchen to the lump of humanity standing there. He knows it is the same sound he heard from Ruth as she gathered leftover grain in the field; the same sound he heard from Esther in the dark corner of the king’s palace; the same sound he heard from Mary Magdalene when she sat near a wall with the disciples. He smiles and says, “You will always be my little girl.”

I smile too. I am not embarrassed anymore.


The American People Are M.I.A. As Obama Continues Unabated




By Susan D. Harris

CLICK HERE to listen to the author read her article.

On the website, there are 23,815 signers calling for the president to resign or be impeached. There are “0” planned protests against Obama’s policies.

A quick internet search shows the following:

  • A National Impeach Obama event in Simi Valley on April 4, 2015 to be held at the intersection of Tapo Canyon Rd. and Alamo St.

  • The Impeach Obama Now Coalition has 17,288 “likes” on Facebook. They urge people to protest every Saturday. There are currently ten states that have one or more protests scheduled.

  • Overpasses for America has a list of currently scheduled protests. Only sixteen states are participating.

  • A World Net Daily petition currently has 17,509 signatures for impeachment.

  • has a tally of 27,571. It is unique in that it calls for the removal of the president’s inner circle of collaborators as well. Pledge to Impeach also has a handy link to a dozen impeachment petitions that total nearly 2 million signers.

So…what happens now? Apparently nearly two million people have signed petitions supporting impeachment. That number is correct if we assume everyone didn’t sign multiple petitions, which I know I did.

The question is, so what? What do petitions mean in a Republic that is being run by a rogue dictator and elected representatives that ignore the will of those they represent and the law? Worse yet, the fact remains that as angry as we all seem posting comments around the internet, nobody is literally standing in Washington D.C. protesting; the only people taking to the streets are the crazy “Hands up, don’t shoot” crowd. Maybe our elected representatives aren’t doing anything because they aren’t seeing a tangible backlash from the American people.

What about the famous advice to “Call your representative?” If you are in a position like me, a phone call to your representative isn’t worth a bucket of warm spit. Who am I going to call? Kirsten Gillibrand or Chuck Schumer? Last time I called Schumer’s office to voice an opinion they hung up on me, despite my being respectful and polite. My House representative is a Democrat, who could care less what this “brainwashed,” right wing radical thinks of his voting record. (Many people don’t realize that in liberal bastions like New York State, liberalism controls our everyday lives. For instance, turning a public TV to Fox News is not acceptable. TV’s in medical offices, car repair shops, and restaurants will not allow Fox News to be displayed in their businesses. CNN and MSNBC are the stations of choice or they will have a riot on their hands. The last time I checked, all news except Fox News was available in hospital rooms, despite a high fee required to activate a patient’s television.)

And, if you are lucky enough to be in a location with a decent, conservative Senate or House Representative, calling seems a bit redundant; and calling a RINO seems silly at best.

In short, the preamble to the Declaration of Independence has become null and void. Our leaders have usurped their powers so they no longer obey the consent of the governed. Further, as a result of these perverted powers, we the people no longer have the right to alter or abolish a destructive government and institute a new government that is more likely to affect our safety and happiness. And with the military set to infiltrate the civilian population in the Southwestern United States, known as the Jade Helm military exercises, people will likely be more willing to say “Yes Mein Fuhrer, no Mein Fuhrer.”

The trouble is that the Progressive, law-breaking, lying loonies who now control our government have outraged a conservative, kind populace who still believe it’s rude to honk their horns or speak above a whisper in the library. To Progressives, conservative anger falls into two camps: 1) Aunt Bee is really ticked off, or 2) Bubba the redneck is going to get drunk on Saturday night and might shoot somebody. The first one can be ignored and laughed off; the second one should be imprisoned before he acts. Even Jen Psaki would say locking up Bubba was “absolutely worth it!” Simple as that.

The president signing what amounts to a treaty with Iran without getting approval from 2/3 of the Senate certainly seems like a breach of Article II of the Constitution. No additional law needs to be passed to force compliance with existing law. It’s not too late for impeachment, but we all know it isn’t going to happen — despite our petitions.

If such a large swath of America is really so upset about what is going on in Washington, where are they? I’m not seeing television coverage of peaceful protests across the nation. Heck there hasn’t even been one person willing to pull off a good old-fashioned hunger strike. (It seems that’s reserved for college students demanding tuition assistance for illegal immigrants.)

I’m reading the outrage on the internet, but it’s not translating to action. People put more time into their Facebook selfie’s than preserving their country. We’ve become virtual, not tangible. It’s the only explanation.

We began as real people, flesh and blood. We crossed the oceans on real ships made of rough-hewn lumber. We existed once. We cleared land, hunted for food and sustained life with our bare hands. We looked each other in the eye and debated great ideas with real voices. We fought and died together. Now we’ve become nothing more than online identities with souls that float in cyberspace.

No cohesive, organized, flesh and blood or brick-and-mortar movement has formed among the American people that will ultimately be able to defeat the Socialist/ Communist/ Fascist/ Islamist tidal wave that’s barreling down on us. For lack of real action, the Middle East is set afire, and the world teeters on the precipice of all-out war.

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Mark Levin’s “I Accuse” Moment on Hannity Starts a New “National Discussion”

Mark Levin (Source: Mark Taylor:

Mark Levin (Source: Mark Taylor:

By Susan D. Harris

“As they have dared, so shall I dare. Dare to tell the truth, as I have pledged to tell it, in full, since the normal channels of justice have failed to do so.” – Emile Zola in J’accuse (I Accuse)

Mark Levin, as he often does, had an “I Accuse” moment the other night on Fox News’ Hannity. The segment needs to be read. It needs to be watched. It needs to be nailed to the White House door in a manner similar to Luther’s 95 theses.

Here are the high points of the exchange:

Hannity: Prime Minister Netanyahu had to battle not only liberals in his own country, but the Obama machine on the ground there. The President didn’t pick up the phone today, but he did call the president of Iran when he won. He did call Putin when he won. He did call Mohamed Morsi — who referred to Israelis as descendants of apes and pigs. He called the president of Turkey and (other) leaders when they won in China and Saudi Arabia. …why can’t he pick up a phone and call our #1 ally and the only democracy in the region?

Levin: You just said it. He doesn’t like democracy. He doesn’t like Congress. He’s got a pen and a phone and when Congress doesn’t do what he says he’s off doing his best Benito Mussolini. Netanyahu just won in a landslide. Obama’s never won in a landslide. The American people rose up in November and told Obama how they are disgusted with his programs and his policies and what did he do? He turned around and spat in our faces. And he does the same in 2010 when they lose the House of Representatives. Obama has more ability to work with dictators and genocidal types than he does with people who are elected democratically.

The fact of the matter, Sean, I want to say this and it’s important. Eric Holder said this nation is full of cowards because we won’t have a discussion about race. Well, I think this nation needs to have a discussion about what’s going on in this White House and this administration about anti-Semitism.

Because this White House, it’s reaching out to Sharpton, the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, all these radical nut jobs and groups, their policies which are — it’s not just Netanyahu. They’re willing to throw Israel over the side for the Islamic regime in Tehran. This president’s former relationships with Khalidi — the professor in Columbia now, with Wright — the so-called reverend from Chicago. This president has a lot to answer for. And his conduct is contemptible…

…And I don’t care how many liberal Democrat donors he has who are Jewish. He can hide behind them all he wants. But Mr. Holder, Mr. Obama, let’s have a national discussion about the anti-Semitism that reeks from your administration.

HANNITY: Do you think the president’s anti-Semitic, Mark?

LEVIN: I personally do. Yes, I do. Has he demonstrated otherwise? Israel is surrounded. Israel was under attack with Hamas. His State Department puts out these preposterous statements about moral relevancy. Israel’s taking missiles; this president is holding back ammunition, slow-walking it. Does this sound like a guy who has a rational system for his belief system? I don’t think so.

He continued:

He’s outclassed. This man had two years in the Senate. Before that he had really no experience at anything other than rabble-rousing and sitting in the back of the state senate in Illinois and cavorting with the most radical…people imaginable. The fact of the matter is he resorts to his ideology; he’s very thin-skinned, and he’s very stubborn. On top of all the rest of it, I’ve said before, he’s a nihilist and he’s a narcissist. This isn’t name-calling, this is analysis.

It isn’t the first time Levin has accused the president of being an anti-Semite. As recently as three weeks ago he was defending the accusation on his radio show saying, “When I said Obama was an anti-Semite, I didn’t say that to be controversial or provocative. I mean it.”

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A.B. Stoddard Has a Fit Over Conservatives’ “Obama Derangement Syndrome”

A.B. Stoddard

A.B. Stoddard

By Susan D. Harris

On Wednesday night’s edition of Special Edition with Brett Baier, The Hill’s A.B. Stoddard had nothing less than a hissy fit over Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s recent comments during a Playboy interview.

The subjects of Stoddard’s attack were two Cheney quotes presented for commentary by Baier. The first concerned whether Mr. Cheney felt that President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder were correct in suggesting that race played a role in some attacks against them. Cheney responded:

I think they’re playing the race card, in my view. Certainly we haven’t given up—nor should we give up—the right to criticize an administration and public officials. To say that we criticize, or that I criticize, Barack Obama or Eric Holder because of race, I just think it’s obviously not true. My view of it is the criticism is merited because of performance—or lack of performance, because of incompetence. It hasn’t got anything to do with race.

The other quote was a response to Obama’s claim that under his leadership, “core Al Qaeda” has been decimated. Cheney answered:

It’s a very dangerous situation. I think the threat is growing steadily, and I think our capacity to deal with it is rapidly diminishing. I look at Barack Obama and I see the worst president in my lifetime, without question—and that’s saying something. I used to have significant criticism of Jimmy Carter, but compared to Barack Obama and the damage he is doing to the nation—it’s a tragedy, a real tragedy, and we are going to pay a hell of a price just trying to dig out from under his presidency.

After this quote, Stoddard passionately responded:

It’s just so gratuitous and undignified and unnecessary. There’s so many things he could have said in this interview…just because you feel something, even things that are true, doesn’t mean you should say them.

She went on to say that Cheney could have said “we need to build up our military, there’s a caliphate building by both the Islamic State and Iraq…Maybe he didn’t see race in the Ferguson riots. But he just cannot stop piling on, and it’s beneath the dignity of his office as it was when Biden said that blacks would be back in chains. What he does is he helps Democrats raise money on this notion that people have this Obama derangement syndrome…I just think it’s unnecessary.

Stoddard seemed to miss the gravity of what Cheney said. We are going to have to pay a hell of price for what Obama has done to this country; the former vice-president only said what millions of Americans strongly believe.

I’d like to ask Ms. Stoddard, “What exactly is Obama derangement syndrome?” Is it the fact that millions of Americans are out of work and the national debt has reached historic levels? Is it the fact that the entire Middle East is on fire and our current administration has repeatedly degraded Israel and her leaders while they come under increasing threat from that fire? Is it the fact that Conservative organizations were unable to raise funds prior to the 2012 presidential election because Obama’s IRS targeted them? Is it the fact that an American ambassador and three others were killed at Benghazi and the President and his staff continually lied to the American people about the attack? Is it the fact that an unconstitutional healthcare system was forced down Americans throats and many of us with chronic or terminal health problems are finding it harder to get decent healthcare than before Obamacare?

If that’s Obama derangement syndrome, then yes, we have it in spades.

Just a couple of days ago, Obama threw the blame darts once again, saying that ISIL was a “direct outgrowth of al Qaeda in Iraq that grew out of our invasion.” Blaming Bush plays right into Obama’s base as the people who had “Countdown till Bush out of office” calendars are still out there still begging Obama to feed their irrational hatred – and he throws them red meat every chance he gets.

The conservative right does not have an irrational hatred of President Obama however. They have a well-founded righteous anger at watching their nation destroyed and the world set ablaze.

Stoddard seems to think Emily Post’s Etiquette book applies when the house is burning down – that we should all take a few minutes to say “please” and “thank you” as we rush the exits. Sorry, but all bets are off. I applaud Mr. Cheney’s comments.

While Stoddard does great commentary condemning progressives; her fierce, animated condemnation of these comments, no matter who they may have come from, is unsettling. In the context of her comments becoming ammunition for a left wing that uses any ammunition they can get, it was infuriating.

Originally published in Freedom Outpost:

America 2025: Will This Be Our Reality?

Bird Drone

Bird Drone

By Susan D. Harris

Note: The author has framed this in the context of a diary entry in the year 2025.

We’re living off-grid in a hidden community in Idaho. We’re Christians and Jews living side by side as modern desperados; illegal refugees in our own country. We are constantly on the lookout for the drones that seek us out. Although we try to stay positive, there is always a foreboding that our time is short. Still I can’t help but be inspired by a quote I heard once:

I must uphold my ideals, for perhaps the time will come when I shall be able to carry them out.

Some of us ventured into a city the other day, and I was overcome with an urge to make a record of what life is like now, in case some future generation becomes curious. I will write the things that have impressed themselves on my mind the most. So Dear Diary, this is life in America in 2025:

  • We live as we do because I and the people I am with are considered terrorists for adhering to fundamental Christian or Jewish beliefs. We are peaceful, but refuse to relinquish our guns.

  • When we entered the city, we had to sneak past the National Military Police (NMP). They consist of men and women that used to be local police, sheriff’s or state troopers. They were retrained and weaponized by the U.S. government and they’re the only people allowed to have guns — except for the criminals and gangs who occupy the “Free Zones.” These zones occupy about 1/3 of the country and are called “free” because the NMP abandoned them. They are monitored only by drones.

  • The Islamic State of America (I.S.A.) controls another 1/3 of the United States. Similar to “Free Zones,” the military police do not enter these areas, but allow Sharia Law to govern as the I.S.A. sees fit. This was determined by the Supreme Court who said the I.S.A. had such rights because they were given them by the Constitution…life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  • The U.S. Supreme Court operates under the aegis of the United Nations. Any ruling the Supreme Court makes can be overturned by the U.N.

  • The majority of “marriages” in the United States are between those who practice sodomy. Many of these abominations are between three sodomy practitioners, three heterosexuals, or both. “Marriage” between three people is the accepted norm, and a group called “People for Marriage Equality” is petitioning the government to increase the number of partners one is allowed to “marry.”

Fertility clinics are injecting the sperm of two or three sodomite men into a single egg; lesbians are having multiple eggs mixed in a similar manner. The most popular news story on the day we visited the city was about a man who “married” both his male and female lovers. Now a trio, the two “husbands” and their “wife” had their first biological child. The picture on the internet shows all three embracing their son. It’s amazing how the little boy looks like all three parents! Most people reading the story were weeping with joy. “Nothing Can Stop True Love” declared the headline that dominated internet news screens that lined the streets. (The government provides interactive internet screens on most public thoroughfares. They determine what we are allowed to see. The news is reviewed by a government agency before being displayed to ensure it’s fair and balanced.)

  • Some states are allowing adults to marry children as young as five. They say they can’t help who they love; they are born that way and no one has the right to stop them from being happy. Love, they say, cannot be regulated.

  • Jesus Christ is no longer considered the Son of God to most “intelligent” Christians. They say he was a great man like GandhiMartin Luther King or Confucius. Most Christians (though there are some hold-outs), consider the Bible to be nothing more than allegory — like Aesop’s Fables. A true Christian today draws from all faiths – spokes in a wheel all leading to one god.

  • There are some radical Jews still calling themselves “Orthodox;” but most of those are in Israel. Most American Jews consider themselves too smart to be sucked into such narrow-minded dogma as adherence to Torah or Rabbinic law.

  • Israel is a tiny country that borders the much more respected State of Palestine. Still, most countries find Israel to be a continual annoyance because they exist. Most agree that if the Jews would just keep quiet and stop making impossible demands, the world would be a more peaceful place.

  • Iran is head of the United Nations Security Council. They became a nuclear power and threatened to bomb Israel if they did not give up large swaths of their land and divide Jerusalem. The United Nations mediated and the Zionist Union in Israel agreed it was time to make major concessions; the world sighed as a crisis was averted.

  • For years China had been buying copious amounts of U.S. real estate, energy assets and businesses. When we were at our weakest, they called in our debt. The biggest economies in the world could no longer trade with the worthless U.S. dollar. We now trade exclusively in Chinese Renminbi (RMB).

  • China maintains our infrastructure.

  • North Korea used tabun and mustard gas on South Korea, killing tens of thousands. A small amount of U.S. military personnel were also killed. Luckily we had pulled most of them out prior to the attack due to lack of funding. At the urging of China and in light of its ownership of our economy, the United States did not respond militarily. Besides…

  • The United States military is largely symbolic. At the request of Russia, China, and Iran most of our aircraft carriers, fighter jets and bombers have been eliminated so that we would no longer pose a threat to global peace and prosperity.

  • In accordance with Planet Sustainability Laws, the United Nations has imposed a partial moratorium on the number of offspring humans can have in certain geographical locations. Maps that help people identify what “reproduction zone” they are in are posted in local Sustainability Centers where free birth control is also available.

  • The majority of people in America do not own their own homes.

  • The majority of television programming consists of live sex shows, live murder shows or sports. Millions of people are entered in the national lottery to appear on the sex and murder shows.

  • Neutrality laws have eliminated political discourse on radio and television. Violations incur heavy fines or imprisonment.

  • There is still a two party system, but there are so many more registered Democrats than Republicans that it’s pointless. A law requires anyone who registers Republican to pay twice as much in Federal Income and property taxes. They also face death threats from their neighbors.

  • Private transportation is being phased out, but many people cannot afford the federal fee for disposing of personal vehicles; large, illegal car dumps are popping up across the country. People are forced to use “green” bicycle paths as their main form of transport. Many of the old or infirmed have died because they were not able to cycle. People say it’s just as well; they were a drain on the planet.

  • Most Americans can no longer afford the expense of old-fashioned burials, so the government maintains a “Forever Field” in every county in the country. Consisting of mass trenches dug by inmates, they are based on the great, anonymous trench system used on New York’s Hart Island.

There’s so much more, but I have to go because one of our lookouts thinks the bird he saw may have been a drone. I don’t know what else to say except I wish more people had tried to save the country. It all happened so fast; but I remember how it was before. Dear Diary, if anyone finds you, let them tell the story…

Don’t let it be forgot,

That once there was a spot,

For one brief shining moment,

That was known as Camelot…the United States of America



Also referenced in the article:

Hart Island, New York State

Since 1980, 62,324 people have been buried in mass graves on Hart Island; including those who cannot afford a burial and unclaimed bodies.



The Poky Little Puppy’s Covert NWO Agenda


By Susan D. Harris

Published in Freedom Outpost

Little Golden Books have been making money for a German company with roots in the Third Reich and a future hell-bent on New World Order governance. This is the disturbing tale of how The Poky Little Puppy and his friends fell into foreign hands.

Having held a lifelong enchantment with Little Golden Books, especially illustrators like Eloise WilkinGarth Williams, and Richard Scarry, I casually decided to find out who currently holds the copyrights to these timeless classics that were a mainstay of American childhood for decades.

This is when things got a little confusing. A quick look at their website shows they are published by Random House, a Penguin Random House Company. Penguin Random House is a principle division of the German company Bertelsmann SE, the global mass media conglomerate. Their name is prominently displayed on the Random House Children’s Books Apps page. Bertelsmann is run by the Mohn family, whose past is connected to fascism and whose future is committed to socialism or communism, depending on who you talk to.

Heinrich Mohn prospered in the family publishing business in Germany under the Third Reich, while his son, Reinhard Mohn, fought with Rommel’s Afrika Korps in WWII. The Guardian reported that Heinrich was a member of the SS. So you could say that Little Golden Books — created by Americans and marketed to American children during the dark days of WWII when their fathers and brothers were at war — are now owned by a company that aided the Holocaust.

In 2002, Deutsche Welle released the results of an Independent Historical Commission “set up to research Bertelsmann’s wartime history.” The commission was started after Bertelsmann mislead the public about their relationship with the Third Reich in order to gain favor prior to buying Random House in 1998. In fact, ever since 1945, the company had perpetuated the legend that they had played an active role in the Nazi Resistance; a story they’d used to successfully convince occupying forces to grant them a publishing license.

Of course, Bertelsmann had an ace in the hole in 1998 — the Random House acquisition was facilitated by Jewish-American businessman Richard Sarnoff. (Richard’s great-uncle was media mogul David Sarnoff.) Richard went on to become co-chairman of Bertelsmann and “played a key role in the strategic and corporate development activities of Bertelsmann Inc. in the U.S. and in Asia.”

Some people’s memories weren’t so short concerning Bertelsmann’s Nazi past, however, nor were they dissuaded by the Sarnoff name. In December 1998, The Nation published an article bluntly titled “Bertelsmann’s Nazi Past,” while the Swiss weekly Die Weltwoche ran a similar piece. How was this news received? In January 1999, journalist Elizabeth Mannus penned an article titled, “Bertelsmann’s Nazi Past Gets Ho-Hummed in the U.S.”

Mannus explained that Peter Olson, then Random House’s chairman and chief executive, sent a memo to all employees saying “that their new owners were facing some tough accusations.”

Olson wrote:

During the Nazi era, there were clearly some titles published by Bertelsmann which were not consistent with our values.

He elaborated that the company had published:

…a wide range of Hitlerian propaganda,” including titles such as “People Without Space,” which whipped up enthusiasm for Hitler’s attacks on Germany’s neighbors; and “Between the Vistula and the Volga,” which claimed Jewish people had murdered scores of Ukrainian women and children…A follow-up report…included the news that Bertelsmann, which had begun in 1835 as a publisher of prayer books and hymnals, had published a book called “Sterilization and Euthanasia: A Contribution to Applied Christian Ethics” in 1933.

Olson ended his memo by telling employees that if they had any questions about their new owner’s past, they could call him personally and he would address their concerns. He plainly listed his phone number. Not one person called.

The findings of the commission were even more incriminating. Their official report stated:

…many of (Bertelsmann’s) works also contained extreme derogatory texts about foreigners and Jews…several of the company’s printing houses in Vilnius, Lithuania, relied on cheap Jewish laborers from the local ghetto to run their presses…it is very likely that Nazi slave laborers were used in associated printing houses in Riga, Latvia.

Apparently everyone was okay with that. Even before the report came out, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) honored the Bertelsmann Foundation with an award specifically honoring Reinhard Mohn in 1999. Reinhard, remember, was Heinrich’s son who had joined the Luftwaffe and also served as a lieutenant in Rommel’s Afrika Korps. He was captured by American forces and sent to a POW camp in Kansas where he reportedly learned English and “American business practices.” He took the American model of the “book club” back to Germany, rebuilt the family business, and created a lucrative publishing empire.

In 1999, The Nation wrote that “Although the Bertelsmann Foundation donated about $1 million to the ADL for projects in Germany to promote democracy, human rights and tolerance,” a spokesman for the ADL said the award was for the foundation’s “moral commitment.” The spokesman then “pointed out that the award recognizes the current programs and leadership of the Bertelsmann Foundation and not the past activities of the company.”

So what is the Bertelsmann Foundation doing these days? According to their website, “the North American arm of the Germany-based Bertelsmann Stiftung” was founded in 2008. They “serve as a “Center for European Excellence” and — more broadly — as an international window in the US capital, providing a showcase for global best practices and a venue for thought leaders to exchange ideas for confronting society’s greatest challenges.” (Thought Leaders: Step forward from the Orwellian shadows and report for duty.)

According to Mohn’s will, the foundation is dedicated to European Unity; but apparently their D.C. office has more far-reaching ambitions.

If you’d guess the foundation’s website is peppered with kitschy, New World Order lingo like “sustainability” and “climate change” and phrases like “restructuring our traditional notions of wealth and growth” — you’re right. Check out this video that recently won the Reinhard Mohn prize. It’s right on board with United Nations Agenda 21 and the 1992 Earth Summit. As a matter of fact, you can order “Winning Strategies for a Sustainable Future” — published by the Bertelsmann Foundation — right on the Brookings Institution website. (It probably also sits on Cass Sunstein and Samantha Powers’ coffee table.) The foundation isn’t just about saving the forests; but about orchestrating a “truly global agenda…to develop a fresh approach to global governance.”

To ensure they maintain their prestigious influence, Bertelsmann recently awarded former secretary-general of the U.N., Kofi Annan €200,000 “for his exemplary efforts to promote sustainable development around the world.”

Just as they did in WWII, Bertelsmann still knows whose palms to grease.

Bertelsmann is also making a name for itself with its own think tanks. In 2011, they released a “Social Justice” study that ranked the U.S. at the bottom of the list among rich countries; only Greece, Chile, Mexico, and Turkey fared worse. Last month, they released a report which stated that Muslims in Germany have close ties to their society, and that 90 percent of highly religious Muslims are very supportive of democracy as a form of government. An Islamic expert for Bertelsmann stated that:

Muslims now consider Germany home…However, they find themselves confronted with a negative image that apparently prevails because of a minority of radical Islamists…Muslims and non-Muslims in Germany have a lot in common…that could serve as the basis for feeling ‘we’re in this together.’ For that to happen, however, more people will have to recognize and respect Muslims and their religion.

There was no mention of Sharia law or female genital mutilation. That would have spoiled their plea for unity.

The report was released before the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris.

The bottom line is anything “Bertelsmann” is scary powerful, sickeningly influential and working from a larger agenda. Everything they produce is dripping with U.N. catchphrases like ‘wealth and resource redistribution,’ ‘social justice,’ ‘impact studies,’ and the most dangerous concept currently being thrust upon the world: ‘sustainability.’ The quest for their elusive sustainability demands allegiance to a one world government and worldwide destruction of national sovereignty and borders.

The Bertelsmann umbrella includes so many radio and TV, publishing and music labels it boggles the mind. Regardless of their discarded past, one has to agree with what the editorial director of Yale University Press said way back in 1999:

What’s most dismaying is that [Bertelsmann] now owns so much of American publishing. I think it’s bad for American publishers to be in the hands of foreign conglomerates in any case, but in this case it’s particularly lamentable…I would hate to know what would happen if one of these conglomerates became part of a tyrannical foreign power…What if 40 percent of the American publishing had been owned by German firms in 1932? Things like this happen and happen….We can’t somehow be free of the past…we think it’s over and then it’s not over.

In my trip down memory lane, I was sadly reminded that we are all #oneworld #globalcitizens now. Our future is being planned for us while we mistakenly believe we are the masters of our fate. Since 2001The Poky Little Puppy has been providing revenue for Bertelsmann to employ covert political and economic transformations around the globe. If he’d only been microchipped, he might have found his way back to his original publishing home in Racine, Wisconsin. I hope he never forgets where he came from.

(Note: DreamWorks recently added Little Golden Books to their portfolio, apparently for digital exploitation. Random House apparently retains the rights to book publishing and apps.)



Did the United Nations Just Issue a Veiled Threat to Humanity?

Pagan Tomorrowland God at Tomorrowland Festival, Belgium

Pagan Tomorrowland God at Tomorrowland Festival, Belgium


By Susan D. Harris

If there aren’t enough conspiracy theories floating around already, the latest U.N. Dispatch just kicked things up a notch.

While flipping through television stations, I ran across a concert called “Global Citizen.” This particular concert took place in 2012 in New York City’s Central Park, with over 60,000 people in attendance and millions more watching around the world. I have to admit I had never heard of it. It was a disturbing concert where dozens of shady “New World Order” organizations were committing hundreds of millions of dollars to (supposedly) fight extreme poverty around the world. They unabashedly talked about their affiliation with NGO’s – Non-Governmental Organizations, and like everything else these days, they had their own symbol – a giant red circle. Even the proscenium of the stage was a giant red circle, and many people in the audience wore clothing bearing the same. Attendees received free tickets after “demonstrating their commitment as Global citizens” by taking some action using social media or “doing something for a partner organization.”

The Global Citizen Festival has become an annual occurrence. In 2014, MSNBC carried the broadcast, and network president Phil Griffin said they would carry the 2015 concert as well, because, “This aligns with our values.”

As John Legend came out to perform “Imagine,” the concert became eerily reminiscent of the “brotherhood of man” called for at a similar venue: the “Tommorowland” festivals in Belgium. Hiding behind the façade of promoting electronic dance music, their current promotional video asks people to “Join the Global Family” and the “people of tomorrow” to “unite forever.” Unlike the Global Citizen Festival, Tommorowland makes no promise to end global poverty; in fact it’s unclear who benefits from the festival’s huge proceeds. (Tomorrowland branched out to form “TomorrowWorld” and held its most recent concert in the U.S. state of Georgia.)

Visiting, one can click on the “Social” tab and read featured Tweets such as:

“2015: A year to shake up international development for people & planet!”


“2015 is not an ordinary year – 2015 is a pivotal year for #GlobalCitizens to end extreme poverty by 2030. #Action2030”

Why is 2015 going to be such a pivotal year? The answer becomes clear when you click on a link that takes you directly to the U.N. Dispatch displaying the headline, “Why 2015 Will Be a Huge Year for Humanity.” The first two sentences are shocking. They read:

“Years that shake up the international system do not come around that often. Think: 1945, 1968, 1989, 2000 and 2001.

2015 may be one of those years.”

Well that’s scary. Let’s look at some of those years:

  • 1945 — A year that saw the end of WWII, but it was also a flagship year for the spread of Communism.
  • 1968 — A landmark Civil Rights act was signed in the U.S., but it also saw some of the greatest racial turmoil this country has ever known. On a larger scale, it was marked by chaos worldwide as mass socialist protests challenged the status quo using any excuse they could find.
  • 2000 — The Second Intifada began after Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon dared to ascend the Temple Mount and read from the book of Ezekiel.
  • 2001 — America suffered devastating attacks in New York City and Washington D.C. – events that changed the world forever. Apparently the United Nations viewed these attacks as a jolly opportunity to “shake up the international system.”

So what exactly do they have planned for 2015? Reading on, we find out:

“In 2015 there will be two huge opportunities to shape the course of human history for decades to come. The first will come at the United Nations Summit in September when the international community decides what will replace the Millennium Development Goals when they expire at the end of 2015. The second comes two months later when delegates in Paris convene for a once and final opportunity to secure an internationally binding climate change deal. Taken together these two moments will be exceedingly consequential to the planet and to the lives of the vast majority of the 7 billion people who inhabit it.”

Wow. Really?

As many of us already know, you cannot preserve national sovereignty and be a global citizen at the same time; so destruction of such sovereignty must first take place if the “international community” is to be successful.

One thing is certain: The United Nations is blatantly telling us that something earth-shattering is planned for 2015. Maybe “Global Citizen” and “Tomorrowland” proceeds, along with a myriad of other cloaked monies, have finally cumulated a nice little war chest — one that will enable the Antichrist to reveal himself at last – as he emerges with his army of gullible, faux-Utopian lemmings.


Originally Published at

Tomorrowland Instructions

Tomorrowland Instructions


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A Modern “Christmas Carol”: A Shaken World Struggles its Way to the Manger

By Susan D. Harris

“Something begins, begins;
Starlit and sunlit, something walks abroad
In flesh and spirit and fire.
Something is loosed to change the shaken world.” ~ Stephen Vincent Benet

The road beneath my feet was dry and rocky as I walked toward Bethlehem to see the baby Jesus. It’s a coveted destination for pilgrims like me; and to those of us who sojourn here even the stones that scatter the path are sacred.

I didn’t use frequent flyer miles or have my passport stamped to get there. I simply gazed toward the heavens until the light from one particular star seemed to pierce my consciousness. It became brighter and brighter until its radiance enveloped me; suddenly I was standing on a dark path in a land that wasn’t mine. Yet I was no trespasser in these Judean hills. I was headed for home. I traveled alone, as we all must.

The star shone brightly as I walked forward not knowing how far the manger was or how I would I find it; but I knew I would. My mind was happy, peaceful and content.

My feet were the only noise I heard until the screams of the children. I turned and saw a little boy and girl holding hands as they ran. The girl fell and the boy tugged at her arms until she rose again. Not far behind the children, an innumerable throng of men with crazed-eyes panted after them in hot pursuit. Pedophiles were hunting their prey. “Run!” I yelled to the children. “Run!” The children and those that pursued them ran past me like specters, their images passing through trees and rocks.

I wanted to help the children, but I couldn’t. They weren’t tangible to me here on this road. I could not save them. My heart was overcome with pain.

The path fell silent again, but my peace was shaken. I couldn’t move. I forced my feet forward just so I could hear my soles scraping against the dirt once more. It was soothing, reassuring.

A gentle breeze brushed by me, rustling through the trees, calming my nerves.

The calm was short-lived. A shaft of light rose from the ground in front of me. Rising up from the earth and through the light, there emerged a throng of people. Naked and writhing, they pursued each other like hungry lions. They whipped and beat each other, they twerked and licked and moaned and shrieked as they fulfilled every sexual lust known to man. It mattered not what sex they were, nor what putrid means they used to fulfill their desires. Not even animals or human corpses were forbidden. I stumbled backward as they moved toward me, eyeing me with salacious delight. Backward, backward I went until I fell and raised my arm to shield my eyes from the horrific orgy. A strong gust of wind swept by me and suddenly it was quiet again. I cautiously lowered my arm as my eyes scanned the path. Everyone was gone; only the starlight remained.

“Get up; keep walking,” I urged myself. I rose up, brushing the hallowed dirt from my clothes.

My destination came into view after I crested a small hill. I could see firelight and shadows flickering in the distance. “Closer. I’m getting closer,” I thought. “I must walk faster.”

I became aware of a woman walking toward me on the path. She moved quickly, motioning as though she were angry. In a flash her face was near mine — yelling, shouting obscenities; pushing me, taunting me. Others appeared to join her from nowhere until a mob had formed. They weren’t just thieves after money. They wanted to take anything that wasn’t theirs. Just then a ghost town of brick buildings and plate glass windows rose up on each side of me. The crowd picked up the sacred stones from the road and shattered the windows, then leaped through them like wild horses. They crossed back again, their arms filled with things that were not theirs. They clung to their spoils and howled at the sacred star with evil delight.

I reached down to yank out a shard of glass that had pierced my shoe. My foot was wet with blood. I could see fires igniting in every direction; acrid smoke began to envelop me. “I’ve got to turn back!” My heart was pounding. “No, I must go on,” I resolved. I limped forward, staring straight ahead; my teeth clenched in determination to continue down that venerable path.

Soon I was past that scene. It had faded behind me with every step I’d taken. The blood in my shoe was gone. There was no pain. I walked faster, faster; almost running.

As I came to the outskirts of the town, I began to hear shuffling noises from between the flat-roofed stone houses. A tall figure dressed in black approached me. “Are you a Christian?” he asked. “Yes.” I said firmly. “Will you denounce the Jews?” he asked. “Never!” I said. He raised his hooded head enough for me to see a grotesque smile form across his snarling lips.

“Show him the Christians and the Jews!” he yelled as more black-cloaked figures armed with swords emerged from the darkness. They thrust men, women and children to their knees in the street. “Stop!” I pleaded as the black clad figures swung their swords and innocent blood splattered the air. Human heads dropped all around me with sickening thuds; their silent eyes still begged for help. I could not comfort them. I could not save them. I threw myself at a dark figure to stop the swift downward thrust of his sword as it whooshed toward the neck of the little girl in the blue dress. I pushed back with all my strength until my body plunged out of control, slamming into the side of a hill.

I must have passed out. When I came to, the carnage was gone. The path and sacred stones were no longer stained with the blood of the unstained.

I pushed myself up and ran with all my might, like a man on a train trestle with the iron beast barreling behind him.

Yet as I ran my ears were filled with a cacophony of drumbeats, chants and rhythms. Then chattering voices rose and blended with electronic beeps, ringing, droning airplanes and piercing car horns. I covered my ears in vain to stop the noise.

Then I began to see images spinning around me like a million theater screens in a whirlwind. I saw people watching TV’s, talking on cell phones, crowding stores, staring obsessively at laptops, poking frantically at electronic devices in their hands. I saw news reports and politicians; natural disasters and plagues. I saw traffic and car wrecks and millions of people crammed into streets, subways, elevators, airports. My throat struggled for air as I watched the murders of those who walked the earth, and those killed in the womb.

The worst was yet to come: I felt what they felt. My empathy, sympathy — even my love –disintegrated as I absorbed their apathy, anger, bitterness, hatred and vengeance. Almost worse, I felt their loneliness, fear and despair.

“Too much! Too much! Too much!” I screamed. The noises drew down to long, low-pitched echoes. The speed of the images lessened like a slowing merry-go-round until they crumbled and fell like dust. All I could here now were the sounds of the ancient town: a donkey braying, the clatter of coins, voices murmuring through a window where an oil lamp burned dimly.

I walked on weakly, my body sick and drained of strength. My heart felt like it had melted, dripping hot wax through my veins. My mind was overcome with sadness and confusion. It was as though insanity itself were beckoning me into its giant chasm.

It was then that I looked up to see that the star I’d followed had come to rest over an opening in the side of a hill.

I collapsed; exhausted in body and soul. I felt a hand lift my arm and I staggered to my feet, my eyes fixed only on the entrance to the stable ahead of me. I trudged forward and fell against the heavy wooden beam that framed the threshold.

It was then that I saw the woman lying on her side in the hay, covered with a blanket. Her arm lay under her head as she gazed toward a tiny, red-faced, swaddled babe who squeaked and cooed softly by her side. Kneeling nearby, a man dipped a wooden ladle into a bucket, carefully cradling the water until it reached the woman’s lips.

The animals surrounding them were strangely quiet, as if some secret spirit of reverence had whispered in their ears: “Hush. The baby must sleep.”

I fell to my knees on the roughhewn floor and cried. My body had found its strength again, my mind eternal peace. A light — greater than all the darkness I’d endured — had blazed the heavens to save mankind. In that instant I knew that like the baby
in the manger, I too had overcome the world.


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Destroying God Shows Contempt for Mankind

“And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” John 1:5


By Susan D. Harris

“If this article doesn’t blow open a few doors of perception, I don’t know what will,” Dorothy M. Murdock trumpeted on her Facebook page discussing her new article, “New Research Exposes Hidden Relationship Between Jesus and John the Baptist.” 

Ms. Murdock, who writes as D.M. Murdock or under the Hindu inspired name “Acharya S,” gave her recent article a tantalizing headline.  Many people were no doubt secretly hoping the “hidden relationship” would reveal a steamy homosexual romance.  After all, such salacious sexual accusations about Jesus have been explored a few times over the years, but some people just can’t get enough.  Those people were likely disappointed as Murdock unveiled that the hidden relationship between Jesus and John was a “solar alliance” similar to the Egyptian gods Osiris and Anubis — in that they are simply “presiding dignitaries of the solstices.”

Murdock has been working hard to destroy Christianity since 1999 when she published her first book, “The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold.”   Her opinions have been featured in the movie “Zeitgeist” and Bill Maher’s “Religulous.”  She is a proponent of the Christ Myth theory which is a faux scholarly term for saying “Jesus didn’t exist because (fill in the blank.)”  Not leaving any faith unchallenged, the Jewish religion got a good debunking in her book, “Did Moses Exist? The Myth of the Israelite Lawgiver.”  Lest anyone feel left out, she also authored, “Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled.”  What I can’t get my head around is why someone would dedicate their life to debunking every religion in the world.  I can’t think of a more hurtful, cynical way to spend one’s time.

Posting a link to a YouTube video titled, “Massive Decline in Religion Globally,” Murdock commented thus:

After decades of constant and hard work, in the face of an endless stream of abuse from believers and nonbelievers alike, I’d like to think that some of this “awakening” is attributable to my efforts.

The word “myth” appears in everything Murdock’s written because her goal seems to be to convince everyone of faith that they’ve been brainwashed into a belief that began thousands of years ago when patient zero molded his first golden phallus.  Like her friend Bill Maher, her one redeeming quality is her criticism of Islam.  I’m not sure how seriously I’m supposed to take either of them when they’ve both spent the better part of their creative processes assailing the “religionist insanity” of Christianity.  (Bill Maher mildly mocked Judaism in his movie “Religulous,” but claims it is not “as dangerous as Christianity and Islam…the warlike religions.”)

What bothered me most about Murdock’s latest article concerning Jesus and John the Baptist was that it appeared on the main Yahoo page as if it were a real news story.  Granted, many of Yahoo’s news stories are celebrity gossip concerning Kate Middleton or the Kardashians, but they also aggregate news from all over the web with links to the Associated Press, ABC News and Reuters.  In Murdock’s case, her headline on Yahoo appeared as a link to — a media company that distributes citizen journalism. 

If people are aware that Yahoo is mixing personal commentary in with real news, that’s fine; but I’m sure most people aren’t.  Online browsing lines get blurred.  When it comes to the internet, we are often like children who can’t tell the difference between commercials and reality.  So when I glanced down the page and read, in between AP stories, that there was “new research” that revealed something about Jesus or John the Baptist, I thought someone has deciphered something found in an archaeological dig.  Instead I read an article that quickly degenerated into subheadings like “Anubis the Purifier” and “Oannes the Water God;” penned by a woman who shamelessly used her own self-published books as reference material to support her theories.

In truth, the contents behind this news headline contained no scientific research to break to the world; no unearthed antiquities or barefoot shepherds stumbling across scrolls in a cave…there was only Murdock having various epiphanies as she sifted through her Classical Studies textbooks. 

The idea that everything we hold dear is sprung from pagan roots is a drumbeat that has tirelessly pounded in our ears for far too long.  It bores me.  I’ve come to the conclusion that if I look hard enough, I can find a precedent for everything.  (Ironically, even the Bible says there is no new thing under the sun.) Actually if I look even harder, I can make the grand discovery that we are all but elevated apes with no other purpose but to be born, mate and die.  I can then write an article, sure to be an inspiration to everyone, titled, “Useless Human Life Has Polluted the Planet for Thousands of Years.”  That will be my grain of sand to contribute to the top of the anthill.

Here’s a message Murdock and her ideological contemporaries should take to heart:  Stop trying to destroy faith.  You believe the greatest evils thrust upon mankind have come from religion, yet the godless ideology of Communism killed 100 million people; and that may be a conservative estimate.  This does not include rapes, torture, famines and countless other suffering inflicted during a total absence of “religionist insanity.”

Faith gives people hope, and without hope there is no reason for living, no impetus to go on.  If we want to pray for our sick, find comfort after a death, or grab God’s skyhook as our world spins insanely out of control…who are you to ridicule that?  Who are you to go on a personal crusade in an effort to destroy that?

In such hopeless thinking, one can argue that if life is indeed as meaningless and short as a mayfly, perhaps it would be better to spend your time inspiring people to hold on to a good and just and loving concept of the Divine.  A Gallup Poll showed that “very religious Americans live healthier lives,” even as a Harris Poll revealed that faith in America is declining.  So one could conclude — scientifically like the freethinkers, atheists and secular humanists would prefer — that in addition to all the other problems assailing us, we will be living less happy, less healthy lives when we finally come to the realization that our God doesn’t exist.

The last time I looked, there were no freethinkers, atheists, secular humanists or skeptic societies organizing free food and clothing giveaways for the poor in my city.  When I needed food, the Catholics sustained me. When I needed a winter coat and boots, the Protestants kept me warm.  Every time I feel like life is too hard and I can’t go on, I fall to my knees in despair and God miraculously lifts me up again.

I can find no redeeming quality, kindness, or service to mankind  in Murdock, and others like her, spending every waking minute trying to convince people that God is a fairy tale.  I can only find a disturbing contempt for mankind.

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Cultural Murder: How Progressives Killed Poetry

November 3, 2014

Appearing on Renew America as:

By Susan D. Harris

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Poetry as enjoyment for the masses is dead, and it will likely have a poorly written epitaph if modern poets have their say.

I’m sure many people will be happy or apathetic to hear of its demise; largely because for the last forty years its deteriorating quality has turned it into an embarrassing joke.

The satire of Herman Munster best reflected the generation that began the downward spiral of poetry from its pinnacle as an art form:

Life is real, life is earnest
If you’re cold, turn up the furnace

Reactions to his musings were much the same that the esoteric elite would express today: “Man, that cat is deep…what a message.”

Having scoured most poetry outlets in the country, I’ve found nothing that comes even remotely close to, or strives to attain, the pure perfection of:

So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

There are a multitude of examples which I could quote to prove how badly contemporary poetry has degenerated into an unpleasant experience; but I’ll spare readers the torture. A normal person’s reaction to modern poetry usually fluctuates between laughter, confusion, or downright anger at the slaughter of the English language. While modern poets are admired in their cloistered academic circles, no one has whispered to them that poetry does not exist unless it is embraced by the common man.

Meanwhile, established corps d’elite literary cliques are raking in vast sums of money (sometimes called ‘reading fees’) from aspiring poets who enter futile contests they can never win. Contest guidelines instruct them to adhere to ludicrous rules such as length and theme; and a general disdain for any type of rhyme or meter is best expressed in their lists of previous winners. Had things always been this way, Frost, Longfellow, Keats and Kipling would have died in obscurity; Shakespeare’s sonnets would be lost to history.

Anis Shivanni, a writer from Houston, TX, put it best when he observed that the only means available to publish poetry today is through poetry contests. He contends:

… that’s one way poetry is being killed in this country, reduced to consensus-by-committee, stripped of individual vision, yielding vast parchments of conformity and mediocrity, worth only as means of boosting resumes and securing academic jobs. Our poetry is haunted today by a blind adherence to lack of ambition – and the poetry contest model is part of the problem.

Poetry contests and awards seem to be confusing in their own right. The New England Poetry Club claims to have “the oldest poetry reading series in the country.” Founded in 1915 by American poets Amy Lowell, Conrad Aiken and Robert Frost, it is disconcerting that none of their awards are named after their American founders. Indeed the top prize, the Daniel Varoujan Award, is named in honor of an Armenian poet who was killed by the Turks. His only link to America seems to be the Armenian-Americans who now run the New England Poetry Club.

Then there is the Poetry Foundation which gives out a Mark Twain Poetry Award“in the hope that American poetry will in time produce its own Mark Twain.” (Yes, those are the actual words from their website.) Apparently they don’t think the talent pool is worthy enough – they haven’t had a winner since 2008.

The greatest lament by far is that the death of lyrical, metered, rhymed poetry is the death of that part of the English language that combines the mathematical beauty of geometry with the symphony of a Strauss waltz.

The day is done and the darkness
Falls from the wings of Night
As a feather is wafted downward
From an eagle in his flight.

Poetry may have been the proverbial canary in the coal mine. As it muddled its way through the purple haze of the ’60s drug culture, it became clear that anti-establishment ideology was manifesting itself in areas we hadn’t anticipated. Meter and rhyme were being as joyfully discarded as feminist bras. Women eventually reclaimed their bras, but verse – like many other cultural traditions – would never be the same again.

In the 20th century, modernism was skillfully employed by poets like Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot. However, instead of being embraced as an additional means of expression, it eventually usurped traditional poetry; perhaps in the same way that secular humanism and homosexuality were cordially given a seat at the table, but eventually became giddy with power and set out to usurp Christianity and heterosexuality.

In 1985, traditional poetry was labeled “New Formalism,” and the movement that called for a return to traditional poetic forms was accused of being “intrinsically feudal, right wing, and “un-American.” To this day, liberals can usually be identified by their Bohemian frenzy of words, while conservatives assemble them with the algorithm of a Rubik’s Cube. Sadly, in contemporary poetry, liberals rule.

(Alas, it’s only a coincidence that research findings in cerebral laterality are disputing that the left rules. In “Poetry As Right-Hemispheric Language,” author Julie Kane asserts that it is “the degree of right-hemispheric involvement in language…that differentiates “poetic,” or “literary” from “referential” or “technical” speech and texts.)

One of the best-loved poets of the day, at least among fellow poets, is CAConrad. Poet Paul Legault says, “CAConrad’s poetic practice infiltrates his entire being – with this Whitmanian-Ginsbergian anarchist-American-ness.”

A 2010 Huffington Post article proclaimed, “The Greatest Muslim Poet? He’s Also the Best-Selling Poet in America.” It was referring to a 13th Century Persian poet named Rumi, at whose funeral the author tells us “Christians proclaimed, “He was our Jesus!” while Jews cried, “He was our Moses!” Thirteen years earlier, the “Rumi Revival” had begun as his translated books sold a quarter of a million copies, and recordings of his poems made it to Billboard’s Top 20 list. New Age gurus like Deepak Chopra were riding the “anything goes” spiritual wave, offering Rumi as a “spiritual quick fix” to those with “open minds.”

With writers like a 13th Century Sufi Mystic and a Ginsbergian-anarchist dominating the poetic landscape, it’s no surprise that expressions of Judeo-Christian worship or American patriotism usually disqualify you in most poetry contests. While not openly opposed, elite liberal judges collect their money and file your entry in the waste can. Your best chance for acceptance is to write love poems for the planet, odes to climate change, or anything to follow the “rich tradition of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer poets” in the burgeoning field of LGBTQ poetry. If that fails, you may find your niche in atheist,anti-war, or feminist poetry.

In a country that is struggling to afford basic needs like food and medical care, enabling artistic expression necessarily takes a backseat. There will likely be even fewer outlets for poets in the foreseeable future.

Gone are the days when an aspiring poet can pen a poem, send it to their local newspaper, and feel fulfilled when their neighbors memorize it or put it on that traditional place of American honor – the refrigerator; or press a clipped copy lovingly between the pages of a treasured book. Like the toys on Rudolph’s Island of Misfit toys that are never truly happy until they’re loved by a child, a poem is never happy until someone lovingly recites it as they gaze at the stars.

Grappling With the Unseen —- Ghosts!

October 31, 2014

Grappling with the Unseen: Ghosts

“The greatest thing you have to fear walks on two legs.”  That was what my parents taught us children whenever we got spooked or watched a ghost story on TV.  It was a smart thing to drill into a kid in case he stupidly passed off a nighttime burglary as a ghostly disturbance.  Later in life however, I found myself trying to unravel the mysteries of the unseen world.

I was working in an old house that had been converted to business offices.  It was a bright, sunny, summer day and I was alone in the building.  I had unwrapped two reams of paper, one for the copier and another to put on a shelf.  Well trained by copier technicians, I fanned both reams – a common practice to prevent jams.  As soon as I’d set the second ream on the shelf, it fanned itself in the same way I’d just done.  I immediately said a prayer for protection.  When faced with the unexplained, one turns to the highest power.  In my case it was a Christian prayer.

I was perplexed.  How could an entire ream of paper fan itself?  I turned and looked at the window, already knowing it wasn’t open.  There was no air moving, everything was still.  I tried to recreate it; that didn’t work.  There was no logical explanation.  I went on working, feeling stupid as I occasionally crept to the other room to look at the paper, as if I could catch it fluttering away by itself.  Of one thing I was certain — I wasn’t going to tell my coworkers.

The next unexplained occurrence happened again when I was alone.  About a dozen people worked in my building, and everyone had left for a meeting.  With a clear view of the door, I had seen them all leave so I was surprised when I heard people walking and talking upstairs.  They were making a ruckus, and I was concerned they would miss their meeting.  I went to the bottom of the stairs and yelled, “Hey, who’s up there?  You guys know that meeting started fifteen minutes ago right?”  Silence.  I called again.  Nothing.  I walked upstairs cautiously; perplexed but not scared.  The idea that no one was up there hadn’t even occurred to me.  But no one was up there.  I stood in a hallway and looked down to an office where I heard a heavy thud on the floor.  Relieved that Jack was in there, I thought he must have thrown some very heavy binders down.  “Jack?” I called.  No answer.  His high back chair was turned away from me toward the window.  As I walked toward it, my mind suddenly flashed a scene of Norman Bates mother in Psycho.  I swung the chair around quickly. It was empty.

Later that day, I commented casually to my mother that I thought I was working in a haunted house.  She casually listened.  I told her about the footsteps…and the trash can.

Under my desk sat a flip top trashcan.  The lid would flip by itself so violently I’d jump out of my seat.  It was as if someone who had never seen one was playing with it.  Though annoying, I learned to ignore it. When the bathroom faucet turned on full force immediately after I turned it off, I stood and stared at it.  That is what we humans do best — stare blankly at things we don’t understand.  At least dogs know to bark.

One of my oddest experiences was watching a highlighter click in and out by itself, as if something or someone was amused by it.

Finally one day, a respected coworker stood in the middle of the building and declared to anyone that would listen that the place was haunted.  For demographic interest – he was politically conservative, Protestant, and otherwise ate, drank and slept “profit margin.”  I nearly fell over.  He described many of the same things I’d experienced; loud footsteps, shuddering thumps; clamoring sounds in the next office only to find no one there.  He was a rational man making seemingly irrational claims.

I felt vindicated.  Later, another coworker — a liberal and devout Catholic — confessed to hearing all hell breaking loose in the building whenever he was left alone after 5:00 p.m.  On this point, both men agreed.

I was now faced with a possibly life-changing question.  What causes so-called paranormal activity and how did it fit into my Christian worldview?

One thing I learned:   Don’t bother pondering this question with those who have never experienced what is commonly referred to as a “ghost.”  It’s like trying to convince an atheist there’s a God.  Until you can prove the unprovable — it’s pointless.

“What do I believe in?” I asked myself.  “I believe in God and Satan; demons and angels, good and evil” I responded.  I am skeptical, however, that all things “paranormal” are the result of demonic or angelic activity.

I do believe evil can exist in structures or in certain areas.  I believe in theprincipalities and powers of the Bible.  When I bought my house many years ago, my family and I joined hands the first day and claimed the house for Jesus.  It just seemed like the natural thing to do, and I imagine any faith that believes in evil would conduct itself similarly.

recent poll showed that nearly 45% of Americans believe in ghosts “or that the spirits of dead people can come back in certain places and situations.”  I wrestled with ghosts — or I should say the idea of them.  In the end, I decided that when I thought prayer was needed, God would provide protection and comfort.  My biggest epiphany was accepting that Shakespeare was right:  There were more things in heaven and earth than I could dream of in my philosophy.  I knew the most important thing was not to become obsessed with such things or elevate them above God.  For instance, I wouldn’t purposely seek out the dead for conversation — a practice prohibited in both Judaism and Christianity.  That’s God’s territory.  I don’t even have reason to believe that what are commonly called “ghosts” are spirits of the deceased.  I only know that all will become clear when I have shuffled off this mortal coil.

Ultimately, the supernatural disturbances at my former employer didn’t sway my faith; but strengthened it.  As I plod through this life on my way to meet my God, I don’t mind living with the idea that there are things that are too big for my own comprehension.  I’m okay with that. Knowing how a magician does his tricks spoils the show.  I’d be disappointed in a God who didn’t leave a few surprises up his sleeve.  This world is too full of tangibles and burdensome realities.  Perhaps it’s good to have a few ethereal enigmas thrown in to remind us that we don’t have all the answers and that we are, after all, but wayfaring strangers on our way to another land.

Originally published in American Thinker:

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halloween dog

Armed and Dangerous: Manhunts and Cop Killers


By Susan D. Harris

September 20, 2014

Armed and Dangerous: Manhunts and Cop Killers

The hunt for the 31 year-old suspect who shot two Pennsylvania State Troopers earlier this month, ambushing them near their state police barracks, is eerily reminiscent of two other manhunts in the Northeast.

Most recent was the hunt for deranged cop killer Ralph “Bucky” Phillips in Western NY in 2006. Phillips was wanted for shooting three New York State Troopers, one of whom — Joseph Longobardo — died from his wounds.

Phillips was eventually caught by Pennsylvania State Troopers after a five-month manhunt. Reportedly familiar with the area, he successfully evaded capture as he maneuvered through dense woodlands.

Another manhunt, now seemingly forgotten, took place in 1954 in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.

In the summer of 1954, my mother and father readied to take a weekend getaway a few months after the birth of their first child. Leaving their young son in his grandmother’s eager and capable hands, they set off for the mountains.

They kept abreast of the latest news, so they had heard about the manhunt in the Adirondack State Park; but they proceeded with their plans because, as my mother says, “the world was our oyster and we had the fearlessness of youth.”

After reaching the park, they stopped at a diner in Old Forge. They were running a little behind schedule to make it to Blue Mountain Lake later that night. They wanted to venture as deep into the mountains as they could before concluding with a visit to Lake Placid. At the diner, they overheard conversations about the manhunt for the “bushy-haired gunman.” They noticed posters around town displaying a sketch of a scary-looking man. They looked forward to finding isolation in the mountains, hoping to leave these strange stories behind.

Evening had turned into night as they drove along a lonely road with only their headlights to pierce the darkness. News reports of the “bushy-haired gunman” began to swirl in their minds, as the car radio brought them closer to reality. My mother broke the silence:  “If we so much as see one person along this road I think I will scream.” A short time passed and my father sighed “Oh no, I meant to get more gas back at that last town.” My mother let out a low groan. After a while they saw a dizzying array of flashing police lights in the distance. They found themselves in a roadblock in the middle of (what was then) the greatest manhunt in New York State history and one of the largest in the country. Surrounded by heavy woods on both sides, they felt uneasy even with the large police presence. After being questioned as to whether they had seen anything strange on their drive, they went on their way.

“Spooked” didn’t even begin to describe how they felt as they came into Blue Mountain Lake running on gas fumes in the middle of the night.

The next day, they pulled into a parking lot to look at a map. My father got out of the car to look around and quickly jumped back in after hearing a noise in the woods. Were they just on edge or was someone really there?

Not to be deterred, they finished their getaway despite massive police presence throughout the mountains.

After returning home, they followed the hunt for the bushy-haired gunman in the newspapers and radio.

Were they right to have been scared traveling those remote roads at night? Indeed they were.  Later they would learn that the gunman had traveled 300 miles on foot through the Adirondack Park; across Franklin, Hamilton, Fulton, Montgomery, and Schoharie Counties. The manhunt began in August, but the hotly pursued gunman did not leave the Adirondack Park until October.

Twenty-nine-year old James Call was a decorated Air Force major who had flown 18 combat missions over Korea. After losing his young wife to liver failure, he went AWOL from Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. For reasons unknown, he headed to the Adirondacks, stealing from homes and camps all along the way. Burglaries skyrocketed in the Lake Placid area, and $100,000 in jewels were stolen from the Lake Placid Club.

Responding to reports of a squatter in a cabin, four Lake Placid Police officers surrounded the structure before rushing the door. They were, after all, looking for a thief not a murderer. Call was hidden in a shower stall in the basement, waiting. Officer Richard Pelkey was the first one to enter the basement. Call shot him twice in the abdomen with a Luger. He shot the next officer twice in the stomach, then used him as a human shield before shooting another officer twice in the chest. As the gunman retreated through the back door, the fourth officer held his fire, unable to get a clear shot. Call dropped the injured officer he held in front of him, and ran into the woods. Officer Pelkey died eight days later. The two other injured officers recovered.

Call’s disheveled appearance and wild hair earned him the notorious nickname.

He evaded capture for nearly 3 months. At one point, he emerged from the woods clean-shaven and joined a group of young boys playing softball in Tupper Lake. He played with them all morning, and they brought him lunch in the afternoon. One of the mothers became suspicious that a stranger was asking for food and called the police. After displaying a fake ID to the police who tracked him down, they reported the man “clean-shaven, neatly clothed, very cooperative, self-assured and amiable.” They warned him to be careful of the “bushy-haired gunman” before bidding him goodbye. Call disappeared into the woods again.

In November, Call was arrested on an unrelated charge in Reno, Nevada. An observant newspaper reporter who was present when Call was being booked at the police station noticed a newspaper clipping that had been taken from Call’s wallet. It was about the hunt for the “bushy-haired gunman” in New York. The reporter contacted Lake Placid police. The next day two Lake Placid officers arrived in Nevada. Call was identified as the New York gunman by fingerprints.

When brought back to New York, Call led officers through the places he had camped, explaining how he had used pepper to throw off the dogs. He also told chilling accounts of how he hid in the woods for hours near numerous roadblocks, watching both the officers and the cars they stopped.

Call was sentenced to 20 years in prison for first-degree murder. He served nearly 14 years.  After his release, he moved to Ohio and married a woman 25 years his junior. Four years later, after purchasing a Lotus Europa racing car, he hit a guard rail at 90 mph. The guard rail pierced the driver’s side door clear through the passenger door. Call had literally been impaled with a giant steel lance. Thus ended the tale of the Bushy-Haired Gunman.

Today we rightfully question whether America is becoming a “police state.” We see disturbing stories of SWAT raids, drones, and use of excessive force. At the same time, we see decent men and women who have chosen to live their lives as the only barrier between civilized society and anarchy. And we have seen them die — too many through the years — for making that choice.

One thing is certain — when we see men like Officer Pelkey or Pennsylvania State Trooper Cpl. Bryon Dickson II gunned down in cold blood, we are reminded that a barrier between evil and good must exist in order to protect the innocent in society. Regretfully, that barrier must be reinforced with the blood of each successive generation.

Today, as our world spins out of control, it is imperative that we maintain a checked and respected police force in order to stave off the unchecked lawlessness and depraved criminality that bangs at our door… or hides in our woods.

(Note: The 2004 book Tailspin: The Strange Case of Major Call proposes the theory that Major James Call was the killer of Marilyn Sheppard, wife of Dr. Sam Sheppard.)

Originally published in American Thinker:

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Politicians: Why Aren’t You in Mexico Helping our Marine?


By Susan D. Harris

The wild, lawless country of Mexico took to their illegitimate courtroom for another round of in-your-face international goading.  In short, they flipped the bird to America once again.  It isn’t enough they send us their drug cartels or assist thousands of illegals in trampling our border; now they have successfully made a scapegoat of a United States Marine.

Sgt. Tahmooressi’s latest hearing was Tuesday.  Tahmooressi was not in the courtroom, but his mother was.  His lawyer, Fernando Benitez, declared a victory, based on his own personal assessment.  Despite this so-called victory, Fox News reported on Wednesday that “the bottom line is [Tahmooressi’s] not going anywhere soon.”

Mexican officials want to waste their time poring over hours of video footage to review Tahmooressi’s wrong turn, all the while pretending he is some sort of one-man army hell-bent on destroying Mexico.

Tahmooressi has been in prison for six months and suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after serving two combat tours in Afghanistan.  He faces up to 21 years in a Mexican prison because poor signage directed him into Mexico instead of back to San Diego.  That’s even less of an offense than Les Misérables’ Jean Valjean stealing a loaf of bread for his starving family.

What I want to know is, why was Sgt. Tahmooressi’s mother unaccompanied in the courtroom?  Why wasn’t she surrounded with a delegation of congressmen from the United States?  For all the good people calling for the release of Tahmooressi, why weren’t there more people demanding a seat in that courtroom as a show of force and support?

Where were any of the 71 bipartisan signers of the congressional letter sent to Tijuana Judge Victor Octavio Luna Escobedo?  Sent last July, it was apparently laughed off and roundly disposed of.

We know that President Obama and John Kerry have no inclination or power to accomplish the release of this sergeant.  So where are the Republicans who have denounced this injustice?  Are they afraid it would look too “political” if they went to Mexico?  Do we even care about the appearance of politics when it comes to injustice?  Would you care about the appearance of politics if you were Sgt. Tahmooressi?

And what about well-known American celebrities calling for Tahmooressi’s release?  Where were they?  If they had the money and means, they should have been there.  If I had the money and means, I would have been there.

The entire saga of Sgt. Tahmooressi is one of the most disgusting miscarriages of justice we have seen, specifically because it had the potential to be resolved quickly with the right leadership but wasn’t.

This country is mired in a swamp of inaction where, real action is substituted with empty words.  We won’t even impeach a tyrannical president because we’re afraid the Democrats will profit from it and score big wins in November.  We might as well trash the impeachment process altogether, because if we can’t use it now, it is worth nothing for eternity.

Governor Rick Perry, Senator Ted Cruz, and all the rest who have called for Tahmooressi’s release: shame on you for not showing up in that Mexican courtroom.  Don’t tell us all the reasons it wouldn’t have “looked good” or wouldn’t have been the right thing to do.  Just charter a plane and put your money where your mouth is.

Published in American Thinker at:

True Whores of Babylon Exposed:Beyonce, Minaj, Cyrus

By Susan D. Harris

(Note: Saddest part? Most Christians reading this were more offended by the Biblical word “whore” than Nicki Minaj’s thumping bare buttocks.)

Nicki Minaj’s new song, “Anaconda,” broke the 24-hour view record (19.6 million views) this month, surpassing Miley Cyrus sitting naked on a wrecking ball in 2013. In the promotional shot for “Anaconda,” Minaj is positioned as if she is defecating. Her bare buttocks look like two over-inflated balloons about to pop. While there is some debate about whether Minaj’s buttocks have been augmented either by silicone injection or implant, the fact remains that an increasing number of women are being driven to such folly with dangerous procedures.

Minaj told ABC news that her new video had a bigger message than her derriere:

“I wanted to reinstate something. Because of the shift in pop culture, even hip-hop men are really glorifying the less curvy body. I wanted to say ‘Hey ladies, you’re beautiful. Hopefully, this changes things and maybe it won’t change things, but I love it.”

Who would have thought Minaj’s explicit pornographic filth would have had such a high and noble aim? Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse, along comes “Anaconda”…a video to be appreciated even by the most hardened pornography addict, but sure to raise the self-esteem of curvy girls everywhere.

In a similar manner, Beyonce used her recent appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA’s) to promote feminism:  A type of feminism which apparently is meant to inspire a greater respect for women who grind on stage, simulate the sex act and sing “bow down bitches” over and over again. Of course Beyonce is the same woman who worked with Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, no doubt causing tens of thousands of American children to search for their new hero on YouTube where she performs any number of overtly sexual acts.

Beyonce’s definition of feminism was immediately questioned on social media.

Not to be outshined by her contemporary patricians working tirelessly for the betterment of mankind, Miley Cyrus picked up a young, attractive homeless man named Jesse for her own personal exploitation. She met him through an organization called My Friend’s Place, which reportedly “helps homeless youth find shelter, healthcare and education.” After winning a VMA award for her video “Sexy Girl,” Cyrus put her hands on Jesse’s shoulders and marched her vassal forward to accept it on her behalf. Listening to his acceptance speech, she sat propped up in front of the audience, putting on a dramatic performance as she wiped tears from her eyes.

What a long way we’ve come since a Puritan — excited to see his wife after being apart for three years — kissed her on the Sabbath day and subsequently spent two hours in the stocks for breaking recognized laws regarding the Sabbath.

Yes, some of those laws were stupid. But I can’t help but think how much these modern whores would benefit from a few hours in the stocks every time they released their contagion to the world.

And the old adage “You don’t have to watch it,” doesn’t cut it for me anymore. We are watching it – by the millions. If you aren’t watching it, you can count on the fact that your spouse, kids or neighbors are. Somewhere, right now, someone is watching Nicki Minaj twitch her buttocks in the same way some people can twitch their ears. For many of them, it will be a gateway video to an addiction that can last a lifetime and destroy families.

Sexting and porn have become part of everyday life for teens in particular. A recent poll by the Institute of Public Policy Research found that “many older teenagers even blame adults for failing to do enough to discourage them from rushing into sex or counter the influence of pornography.”

The worst part is that performers like Beyonce, Minaj and Cyrus don’t even consider what they’re doing pornography. It’s as if covering ones nipples or genitalia is the only prerequisite to wholesome, family entertainment – and judging by their success, the majority of Americans agree.

Most disappointing of all is that these performers are not ostracized by society, but are instead rewarded with fawning fans, money, and lavish lifestyles.

Under the false guise of “liberating women,” these “entertainers” (and others like them) are instead causing women to be looked at as sexual objects only. With sex trafficking, pornography addiction, and rapes on the rise – in America and worldwide – you’d think these three whores of Babylon, (I’m taking liberty with the phrase), might take a moment to reevaluate their immoral actions. They won’t of course, because the sad fact is that they have no morals and their greatest ambition is to ensure that no one else does either. What a proud revolution they are leading…marching straight into the fires of hell.

“But we know that the law is good, if a man use it lawfully…Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient…For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind…and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine…(Excerpt from 1 Timothy 1)”

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Those Damned Atheists

Free Thinkers: Smarter than everyone else because they ask questions; dumber than everyone else because they always reach the wrong conclusion.

Free Thinkers: Smarter than everyone else because they ask questions; dumber than everyone else because they always come up with the wrong answer.

Those Damned Atheists

By Susan D. Harris

“O holy spirit–O heart of man!
Will you not listen, turn and bow
To that clear voice, since time began
Loud in your ears, and louder now!
Mankind, the Christ, retried–
Recrowned, recrucified;
No god for a gift, God gave us,
Mankind alone must save us.”

(Excerpt from the Harvard Class Poem, “Man,” 1908)

Philip Mauro, writing in his book, The Number of Man, The Climax of Civilization, said of the above poem:

The spirit of twentieth century intellectualism manifests itself with a distinctness leaving nothing to be desired on that score — in the Harvard Class Poem for the year 1908. This production was highly commended and widely published, in whole or in part, in the secular press. We quote…some of the stanzas, in which Satan’s creed of the Deity of Man is stated with startling distinctness, notwithstanding the obscurity which is one of the chief literary characteristics of the production.

He goes on to tell us:

This poem was oft quoted in Communist literature dispersed throughout America for decades to come.

In a 1926 edition of The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Frederick Boyd Stevenson, a reporter who interviewed everyone from Mark Twain to FDR wrote:

The American Association for the Advancement of Atheism (AAAA) is spreading its propaganda all over the United States.  It’s General Secretary, Freeman Hopwood, says that Atheistic Societies similar to the Damned Souls group at the University of Rochester will be established in many colleges throughout the country.  The Atheistic Secretary says, “Experience has shown us that a goodly percentage of the professors in the average university are atheists.

It’s no wonder that atheists in America have grown; the roots of their destructive weeds go back farther than many American’s realize.

Most people who believe in God have one question when it comes to atheists:  Why are they so passionate in proclaiming the non-existence of something? It’s contrary to human nature. Historically, man has sets out to prove that something exists, not that it doesn’t exist.

We are also not ignorant of the fact that atheism, by definition, is a religion in and of itself.

Atheists are a bitter lot, and most Christians realize that self-professed atheists are controlled by evil forces whose sole purpose is the destruction of God. Some atheists are just rebelling or looking for attention – in the same manner some people pierce or tattoo themselves. This type of behavior is usually a sign of immaturity. Not that that’s a bad thing; immaturity is simply the path to maturity. But it’s supposed to be a path we advance on, not one we get mired down in forever.

The immature voices we hear today — like the Freedom From Religion Foundation – are adults who never matured past the rebellion stage. They made headlines recently as they threatened to sue Mary’s Gourmet Diner in North Carolina for giving 15% discounts to customers who prayed before eating. While I have to admit that it did seem like a questionable business move, it’s sad that it had to be this despicable and wrongly motivated group who succeeded in forcing the diner to drop its discount.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation website is currently boasting that atheist Dan Courtney gave a “historic” invocation to open the Town Board meeting last month in Greece, NY; a suburb of Rochester. The event was covered by reporters from international media outlets due to the fact that two bitter women, Linda Stephens and Susan Galloway, took their lawsuit to the Supreme Court. They sued the Town of Greece complaining that at invocations at town board meetings, “…Some of these pastors tell you to stand up and bow your heads to pray to Jesus, and what if you don’t believe that? And if you refuse to stand up and bow your head, you stick out. It’s a coercive situation.”

Dan Courtney, who gave the first invocation in Greece after the Supreme Court ruling, is a member of the Atheist Society of Rochester. Rather fitting since it’s the same city that first spawned the “Damned Souls” Atheist Society at the University of Rochester back in the 1920’s.

Part of Courtney’s invocation stated:

We, as citizens, the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega of our destiny, are not, as the great philosopher Immanuel Kant warned, mere means to the ends of another, but we are ends in ourselves. This basic premise, this profound idea, guides us such that we need not kneel to any king, and we need not bow to any tyrant.

He might as well have read the Harvard Class Poem from 1908 and saved himself the trouble of penning all those courageous, historic words.

The worst part for Courtney is that he condemned himself to hell with those words; but I quickly point out that he has time to repent. Unfortunately, (at least in my research), the last time someone was convicted of blasphemy in the United States was in 1928.  That was when Charles Lee Smith put a sign in his storefront that read “Evolution is true. The Bible is a Lie. God is a ghost.”

The question becomes, for people like Courtney, and Smith before him: Why do they want to aggressively strip their fellow citizens, friends and neighbors of closely held, personal beliefs that enable them to embrace a faith that carries them through life’s darkest hours? The answer can only be that they are driven by the same force that Saul Alinsky worshipped:

…The very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.

I recently wrote an article supporting some of Ann Coulter’s points in a column where she asked, “Why can’t anyone serve Christ in America anymore? America, the most powerful, influential nation on Earth, is merely in a pitched battle for its soul.”

If you don’t believe it, look around. More and more people are calling themselves atheists, freethinkers, secularists, humanists, and other interchangeable monikers that simply mean they are fighting God with every fabric of their being. And right now in America, they have the upper hand, the intimidation skills, and increasingly the judicial system for support. I ask you, “What fellowship has the light with darkness?” We are unequally yoked together with unbelievers and it is a burden we cannot long sustain.

Christians are keeping their God quietly tucked in their hearts while simultaneously tiptoeing away from their beliefs in public. Rev. Franklin Graham recently told a Watchmen on the Wall gathering that “Heaven is not for cowards.” He told the clergy attending that they must not stop naming the sins of abortion and homosexuality for fear of losing their 501c3 status. We can only hope that those who heard will heed his warnings.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour… (1 Peter 5:8)

The time may be fast approaching when you will be tempted to deny Christ or his teachings to protect life and property. You may do so audibly or with condoning silence…just remember both will be equal before God.

Originally Published in Freedom Outpost

number of man

The British Rapper Suspected of Beheading an American

james_foley 2

The British Rapper Suspected of Beheading an American

By Susan D. Harris

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Is Obama’s Detached Demeanor a National Security Risk?

stoned obama

By Susan D. Harris

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America – The Most Radical Concept in the History of the World


By Susan D. Harris

I’m sick of seeing America ridiculed and attacked by every jealous country in the world. I’m tired of people using the freedom of America to spew their hatred at us while they wish us a quick but painful beheading. I’m weary of the old “we shouldn’t be the policemen of the world” mantra. We have kept the peace and defended the weak. We should make no apologies for that.

Dinesh D’Souza didn’t answer the question: “What would the world look like without America?” I will try:

  • It would be a continual mess of warring nations, arrogant tyrants, slaves and injustice.

  • It would have never known a “middle class” that held greater power than a king.

  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ would not have been preached “in all the world for a witness unto all nations.” (Consider untold missionaries and “the Gideons” who have distributed more than 1.9 billion Bibles worldwide.)

  • It would never have conceived and implemented “liberty and justice for all” – we birthed that with God’s divine help in 1776. That truth spread like wildfire and seared the minds of men everywhere. In one fell swoop we threw off the chains of oppression that had bound every civilization that came before us.

We haven’t always made the right choices, but we’ve tried. And we’ve tried harder than any country before us because we were conceived in liberty.

Before America existed the whole idea that it was “self-evident” that all men were created equal didn’t exist. Go ahead; try to find any country in the history of the world that chose to base their belief system and subsequent laws on such an explosive idea. Try to find anyone who said that all men were endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, and that among those were life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It was a radical concept, and it’s still radical today. It was a concept worth dying for when it was conceived, and it’s still worth dying for today.

It can be argued that America is the closest thing to heaven that has existed on earth: Multiple ethnicities, cultures and religions came from the four corners of the earth and willingly agreed to live peacefully, side by side, as “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

We can argue about who discovered electricity or who flew the first airplane. None of it matters because there is almost nothing in use in people’s everyday lives that can’t be traced back to American ingenuity and Capitalism: Televisions, cell phones, computers, the internet, cars, airplanes, life-saving vaccines, medicines, surgical techniques, automation and the assembly line, the phonograph, the cd…go ahead…name something.

Watch television and you’ll see Hamas, Hezbollah, Mexican drug cartels and Somali pirates walking around with Nike sneakers and planning their next horrific deed with cell phone technology that was conceived right here…in liberty.

Shall we discuss oil? Standard Oil of California discovered oil in Saudi Arabia and handed her the wealth she has today. Try teaching that history to people today who think the Middle East was born sitting atop her own homemade oil rig. To our friends in the Middle East: You are welcome for the discovery of your black gold and the technology to extract it.

Shall we discuss war? We invented the atomic bomb to end the horrors of war. Debate me if you will, but the world had never seen a military inflict such horrors and torture as the Japanese used in WWII. Hundreds of thousands could have seen it first-hand if it weren’t for the courage of President Truman and the crew of the Enola Gay.

America was the first country that engaged in war with a heavy heart because of the value it placed on human life through the eyes of its Creator.

And a heart we do have. After two world wars started by Germany, it was America who stepped in with the Marshall Plan and rebuilt all those European cities who now burn our flags and spit at the mention of our name. Germany, Japan, France, Italy nor Britain would be the proud, arrogant nations they are today if it weren’t for America investing about 5% of its GDP to modernize their financial and economic systems. It was America that rebuilt those countries as they lie dying in graves they’d dug for themselves. And it wasn’t a loan. We didn’t ask for our money back. It came freely off the hard-working backs and the generous hearts of American taxpayers. Additionally, we forgave billions of dollars in debts.

In a 1973 editorial/recording titled, “The Americans,” Canadian journalist Gordon Sinclair said, “The Marshall Plan, the Truman Policy, all pumped billions and billions of dollars into discouraged countries; and now newspapers in those countries are writing about the decadent, war-mongering Americans.” Not surprisingly, as our good works continued over the years, so did the slander and hate.

Yes world, we’ve cleaned up most of your messes…with our dollars, our sweat, and the blood of our children and tears of our mothers.

The world has treated us like the Palestinians treat Israel. Israel gave up Gaza, handing over advanced technology and greenhouses that provided nearly 70% of that countries organic produce; only to have them torn down, shat on, and broken apart to use for missile launching sites that targeted the very people who tried to help them. Now the world sits in judgment condemning those “war-mongering Israelis.” (Our friend, our ally – Israel – a tiny nation surrounded on all sides by those who live to drain every drop of Jewish blood – if we break faith with you, let us bury our heads in eternal shame.)

Do you live in a country that has had an earthquake, flood or other natural disaster in the last century? If you found food, water, sanitation and medical help, you can thank America. Ah, but don’t be so quick. We can be blamed for helping too. According to the Pulitzer Center, the 90,000 metric tons of American crops sent to Haiti after their devastating earthquake “undermined thousands of Haitian growers who were already struggling against imports of cheaper rice and corn.” Sorry about that, next time we’ll look the other way.

Gordon Sinclair boldly wrote that it was America who rushed in with men and money when floods overtook the Yellow River and Yangtze. He pointed out that the Americans had “helped control floods on the Nile, the Amazon, the Ganges and the Niger;” but when the rich bottom land of the Mississippi was under water, no foreign land sent a dollar to help.

He went on to say that “when the franc was in danger of collapsing in 1956, it was the Americans who propped it up. And their reward was to be insulted and swindled on the streets of Paris…”

How many Americans, not just wealthy philanthropists but regular middle class folks, have given money to help people half-way around the world? The Philanthropy Roundtable writes that “of the more than $300 billion that Americans give to charity every year, only 15 percent comes from foundation grants. Just 6 percent comes from corporations. The rest comes from individuals.”

We’re a good country with a good heart and we’ve been that way since our inception. Only in the 20th Century did we become prosperous enough to have an impact on the world, and what an impact it’s been.

Gordon Sinclair concluded his piece by saying:

When the Americans get out of this bind, and they will, who will blame them if they say: ‘To hell with the rest of the world? Let somebody else buy the bonds, let somebody else build or repair foreign dams or design foreign buildings that won’t shake apart in earthquakes.’

When the railways of France and Germany and India were breaking down through age, it was the Americans who rebuilt them. When the Pennsylvania Railroad and the New York Central went broke, nobody lent them an old caboose. I can name you 5000 times when the Americans raced to help other people in trouble; can you name me even one time when someone else raced to the Americans in trouble?

Do an internet search and you’ll have a hard time finding America being given credit where credit is due. Our history has been rewritten as our own internet technology and freedoms have been used against us. The Progressive-liberal Democrat-Socialist-Marxist machine has nearly succeeded in destroying what they hated most about us: Our patriotism. They laughed as they made us rip-off our flag pins and dragged us kicking and screaming into their United Nations multiculturalism. They hated the chant: “USA, USA.” They hated the word “superpower” and snarled at American exceptionalism.

All the talking heads on TV can sit around calmly and discuss the fall of the American empire; well I can’t discuss it calmly anymore. Everything we’ve worked for is dying before our eyes: Our borders, our culture, our values…our national identity.

What of all the boys who died in WWIWWIIKoreaVietnam, the first Gulf War? What of the men and women who died in Iraq and Afghanistan, or the maimed sitting somewhere gazing out a window — brain-damaged and missing limbs? Was it all for nothing?

Yes we could have survived; we could have struggled through if not for this one president; this one administration. I don’t give a lick whether a man is black or white or yellow or polka-dotted; so long as he is a tyrant bent on this nations’ destruction I am against him. I will not hold my tongue for fear of offending someone.

Is there no one left to fight? Are there no heroes to swoop in and save us at the last? Do we think these plastic keyboards are all we have to repel oppression? For some of us it is all we have; but there are others…smarter, stronger, and just as passionate. Where are you? Speak now or forever hold your peace.

It’s time to stand up, straighten your shoulders, stop apologizing, and be proud to be an American again.

If we survive this President and a Congress full of vile, ignorant Democrats and whining, pacifist Republicans — we must retake the country. How? Get on your local school boards, Chamber of Commerce, represent your districts. Become mayors, Governors, House Representatives and Senators. Most importantly, get into the universities and teach the next generation why America was great and how it can be great again.

We must not be intimidated from preaching it from the pulpits either: We must call a lie a lie and a sin a sin. We must say NO to abortionNO to homosexuality; and NO to every perversion and putrid, violent, sexualized songTV show, movie or video game. We must say NO to everyone who seeks to silence us by perverting our laws.

And as the very name of Jesus Christ becomes increasingly offensive in America and the world, we must refuse all compromise. We cannot stuff Jesus into a closet where He can’t offend anyone. Churches: Know that God is not a happy fairy tale to be dusted off for an hour on Sunday morning; and He surely isn’t going to accept your 501c3 status as an excuse for your silence when you stand before Him in judgment.

If there is anyone left to save us – the time has come to act. With the power of the people, change can still be achieved peacefully, but not without great effort and sacrifice.

If you won’t act, stop what you are doing right now and pull your child aside. Tell him or her that America was lost because you didn’t have the guts to save her.

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Growing Up American: Small Town Dog (Perhaps my most popular article to date!)

Spot being goaded by cat.

Spot being goaded by cat.

Before  dog licenses and leash laws; before doggie  mohawks, colored hair and painted toenails; before $100 teeth cleaning, $800  vet bills, and humiliating Halloween costumes, there existed – in almost every  sleepy town with a red brick school and a white church steeple – an extinct  breed of canine I like to call the American dog.  He (or she) went by names  like Old Shep, Old  Dog Tray, or Spot.   This is the story of an American dog.


My mother’s uncle Roy was a WWI veteran.  He had  been gassed in the trenches in France and was never quite the same again.   In the late 1930s, Roy’s wife left him, with nothing but their new puppy  remaining.  Devastated and depressed, Roy realized he was unable to care  for the pup.  He brought the little dog to his sister’s house.  She  was married with six children, and the puppy was a welcome addition.  The  puppy and the littlest child, my mother Arlene, would eventually become  inseparable.  Thus began Spot’s long and adventurous journey.

Spot  was a mixed breed – cocker spaniel and something else.  He was white with  tan spots and grew to about 40 pounds.  The entire family loved Spot, but  he became Mom’s dog and constant companion.  Spot had found his little girl  for life.

Mom  doesn’t remember the first day Spot met her when school let out, but it would  become an impressive routine that lasted for years.

Even  more impressive was when he started meeting her after Girl Scouts.  No  matter what time Girl Scouts ended, he’d be sitting right outside.  The  strange thing was, his little girl would leave school and go directly to Girl  Scouts at the church.  So how did Spot know where to find  her?

Even  more mysterious was when Spot would show up to meet his little girl outside the  movie theater, after an afternoon or evening movie.

Because  of his travels, he became as much a part of the town as he was of his family.   “Arlene, your dog’s out there waiting for you!” became a regular shout.   Dark winter nights and hot summer days –there was Spot, waiting.
Spot loved every season.  He loved snow, and he loved kids, so it was  only natural that he passed many a winter day at the sliding hill, enjoying  both.

When  the sunlight would slant a certain way, and the snow smelled just so, Spot knew  that the yearly adventure of finding the right Christmas tree was approaching.   Every Christmas, Mom’s brothers would journey deep into the woods to find  the best Christmas tree ever.  They would be gone for hours…but Spot  wouldn’t have missed it for the world.
Spot ate from a 50-lb. bag of  Kellogg’s Gro-Pup  dry dog food, and he regularly received table scraps after supper.  During  supper, he was the quintessential begging dog: sitting next to the table with  his front paws in the air, a stance he could maintain seemingly for hours.   Sometimes he sat so long he would slowly, slowly, slowly start to tip over…but  he never fell down.

After  a good rain, he liked to go out to drink from the fresh puddles, but  puddle-drinking was highly frowned upon in his family.  “Spot!  You  get in here – don’t you dare drink out of those dirty puddles!  Come in and  drink your clean water!”  Spot’s little girl’s mother would yell this to  him every time, but he’d always try again after the next rain. Whenever Spot saw a gun, he’d go crazy with excitement.  A gun meant  hunting, and hunting meant a long walk into the woods with rabbits to chase and  a billion trails to smell.
At this point you may be wondering how  Spot got along with that great canine nemesis…the cat.  Spot loved them,  especially when they were running away from him.  He especially loved  chasing them inside the house.  Like a Tom and Jerry cartoon, the cats  would tease Spot to signal the beginning of the chase.  He’d scramble his  paws on the floor like Fred Flintstone getting a kick start.  So much speed  would he build that he would skid uncontrollably around every corner,  desperately regaining control after flying across the floor.  He never  caught a cat – never intended to.  But this controlled explosion of  excitement provided plenty of laughs for his family.


Eventually  Spot’s original owner, Roy, moved in with his sister and her children…and Spot.   Roy had a good job, but everyone knew at least part of his mind was still  clouded by yellow-green gas.  Though Spot was never really Roy’s dog again,  Roy took great satisfaction in watching the dog’s daily routine and speculating  on his secret adventures.

Spot  regularly took trips by himself.  It is an eternal mystery what Spot was  really up to in his solitary constitutionals, but it is known that he was  regularly seen in every part of town, sometimes simultaneously.  With such  a large family at home, someone always reported having just passed Spot  somewhere, and in this way his general well-being was monitored.  In those  hours away from home, it is highly suspected that he visited benevolent citizens  who secretly stashed treats for their intermittent  visitor.

When  Spot was gone, Uncle Roy would occasionally squint out the window and solemnly  announce:  “Spot’s gone out on maneuvers.”  He admired the dog so  much, he imagined he was protecting the front lines years after the Great War  had ended.


Spot’s  friendly reputation suffered one significant blow.  My mother (Spot’s  little girl) babysat for the bank manager, Mr. Wilson.  The Wilsons owned  two nasty boxers who had a reputation for growling at people.  When mom  babysat, Spot would meet her there; the boxers were always inside the home,  looking out at him.  One day when Mom arrived at the Wilsons’ house to  babysit, they told her that Spot had been downtown morning before last – at the  bank.  Spot, having pent up frustration at not being able to get to the  growling dogs in their home, had waited for Mr. Wilson to go into the bank as he  left the boxers alone in the open car.  When Mr. Wilson came out, the  inside of his car was completely torn apart, and there were three dogs in there:  two boxers…and Spot.  Surprisingly, the Wilsons relayed the story with  amusement, and passed off the scuffle.  Mom’s mother nearly fainted when  she heard what Spot had done.  Having a member of your own family conduct  himself in this manner was totally unacceptable.


There  are many other stories about Spot, like when he spent the night outside (where  he preferred to sleep in the good weather), growling at lumbering giants that  slowly surrounded his family’s home while they slept.  How bad the family  felt for not heeding Spots warnings of danger sooner than they did.  The  first rays of dawn revealed thatan entire cow herd from a neighboring farm had  taken up residence in their yard.  Spot had stood his ground, blocking the  door, not knowing that the strange creatures had no intention of  entering.

Spot  lived to see his little girl become a married woman.  His thirteen years on  this earth were full and free.  His “maneuvers” remain a mystery, and so  they should, as every dog deserves his privacy.  His uncanny ability to  locate his little girl, his carefully planned schedule and sly premeditation,  will always be remembered, as will his unwavering devotion.

Though  advances in veterinary medicine have saved many a beloved pet, I think Spot  would agree he was lucky to be an American dog of yesteryear…enjoying a freedom  and security that few dogs today, let alone people, will ever  know.

Spot and his little girl all grown up and married. (Arlene (Palmer) Harris and  husband Ben)

Spot and his little girl all grown up and married. (Arlene (Palmer) Harris and husband Ben)

Originally appeared on American Thinker.

Border Patrol Agent: Immigration Crisis Meant to Collapse Country from Within

scary picture

Border Patrol Agent: Immigration Crisis has been Orchestrated as “Asymmetrical Warfare” to Destroy the Country from Within

Former Border Patrol Agent’s Interview Burning Up Conservative Websites

This is a current article. Please read it here:


Political Masochism: How the Right is being Whipped by the Commission on Presidential Debates

Photo Courtesy

Photo Courtesy

By Susan D. Harris

Political Masochism: How the Right is being Whipped by the Commission on Presidential Debates

2016 is fast approaching and absolutely nothing has changed at the “nonprofit, nonpartisan” Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD). Actually, things have only gotten worse. Can Republicans plan ahead or are they measuring the windows in the Oval office to hang Hillary’s favorite drapes? What are we going to do about it?

I recently urged one of the top ten conservative websites in the country to address this issue. They told me it’s all “old news.” Yes, and it will remain old news until we’re getting ready for a presidential debate and everyone is once again shocked that the Republicans have agreed to some idiotic liberal moderator.

Most people don’t even know there is a Commission on Presidential Debates. Three months ago, they added a lot more liberals to their board of directors. Meanwhile, Republicans haven’t even begun to anticipate what will be thrown at them in 2016.

What kind of “gotcha” moments are being planned by Democrats who already have the CPD and a predominantly liberal media in their back pockets? What hand-picked moderator with one carefully crafted interjection will help us lose the most pivotal election in the history of the country?

Are we going to let this happen again?

Mitt Romney: I want to make sure we get that for the record, because it took the president 14 days before he called the act in Benghazi an act of terror.

President Obama: Get the transcript.

Candy Crowley (holding up paper): He did in fact sir…call it an act of terror.

President Obama: Can you say that a little louder?

No, it’s not old news. Just like all the other Obama scandals — I won’t stop talking about it just because it seems outdated for the 24/7 news cycle.

This past January, former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said of the 2012 debater moderator Candy Crowley: “…she obviously thought it was her job to play a more active role in the debate than was agreed upon by the two candidates…”

Crowley was the first person who officially backed President Obama’s lie claiming he called Benghazi an “act of terrorism” the morning after it happened. Nearly two years and thirteen Congressional hearings later, we can look back to that defining moment in the presidential debate and pinpoint when the Benghazi cover-up started.

I personally believe Crowley’s actions during that debate should have been investigated. Someone should have asked her which revision of the CIA talking points memo she was privy to prior to the debate. It could be argued that Obama’s lie, and Crowley’s subsequent support of it, played a part in Romney’s defeat that November. Because of that, we cannot forget it happened.

But no one did anything about it. Perhaps Republicans didn’t want to be called “whiners” or “sore losers” by their ideologically dangerous progressive foes. One could say they were intimidated; or one could call Republicans cowards.

There is more than enough evidence to show that the Committee on Presidential Debates is a progressive lynch mob ready to outfox any Republican (or third party) candidate that takes the debate stage. (Good luck getting a third party candidate to the debate stage – this commission won’t let it happen.)

If we proceed as planned, the committee will once again dictate what and who the American people will see and hear. Do we really want that?

Numerous conservative websites exposed personal and marital ties between the Obama administration and the CPD. It fell on deaf ears. The Republican Party doesn’t seem to care and the American people are paying the price.

Let’s take a look at the newest members of the CPD Board of Directors:

  • Leon Panetta — Formerly Barack Obama’s former CIA director, Secretary of Defense and Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff.

  • Shirley M. Tilghman – President and CEO of the Council on Foundations, she believes that “of all the challenges that confront America, none is more profound than the struggle to achieve racial equality…”

  • Mitch Daniels — Former Governor and president of Purdue University – Newly appointed in April, 2014. Likely to be a lone voice of reason on the Commission.

  • Charles Gibson — Former ABC World News anchor. Likely picked because of his (un)fair and (un)balanced interview with Sarah Palin.

  • Jane “I think John Kerry should be nominated for sainthood” Harmon — former U.S. Representative from California and currently president and CEO of the Woodrow Wilson Center.

  • Olympia Snow, former Republican senator from Maine who supports abortion, gay rights, and amnesty for illegal aliens.

These impressive new additions to the CPD join some of the old standbys:

  • Warren Buffett’s grandson Howard who did his Harvard thesis on The Partnership of Biodiversity and High-Yield Agricultural Production and owns more land in South Africa than the United States. His foundation also sponsors the event.

  • Alan Simpson – the crazed old gent who still claims to be a Republican as he supports sodomite “marriage” and abortion. “I’m not sticking with (Republicans) who are homophobic, anti-women…”

  • John Danforth — Nice interview he gave to NPR where he expressed his belief that right-wing evangelicals have done more harm than good for the GOP.

  • Antonia Hernandez — former president of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund. She was recently quoted in an LA Times article titled, “Latino lawmakers move to reverse decades of anti-immigrant legislation.” She said “It was (Proposition) 187 — I cannot overemphasize — that unified the (Latino) community.” She was also in the news this week in her position as president and CEO of the California Community Foundation. Her organization awarded nearly a half million dollars in grants to “visual artists” in L.A. County. Let’s have some fun and take a quick look at some of the artists her foundation funded:
    • York Chang who said in an interview that Sarah Palin (and) Newt Gingrich…play fast and loose with history and reality for political expediency.” His art includes “political expression.”
    • Guillermo Bert, a native Chilean who combines bar codes with Native American art as he examines the “effects of globalization on the world’s indigenous population.” He was also interviewed on CNN in 2006 as he hired illegal day laborers in Los Angeles: “I don’t question their status…” he said. His art includes “political expression.”
    • Rafael Esparza — His work includes live performances of a routine called “F—k Your Ancestors” and includes “political expression.” He also has an impressive piece of art on his website called “paños. no.1” which is comprised of blue ball point pen, blood, urine, spit, and semen, on white boxer shorts.
    • Candice Lin — Her work looks at “co-evolutionary symbiotic relationships as a metaphor for the ways in which violence and dependence are bound up together, at the social, global, and cellular level, interacting within Western, and specifically American, ideologies of individualism and freedom. She portrays this with a sculpture of giant cockroach lying on its back: “In between each of the cockroach’s abdominal sections there are small fleshy, vaginal holes with baroque faces…”

As you can see Ms. Hernandez’ foundation has picked some real winners this year. I’m looking forward to her input for the 2016 presidential debates.

  • Dorothy S. Ridings — When she was president of the League of Women Voters in 1985, she questioned whether third-party and independent candidates for President or Vice President could get ”a fair shake” from the newly formed commission. (The answer was and still is ‘no.’) Last year she wrote that on the wall in her office “are a number of photos of (U.S.) presidents… But the photo of one president outshines all the others, and it’s not of an American president. The photo is of Nelson Mandela…”

  • Newton N. Minow – He is 88 years old. Can we get serious?

  • Richard Parsons – Recently in the news for taking over as interim CEO of the Los Angeles Clippers. His impressive resume includes being a former chairman of Citigroup and former chairman and CEO of Time Warner. He was also a former member of Obama’s economic advisory team. (That worked out well.) He is described as “liberal on social issues.”

  • Mike McCurry, co-chair of the CPD — Bill Clinton’s former press secretary who wrote: “Those who believe that humankind is uniquely endowed by a creator God to be stewards of that creation will watch very carefully to see what (the Obama) administration does to meet pledges on global climate change.”

  • Frank J. Fahrenkopf, co-chair of the CPD and current president of the casino trade group, the American Gaming Association. Both Fahrenkopf and McCurry work for lobbying firms.

The Republican Party needs to extract itself from the Commission on Presidential Debates — unless it enjoys political masochism or plans to officially create a one party system and openly join the Democrats.

As it stands now, the debates are a joke. They have been controlled by this Commission since 1987 and liberals will continue to use it as one more weapon in their arsenal because they own it. Anyone with any hope of saving this country in 2016 should contact the Republican National Committee and demand the Commission on Presidential Debates be abolished now, before it’s too late.


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A Former Senator’s Prophetic Warning to America

Senator John Porter East (R) North Carolina

Senator John Porter East (R) North Carolina

By Susan D. Harris

In a scenario that’s been repeated for decades, fresh-faced, dewy-eyed young adults return home from institutions of higher learning transformed like Kafka‘s Gregor into monstrous liberal insects.  No longer having a taste for the milk of traditional values they were raised on, these indoctrinated youth find themselves favoring the rotten food scraps of Progressive ideas. Weaned on revisionist history and radical sociopolitical views, they now see America as the impetus for every injustice in the world.

Over forty years ago, John Porter East wrote a series of opinion articles examining the origins of liberal bias in academia and warning that conservatives lacked the numbers and influence to do anything about it. East was an associate professor of political science at East Carolina University, who later served as Senator from North Carolina from 1981-1986. One article was appropriately titled, “Campus Conservative: Odd Man Out.”

Consider that in 1970, East wrote that American universities already belonged to the “left”:

“It is common knowledge that American college and university faculties tend to be overwhelmingly “liberal” in their political leanings. As noted sociologist Seymour Lipset has written, “Intellectuals, academics…in the United States tend as a group to be disproportionately on the left. They are either liberal Democrats or supporters of left-wing minorities.”

East wrote about a letter he received from COPE (the Committee on Political Education of the AFL-CIO) addressed to every professor in the country that was a member of the American Political Science Association.  Signed by COPE’s national director, it read in part:

“It occurs to me that you might be interested in informing your students of organized labor’s role in politics, particularly those students majoring in political science.  If you would be interested in having a COPE representative address one or several of your classes, may I suggest that you write to me…”

(What better time for organized labor to make the bold move to American campuses? Senator Robert F. Kennedy had recently been assassinated. A notorious foe of organized labor and author of “The Enemy Within,” Kennedy had fought hard to bring down Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa and expose corruption in labor unions as he unmasked connections to organized crime. So far has the Democratic Party descended into the abyss, that it’s doubtful many of its members would support Kennedy’s efforts today.)

COPE is still in existence today; a huge conglomerated mass of AFL-CIO and SEIU members. Their goal is to make every aspect of politics “union business.”

East put the country on notice that “COPE, knowing the liberal bent of the academic mind, openly seeks access to the classroom.”

Labor union access to classrooms was a consummation devoutly to be wished and easily executed, thanks to previously formed alliances.

Years before, Franklin Roosevelt‘s New Deal Coalition had forged voting blocks, interest groups, labor unions and minorities solidly into the Democratic Party.  With the exception of Dwight Eisenhower‘s Presidency, liberals successfully controlled the political landscape from 1932 until the late 1960’s. Hiding behind changing organizational names or morphing strategies, they kept their stranglehold on American politics and campuses; surviving the presidency of Ronald Reagan, the same way cockroaches survive a nuclear blast – waiting for the dust to settle until they could crawl out of their holes and multiply once again.

Today, the AFL-CIO website outlines a 1999 joint initiative between Jobs with Justice, the United States Student Association, and the Student Labor Action Project (SLAP). SLAP “engages student activists with economic justice campaigns in their communities and campuses.” According the AFL-CIO website, “SLAP organizes more than 150 campuses during the National Student Week of Labor. Across the country, students hold hundreds of events to celebrate the lives of Cesar Chavez and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and build solidarity between students and workers.” Not surprisingly, they spend a lot of time “talking about the parallels between campus and community organizing.” In short, they are grooming thousands of young Barack Obama’s to continue infiltrating our businesses, media, court system, entertainment industry and political offices.

Even as far back as 1968, liberals were one step ahead of conservatives in targeting college campuses. So efficiently organized were they, East explained, that, as a political science professor, he received tons of mailings from liberal organizations:

Underscoring this liberal-left dominance is…the material I receive as a professor of political science. Obviously, the senders, after obtaining lists of college and university faculties from various sources, mail out the material on the valid assumption that the recipients would be of a liberal-left persuasion.

One notable piece of mail he received was a letter from the National Committee for Effective Congress during the 1968 presidential campaign. East wrote:

In the letter…I was urged to send my contribution “today” because…such senators as Fulbright, Church, Morse, McGovern and Nelson could go down before racists, isolationists (sic), cops and bomb zealots, or at best stand pat nonentities…I was warned that unless contributions were made, I could expect to see “drum beating war candidates” and “extreme right wing organizations” gain a “stranglehold on all important legislation.”  The letter was tailor made for the liberal mind that dominates academe.

Is it any wonder that 45 years later, during live coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings, a CNN analyst suggested “right-wing extremists” could be behind the attack? Or that racism is still being used as a weapon against conservatives? In a premeditated move to condition and mislead the masses, the year 1968 saw liberals labeling conservatives “bomb zealots” and “racists” — a year before Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground were conducting a bombing campaign on police stations, the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon. Later, Ayers had the right idea when he moved his radical ideology where he could inflict the greatest harm to the greatest number of people – in education reform and curriculum. Under an article discussing Megyn Kelly’s recent interview with Bill Ayers on Fox News, someone commented, “It is…outrageous that these terrorists are now teaching our kids in colleges and universities!” Kelly’s show illuminated what is happening on our campuses, but we have a long row to hoe and a long history of indoctrination to counteract.

John Porter East warned us, in 1970, that we were already losing the youth of America. He said he had only skimmed the surface of the large amount of liberal mailings he received as a professor; pointing out that similar mailings were not sent out to promote conservative views primarily because they knew they had no market.

East lamented that conservatives themselves were to blame for not choosing career paths in the teaching profession; instead getting caught up “in their frenzied lives of maintaining and servicing the American industrial, technological apparatus.”  He explained that the reading habits of regular working class conservatives didn’t extend far beyond The Wall Street Journal or U.S. News and World Report.  While they may have known about William F. Buckley Jr. and Milton Friedman, he argued they were not familiar enough with their own professed ideology to successfully defend it against the constant barrage of liberal propaganda.

He was right. We are a few decades too late to weed out the deep rooted, well fertilized, bumper crops of liberals that have been harvested lo these many years. After harvesting, they were marinated in Communism and Socialism while a healthy portion of “blame America first” was served on the side.

The Obama administration’s blatant apathy in its handling of internal and external threats against this country and its citizens, along with its constant scramble to whitewash terrorism, will continue unhampered. And while impeachment may be the morally right thing to do, we will remain impotent to fight foreign or domestic threats so long as our universities continue to train an army of community organizers eager to bring America to her knees; an army that demands America asks forgiveness of the world: Forgiveness for her morality, religious convictions, generosity, ingenuity, and prosperity; forgiveness for her success; and forgiveness — ultimately — for her existence.

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Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘America’: Too Little Too Late


By Susan D. Harris

Granted, I haven’t been to the movies in a long time, so when I went to see Dinesh D’Souza‘s movie “America” (based on his book) on opening day, I was surprised to find the movie playing in a smaller theater (within the mega-theater), on a screen that didn’t seem much bigger than many large screen TV’s in homes across the country.

Maybe it’s because I’m in New York State that the audience consisted of about twenty five people; all white-haired senior citizens. The way the world seems to be running, I wasn’t surprised that the obligatory previews ran with only audio and no video. Eventually, someone walked out to report it.

Then the movie began.

Let me start out by saying that I have a great respect for Dinesh D’Souza. His film “2016: Obama’s America” was the #2 political documentary of all time. He’s not a politician, nor the leader of a large movement. He is a regular American citizen, an Indian immigrant, who used his ingenuity and passion to become a formidable force as a political commentator, author and producer. He is sticking his neck out to tell the truth in a way that most of us aren’t, can’t or wouldn’t if given the opportunity.

The film “America,” however, was old hat to most of us who have a grasp of American history and have been following Conservative issues for some time. It’s too little too late; but that isn’t D’Souza’s fault, it’s ours.

The first 2/3 of the movie seemed to be geared towards blacks, Native Americans, and Mexicans – to show them how their perception of America has been manipulated by false teachings. The trouble with this is the same as it is with Fox News Channel, Conservative websites, newspapers and magazines: Nobody that needs to see it is going to see it. To the people in the audience, he was preaching to the choir.

The movie began by asking us to imagine the unimaginable. It poses some dramatic questions: What if Hitler had gotten the atomic bomb first? What would the world look like if America didn’t exist? But the questions never seem to be answered and the points never driven home.

America’s contributions to civilization are covered briefly in the form of visual images of cars, airplanes and the space program.

Perhaps what bothered me most was the portrayal of, and constant references to, Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln could pen an impressive speech; but I am no fan of Abraham Lincoln, at least not in the category of elevated martyrdom that D’Souza ranks him. I know I’m in the minority with this opinion, but I am in league with people like Judge Napolitano that Lincoln had “total, utter, and complete disregard for the Constitution.” Also like Napolitano, I believe Lincoln has been “mythologized since the (Progressive era) of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, and particularly by the public school establishment…which would almost have you believe he is the fourth member of the Blessed Trinity.”

Slavery was dying in many places around the world, and was on the cusp of dying in the South when Lincoln assumed office. Instead of helping it die, Napolitano explains, “Lincoln set about on the most murderous war in American history in which over 750,000 soldiers and civilians died.” He argues that the abolition of slavery, being born out of unprecedented violence, is the reason true freedom for blacks in America wasn’t achieved until 125 years later. (To be fair D’Souza does make some good points about the amount of black slave owners and the simultaneous problem of non-black indentured servants.)

As a matter of fact, President Obama probably has more in common with Abraham Lincoln than any other president when you consider Lincoln’s unconstitutional income tax, his disregard of civil liberties, suspending the writ of habeas corpus and unjustly prosecuting people who spoke out against the government.

Putting the idolizing of Lincoln aside, D’Souza does a fairly good job of answering one question: “How can you convince a nation to author its own destruction?” He answers this by showing us some of the people in America “who want a world without America.” He examines, in direct interviews when possible, the views of people like Noam ChomskyBill AyersWard Churchill, and Saul Alinsky. D’Souza rightfully devotes a fair amount of time to educate those not familiar with Alinsky on his Chicago-mob-learned tactics of polarization, demonization and deception.

He takes a close look at Howard Zinn, author of “A People’s History of the United States.” Zinn’s twisted view of history is experiencing a big push in middle and high school classrooms across the country, thanks to the Progressive “Zinn Education Project.” D’Souza then contrasts Zinn with Alexis de Tocqueville who documented democracy in America with neither malice nor hidden agenda.

I would have liked to have seen the movies’ segments on Capitalism expanded – D’Souza’s point that “Capitalism works because of the consent of the consumer” could be the impetus for a movie in its own right.

D’Souza mentioned in passing that America rebuilt Germany and Japan after WWII, but I would have liked to have seen the points of Gordon’s Sinclair’s editorial/recording “Let’s Hear it for the Americans” brought to the silver screen with pomp, circumstance, and cinematic awesomeness. I’d like to see every good thing that America has done since 1973 (when Sinclair wrote the piece) added to create a cinematic blockbuster that would send Progressives and America-haters reeling in revulsion.

Ultimately D’Souza’s movie examined how we got here. I have yet to see any proof that Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians — or anyone who professes true devotion to the Constitution — can come up with a feasible plan of action to counter the Progressives war on America. There is no foreseeable “checkmate” on the ideological chessboard. In short, as the old saying goes, we can’t seem to think our way out of a paper bag.

Progressives are always one step ahead of us. Many acknowledge the current immigration crisis on our border was orchestrated to bring America to her knees and significantly pad Democratic voters to ensure her demise. Meanwhile, Republican leaders have been caught like deer in the headlights, repeatedly unable to predict Obama’s next move even when he broadcasts it in advance.

I don’t want to discourage anyone from seeing D’Souza’s “America;” but it’s certainly not an inspirational Independence Day movie. The only thing that would inspire me would be if concerned citizens and leaders from across the country…from every segment of industry and business…banking, farming, politics, and media etc. — held emergency meetings to formulate an immediate plan of action to stop this administration’s tyrannical bulldozing of the greatest country on earth.

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When was the day the music died?

When Was the Day the Music Died?


By Susan D. Harris

I don’t believe a generation gap exists in music now.  I believe it’s much more serious than that:  that music is largely dead because latter generations have never been exposed to real music.

I have not, with few exceptions, heard any “new” music I liked since the 1990’s. There is, of course, new music coming out that is good — but ironically it’s the new music that mimics sounds from an earlier era that catches my ear. For the most part however, every genre has deteriorated badly in the last twenty years.

Pop music started to seem repetitive.  I remember hearing Hootie and the Blowfish for the millionth time and turning off the radio; vowing never to turn it on again.

Country music had just seen its last peak of quality music in the 1990’s; from there it morphed into mainstream pop music that only distinguished itself by using occasional southern drawls or an “ain’t” here and there to give it a faux down-home feel.

What many people began to refer to as “jazz” sounded like chaos to me (akin to a band warming up). Like other genres, the best songs in this category stopped being written about twenty years ago.

The extent of my appreciation of rap music began and ended with Blondie‘s “Rapture” — which I considered an amusing, creative novelty.  When rap came along and demanded to be taken seriously, I laughed; surely it wouldn’t catch on with the masses.  Speaking words instead of singing them reminded me of Tony Randall on The Tonight Show, reciting lyrics to popular songs to show how silly some of them sounded with no musical attributes.

But rap did make it to the big time. Eventually it expanded to hip-hop and gangsta rap and other subgenres; and young, white men and women with good voices, in an attempt to get noticed, started wasting their talent emulating young black men chanting frustrations of urban ghetto life.  I guess it was shocking and exciting at first, a clash of cultures and a rebellion that made old women gasp.  When that got old, women had to start taking their clothes off to maintain the spotlight.  Rapping/hip hop is so monotonous that artists were forced to become visually shocking to perpetuate sales of their substandard product.

The main draw of hip-hop music is not the music itself, because it does not contain melodies (no one walks around humming it); the distinction between songs lies in the lyrics themselves.  Today, some of the biggest successes in the hip-hop/rap genre are songs that alternate between real singing and chanting.  Every time it’s done it’s lauded for its “uniqueness” or “hypnotic juxtaposition” of genres.

Christian music contains various genres, and is separate from gospel music. You really have to love the Lord to appreciate a lot of Christian music, because the quality of the voices and the simplistic lyrics leave much to be desired — how many times can one sing the line “My God is an awesome God” unless they are caught up in spiritual fervor? The old hymns with deep, meaningful lyrics and soul-stirring melodies have been abandoned in an effort to keep God “cool.”

Then there is metal music: death metal, thrash metal, black metal – pick one – it’s all screaming rubbish that makes AC/DC seem like the Beach Boys.

Opera, it seems, is one genre that has changed very little; not too many new ones are being written.  It’s always been a love-it-or-hate-it genre, and I’ve never known anyone personally who sought it out, myself included.  However, in a desperate attempt to escape the poor quality music on my radio, I recently sat spellbound for two hours listening to what I later learned was Turandot.  The irony was I had always loved Nessun Dorma, but had staunchly spurned the genre that spawned it.  Yet something from Turandot spoke to me, before I even realized it contained the aria I cherished. Still, the fact that I resorted to listening to opera speaks volumes about the quality of the music on the radio.

Music stirs something in the soul; the trouble is that for the majority of the population, I don’t think contemporary music is stirring anything good.  I used to work with a woman, about 30 years of age, who constantly played Eminem and Marilyn Manson at her desk.  I was forced to endure hours of this mindless, screaming noise. In a diplomatic attempt to not offend a coworker, I would even try to find nice things to say when she would ask, “What did you think of that song? Wasn’t it awesome?!”  I could never understand how she could be moved by it in any good way.  Not surprisingly, I learned she lived a troubled, tumultuous life; her music choices were only a symptom of that.

We all went through our music phases.  Somewhere in my basement sits a dusty album I picked up at a garage sale when I was 18 titled, “Never Mind the Bullocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols.”  I can only remember that it made me want to jump up and down and scream; likely a release valve for youthful vigor I couldn’t contain and didn’t understand.  But I quickly grew out of it and my musical tastes matured.  Nobody matures anymore; they are stunted; perpetually stuck in chanting, rhythms, noise or screaming.

It’s no surprise that shows like American Idol rarely use contemporary songs to judge voice quality; because voice quality is rarely a prerequisite for contemporary songs.

The other day I heard Dean Martin‘s version of “La Vie en rose” for the first time.  I was in seventh heaven.  Perhaps I’m an old soul, but so many songs recorded long before my time make me blissfully happy to be alive when I hear them.  Who can sing “Fly Me to the Moon” like Tony Bennett?  Who can elevate you to rapture with “Stardust” like Dinah Shore?  Where are the likes of Lena Horne‘s sultry rendition of “St. Louis Blues” or Keely Smith‘s clear, crisp “A Foggy Day“?

Contrasting pop or rock and roll music from the 50’s through the 80’s with what is being produced by big labels today is shocking. Bread‘s introductory line, “I found her diary underneath a tree…” would be updated to “I found her panties underneath a tree…” if it were to be considered for mass appeal today.

And where will the next “Rhapsody in Blue” come from?  Nowhere, I lament.  I seriously doubt there are but a handful of people who have the talent to create such masterpieces — or having it, can find a market for it.

I suppose it’s easy to dismiss me as a snob or a fossil, but I’ve tried to be open-minded, I really have.  I’ve painfully endured or wonderfully enjoyed everyone from Ravi Shankar to Béla Fleck, from Keely Smith to the Oak Ridge Boys, from the Rolling Stones to the New York Philharmonic.  I’ve parsed out what I liked; what speaks to my soul. I see the effect of music on people and realize we all have different tastes.  But do we?

The common thread of music that used to bind us together as a society — back when everyone, regardless of age or color, knew the #1 song in the country — is gone.  We have shattered it into shards of broken glass that can never be pieced together.  If art reflects life, maybe a few generations of painkillers, antidepressants, weed-sucking and drunken stupors have finally altered our creative genius as a people.  Maybe the effect of too many benzodiazepines in the water system is finally being realized on our airwaves.

Music may not be completely dead: The best hope for music today — for all genres — falls into a category called “indie;” short for independent labels with smaller budgets. It seems that’s where artists go when they realize their music is too good to be accepted by the Beyonce/Jay-Z big-money record labels. So when was the day the music died?  For many of us it was a long, long time ago.  Yet we can still remember how that music used to make us smile.


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California Chrome basically ran a race on 3 legs

You gotta give it to a horse who forces himself to run one and a half miles in terrible pain, and still finishes fourth.

California Chrome is an animal hero today — sustaining an injury but continuing to give it his all. We humans could learn a lot from him. Today, Chrome, you are my hero.



And who isn’t suspicious? As Steve Coburn said, “He had a target on his back.” We’re supposed to believe that the beloved Triple Crown hopeful just happened to be the only horse injured right outta the gate? Suuuuure.

And Mr. Coburn is right: We will never see another Triple Crown winner with the large field of horses they run and the slew of new competitors that don’t even compete or qualify for the previous two Triple Crown races.

Here is the best article written about this historical day:

But all of us in the horse racing business know that anything can happen in a race. On this occasion though it is more than sad because this injury alone could have cost California Chrome history.

Imagine a chunk getting taken out your heel down to the bone. Could you run a mile and a half? or a few yards for that matter. You know these horses are made out of flesh and blood like us.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the pain this horse withstood throughout the race was horrendous. I now pray it doesn’t turn out to be a quarter crack which can get quite serious.

And say what you will about owner Steve Coburn, NBC’s antics were infuriating.

You don’t rush in just seconds after the conclusion of a race to get a comment of any owner who has just lost a race much less one that was one leg away from winning the triple crown, especially a new owner that just entered racing.

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“Good Morning, This is D-Day”

Madison Square, June 6, 1944. (No known restrictions; Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information)
Madison Square, June 6, 1944. (No known restrictions; Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information)

By Susan D. Harris

The announcement came from a transatlantic  radio-telephone hookup from Supreme Headquarters to all major press services and  broadcasting networks in the U.S. 

A  dramatic 10-second pause preceded it.  Colonel R. Ernest Dupuy, General  Eisenhower’s public relations officer spoke: 

“This  is Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force.  The text of  Communique No. 1 will be released to the press and radio of the United Nations  in ten seconds.” 

The  seconds were counted off… “One, two, three…:”

“Under  the command of General Eisenhower,” Dupuy read slowly, “Allied naval forces,  supported by strong air forces, began landing Allied armies this morning on the  northern coast of France…”

The  home front was officially notified.

Calm  prevailed in Times Square.  News of the Allied Invasion was met with quiet  trepidation.  There were few people on the streets; most of them  servicemen.

At  4 a.m., about two dozen people gathered at a newsreel theater to hear news  updates broadcast over loudspeakers.

Across  the city, lights began streaming through windows in the pre-dawn mist.  A  telephone call or a knock at the door alerted neighbors to gather around their  radios.

Mayor  LaGuardia was informed of the far-off invasion by New York policemen.  He  called upon the people of New York to carry on about their business; to give our  military the “utmost support.”  Later, he announced plans for a mass prayer  meeting at 5:30 p.m. at Madison  Square Garden where the Eternal Light burned.  Churches announced they  would remain open for prayer the entire day.

The  New York Stock Exchange suspended trading and held two minutes of silence at 11  a.m. as a “tribute to the armed forces in the liberation of  Europe.”

Three  words were repeated again and again across America: “This is it.”  A  feeling of intense anxiety mingled with a strange sense of relief as news broke  that the much talked about invasion had finally begun.

The  extremely rare ringing of the Liberty Bell was heard across the country on  national radio as Philadelphia Mayor Barnard Samuel tapped it with a rubber  mallet and proclaimed, “Let it proclaim liberty throughout the land, and the  return of liberty throughout the world.”

In  the larger cities, people flocked to cathedrals and synagogues. Across rural  farmlands, they stopped what they were doing and headed to steepled white  churches.

In  San Francisco, Bay area shipyard workers reporting for the graveyard shift,  jammed the yards’ switchboards with inquiries as to whether the rumors were  true.  Officials in charge immediately began broadcasting updates over the  yard’s PA system.  Workers were jubilant.

Street  crowds in Oakland and San Francisco were more somber and tense; yet in the late  night movie theaters, special announcements of the invasion were greeted with  boisterous applause.  In Oakland, hotel guests, instead of waking to the  telephone operator’s standard, “Good Morning,” heard instead, “Good morning,  this is D-Day. The Allies have invaded France.”

In  Los Angeles, aircraft and shipyard workers strained to hear the news on the  loudspeakers over the whir of machinery.  The news was met solemnly, and  workers returned to work quietly, but with extra zeal.

In  Santa Monica, home of the Douglas Aircraft Company where many of the air  transports that carried parachute assault troops had been manufactured, a bugle  call was sounded.  Workers worked faster.

In  Pearl Harbor, Hawaii’s KGMB broadcast the news on their 10:00 p.m. broadcast.   Sailors and Marines, still reeling from the West  Loch disaster, cheered the news and yelled to each other, “Hey you guys,  it’s started!”

In  Dallas, as sirens signaled news of the invasion, a baby girl was born and named, “Invasia Mae” in honor of the simultaneous event.  A minister, a rabbi and  a priest led prayer over the early morning radio broadcasts, and Governor Coke  Stevenson announced it was a “solemn hour for Texans  everywhere…”

The  Governor of Illinois, Dwight Green, released a statement saying in  part:

The  minds and hearts of all Americans are with our men at this trying time; hoping  that with the grace of the Almighty the invasion will speedily succeed without  great loss of life, and bring about a just and lasting peace.

But  the invasion did not happen speedily, and it was not without great loss of life.   Americans were already making great sacrifices and mourning their dead,  but they were about to be sent reeling with news of corpse strewn beaches a  world away.

As  more than 700 WWII veterans  die each day, it’s likely this will be the last time many will get to mark this  anniversary; the last time their story will be heard.

Not  only are we losing these courageous souls, we are losing the rest of a  generation whose lives were forever changed as they toiled away on the home  front.  We are losing the people who can give firsthand accounts of what it  was like to live through those times.  People who remember a nation that  worried together, wept together and prayed together.  People who carried on  the work of a nation when everything they loved lay mangled and dead on a  beachhead in France.


Originally appeared on American Thinker:

(In remembrance of my uncle, Alvin H. Harris, 101st Airborne, D-Day invasion, survived.)

Alvin Harris

 USA_240-animated-flag-gifsscreaming eagles

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Michelle Obama’s Crazy, Embarrassing Potato Manifesto


By Susan D. Harris

It was eleven o’clock at night and the lady in front of me in the supermarket line was buying jars of baby food and bottles of Pedialyte.  The cashier pulled some of the jars aside and told the lady they weren’t covered under the WIC program.  “But you didn’t have the ones I can buy, the shelf is empty.  I can’t buy the other ones because he won’t eat them,” the customer said.

“I’m sorry, maybe if you call WIC you can get permission to buy these, but I can’t do anything about it,” the cashier responded.

“I’ve been trying to call them for two days and left messages.  I can’t get a return call,” the woman said, now visibly shaken, her voice quivering.  “My baby is sick and he’s not going to keep down anything but strained peas and maybe these,” she said pointing to some other jars.  “He’ll vomit up anything else.”

Personally I had never realized there were strict guidelines with regard to what kind of baby food you could buy with WIC. Allowed brands vary from state to state. That night was a learning experience.

I’ve never told anyone this before because I don’t believe in trumpeting good deeds; but I bought that woman’s groceries for her that night.  We talked briefly about her little boy; she was embarrassed to accept help but conversely desperate to help her child.  I went away silently praying the baby would keep his food down.

There isn’t much difference when feeding the elderly.  When we are young and healthy, most of us can eat just about anything, if we need to.  But both the young and elderly are much less able to gulp down anything that is offered them, often based on real physiological reactions, mouth or dental problems, or dietary restrictions.

When I was on Family Medical Leave Act to care for my elderly father, I got my first taste of the local food pantry.  The guidelines were strict, and I was required to leave with about ten boxes of cereal to fulfill the pantry’s crazy grain requirements.  You could not refuse any food, or you would be banned from all food pantries.

At first I was happy with the meat they offered: Tubes of plain hamburger or frozen chicken.  My parents were both on salt restricted diets, and I could prepare the food the way I wanted.  One day I walked in and saw that all they had in the meat category were Bar-S hotdogs… loaded with salt.  I groaned and looked at another pantry visitor as I said, “Is that really all they have for meat?”  The pantry worker heard me and gave me a very loud dressing down in front of everyone.  “If you have to ask what kind of meat we have then you don’t really need to be here.  I’ve been instructed to ban anyone who asks about meat from all food pantries!  If you leave here right now without taking the food, I’ll see to it you are banned!”

I sputtered and stammered and was panic stricken, quickly taking all the food I was required to take.  It wasn’t worth explaining to someone who clearly wouldn’t listen.

I was quietly fuming at the same time.  Fuming as I wondered what poor people do when their bodies can’t tolerate salt; when their bowels can’t tolerate grain or seeds or gluten.  What about people with food allergies?

Around this time, I also lived through a period when seeing someone buying a 10 lb bag of potatoes caused feelings of resentment.  So much so that I wondered if I was guilty of breaking the commandment, “Thou shall not covet.”

When you are poor, potatoes are like gold.  I remember anxiously waiting in line to advance to the table that held potatoes at the food pantry: Would I be allowed to take two…four…maybe six?

So when I began reading Michelle Obama’s “potato manifesto” in the New York Times yesterday, I found myself sputtering and stammering again; but there was nothing quiet about my anger.  “Institute of Medicine be damned!” I grumbled.  “Why is Michelle Obama writing an opinion piece on white potatoes?  Stay out of our lives!  Stay out of our children’s lives!”

Obama’s piece also made me think back to my childhood.  I had a sensitive stomach.  I only ate a few bites of food and took a couple of swallows of milk at lunch.  The lunch lady took this as a personal affront, and would often instruct me to take my tray back and eat more; whereupon I would inevitably get a stomach ache.  One day she insisted I drink my entire carton of milk.  I did, but she regretted it when I vomited it all over her shoes.  My mother visited the school the next day with a clear message: “Don’t you ever, ever, tell my child what to eat again.  That is between me, her father, her pediatrician, and her.  It does not involve you.”

As a child, I also had hemangiomas which caused minor bleeding in my digestive tract — a condition which is not uncommon, and children eventually outgrow.  Through those brief years however, raw vegetables, fresh fruit, any kind of seed, popcorn or grains were carefully monitored by my mother under the guidance of my pediatrician. Some foods were completely off limits.  One time, when the teacher told us to bring our own popcorn to watch a movie in class the next day, I brought mine too. My mother had taken on the monumental task of sitting and picking out every hull from the popcorn.  I ate mine happily from my little brown bag, blending in with everyone else, and no one was the wiser.

I understand there need to be restrictions on government food programs; I just don’t understand why everything is turning into a government food program.

The comments under Obama’s NY Times potato piece were almost worse than the article.  There is nothing more sickening than a bunch of rich people who think they are experts on what poor people should eat.  Liberals think conservatives are the condescending “rich people,” but it wasn’t conservatives who were vehemently condemning the potato in defense of Obama.  It was, as usual, the Birkenstock, hybrid car, solar panel, legalize pot, liberal crowd who can spend ten minutes lecturing anyone who will listen that McDonald’s french fries and 7-Eleven Big Gulps are the gateway to hell.   These are the same people that say they want wealth redistribution to “raise up the poor,” while simultaneously lobbying to wipe out our food supply in an effort to abolish cow flatulence and those nasty smelling pig and chicken farms.  And of course they are the same people who forcefully took the corn from the bread basket of America and put it in our gas tanks.

The worst part about Michelle Obama’s piece was the fact that the first lady of the United States once again exposed herself as nothing more than a growling, snarling political animal; assailing the House of Representatives for trying to defy her personal decree to keep potatoes from poor women and children.  I don’t think it gets any more embarrassing or crazier than that.

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Obama at Cafe Central – Hitler, Stalin, Jung at tea

Vienna Cafe

Vienna Cafe

By Susan D. Harris

Bringing to mind the movie title, “The Uninvited,” President Obama unexpectedly inserted himself into our lives once again when he introduced the History Channel’s much hyped six-partseries, “The World Wars.”  This is the latest production by Stephen DavidEntertainment, who also produced the Emmy award winning series, “The Men Who Built America.”  (Of course, it makes you wonder if Obama would have watched, much less enjoyed, David’s documentary of our bedrock capitalism, as it explored the lives of men like Rockefeller, Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Henry Ford and J.P. Morgan.)

A commenter on Deadline Hollywood shared her feelings about Obama’s introduction to “The World Wars” saying:

Well that’s a series I won’t be watching, at least not the first night!  [Obama will] probably say he didn’t know anything about the wars until he heard about it on TV; and he is mad as hell about it and is going to look into it.

One has to wonder why David invited perhaps the most polarizing president in modern history to introduce a series documenting the greatest wars of modern times.

Many Americans doubt whether President Obama really understands the American perspective of the World Wars, since he hasn’t shown any understanding of the wars he has presided over as commander-in-chief.  Mark Levin best expressed this as a recent guest with Sean Hannity, saying:

It has always bothered me…the way we have fought these wars.  When you look at past wars, including WWII and so forth…we send our infantry, we send our men into these hellholes; our air power is used minimally because we are trying to protect people on the other side.  You go in there, you win these battles as best you can and you get the hell out of there.  I don’t know what (Obama’s) objective has been…and that’s enormously tragic for the people and families who’ve been involved in this…

Barack Obama may have formed his Planwirtschaft ideals in Chicago or Harvard or Columbia; but one can envision him somewhere back in time in Vienna, sipping an Einspänner at the Café Central with fellow visionaries…boasting of his plans to fundamentally transform America; looking for ways to force the colonialist bastards to finally discard their moth-ridden Constitution and their false ideas of capitalism.

We gaze into our crystal ball and see Mr. Obama seated in the café, surrounded with the intellectuals and dreamers of another time (a.k.a. “the choom gang”), honing their revolutionary ideas:  Men like Trotsky, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Freud and Jung.  Also sporting about town are one Franz Ferdinand and his would-be assassin, Gavrilo Princip…All of them passing through the Innere Stadt district; debating ideologies, testing the waters, formulating ideas that would plunge the world into confusion and chaos for decades.

Trotsky leans over to Mr. Obama and advises, (as caricatured in a 1934 Chicago Tribune political cartoon):  “Spend! Spend! Spend under the guise of recovery – Bust the government – Blame the Capitalists for the failure – Junk the Constitution and declare a dictatorship!”

Hitler, angrily waving his hand to sweep away the cloud from Obama’s cigarette, leans in and whispers, “If you can’t pass your legislative agendas, use executive orders instead.  You must use every ounce of your authority to unilaterally improve economic security.  You must let tell the people it is the only way toremedy the distress of the people and the state.  First though, you must create the crises that will make the people see it is the only way.”

Stalin, tapping his vodka-spiked java on the table, feels a kinship with Obama.  “Mr. Obama,” he says, “We both come from a troubled childhood; but turn this around and convince the people you are a man of great moral character — so that no matter what you do, the children will write poems about you and the parents will call you a defender of the working class.”

Lenin interrupts, slamming his fist on the table:  “Socialism is the best way; pure socialism.  But if that does not work, you must control the commanding heights of the economy.  Hold your political power and retain control over banks, energy, transportation and trade — or education and healthcare if that is more appropriate in your situation — but allow privatization in other places to appease the people.”

“I am bored,” Freud yawns.  “Forget the commanding heights. I have been lifted to the heights in a wonderful fashion by cocaine!  But I digress.  You are too driven by dreams from your father, Barack.  It is not healthy.  You will become one of those wrecked by success!”

Carl Jung is sitting silent in introspection. “Ask yourself this, Mr. Obama: Are you the one sitting on the stone, or are you the stone upon which you are sitting?”  Everyone eyes each other suspiciously.  “Perhaps,” he continues, “you should speak with my spirit guide Philemon.  If I held conversations with him, then perhaps you can too.  He will give you superior insight and you will understand your dreams.”  He pauses then continues, “I wasn’t going to mention this, but I had a dream of you, a man named Putin, and a phallus…”

Gavrilo Princip suddenly approaches the table, breathlessly asking, “Excuse me, I am the son of peasants and should not be here, but may I know if anyone has seen Archduke Ferdinand?”

“Yes!” Obama says, happy to finally have the floor.  “According to the program, he is going to an inspection of the military barracks, and at 10 a.m. he is going to leave the barracks for the town hall by way of the Appel Quay.  He and his wife are traveling in an open car, and it’s my understanding that some of the special security officers who were supposed to accompany him got left behind…”

Where Did My America Go?

upside flag

By Susan D. Harris

America is gone. It kind of fizzled without much fanfare. Everyone came out to look when they heard the car skidding, and quietly went back inside. I know there are many who will adamantly disagree with me: Onward and upward, never surrender, glass half full and that sort of stuff. I have two words for them: Normalcy bias.

The truth is there is no going back. You can’t reach down and yank an entire society out of socialized medicine. You can’t tell people that their kids shouldn’t idolize Lady Gaga swaggering around in a bacteria-filled meat dress. You can’t criticize American boys for trying to jump their girlfriends because they’ve been watching Beyonce pumping her butt in the air for hours. You can’t call homosexuality perverse because your friend has homosexual neighbors and “oh, those boys look so cute walking hand-in-hand down the street.” How could you be a hater and not a lover?

And while the powers that be have successfully weaned many kids off tobacco, you can’t turn around and tell them they can’t have their weed and heroin; that would be cruel. I mean jeez, what’s left?

You certainly can’t tell them that their “tats” are an outward plea for help, simply a muted way of cutting oneself. No – the lady that plays the church organ has the cutest rose tattoo on her ankle, and positions herself so the congregation can see it every Sunday. How can there be anything wrong with that? (Who would have thought that people who choose not to disfigure themselves would become a minority?)

We walk a fine line between complete anarchy on the streets, police brutality, and a military state. Frankly I don’t trust the street thugs or the police; both make me equally nervous.

And if you want to see how society goes mad, watch how people drive – angry, aggressive, breaking all the rules. They want you out of their way, and if they have to kill you to get to the store two minutes faster, so be it.

You turn your engine off at a McDonald’s drive-thru because the girls inside are chatting and don’t give a rat’s bum how long you have to wait. If you comment on poor service anywhere — from the doctor’s office to the supermarket — you create a potentially dangerous enemy.

Our television is filled with torture, corpses, shocking sexual assaults, dismemberment, necrophilia, homosexuality, and pedophilia – all under the heading of “entertainment.” And if you want to know how to poison someone, watch Lifetime Movie Network, they crack open a capsule in someone’s drink on almost every show. If that doesn’t work, a good shot of potassium in a syringe will do the trick.

Never mind, while you’re watching that, your kids are killing, killing, killing on their video games. “It’s okay – they’re only killing the bad guys,” you tell yourself. Then you’re surprised when someone walks into a crowded (fill in the blank) and opens fire like they’re taking out targets for points.

You can always escape by snuggling up with a good book. A nice little S&M read might do the trick. No reason to turn red reading “50 Shades of Gray;” that would mean you’re frightfully old-fashioned.

On Friday night, the drug stores are filled with people in line getting their cases of beer so they can drink themselves into a coma in honor of the weekend. It used to be just the kids, now it’s the 50-and-60-somethings. Sunday morning coming down, they get up to mow their lawns instead of observing the Sabbath.

Not that churches are that relevant anymore. Most are just social groups that gather to hear the New Age, positive thinking, 12-step-program “how to feel good about yourself” tripe. Many pastors have become nothing more than stand-up comics. Thank goodness they dropped all that offensive teaching about hell. (And when the best Protestantism has to offer is people like Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Joyce Meyer, or the infamous pink-haired lady of TBN….it’s time to shut oneself in the closet and pray.)

How do you feel when you see the American flag? I get a knot in my stomach every time I see it; remembering how things used to be. Every Memorial Day or Fourth of July, I get queasy when I see the Stars and Stripes because its meaning has been denigrated by a Socialist tyrant and his minions hell-bent on the country’s destruction. (And where I live, they seem to yank it down to half-mast every other day. I used to think a head of state had passed away or some great national tragedy had occurred; now it can just mean that the state’s favorite court stenographer has died.)

I remember being proud of our military before it became overrun with lesbians and homosexuals. I think of all the blood that was spilled only for generations of young people to become so brainwashed with liberal propaganda that they actually cry themselves to sleep contemplating the effects of global warming or marriage inequality.

It disturbs me that good people everywhere decided to go to football games; paint their faces orange or put cheese on their heads and willingly ignore the slurping noise of their country being flushed down the toilet. I’ve watched men and women who know more about sports than current events; people who shouldn’t be allowed in voting booths.

The new ruling elite wants our guns, and they will eventually get them. They can do it in the blink of an eye and the stroke of a pen. (The state wants to know my height, weight, eye color and address just to purchase pepper spray; meanwhile illegals are selling Tasers on the street.)

I’m a racist, a homophobe, and a bible-thumper…a backward piece of trash that needs to be eliminated…at least that’s what they tell me. I’m a racist because I think black hip-hop culture has destroyed the youth of America; I’m a homophobe because I think men sticking shot glasses in their rectum and showing up in the emergency room is a mental problem and not a “lifestyle choice;” I’m a bible-thumper because I try my best to follow a set of rules laid out in what many consider an archaic book. I’m an Islamophobe because I don’t think there is a need to differentiate by using the term “radical Muslim.”

I’m also a domestic terrorist because I refuse to put on my Gandhi diaper and walk away peacefully. No matter, the thought police know my heart, and that is all that really matters…they know my sympathies lie with those old radical scraps of paper called the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

I guess I’m just a bad person who is increasingly in the minority. The good people are taking over: The people who care about the earth, who put solar panels on their house and pray to their Green God for the icebergs to stop shrinking; the good people who love homosexuals, abortion, injustice, and especially freedom — for everyone and everything illegal or immoral.

Sometimes the light turns green and nobody moves. Four lanes of traffic on each side and the drivers seem paralyzed. These are the scariest times, when the lemmings all react the same way, caught up in some kind of purple haze in the middle of rush hour. These are the times you start to wonder if all those lines in the sky the day before really were chemtrails. Nothing seems irrational anymore.

If only I weren’t a bible-thumper; I’d know how to make a killing in business. I’d hang a “Paranormal Investigator” shingle outside my house. I’d research property and old newspapers and show up with my EVP recorderinfrared camera, and sell some poor sot a bill of goods on how they need to burn sage to get rid of the negative entities in their house and close their spirit portal.

Frankly, some days I don’t even want to leave the house. I’d rather stay inside with my memories, my morals and my flag — where the world can’t stomp and spit on them. I want to go back to a time like Oliver Goldsmith described when, “”We had no revolutions to fear, nor fatigues to undergo; all our adventures were by the fireside, and all our migrations from the blue bed to the brown.”

But there is no going back. The lifeboats are all gone and the few of us who remain are singing, “Nearer my God to thee” silently as we navigate throngs of zombies on the street.

No, I can’t give you an inspirational ending. At some point you accept that your only escape to serenity is the feeling of warm sunshine, the steadfast stars and the fresh night air, or the soothing sound of waves on the shore. At least no political, economic or social dictate has found a way to deny us those…yet.

All you can do is muddle through, cling to your faith, and feel blessed when you are given the opportunity to help someone along the way. The rest is up to God.


Tina Brown Exemplifies the ‘War on Women’

TINA BROWN (Grace Villamil |Source = Flickr: [ Enzo Viscusi)

TINA BROWN (Grace Villamil |Source = Flickr: [ Enzo Viscusi)

By Susan D. Harris

First a clarification to The Daily Beast’s editor-in-chief Tina Brown:  Gargoyles are supposed to ward off evil spirits.  That “appalling cast of tabloid gargoyles” was what the rest of us like to call courageous whistleblowers participating in freedom of the press.

Brown’s gargoyle reference appeared in her article “How Monica Lewinsky Changed the Media.” It probably shouldn’t be acknowledged as anything more than the snarling, saliva-dripping nastygram that it reads like.  It seems that in light of Ms. Lewinsky’s latest Vanity Fair interview, the liberals are afraid all the old scandals will create a mudslide on the internet highway as they contemplate a Hillary run in 2016.

Brown correctly states that Matt Drudge changed the face of news when he broke the story that our President was having an affair with an intern; but she intentionally puts the cart before the horse:  Bill Clinton changed the presidency forever before any of that happened.  And while Drudge has to be credited with being the first to use this modern technology to usher in a new age of informationdissemination, the fact remains that with the advent of the internet, it was inevitable that news coverage would change forever with our without him.  The early bird got the worm.

Brown’s latest rant sounded like a crabby old woman who hates the world for leaving her behind.  Perhaps she never wanted the media to change, never wanted technology to advance.  Maybe she preferred to keep Woodward and Bernstein slumped over their typewriters hunting and pecking with their index fingers as they performed a carefully controlled demolition of the president  from behind their wooden desks.

The problem liberals have with the internet is that it’s open to anyone.  The problem Tina Brown has with Fox News is that more people choose to watch itthan any other cable news channel.   No one is holding a gun to viewers’ heads to control their remote.  One must conclude that the problem liberals have is with freedom itself.

Worst of all, Brown’s article personifies the aggressive “war on women” that the Democratic Party keeps fighting, even as they throw red herrings toward Republicans to distract from their own denigration of American women.

Surely denigration is an accurate description of what Brown’s article does to Lewinsky, Linda Tripp and Lucianne Goldberg.  Brown attempts to belittle Lewinsky for using her notoriety to produce a handbag line and doing an HBO documentary.  Contradictorily, she criticizes her for “going far enough away to escape” the aftereffects of the Clinton scandal.

Like a teenager in a brat pack, she goes on to attack the physical appearance of all three women.  She scoffs at Lewinsky for appearing in a “seductive sofa pose” instead of as an “unretouched…real 40-year-old woman.”  Goldberg she describes as “cackling,” just so there’s no confusion about the “witch” insinuation; and for Tripp she reserves the harshest rhetoric, attacking her clothing and hairstyle — sixteen years later — and saying she looked like a “drag queen.”  (I assume using this as a derogatory term is okay with the LGBT community, but I’m guessing if any other news sites said Brown looked like a man-suited lesbian, some group would be up in arms.)

Brown’s column exemplified liberal spin, passing the blame and stomping out personal responsibility.  Nice try Brown, but “the things that shocked us” were our president’s actions, lies and cover up; not how the information was obtained or disseminated.

The liberally concocted Republican “war on women” has droned on my ears.  I have seen the lines at the food pantries; they are mostly women, most of whom have only entered the ranks of the hungry or unemployed since Obama took office.  There are your war refugees.

I’ve seen the liberal war on women.  I’ve seen them say they wish Sarah Palin would be gang raped; I’ve heard them tell a female Republican Senator, “I want to rip out your uterus and eat it.” I’ve seen women attack God and life itself in a faith-mocking, baby-killing PSA.  I’ve seen Michele Bachmann demoralized by other women in a way that can only be called nauseating.  Somehow though, in a political piñata game, liberals spin women around and point them away from their real victimizers.

Tina Brown concludes her article by saying that Bill Clinton’s slimy offenses heralded the “death of privacy” simply because the media covered them.  Liberals still don’t understand how a president making an executive decision — that may involve sending Americans to their death — could be adversely affected by having oral sex performed on him under his desk as he did so.  They also never understood how such actions could lead to blackmailing the most powerful man in the world, or how such blackmailing could have disastrous effects for our country.

Do you really want to go there Ms. Brown?  Because conservative women are ready for it. We’ve got a ton of stories to tell your highly coveted voting Millenials around the campfire; ancient stories that include courageous women like Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick .

We know you already told Hillary she shouldn’t run in 2016, so what’s up your sleeve?  Maybe, by the look on your face in that humungous picture you display over everything you write, you are contemplating running for the highest office yourself. Wait, that’s not possible because you didn’t become a U.S. citizen until 2005.

No matter, I’m sure Tattler is looking for a good feature writer to highlight their “frothing world” of gossip.  Maybe it’s time for you and Piers Morgan to leave the colonies and book a steamer back to England.  You can always go back to writing fashion and idle talk for the British aristocracy.  You see we Yanks don’t take too kindly to having cheeky Fleet Street Brits coming over to give us lectures on the “death of privacy.”  We call it hypocrisy.

Published 5/10/14 in American Thinker:

Getting Up With Fleas: Breitbart Takes the Low Road

Somebody's Watching!

Somebody’s Watching!

Like many conservatives, Andrew Breitbart was a hero of mine; so when I saw Breitbart California on Tuesday, I was overcome with disappointment.

Soon after powering up the laptop, I noticed a lot of quirky internet comments relating to a naked woman going on a rampage at a McDonald’s restaurant.  I wasn’t really interested, but since it was a Breitbart link, I clicked it.  I then watched a woman wearing nothing but a thong decimate a McDonald’s in St. Petersburg Florida before stopping to enjoy some ice cream.  This was a stand-alone Breitbart recommended video on their front page.  There was no text with it except a link to the original article at the Daily Mail.

Underneath were thousands of comments, many wittily filthy.  Beyond the fact that it is a sad commentary on our society, I wasn’t sure why Breitbart felt a need to feature this on their front page except for the shock, titillation and sad comedic value.

What I saw after that was even more shocking:  A giant picture of Michele Bachmann (portrayed by Miley Cyrus) with her legs spread apart touching herself.  Michele Bachmann’s name overlaid it in large letters.

Clicking on it, one learned that Breitbart California had been engulfed in a controversy after running an article on street art (supposedly inspired by Andrew Breitbart) that included a Photoshop of Nancy Pelosi’s face on a crawling body of Miley Cyrus, complete with protruding tongue.

After Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz condemned it as “tasteless and undignified,” Breitbart decided to run a column calling them out for their total hypocrisy.  They rightly pointed out the Democrats silence after numerous incidents in which conservative women were sexualized and degraded by liberal media.  Most notoriously was an SNL skit in which Cyrus posed as Bachmann, touching herself and writhing on the ground while a “gay, hypersexual” John Boehner writhed nearby.

My question is a simple one:  Can we crawl out of the sewer?  It is one thing to discuss these issues as legitimate news stories or opinion pieces; it’s quite another to demoralize Bachmann yet again by posting the picture prominently on their website.  I certainly understand that unless people see what is being discussed, they don’t understand why it is shocking and worthy of discussion.  But this was too much.  Obviously Breitbart was playing “gotcha” with Pelosi and Wasserman-Schultz; but who really came out looking undignified?  Breitbart did. And with that, we all did.

And who exactly is claiming that Pelosi’s Photoshopped head on Cyrus is “inspired by Andrew Breitbart” to begin with?  He is not here to speak for himself.

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, who had earlier praised the launch of Breitbart California, requested his column be taken down after a backlash against the pictures.  All of the pictures, which also included renderings of Mark Zuckerberg, Gov. Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger, were part of an ad campaign to promote the launch of their California site.

I understand we are fighting a foe that seems to have no moral compass.  The liberals have dragged us kicking and screaming into the mud pit with them, and it often seems we have no choice but to “fight dirty.”  We are, however, losing what it means to be a conservative when we give in to these base instincts.  The old saying about lying down with dogs and getting up with fleas comes to mind.

Nobody stops to consider what William F. Buckley Jr. would do anymore, let alone Jesus.

Breitbart California’s page on Tuesday was nothing I personally care to start my day with again.  Alongside the culturally pointless video of the naked woman in McDonalds was a video titled, “Residents want local bikini baristas to cover up.”  This supposedly newsworthy story was about scantily clad servers at a place called “Bottoms Up” in Sacramento.  If this is Breitbart California, they are working their shock value wonderfully, but they are not promoting the conservative cause, nor are they worthy of using Andrew Breitbart’s name.


You will never win without God on your side.

If you think that sounds crazy, then…

excuse my righteous indignation.”

Sister Sings Catholic Church into 21st Century

Music is God’s Voice

By Susan D. Harris

“Don’t forget: music is God’s voice,”Brian Wilson reminded us at the induction ceremony of The Beach Boys into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Let’s face it; the Catholic Church has had a lot of bad press over the years.  Catholic churches are being abandoned due to lack of attendance, and there is a shortage of priests.  Google “Catholic churches abandoned” or “Catholic churches closing” and you can tally up the results.  But a surprising appearance on Italian television by a nun seems to be confirming Wilson’s assertion.

As Sister Cristina Scuccia took to the stage last month on Italy’s “The Voice,” the contrast between her and the judges was astonishing.  Indeed, comments under various videos of the event revealed many Americans were shocked by the dress and appearance of the shows judges.  In short, none of them looked like someone you’d trust to watch your dog, let alone your child.

It was, therefore, even more dramatic when each judge took a look and a listen to Sister Cristina and was overcome with emotion.  One stared in reverence, another was nearly brought to tears, and yet another openly dried his eyes.  Each one suddenly beamed with the innocence of a child. This begs the question:  Why did her performance elicit such a reaction?

I believe it was because they were forced to come face-to-face with the divine.  Perhaps it wasn’t so much Sister Cristina herself, but what she represented…a young woman who took a life-changing vow to dedicate her life to God.  Regardless of one’s denomination, that’s a decision to be admired.  It was equally impressive that she took a song that singer Alicia Keyes performed as a romantic ballad and turned it into a powerful homage to her divine creator.  At that moment, the spiritual elephant in the room couldn’t be ignored.

The official YouTube video posted by “The Voice of Italy” has registered more than 41 million views thus far.

There were few people, Catholic or otherwise, who were not moved by her performance.  Sister Cristina has said that God is her voice teacher and it is a gift she is sharing.  Would that we all acknowledged our own talents as a gift from God that we merely share with the world.

Singing nuns certainly aren’t new.  Most notably Jeanine Decker (Sœur Sourire or Sister Smile) rose to fame in 1963 with her internationally acclaimed recording, “Dominique.”  A few years later “The Singing Nun,” a loosely based biographical movie, was released starring Debbie Reynolds.  In reality, Sister Smile’s life didn’t go so well.  Increasingly at odds with the Dominican Order in Belgium that had initially urged her to record her songs, she was eventually forced from the convent against her will.  While the proceeds from her recordings were donated back to the church due to her vow of poverty, that didn’t stop the Belgian government from demanding huge sums in back taxes.  Financially devastated and abandoned by the church, she eventually took her own life.

I do not know what the future holds for Sister Cristina, but I hope the Catholic Church stands by her.  While it may be the personal wish of those who take a vow in the church to serve in near-anonymity, those who decide to share a talent with the world should be equally accepted as a blessing to the church as a whole.  Forty-one million souls heard Sister Christina sing and saw her passion. They saw the enthusiasm of a real person instead of some darkly cloaked figure they falsely believe they have nothing in common with.  Those same people heard her speak about God, and for many who have known nothing but a secular world, it may have been the first time they were confronted with Him.  That just can’t be a bad thing.

Recently, Conservative radio host and outspoken Catholic, Laura Ingraham, appeared on The O’Reilly Factor to discuss how God and Jesus are being banned in the American public arena. Ingraham said:

“I think the more you see these attacks on Christian understanding or even religious understanding and history, the more you’re going to see religious people retreating from public life.”

In a country, nay world, that is becoming an enemy of the Christian and Jewish God, now is not the time to break the circle of unity that has historically empowered and defined us.  Unless there is an egregious error or crime that demands condemnation, believers should embrace their common belief in God against the secular humanism that is conquering every aspect of our culture.

In light of that, this Protestant applauds Sister Cristina.  Sing it from the rooftops!  And may God take the glory.

Published in American Thinker April 6, 2014

NOTE: I think the Catholic church will need a lot of Sister Cristina’s. The Pope (aka Mr. Bergoglio)  is providing the BAD publicity:

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis called Friday for governments to redistribute wealth and benefits to the poor in a new spirit of generosity to help curb the “economy of exclusion” that is taking hold today. (Someone please tell Mr. Bergoglio that’s called…COMMUNISM)

Soylent Green Really IS People?!

soylent green 2

By Susan D. Harris

Imagine it’s 2014. Nazi concentration camps whose smokestacks emitted the by-product of incinerated human remains were eradicated more than sixty years before. The only place one could see such horrors was in oldnewsreels or science fiction films.

Not so fast.

It turns out some smokestacks in the U.K. have been billowing out the burned remains of more than 15,000 fetuses over the last two years. This would have necessarily included not only aborted fetuses, but babies that were stillborn or the result of miscarriages as well. Imagine the horror of being told your baby was “cremated,” only to find it was disposed of in a “waste-to-energy” plant and used to heat the hospital.

Tom Bryant of Britain’s Mirror Online writes:

“Forms handed to women at the hospital say remains are “cremated,” not mentioning “incineration.” This goes against guidance from Sands, the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity, which states “incineration must not be called cremation.”

Adding to the messiness of the story, one hospital was surprised to learn that fetal remains from another hospital were burned at their facility; which of course means that waste was transported there — much like the garbage truck that took remains to the disposal-center in Soylent Green.

Britain’s Channel 4 is airing the results of this investigation in a program hosted by Amanda Holden called “Exposing Hospital Heartache.” Coincidentally, two days before the report was to air,the Telegraphreported that the “Department of Health issued an instant ban on the practice which health minister Dr. Dan Poulter branded “totally unacceptable.” Kudos to Holden for doing what journalism was meant to do: expose injustice and keep society in check. It is obvious, however, that many people must have known this was happening, but no one was doing anything about it.  It also appears the Department of Health scrambled to put a ban in place on Sunday night in an effort to stave off backlash that would inevitably come when the story went public.

A comment underneath the story in the Telegraph asked, “As the mothers and staff have discarded them as so much unwanted waste — why attack the disposal (method)?” Apparently this commenter hastily overlooked the fact that the “fetal remains” also consisted of babies from miscarriages and stillbirths.

I recently had an epiphany while watching a documentary on the Holocaust. I saw the dead, as well as the emaciated living (who likely had days or hours to live after their camps were liberated). Instead of being sickened, I was struck by their beauty; an indescribable beauty that transcended their pain and suffering. I saw people whose minds and physical bodies had been pushed to the limit as they strove to maintain that one great gift from God — life. How indomitable the human spirit is; how miraculously unyielding the human body can be! Yet how easily we take that gift and deny it to others or discard it like trash.

The fact remains that aborted fetuses in America are either incinerated as medical waste or disposed of in landfills. What seems to have shocked the public with the recent revelations in the UK is that this waste was used to generate heat in what can only be termed “extreme recycling.”

While Briton’s are likely to reel from Channel 4’s revealing documentary on the treatment of fetuses, there’s hope that all reverence for life is not lost. Emerging from a country that like our own seems to be wallowing in degradation, are Britain’s latest viral sensations, “Mr. & Mrs. F.”

Tom Flectcher, one of that country’s most popular singer/songwriters, married his girlfriend, Giovanna Falcone, in 2011. Childhood sweethearts who seemed to epitomize true love, the couple announced they were expecting a baby in a creative video. Months later, after they posted a video called, From Bump to Buzz, the public learned that the couple had photographed Giovanna’s pregnancy every day for nine months. In a touching time-lapse video (complete with an original song), we see them welcome the birth of their first child, Buzz Michelangelo Fletcher.  One can only hope that with role models like the Fletchers — and others — the U.K. will at least have a fighting chance at raising a new generation that will put pregnancy and childbirth back where it should be: into the realm of the miraculously divine. Let’s hope a new generation of Americans can be inspired to do the same.

From American Thinker:





Is it any wonder it’s called the “green movement?”




Keeping Pelosi Away From The Gavel


By Susan D. Harris

Recently the National Journal ran a story crediting Florida Republican David Jolly’s victory, in part, to reminding people that a defeat could move U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi “one step closer to reclaiming the speaker’s gavel.”

If the Republican Party were serious about winning in order to reclaim the country for Conservative values – which they are not – they should keep playing video clips of Liberals most incriminating moments. For instance, President Obama’s famous quip to Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney regarding Russia: “The 80s called, they want their foreign policy back.” This should be played over and over and over again. It should be made into a hip-hop music video with a voice-over against the backdrop of Maidan Square in Kiev, where mounds of flowers and makeshift memorials remember those killed.  It should be set against a background of Russian tanks rolling through Crimea.

Instead of making those boring biographical films showing Republicans at home sipping iced tea and talking about family values, they should show a constant barrage of videos reminding people of Democrats worst moments.  Heaven knows they could make a feature-length film when it comes to Nancy Pelosi. I’d like to offer some of my picks for the best (or worst) Pelosi moments:

1)      “My favorite word is “The Word” (Two words).

I seriously doubt anyone ever asked her what her favorite “word” was, nor do I believe people are always clamoring after her to get a list of her “favorite things;” such as raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens. Her huge ego in making such ridiculous claims seemed grotesque when she proceeded to talk about “The Word,” being careful not to mention Jesus by name then saying, “fill it in with anything you want.” (I’m sure Jesus appreciated that caveat.) And you didn’t hear the liberals screaming about separation of church and state when she said the Word needed to be kept in mind when making “public policy.” Later she refused to answer a reporter’s question about whether the Word was made flesh at conception or birth: “Whenever it was, we bow our heads when we talk about it in church.” (That the ‘big girl’ answer she was forced to give instead of “Can I go to my room now?”)

2)      Pelosi’s 2007 Treason Tour:

Bush asked her not to go to Syria, but she defied White House foreign policy and tripped the light fantastic; buying sweets and laughing like a school girl through Damascus bazaars. Pelosi glowed with teenage titillation as she donned the misogynist head covering and trotted down cobblestone streets telling the world that Syria’s Assad was ready to engage in peace talks; and telling Syria that Israel was ready to do the same.  This caused an international incident as Israeli Prime Minister Olmert scrambled to make it clear she had misrepresented him. This sickening attempt at, “let’s tell both sides the other one wants to talk and maybe they’ll get back together” works better if your best friend broke up with her boyfriend. Otherwise you could (oops) start WWIII.

3)      The Obamacare Horselaugh

horse laugh2

March 2010: The Senate passes the Affordable Care Act i.e. Obamacare. As one paper said, “It appears history in healthcare and politics is on the brink of writing a new chapter in the annals of this great nation.” It certainly was. Previous to the vote, Pelosi carried an oversized gavel (lent to her by Rep. John Dingell) and walked to the House Chamber to show everyone they meant business. On the way, the famous horse-laugh picture was taken, as Pelosi threw her head back to carry out her trademark “little girl laughing hysterically” performance – the mark of a true statesman. Little did we know she was laughing at all Americans – the disabled, the elderly, the unborn, cancer patients…and everyone who ever needed a doctor.

4)      We have to pass the bill so you can see what’s in it

Let’s not take it out of context; she also said the Affordable Care Act was “going to be very, very exciting.” In one of the most repulsive displays of government overreach and personal arrogance, Pelosi summed up the modus operandi for the Obama administration:  “We’re passing the legislation with or without you.” Never one to back down, she later said, ““I stand by what I said there: when people see what’s in the bill, they will like it…” – as if she were making a surprise dish for her candlelight supper.

5)      Republicans were responsible for Benghazi

With her Wonder Woman deflecting bracelets carefully fastened, Pelosi appeared with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and immediately blamed the Benghazi terror attacks on Republican’s — saying they gave the Obama administration “$300 million dollars less than it asked for the State Department, including funding for security.” She went on to say that the Benghazi investigation was politically motivated.  Well there, that’s over with.

6)      Sochi was a bad choice because of Russia’s anti-gay laws

Really? That’s the only reason she can come up with?

Apparently waking up from a long nap, on February 7, 2014, Pelosi said she was “disappointed” that Russia was chosen as the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics because of Moscow’s position on LGBT rights. Apparently no one informed her that the site was announced back in 2007. But then again, it’s all in the timing and pleasing your constituents.

The list goes on – please feel free to add your own.

Every Congressional fight must be bitterly fought to keep the House gavel from this traitor’s hands. Let’s hope that Rep. Jolly’s victory is a harbinger for the Democratic Party.

Pelosi celebrates her 74th birthday this month. Sen. Harry Reid will be 75 later this year. It’s time for these poster children for term limits to be put out to pasture.



A Favorite Song Foretells the Discovery of a Long Forgotten Homeland


…How a Cherished Song Held the Secret Key to Our Ancestry

By Susan D. Harris


When I was young, an old Victrola sat in the corner of our living room that had belonged to my mother’s family.  The relic of a bygone era, it sat stoically quiet until it was called upon to melodically share the stories it was created to tell.

The long front doors opened to display shelves with carefully stacked 78 rpm records.  The shorter doors on top opened to let the sound out; and the top lifted to reveal a small dog facing a gramophone.  My parents said his name was Nipper.  Nearby it read, “His Master’s Voice.”  I can still remember how opening its doors released the pent-up smell of wood.  It was a special smell that should be bottled for posterity in the Smithsonian Hall of Historically Important Smells — if such a thing existed.

My mother knew every record it held as she had played them since she was young.  Whenever the feeling took hold, she would take them out and spend an evening listening to them.  She and my father were old souls, singing along with many songs that were popular before they were born.

Some of the records like “The Ballad of Mary Fagan,” and “The Prison Fire” documented tragedies.  There were historical songs like, “Lucky Lindy” and “Lindbergh – Eagle of the U.S.A.,” and a WWI tune titled, “The South Will Do Her Part.” Depression songs expressed the troubles of that era with recordings like, “Hallelujah, I’m a Bum” and “Big Rock Candy Mountain.”

Other songs were just downright sad like “The Century Plant” by Hobo Jack Turner, “That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine” and “The Letter Edged in Black.”  I didn’t emotionally comprehend these songs, but my parents inevitably reached for their tissues.

There was the classic, “O sole mio,” by Enrico Caruso, and a few Al Jolson recordings such as, “April Showers,” “My Mammy,” and “You Made Me Love You.”

I gained an appreciation for the unique sound of the Victrola.  In later years, hearing those songs in stereo seemed to diminish their quality.

My mother’s favorite record by far was “Little Town in the Auld County Down” by the great tenor, John McCormack.  We were never surprised that she loved it; she’d always held an unexplained passion for Irish music.

Playing this song demanded complete silence, and my mother would sit enraptured, seeming to drift away to another place as she listened to McCormack’s lilting Irish brogue.  It seemed only natural that her children came to love the song too, and the words and tune became ingrained in our minds and ears forever.  Oftentimes we would sing along as we too found ourselves falling under its enchantment — dreaming of an island we had no connection to.

We were, after all, English on both sides of our family.  We knew much of our genealogy, and had a general idea of the rest.

One sketchy area that remained was the ancestry of mom’s mother.  My mother had never looked farther than knowing they were the Carson’s from Ohio.  As my mother observed looking back, one can go through a large portion of life without ever thinking to ask what came before your grandparents.

My grandmother had lost track of her roaming younger brother back in the 1920s, and spent much of her life trying unsuccessfully to track him down.  Not wanting to give up her quest, even 30 years after she’d passed, I began searching the internet.  One day as a page loaded, I was shocked to see a large photo of my grandmother materialize on my computer screen. She was a little girl, standing beside her mother and brother.  I knew the picture well, because it hung on our living room wall.

“Mom!” I called to the other room.  She hurried in as I turned the screen to face her.  “What is that?” she asked.  “Our picture of grandma is on the internet!” I answered.  Her eyes welled up with tears.  “What is mama doing on the internet?” she asked, horrified that her dear mother had secretly leapt into the computer age.

Under the picture it had my great-grandmother’s name with a caption that read, “Unidentified children.”  I hurriedly located the email of the person who posted it and contacted her.  Ten minutes later I got a reply from a distant cousin on the other side of the country.  “That’s my grandma,” I told her, “and her daughter is standing here with me!”

In the email exchanges that ensued, we found our cousin had researched our shared genealogy, which she eventually sent to us.  My mother had actually known many of the people on the family tree, but it was the earliest branches that caused our jaws to drop in shock:  My grandmother’s family, the Carson’s, had come to America in 1790 from Killyleagh…County Down, Ireland.

We really were connected to County Down!

How did that 1921 recording get in the old Victrola?  Did some long ago family member feel a kinship with it?

Once I read an article that asked, “If so many traits are hereditary, is it possible for memories to be passed down from generation to generation?”  I wondered.  Somehow, unknowingly, almost mystically, my mother had passed down a very specific appreciation of our ancestry.

Today, listening to it with mom, it whispers to us like a collective memory.  The lyrics seem like a hidden message that took a lifetime to decipher:

In the dear little town in the auld County Down,

It will linger way down in my heart;

Though it never was grand, it was my fairyland,

Just a wonderful world set apart.

Oh, my island of dreams you are with me it seems,

And I care not for fame or renown;

Like the black sheep of old, I’ll come back to the fold,

Little town in the auld County Down.


This article appeared in Family History Daily:

NY-21: The Mysterious Snub of Tea Party’s Joe Gilbert

Joe Gilbert

Joe Gilbert


Visit Joe Gilbert on Facebook:

UPDATE: Listen to the author discuss this article on Conservative Commando Radio Show:

By Susan D. Harris

If you’ve been wondering, New York’s 21st Congressional District is still in a rotten mess.

Back in January, Democratic Rep. Bill Owens announced he was retiring.  The New York Times reported:

Mr. Owens is the latest Democrat whose decision to leave Congress may hurt his party’s chances of gaining in the House in November. Democrats have now lost several incumbents in districts where the party is vulnerable to Republican challenges — including one in Utah and one in North Carolina, both of which the Democrats are expected to lose.

Owens had come to power in 2009 after a special election that followed a harsh ideological war between Republicans and Conservatives. Republicans endorsed moderate Republican Dede Scozzafava, while Conservative/Tea Party voters endorsed a previously unknown accountant named Doug Hoffman.

Conservatives didn’t just endorse Hoffman, they clamored around him. Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty backed him. Conservative radio talker Laura Ingraham and Rep. Michelle Bachmann talked up Hoffman on Ingraham’s radio show. In a nationally followed bitter campaign, Scozzafava dropped out of the race just three days before the election citing “spending” and an “inability to define herself.” Most of Hoffman’s supporters thought this was a great development, until Scozzafava threw her support behind Democrat Bill Owens — highlighting a nasty chasm between establishment Republicans and strengthened, confident Tea Party Conservatives.

Owens beat Hoffman by a small margin, possibly boosted by unified labor efforts in the last days of the campaign.

Apparently embracing the label “RINO,” Scozzafava later joined Gov. Cuomo’s administration.  And, until she withdrew her name in February, she was also the leading candidate for the Democratic nomination to replace Bill Owens.  (If you are confused, you’re not alone.)

The Democratic nominee to replace Owens is Aaron Woolf, a filmmaker from Elizabethtown, NY, best known for his documentary King Corn. He divides his time between a home in the Adirondacks and Brooklyn. Frankly there isn’t much else to say about him.

It seems the time is finally right for a true Conservative to easily take the 21st Congressional District right? Not so fast.

Elise Stefanik had already announced she was running against the Democratic incumbent before he announced he wouldn’t run. A 29-year-old former intern in the Bush administration, she seems to be toeing the party line. As yet, her best elucidated plan seems to be: “We just need people with new ideas.” While it’s clear she graduated from Harvard with honors, it isn’t clear what she earned her degree in. I’m assuming from her D.C. internships, it was likely Political Science.  The scariest part is — here we have a young person trained exclusively in D.C. politics with no experience in the real world; and because she’s young and female the Republican Party, along with some Conservative groups, are embracing her like a rock star to help widen their proverbial base. The Weekly Standard has published numerous articles on her.

With all the years she supposedly spent in the Beltway, Stefanik still claims to be an entrepreneur at her father’s long-held lumber business. Pro-life groups are endorsing her simply because she’s pro-life; but I have yet to find any real substance in her campaign. A recent article in the Daily Kos detailing some of her D.C. connected campaign contributions was craftily titled, “NY-21: Slick Marketing Campaign aims to turn a wealthy DC Insider into a North Country Woodchuck.”

Another candidate, Matt Doheny, doesn’t sound too promising either. He runs his own investment firm from Watertown, NY, and is on the board of several national companies. He spent millions of dollars of his own money to run unsuccessfully in two previous elections, and is willing to do it again. Beltway insiders already in Stefanik’s pocket are wondering why Doheny is even bothering; even bringing up that his former campaigns were plagued by “ethical issues” including charges of boating under the influence and video of him engaged in some serious smooching with a campaign consultant (while he was engaged to his current wife).

The biggest mystery is why the Tea Party leader doesn’t seem to be getting more traction and endorsements.  Joseph Gilbert is a retired Army major who has an impressive résumé as director of emergency services for St. Lawrence County. He spent 24 years in the military, completing three tours in Iraq. He joined the Army immediately after high school, and earned his college degrees while studying nights and weekends on top of his armored personnel carrier.

His service to his country is well documented and stellar. His degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Maryland has served him well. A lifelong conservative, he attended the very first Tea Party rallies at Boston Harbor in April, 2009. He talks about things like freedom, liberty, limited government, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, strong national defense, the sanctity of life, and abolishing the IRS. He makes statements such as: “The people are guaranteed the right to keep and bear arms. A true representative republic has nothing to fear from an armed populace.”

Looking at this guy’s website and listening to his interviews, you can’t help but wonder whether 21st Congressional District Republicans and Conservatives have gone completely out of their minds by not endorsing Gilbert in a big way. Now, even though Gilbert entered the race about the same time as Stefanik back in August 2013, without more endorsements he has a dwindling chance to raise enough funds to make a difference against the seemingly already crowned frontrunners.

To make matters worse, former Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman has endorsed Elise Stefanik; which makes one wonder if maybe Hoffman wasn’t “all that” to begin with.In the big push to unite Conservatives and Republicans behind the same candidate and avoid another mess like the 2009 election, both elements seem to be endorsing the wrong people.

The truth is New York State has set the standard in exposing glaring similarities between establishment Republicans and their Democratic opponents. Obviously money, power and connections speak louder than ideology and principles.

Frankly I’m tired of America putting people in office who have done nothing but study how to promote themselves to get into office. I’m tired of people buying a seat at the top. Give me a regular man or woman who fought for their country, studied at night and got their hands dirty in the soil instead of from sleazy handshakes. The Tea Party movement was supposed to be about rejecting career politicians and raising the voice of the common man. Being a Conservative in New York is an almost insurmountable task, but now is not the time to cave in and become a CINO.

Shame on the 21st District.

The Dark Debut of Debbie Wasserman Schultz

By Susan D. Harris


It was a turning point in my life.  Some people remember where they were when Kennedy was killed or Apollo 11 landed on the moon.  I remember where I was the day Terri Schiavo died.  I was crying in a bathroom stall at work, wondering what kind of merciless country I lived in.  It was nine years ago this month.

Looking back at the appeals and legislation surrounding the Terri Schiavo case makes my head spin.  At the time, my family and I followed every twist, every turn, and every detail of her family’s struggle to keep her alive.

Frankly I’d rather not look back.  It only reminds of how messed up our laws were, and how much farther we’ve deteriorated into a culture of death instead of a culture of life.

In 2005 Terri Schiavos’ mother, father, brother and sister did everything they legally could to save their daughter, their sister.  None of it worked.  Terri Schiavo was subsequently murdered by the laws of the state of Florida and her country.  That is my opinion, and the feeling of many Americans.

I had followed the case the only way I could at the time; on the radio.  Glenn Beck was covering it and Bobby Schindler, Terri’s brother, would give updates when he could.  I and my family suffered every joyous victory and every crushing defeat with the Schindler family.

One person I remember well from that time is Long Island’s own Debbie Wasserman Schulz, who decided to stay in Florida after earning her Political Science degrees there (along with a certificate in political campaigning that would serve her well).  A freshman U.S. Representative serving hanging chad country, Wasserman Shultz was the public face of Florida’s push to let Schiavo die. (The case to remove her feeding tube was initiated by her husband Michael who, eight years after her collapse, petitioned the court to have the tube removed based on a casual conversation he remembered where Terri had said she wouldn’t want to live like that.

“Who’s talking?” someone would yell from the other room as my family took turns monitoring the TV for news about Terri.  “I don’t know, it’s that little lady with the long kinky hair again,” I would answer.  Eventually I came to despise seeing this woman because she seemed to relish the attention she received at Terri’s expense.  Wasserman Schultz seemed to soak it up, hopping from interview to interview.  When she told everyone she had “just gone through this with her husband’s aunt” — not her own child or blood relation – I cringed.  Her motives seemed more blatantly political than personal to me.  Nerves were still raw in Florida — and Broward County in particular. They had egg on their face from the infamous 2000 Presidential election debacle.  Governor Jeb Bush seemed to keep Democrats in a constant state of rage, and Wasserman Schultz played the tragic case as if it were a game of “gotcha” with the Bush family.  She seemed less concerned with Terri Schiavo than making a name for herself.  And for all the airtime time she copped during the legal mess that was the Schiavo case, I can only find one video of Wasserman Schultz speaking about it during that time.  Every appearance she made leading up to the death of Terri Schiavo seems to have been scrubbed from the internet.  (Her website holds only handpicked excerpts and statements about the case.)

There is however, a C-SPAN video from May 2005, where Wasserman Schultz participates in a “Freedom of the Press” forum hosted by U.S. Rep. John Conyers.  Discussing bias in the media with attendees Randi Rhodes and Al Franken of Air America, Wasserman-Schultz interjected:

One thing I would like to add…my experience with bias in the media, and the disturbing trend that I think is there, was with the Terri Schiavo case.  And you have the point-counterpoint nature and development of news programs.  And it’s really…it was unbelievable to me that, consistently in my involvement in that case, particularly on news programs, I would be pitted against someone who had no regard for the facts of the case or the discussion we were debating.  And the person moderating, who was from one of the news outlets, didn’t make any attempt or effort to try to insert some objectivity or correct the record or oftentimes allow me to correct the record.  It seems as though news programs now have almost no regard for making sure the information that’s being disseminated by guests on their program are factually accurate.  Years ago when I was growing up it appeared as though the information being disseminated on news programs like those were at least trying to stick close to the facts and not allowing people…to just make it up as they went along.  That was just a frustration of mine.

Who knew the frustration Wasserman Schultz was suffering while the Schindlers were fighting to save their daughter’s life?  Apparently we will never get to see any of those terribly annoying “point-counterpoint” interviews she gave on the Schiavo case, nor any of her press conferences from Florida during the legal battle. states their goal is: “Promoting a Culture of Life by embracing the true meaning of compassion by opposing the practice of imposed death.”  Organizations that bring awareness of these issues are needed in America now more than ever.  There was not just one Terri, there is not just one Jahi; there have been others and there will be more.  And if you thought Roe v. Wade was bad for the unborn, wait until you see how much harder the fight for life becomes for the disabled, the terminally ill and the elderly under Obamacare.

Wasserman Schultz repeatedly criticized Terri’s Bill as “overstepping Congressional authority.”  She ranted about “separation of powers” and “states’ rights.”  “When I ran for Congress, I didn’t ask my constituents for the right to make these decisions,” she said.  “We’re not God.”  I can only imagine how spitting mad she would have been if George W. Bush had forced the Affordable Care Act on her constituents.

Steven G. Calabresi, Professor of Law at Northwestern University, wrote an excellent summation on the legality of the laws passed by the Florida State legislature and the U.S. Congress during the Schiavo case.  In his conclusion he wrote:

…contrary to what the media has largely reported about Terri’s Law, moral and equitable arguments weighed in favor of Congress’s decision to intervene to try to save Terri Schiavo’s life. The law that Congress enacted did not violate the Constitution by reopening a final judgment, by attempting impermissibly to direct a judicial decision, or by exceeding Congress’s enumerated power. Terri’s Law was also fully justified as a matter of policy because it reaffirmed Congress’s commitment to a culture of life…

Perhaps Wasserman Schultz should remember the words of Hubert Humphrey who said:

The moral test of a government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; the twilight of life, the aged; and those who are in the shadow of life, the sick the needy, and the handicapped.

Wasserman Schultz has spouted no end of crazy rhetoric over the years; mostrecently comparing Rep. Darrell Issa’s cutting the microphone of Rep. Elijah Cummings to the oppressive government actions in Venezuela and Ukraine.  As I look back to Terri Schiavo however, I will never forget the disturbing circumstances that led to Wasserman Schultz’s debut in the national spotlight, nor how she came to be the darling of the Democratic Party.

(Last year, the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network had their first annual Award Gala. Former Governor Sarah Palin was the honored speaker. During the gala, the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Award is presented to an individual or family that defended the life of a loved one against overwhelming odds. This year, the event will be held on March 27th and the guest speaker is Glenn Beck. The award will go to the family of Jahi McMath, “who fought so valiantly for the life of their daughter.”)

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You can also visit the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network to read this article and others:


The Quickening: Life in the 21st Century


By Susan D. Harris

And what rough beast, its hour come at last,

Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

(From “The Second Coming,” William Butler Yeats)

Has the “quickening” already begun? Is the pace of life so hectic, hellish and hedonistic that its reverberations are already heralding the end of days?

Something unnerving is afoot. Believers and unbelievers seem to share a general feeling of stress and anxiety about what each new day will bring. Is it some kind of Web Bot awareness of things to come, or a psychological reaction to the carousel of life spinning out of control? Are we awaiting an economic collapse or a collapse of the electrical grid? Or are we awaiting our own mad descent into a time when the fight for food and survival will drive us to do unspeakable things?

There is a belief in certain theological circles that time is speeding up as the world approaches the Biblical end of days. The book of Matthew tells us God can and will shorten time.

Additionally, the book of Daniel tells us that the pace of life will increase dramatically in the end times: “Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” Some Christians who believe this prophesied whirling dervish of progress has already begun refer to it as “The Quickening.” (Not to be confused with the “Highlander” films.)

Until the industrial age, man had been living in much the same manner he had for thousands of years. When the railroads came, those who scorned “progress” refused rights of way to developers. When automobiles arose from the dusty streets like some sort of rattling bones in Ezekiel – they were scoffed at. Like George in The Magnificent Ambersons, some proclaimed: “Automobiles are a useless nuisance! Never amount to anything….They had no business to be invented!”

Then radio, film and television spilled out in rapid succession. Civilization seemed to be progressing faster than history could record it. But look at us now – standing in line to upgrade our iPhone or Android every few months. There are no grand debates about advancing technology, no protests of progress, just hedonistic lust to keep up with the Joneses or fulfill our own selfish indulgence for the next gadget. No time to debate the ethics of technology when you’re sexting.

When I was younger, I had an esoteric teacher who spent a class session teaching us that when we’re born, we begin the circle of life. After completing our circle halfway, we begin to see the beginning of the circle more clearly again, including the eternal realm from which we came. I’ve thought of it often as I’ve watched my elderly relatives joyously recall adventures of their youth, while events that happened the month before seemed clouded by the passage of time. Contradicting this theory however, nostalgic yearnings formerly reserved for the “old folks at home” are now popular among 20- and 30-somethings pining for the old days. Could it be that they too sense a quickening pace even though they haven’t been in the race that long?

It’s man’s nature to look back. As we grow older, it’s natural to survey the landscape we’ve traversed instead of the path ahead. The tendency for individuals to look back or live in the past has often come during or immediately after times of great social upheaval or war. Author and Civil War historian Alice Fahsdocumented the rise of “literary sentimentalism” during the civil war as popular culture tried to compensate for unprecedented slaughter, transformed lives or unbearable losses.

Oftentimes however, those who look ahead into the vast gaping hole called “the future” are hailed as “visionaries,” while those who dare to look back are maligned as “sentimentalists” who risk being turned into a pillar of salt. That doesn’t stop us; like Lot’s wife, we can’t help but look back.

Perhaps my teacher was right. As we complete our circle, we see ourselves clearer at five than at 40. I look back to Memorial Day parades, veterans marching, bands deafening our ears and colorful banners strung across the streets. I see my father’s homemade ten-foot flagpole, the envy of our neighbors, proudly flying the Stars and Stripes. I see a mother who was employed as a homemaker, providing a sense of security generations since have rarely known. I see a town sitting in silence as businesses are closed for the Sabbath; people scurrying to church and returning home for Sunday dinner and roasted chicken. The Sunday paper was the main attraction, and “the funnies” were the most wrinkled pages as each reader passed them on snickering something like, “That Snuffy Smith is never going to learn!”

Those days seem to be gone for much of America. Yes, there are small pockets of civilization that still cling to the old ways, but they are in the minority.

To make matters worse, from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Gulf Stream waters, the parking lots, strip malls and chain stores make it hard to distinguish one town from another. A subconscious sense of ‘circling the fishbowl’ adds to our uneasiness.

Watching a video of a Memorial Day parade 3000 miles away, I couldn’t distinguish it from my own city. Lines of people walking in a parade with T-shirts and rumpled shorts – waving to bystanders as if they believed they were somehow worthy of applause simply for showing up. Gone are the days of uniforms, suits, colorful dress and costumes. We’ve become too informal, to mundane, too apathetic. We don’t enjoy being together anymore. We would rather run home to our video games, text each other, or update our Facebook page with our coolest “selfie.” We’d rather watch others’ reality on TV than experience our own.

Unlike those who struggled through the great upheavals of the early 20th century, the generations that came after have had to deal with radical changes in their collective morals and belief system. If your son announces he wants to date the boy next door, you have to be okay with that or you are labeled a “hater.” If your cousin has three different “baby daddies,” you have to respect her as a “struggling single mother.”

After nine months of carefully planned vitamins, nutrition and sonograms, social convention dictates new mothers leave their precious bundle with strangers at a daycare center. When the child begins school, he is automatically chuted into an after-school program. Having spent the majority of his formative years bonding with strangers instead of family, he is told it was a necessary sacrifice so he could attend college. Finally there, he or she receives a (supposedly) sound education and goes on to have children that will need to be dropped off at daycare and placed in after-school programs. Thus the cycle of Burke’s “flies of a summer” begins again. It’s like an inconceivably faster version of Thornton Wilder’s The Long Christmas Dinner.

It seems indisputable that a national anxiety is rising – along with stress, loneliness and a general feeling that we’re “running out of time.”

Whether it’s an illusion caused by the exponential acceleration of technology; being forced to rip down our morals in exchange for new ones as if replacing old drapes; the breakdown of the family; general anxiety from the treadmill of life; or the beginning of the end…only time will tell. Ah, the irony.

The Stench From the National Decay


The Stench From the National Decay

By Susan D. Harris

So we keep sitting here preaching to the choir while liberals have no clue what we’re talking about because they don’t even bother to listen. Many of them don’t listen because they are just plain ignorant or they have some deep-seated problem with authority or religion or suffered some other basic ethical or moral tragedy that forever altered their perception of life. It only takes a little scratching beneath the surface to reveal these problems with most of them, and that’s why I believe Ann Coulter and Michael Savage were right when they said that liberalism falls into the spectrum of mental disorders. A classic example is a former coworker of mine whose car was covered with bumper stickers like “COEXIST” and “The last time someone mixed politics and religion people were burned at the stake.” She was the same one who slunk around the workplace, eyes glowing like a schoolchild in “Village of the Damned,” saying Sarah Palin “scared” her and whispering about the Koch brothers to anyone who would listen. If you talked with her long enough, you found she had been raised Catholic – a supposedly devastating fact she blamed for recurring nightmares about the devil that continued to have a profound impact on her every waking moment. (It’s okay to pause now and roll your eyes.)

Other liberals are coming from a much darker place. They are controlled by Satan as he uses them as tools to destroy their own country. I’m not even going to try to justify that or soft peddle it because most of us know in our gut this is the case, it’s just not “nice” to publicly out evil when you live in an evil society. (Of course there are Republicans, Independents and all sorts of people controlled by Satan, but when you have one group whose ideology seems to fly in the face of everything good, you should name  it.) The truth is, like the Bible predicted, we are living in the end times and a great deception has fallen on the people. But the hardest part — for those of us who haven’t slept near the pods yet — is trying to pretend it isn’t happening; watching all the talking heads sit and try to talk or reason with these people. Watching Conservative Christians trying to talk to progressives is like watching someone trying to have a calm conversation with Linda Blair as her head spins around and shoots out green vomit. Every day I turn on the TV and watch some level headed, kind Conservative trying to talk rationally  to a liberal who inevitably opens their mouth to spew the equivalent of unintelligible guttural noises – or at least that’s what most of us hear.

I actually try to watch some liberal TV shows or read their websites to keep up on their ever-changing herd mentality – just to monitor in which direction the herd is stampeding. On one such website a headline read, “Problems in the Ukraine…and watch how they are going to try to blame this on Obama too.” Like their president, they have no concept of peace through strength, or any idea of the larger concept of the diplomacy and strategies that are needed to keep the world from falling into the grips of war at any given moment.

We watched Obama do his cute one-liner – you know the one – “The 80s called, they want their foreign policy back” – clearly written by some clever aid and planted in Obama’s ear to spout off as soon as that crusty old Romney mentioned Russia. Hardy har har – that was quite a knee slapper for the unbalanced liberals. The rest of us cringed as we watched Romney trying to hide exasperation and frustration as he tried to debate with someone who had a 5th grade understanding of domestic and foreign affairs.

They say a lot of liberals, or Obama voters, are “waking up.” Ask me if I care. The damage has been done, and even if the Democrats don’t fix the next election (People like Carol Davidson, the head of integration and media targeting for Obama’s 2012 campaign are already working on it I’m sure, even as Republicans continue to flounder like fish left behind by the tide) – if a Republican wins the 2016 presidential election, it would likely take decades to repair the damage Obama has done to this country. He has shredded the Constitution and institutionalized criminality in the federal government on such an unprecedented level that we can’t just walk in, sweep up the mess and move on.

And then there are millions of Americans like myself. Obama and his similarly deranged finks took control of the country just as my own personal crises were coming to a head. I always wondered what it was like for some poor Southern family as they struggled with their own problems: Grandma was sick and they couldn’t afford the operation to save her, crops failed, the well was dry, beloved Old Shep was failing and Mom was in bed with the fever – and then all of a sudden the Yankee troops are taking the city. Now I know. It means all your neighbors are out trying to save themselves and you are on your own. It means immeasurable suffering and eventually you are gone…100 years later there’s a parking lot sitting where you and your family struggled to survive and no one remembers your suffering, let alone that you even existed.

To those who continue to fight the good fight I say “Godspeed.” The offensive truth is that in a few years or a few months, we will no longer be the world’s leading super power. Our military will be drastically cut and those who remain will largely consist of a bunch of drunken drag queens.  White people will become the minority and everyone will believe the world will be a better place for it. Heterosexuality will be considered an aberration. The Jewish or Christian concept of God will be scoffed at by a greater portion of the population who will classify all believers in such fantasies as dangerous criminals – especially if they try to own a gun. Eventually the Muslims and the atheists will be left to fight it out on their own.

Actually, to those of us who have the misfortune of having the time to sit back and watch the wheels go round and round, we can see it’s already come to this. Most people are so busy trying to maintain their large screen, Hi-Def lifestyles they’ve only begun to notice something is wrong. Those that are hooking their wagons to the green/sustainability neo-hippie movement are still doing well too. Heck my liberal neighbor just a got a whole new set of furniture delivered even as many of us struggle to scrape together $15 for a small roasting chicken. That’s just as it should be because it was the plan from the beginning. Dumb, kind-hearted capitalist that I am, I thought we should all have roasting chickens and new furniture – powered by a healthy, competitive economy.  I didn’t think that whole “redistribution of wealth” thing would work. I was wrong; it’s working out great for believers dedicated to the regime.

Every day it’s some new trickery afoot. Today Republican Rep. Daryl Issa walked into a trap as Lois Lerner strutted in, claimed the fifth (again and again and again) concerning her testimony on the IRS targeting scandal, and Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings pulled a dramatic Sarah Bernhardt performance for the cameras and his loyal deranged finks. “”I am a member of the Congress of the United States. I am tired of this!” he blustered.

Now the talking heads come on and calmly talk about it. We can’t say what we are thinking. We can’t say that Lerner should have been taken out in handcuffs and placed in solitary until she talks. We can’t say we wish that Issa had slapped Cummings and told him to shutup. No, that would be lowering ourselves to their level. As an old friend of mine used to say when I would question conversations she’d relate to me, “I didn’t say it, but that’s what I was thinking.”

The fact remains that is exactly what many Americans are thinking, and the anger is simmering and boiling up to the top. As soon as someone makes the “wrong” move, liberals will yell “Aha! We told you they were all dangerous criminals!” We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Maybe at that point we will all be herded into concentration camps just as the conspiracy websites say. Frankly I don’t rule anything out anymore and neither should anyone else. So far we seem to have underestimated everything these people were capable of.

We’re watching that “fashion reminiscent of Jane Giss Khan” idiot John Kerry roaming the world like Lurch in the Adams Family, sputtering and spitting meaningless rhetoric.  Meanwhile Putin is using the same tactics to take the Ukraine as Hitler used on Czechoslovakia in 1938. And it’s supposed to be absolutely no coincidence there are endless civil wars around the world while our president has been playing golf, bicycling in his mom jeans and jogging around the White House with his VP like a weak, simpering fool.

And while our foreign affairs and diplomatic relations are falling apart, we have an endless supply of ethical assaults on the homefront. The effects of Obamacare on the disabled, terminally ill and elderly of this country will be as devastating as Roe vs. Wade was for the unborn. Surprisingly, our nation’s general attitude towards the “unproductive” of society is taking a nasty turn for the worse from all sides of the political spectrum. A good number of Conservatives are posting nasty comments across the internet against those they deem unworthy of their “hard earned tax dollars” (thus making their hard earned tax dollars more important to them than human life.) Frankly that’s just scary. There seems to be plenty of Conservatives to fight for the unborn but a straggling few to fight for the homeless, the poor, the widow…or people like little Jahi McMath who was declared brain dead and referred to as a “corpse” while her heart was still beating on life support. Indeed, under a recent article on Jahi’s situation on a well-known Conservative website, commenters posted again and again, “She’s dead” “She’s a corpse” “It’s a dead body” etc. When people feel so self-assured in declaring someone “dead” when they have no personal, first-hand knowledge of that persons condition…we are in deep, deep doo-doo. These people think it is their self-appointed job to proclaim the harsh “reality” – while in fact they are boldly playing God.

I don’t see any relief in sight. The only thing I can do, due to my own limited circumstances, is pray that those who are still good and decent and true can continue to see clearly enough to help friends, family and strangers get through this active national decay. The stench is getting worse day-by-day. If anyone doesn’t realize things are going to get worse quickly, they are kidding themselves.


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Send Lawyer Guns and Money! 

(How was I to know she was with the Russians too?)


Break Out the Big Audacious Prayers


By Susan D. Harris

Please read the article here:

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Republicans Say Obama Violating Constitution – Little Can Be Done About It As Republic Offers Its Last Prayer


Please read the current article on

Freedom Outpost:

Excerpt from article:

The Republics Last Prayer!
By Susan D. Harris
A word divinely inspired
Carefully crafted; the same visions that drove
Joan of Arc across Orleans
With passion and piety
Now fill my head with cries of “Liberty!
Our enemies rise up before us
Like resurrected bones our foes
Assemble in Megiddo’s dust.
We feebly fight with feckless words
As if our adversary had wit and reason.
Have we not defeated despots past?
Lexington and Concord; at the Marne
And the bulging forest at Ardennes;
Sicily, Soreno, Normandy all stained
With blood and fertile ashes of courage!
History is strewn with defeated demagogues —
The shadows of Caesar and Pompey roam
In search of an empire that is no more;
While Pharaoh’s ghost surveys the sea
For thundering chariots silenced by its swell.
Who bravely raises De Tocqueville’s sword
In democracy’s sweet sentimental defense?
How long can this Republic stand
When powerless patriots guard weakened walls?
I ask…Who will mourn when this Republic falls?
The coliseum lions are loosed once more
The last bastion of Christianity, breached by traitors
Wrestles to free itself from the tearing teeth of tyrants.
Will some epiphany of outrage rise
To salvage centuries of sacrificial sweat?
God! Let Judeo-Christian principles prevail
And Freedom’s torch be passed once more.
With stakes so high, we’ll not fail those who’ve died,
Nor surrender our souls and whimper “we tried.”
With one last breath we cry: “Freedom!”
By Susan D. Harris
flag distress

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Sarah Palin: Woman to Woman



The following appeared on Free Republic in April, 2011.


Sarah Palin: Woman to Woman

By Susan D. Harris

Conservative women who hate Sarah Palin confound me. What has especially alarmed me has been the amount of women who hate her as a woman. I know this is the reason, because – and this is the important part – when you ask them what “scares” them about her (a favorite “Halloweeny” term they use in place of “hate”), the answer is the same from conservative and liberal women alike: “She’s so dumb.”

“Why do you think that?” (Crickets chirping.) “She’s just so dumb!” Oh, okay.

Discrimination against Palin coming from women is unfathomable. These are the same women who demand that they themselves be taken seriously when they walk into a room tottering on their high heels with their short skirts, high pitched voices, half-exposed breasts and chirpy, silly giggles.

Since the 1970’s we have fought for women to be given equal pay in the workplace and have the same upward mobility there. We made great progress. My generation, Sarah’s generation, came into the workplace on the cusp of society already having made great strides in this area. So much so that many of us took it for granted. Tina Fey certainly did. She took it so much for granted she thought she could take that progress out of its fragile box, abuse it, and put it back in and everything would be okay. Well, it won’t. Never before has a comedian so single-handedly destroyed a woman’s public persona, and on such a personal level. When you hurt a good woman doing good things, you hurt all women. When you take a decent, intelligent woman and strip her of her respect and yank out the platform that it took other women decades to build…you’ve done it to all of us.

Granted, things weren’t great for Ferraro, don’t get me wrong. But what Palin has endured has been tenfold compared to what the 1980’s dished out for Ferraro. Clips of Fey portraying Palin were played so regularly in the media that I saw many people who could not differentiate between the two, at least for the first few minutes. And sometimes clips of Fey were so short people didn’t have time to distinguish. These people would wonder why Palin seemed like such an airhead when they knew she sounded smart and idealistic during her last speech. And so, like so many others, they were left with general “impressions” of Palin scattered in their mind. Usually the wrong ones. Dangerous impressions that played themselves out in the voting booth.

And women seem to love to hate her. They embrace it, feed on it. Conservative columnist Peggy Noonan now famously said in the Wall Street Journal: “There is little sign that [Palin] has the tools, the equipment, the knowledge or the philosophical grounding one hopes for, and expects, in a holder of high office.” Wow. Philosophical grounding? That is low. That’s up there with telling a soldier he does not have the courage to fight, or a mother she has no maternal instinct. Of course, Noonan had already been choosing her carefully crafted words with embellished enunciation to talk up Barack Obama’s bringing “hope” to America. (Since women made it acceptable to diss their own, allow me this once). Since Obama had 36 months as a Senator who’s time was mostly spent on campaigns, and Palin had 21 months of time solely spent in the executive office of Governor, Noonan forever lost credibility to me. I mean forever. Noonan, a former speechwriter to President Reagan, apparently didn’t appreciate not being picked for a VP spot herself, as remote as that chance was. Noonan then became to me something I do hate: someone posing as something they are not. I have never been able to say that about Palin thus far.

Public remarks about Palin even inferred her fellow women wanted to see physical harm come to her. Disgusting, uncivilized remarks, vile remarks, reminiscent of the French going off with their picnic lunches for a lovely day of viewing bloody heads dropping at the guillotine. (When the French pretend to be superior to the rest of the world, I often remember that.) We all have our discriminatory views, don’t get me wrong. I, for instance, should have no reason to dislike Former Governor Huckabee. Besides some comments that I thought were beneath him indicating he was jealous of Palin, he basically has the same values that I have. Trouble is, he rubs shoulders with too many liberals, and gives them a pass because he might agree with them on ONE particular social issue. I don’t give them a pass anymore. Their single issue sympathy is only a foot-in-the-door, and they’ve taken advantage of naïve conservatives for too long. I’m done with that. Worse yet, he looks like Gomer Pyle to me. So did my first boyfriend. I see both of them when I look at Huckabee which isn’t a good feeling. It’s a personal thing I just can’t shake; but I surely don’t hate him. But what about Palin? I don’t think Palin haters have a person in their lives that reminds them of Palin and thus accounts for their feelings. (Unless of course they hated Tina Fey first. It WAS a despicably annoying character.)

Then there is the idea that Palin held down a career as a successful reformer and politician with a baby on her hip. Quite a few babies even. Women are terrible when it comes to how other women have their babies, raise their babies… anything “baby” can cause hateful and spiteful comments on any given day where there is more than one woman gathered. I never had a baby, so I always looked at that form of nastiness from afar. Of course I could resent Palin for having children and a career, which I did not. I could be a very bitter, childless woman. For some reason, I’m not.

On the flip side of that, some conservative women also resent Palin having a job and not staying home with her children. While I might be inclined to feel the same way, when I see the closeness Palin has maintained with her children, I have to give her credit for not dropping them off to be raised by strangers, like most of today’s women do with their own children at what they like to  respectably call “daycare centers.” (Whether you HAVE to do it or not, don’t sit there and pretend it’s right. You know it’s not. You just know it.)

Then there is the extra added annoyance that Palin has a husband. With all the struggling single mothers and divorcees in this country, that is something to be jealous of right there. Even more annoying, she’s still married to her high school sweetheart that she eloped with! Add to that the fact that he is the daddy to all of her babies. Same one. Each baby. Wow. How weird is THAT?

Palin also has a “sympathy trump card” that can irritate the crap out of any woman. She has a special needs child. I’ll let that make those of you uncomfortable who suffer from this irritant.

As for Palins’ speeches, if you were to print them under the authorship of A.M. Barnard or George Eliot, I’m sure women would applaud her (apparently male) knowledge of constitutional facts, her braveness in condemning her colleagues and the media when warranted, and her plain, blunt, cut-to-the-chase style that women seem to like so much in everyone besides anyone named “Sarah Palin.”

And for all you southerners that hate her, did you ever wonder why no one with a southern accent is ever hired to be a national news anchor? Because they (the media moguls) want the news to be taken seriously, not like it’s being delivered by… a hick. I learned this in radio and television broadcasting in college. A more “mid-western” voice was the ideal for a national news broadcast. Just so you know …if you hate Palin’s folksiness and her colloquial language…half the country would be considered “hicks” for the sound of their voice on national TV — so I wouldn’t cast any stones too quickly.

Palin also looks good. She dresses classy chic and has a great smile. There are so many things to hate about her they are too numerous to mention. But we can add a few more. How about her knowledge of the founding fathers? Taking on her own party in Alaska? Being the governor of the second largest state in the nation for crude oil production?

And by the way, would someone get Tina Fey by the scruff of her scrawny little neck and take her up to the various points in Alaska where Russia really IS visible? Perhaps she should read “The Bering Strait Crossing” by James Oliver. (I’m sure Fey can read. Has anyone ever asked her?) Oliver describes the Strait as “undefeated in terms of a terrestrial link between the USA and Russia – so far.” Its history in the cold war, and the proximity of the land masses is not a figment of someone’s imagination, it’s real…thanks to Palin for pointing it out. Thanks to Fey for making it into a joke that most people STILL think is a only joke. When they read reports of Russian subs close to our shores in Alaska, boy, must they be surprised! But what of it? Russia has always been our friend. Right? What?

I like Palin. Is her voice a little harsh for public speaking? Yes. Do we need to get her retrained to sound like a robot, like say, Hilary Clinton? Spare me. Do I care if she writes a couple of words on her hand but never uses a teleprompter? Yeah, it’s okay with me if she can speak from her head and heart without assistance on every word.

Mostly I like what Palin has SAID and WRITTEN. She is real. I would trust her to take care of my dog. I would trust her with my life. People who hate Palin, people who are “scared” of her…they scare me. Perhaps, just perhaps, Sarah Palin is a litmus test for good and evil in the world. I mean that literally. I have never met anyone who hates Palin who I would trust or want as a friend. I didn’t start out using Palin as the barometer, but it has been an odd incidental finding along the way.

If Palin runs for President, I believe she would probably do a better job than most anyone on the scene today. If Palin runs for President, I will be down on my knees praying for the Lord to protect her everyday. For surely there is an evil force at play that longs for her suffering, her pain, and her demise. It will be up to those of us who have passed the “litmus test” to protect her, and make sure that GOOD ultimately prevails.

Women have tried for hundreds of year to abandon references to “witches.” Too many innocent women died in witch hunts across Europe and North America. Mostly women. Mostly dead because they were women, and mostly indicted by women. Women: It’s time to decide for yourself whether you will float or sink. It is time to decide if you will stand up for justice instead of speaking against others because it is fashionable. Many of you embrace your hate and your false accusations just as you did 400 years ago. The rest of us have evolved. Don’t drag us back there.



Dr. Ben Carson, O’Reilly and the Nazi’s

Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson on Government Intimidation: “Think About Nazi Germany”

By Susan D. Harris

There comes a time when people with values simply have to stand up. Think about Nazi Germany. Most of those people did not believe in what Hitler was doing. But did they speak up? Did they stand up for what they believe in? They did not, and you saw what happened. And if you believe that same thing can’t happen again, you’re very wrong…But we’re not going to let it happen.

– Dr. Ben Carson

In a jaw-dropping twist of pabulum-puking progressive spin, Dr. Ben Carson was maligned across the internet and elsewhere for asking the tough questions.

When interviewing Dr. Carson about his recent remarks, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly asked him:

So if you mention Nazi’s, you know you’re going to get hammered. But what you said right at the end there intrigued me a bit. You said if you believe it can’t happen again…see I don’t believe that Nazism could happen in the U.S.A….nor could Communism happen here. Do you disagree with me?

Dr. Carson went on to explain that if people do not speak up for their beliefs, they will be trampled. He added that buzz words that supposedly shouldn’t be spoken, like “Nazi’s” and “slavery” are examples of political correctness that he believes is a “bunch of crap.”

The best point Dr. Carson made was when he said he was most worried about the populace remaining silent and “not expressing what they believe because they’re afraid. They’ve been intimidated.” At this point, O’Reilly jumped in and asked, “By whom?” (If you hadn’t taken your blood pressure meds at this point, you needed to leave the room.)

“By the government,” Dr. Carson said, surprised by the question.

“How?” O’Reilly quipped, (as if he himself hadn’t reported on many examples of intimidation, including the IRS scandal.) Dr. Carson answered:

By the government, and by the media…the P.C. police, you say something…this is a perfect example. You’re using an example of how people would not speak up — they try to turn the argument away from that because they know it’s true…But rather than talk about that, they want to divert the issue to something else.

Dr. Ben Carson gave his comments at a fundraiser for an Oregon GOP Senate candidate. The full text of his comments discussed how the secular progressive movement wanted to “fundamentally change who we are,” and part of that entailed “keeping a blanket of silence over the majority.”

Immediately after his speech, he was excoriated by websites and news outlets across the country for simply mentioning Nazis.

Never mind that graveyards across the world are teaming with Nazi victims. Never mind that but for thousands of brave souls and gallons of spilt blood we might be speaking German. Now, in true fascist tradition, no one is allowed to mention the world “Nazi” unless they are spinning history for the History Channel.

Is it a coincidence that society waited for most of our WWII heroes to die off before they decided that any reference to “Nazi’s” was politically incorrect?

It begs the question: What did Americans die for? Did they die so we could forget the tactics and oppression of an ideology that nearly destroyed the world?

Progressives aside for a moment, does O’Reilly not know that U.S. lawmakers gathered on Capitol Hill as recently as last summer to discuss ways to combat an increase in Nazism across the globe? Does he not know that 20,000 American citizens attended a Nazi rally at Madison Square Garden in 1939? Are we really a completely different people?

The answer is no, we are the same vulnerable people. Nazism may not currently be America’s biggest threat, but we have allowed ourselves to be taken over by progressives that espouse the same zealotry, irrationality, vitriol and mass suppression as the goose-stepping tyrants of decades past. The ideology may be different; but when the time comes when we are maligned or ridiculed for legitimately asking whether those in power are using tactics similar to the enemy our fathers and grandfathers died to spare us from…we know that our future is very, very bleak.

Author’s Pick for Accompanying Video:

Shirley Temple: A Heartfelt Appreciation Of Innocence





SOTU: Tuned Out, Turned Off, Dropped Out

January 29, 2014

SOTU: Tuned Out, Turned Off, Dropped Out

Susan D. Harris

In my house, we watch the State of the Union no matter what we think of the president.  This year, however, you could count me out. I wasn’t in the mood for another page from Obama’s old KUBARKTorture Manual.

My 80 year-old mother decided to solider through it.  God bless her, I don’t think she’s ever missed one since she learned to walk.  The woman who banned anything even close to a cuss word as we were growing up could be heard muttering, “Dirty, lying bastard,” as she listened to the Lord of the Manor address his serfs.  She thought no one heard.

Meanwhile in the other room, I was contemplating Mozart’s “Clarinet Concerto in A Major.”  As the radio station paused between pieces, I could hear Obama’s booming voice in the other room.  He was in “down home” cadence, talking to the “folks.”  His voice became cowboy feisty as he proclaimed, “The debate is settled, climate change is a fact!”  I assume he stuck his tongue out after that, but I couldn’t see him.  Luckily, Turkish pianist Fazil Say’s “Istanbul Symphony” drifted from the radio, and the waves slowly overtook Obama’s voice, drowning him out.  I was at peace again.

Later I craved comfort food.  I stirred Nesquick into some milk, chuckling as I remembered a cashier who told me her kids thought powdered chocolate instead of syrup was “gross.”  I was proud to be concentrating on this instead of Obama’s School of Dramatic Arts.

Finally it was over, and I walked near the TV just in time to hear George Will doing his best Will Rogers and reciting a nursery rhyme as he gave his reaction to the president’s speech.  Every time I see George Will, I feel I’m in a time warp…swept back thirteen years and Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts are lurking under the round table.

I wondered what would happen if we just fired everyone in the Capitol, recruited random people, and started with a clean slate.  “It would have to be an improvement,” I said to myself.

“So what did the president say?” I asked my mother.  “He was probably forty minutes into the speech before he even mentioned healthcare,” she said.  “He doesn’t have a leg to stand on.  Otherwise it was the usual Democrat ‘onward, upward, glittering generalities’ speech.”

I walked out of the room and could hear Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers giving the rebuttal.  Her voice was strong, animated, and solid.  I walked back in to look at the TV and saw a woman sitting on a prop couch from “That 70s Show” and looking like she trained as Dorothy Hamill’s backup for the 1976 Olympics.  My mind wandered, “Why do the men get a podium when they give the rebuttal but Rep. Rodgers had to sit in a living room looking like she was telling the kids to be home by midnight?”

The talking heads afterward said her rebuttal was great, but it was clearly laid back and “not an attack on the president” they said.  “Six years with a country sinking like a ship from the White Star Line maneuvering the North Atlantic and the Republicans are still being nice and pulling their punches,” I sighed.

Frank Luntz’s focus group didn’t like the president taking so much power and promising to go it alone with executive orders.  “I hope the president is listening,” Luntz said.  “Yeah, I’m sure he’s glued to the screen,” I chortled.

Then I heard about Obama’s new gal, myRA.  “Wonderful,” I thought, “A new retirement savings plan that will probably work about as well as and keep everyone in a perpetual state of confusion and distraction.  Sure to keep everyone from talking about things like…Benghazi.”

Megyn Kelly came on and did her usual smooth emcee job: transitioning between serious, perky, funny and sexy — and I did my usual transitioning between thinking she’s either one of the best hard-hitting newswomen on TV or the most  annoying tease from the high school cheerleading squad.

I called it a night and crawled into bed, thankful that I was warm as the frost crept up my window pane; a thin sheet between me and wind chill below zero.  I was thankful we had enough heating oil — for now — and that we didn’t heat with propane.  I thought about all the people suffering in this country while the president was allowed to come out and pile the horse manure just a few feet higher.  I only wished those Native American dream catchers really filtered out the bad ones.

horses ass 2

Growing Up American: Birth, Sex and Hitler


 Growing Up American: Birth, Sex and Hitler

By Susan D. Harris

It’s hard to believe now that sex education is a mainstay of American schooling. It didn’t start out well and has only become more controversial with each passing decade.

My sex education began when I was 12, though the majority of my classmates had celebrated their 13th birthday long before. (My mother had tried to hold me back a year to begin kindergarten with an age appropriate class, but the power of the State had prevailed.)

I had just begun sex education under the guise of “health class.” My parents had no choice to opt-out of this course, nor were they made aware of what was specifically to be taught.

The class was taught by the resident gym teacher. Looking back, it was obvious the poor man was nervous and would have rather been doing anything other than revealing the mechanizations of hidden parts to his young minions. The day before, he had shown us diagrams of “private parts” on an opaque projector. We were all shocked and couldn’t wait for the bell to ring.

Unlike children of today, who seem to be familiar with every aspect of sexual relations at an early age; most of my peers (who weren’t helping change the diapers of little brothers or sisters at home), were truly learning the details of anatomy for the first time. Students looked at each other suspiciously. When the teacher asked if there were any questions, there weren’t any to be asked out loud. We seemed genuinely disgusted as we glanced at each other’s pants.

On to the next school day, and more awkward moments.

As I walked into health class, the teacher looked apprehensive. He was pacing and sweating. Today, he said, we would learn how babies were created. (The fact that all of this was being revealed by a male gym teacher made me uncomfortable. I now gave him a wide berth whenever I saw him in gym class, as did most of the other female students.)

 When the time came, the “big reveal” wasn’t as horrible as I’d anticipated. “I’m not going to say anything,” the teacher said. “I want you to just read the first paragraph on page ten of your book. You will have fifteen minutes to read it and think about it.” We read the paragraph quietly. The teacher sat perched on a stool in the corner; biting his lip and avoiding eye contact. When the time was up, he asked, “Any questions? Don’t be afraid to ask questions.” He was praying there would be none, and in our usual manner, there weren’t. We silently stared at him as if we’d been told he killed puppies for fun.


Though surprised again, I was mostly convinced what I’d read wasn’t physically possible even while playing Twister. And I was even more convinced the book had left something out about the belly button playing a key role in the whole process. (When I was a toddler, I’d shoved my finger in my belly button to see what would happen. After my mother told me sternly never to do that again, I was convinced it held the key to some unspoken mystery in the world.)

Still, it was a lot to ponder as I plodded to my next class — Social Studies. There, our teacher suddenly announced it was time we saw the horrors of the Holocaust. In all honesty, I believe she was drunk, as we hadn’t had much of a backstory. For nearly an hour, we watched the grotesque films and photos that would become so familiar to us in later life: Piles of dead bodies, emaciated people, unspeakable suffering… ashes in ovens.

When it was over she said, “Hitler was a horrible, horrible man. Any questions?” (“Yeah, how do you sneak the whisky in?” I thought to myself.) Sitting behind me, the son of the city’s most prominent attorney raised his hand. “Yes, Todd?” she asked. He stood and recited a limerick concerning Mussolini’s “weenie.” The class laughed and the teacher clasped her hands, shrieked happily, and told him it was very good. (She was sure to need a good lawyer any day.) Still in shock from the images, the ensuing limerick and the teacher’s reaction nearly caused me to vomit. In truth, she had done a very poor job of explaining what we were looking at and why — though in fairness, those were questions many of the Allied soldiers who liberated the concentration camps would struggle with for a lifetime.

As was the case with sex education, my parents had not been informed we were going to see some of the most gruesome images known to man. My mother was clearly upset when I told her how long and detailed the Holocaust film had been.

That night, I went to bed troubled. My mind was racing. I made up my mind I didn’t want to be an adult — ever. I drifted off to sleep and images emerged from the darkness like a Hitchcock film. Suddenly there was a man floating above my bed trying to kiss me. As his face emerged from the mist I could clearly see it was Adolf Hitler! I woke up in the morning wondering what it all meant. I wondered if I was an evil person. Remembering the dream made me shudder, and I slunk to school hoping no one could read my mind. I decided to lock it in the “ask mom later” box in my brain. I finally came to realize that the shocking revelations of that one school day had overwhelmed my young mind. My subconscious, unable to process it, mated Hitler with sex education and the revolting nightmare was born.

The next school day I was forced to watch cartoon characters named Syphilis and Gonorrhea square dancing. They told us it had something to do with sex, but I couldn’t stop laughing. I was scolded. This was a serious subject. I wondered why, if we were being forced to become adults at breakneck speed, we were now required to watch cartoons?

Thanks to people like Dr. Judith Reisman, the world would learn that the man who inspired modern sex education, Alfred Kinsey, was both a fraud and a pervert. It hasn’t made much of a difference in school curriculums, however. We’ve continued to degrade so badly that even our president says sex education in kindergarten is the “right thing to do.” It has been decreed: government has the power to steal childhood.

As for me at 12, I decided to push it all aside and continue writing the fictional adventures of two real rabbits that lived in the sprawling woods behind my house.I was lucky. The combination of my own happy mind, my parents, and the woods,would ensure my imagination and childhood innocence remained intact. Would that we could resist the government intrusion in our little ones lives today, so they could concentrate once again on enjoying the brief time God gives thembefore adulthood brings its grievous burdens to bear.

Originally published in American Thinker:

BLOG POST: What’s Wrong With Duck Dynasty?


““It seems like, to me, a vagina — as a man — would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes!”                                          ~Phil Robertson, admired Christian

What’s wrong with Duck Dynasty? They seem like nice people. Their children answer with “sir” and “ma’am” and they always say grace before dinner.

The problem is that when a show like this convinces the country it’s simple, wholesome entertainment – and its stars are lauded as Christians to boot – we’ve got a problem.

Sure their use of “friggin” pales in comparison to language we usually see on TV, but calling people “turds” and lovin’ them “squirrel brains” was formerly considered low brow discourse in America.

Sure we’ve always loved the rough down-home country types. Even country artist Reba McEntire got big laughs and proverbial hugs as she proclaimed how much she loved fried “hog balls” years ago. Johnny Mathis described eating live monkey brains on Carson many moons ago too, calling them “metallic tasting,” and he came out unscathed – at least to the general population. As for me, I still can’t look at either of them without thinking of a fried mess of pig testicles and monkey brains.

Our love of the eccentric can be comfortably enjoyed from our living rooms; it would likely fare poorly in real life.

Calling people “turds,” — a term used on Duck Dynasty — was formerly reserved for the lowest of the low. Generally if you knew people who used the word as an adjective, you knew to stay away from them.

Some people gloat of their rough upbringing; and that’s fine. But when it spills over into civilized society, it can be rather disturbing. I remember well having dinner at an upscale restaurant with my fiancé, his brother, and his brother’s wife. When she overheard that the toilet in the ladies restroom was broken, she proudly and loudly announced, “I’ll take care of it! If there’s one thing I can do good it’s fix a broken sh*tter!” With that, she threw down her napkin and headed for the restroom. The staff kindly ignored her, and the table erupted in laughter. “That’s my girl!” her husband said. I just about sank under the table, wondering what kind of family I was marrying into. Luckily, I didn’t marry into it.

Even more disturbing are the images of these backwater bearded eccentrics on everything from thongs to bandages.  Does that bother anyone else? One has to wonder, if these guys are indeed Christians, why they would allow their faces to be marketed on women’s underwear and other suggestive items? It’s really okay with everyone to wear a man’s face with a beard that trails down into your crotch?

I suppose if I had to spend the weekend with them, I would find them enjoyable and friendly. I would definitely bring my own food however. I’m no vegetarian, but I don’t care for duck or squirrel, thank you very much. I’m also a pretty independent kinda “gal,” (I rebuilt my own lawnmower last summer and do most of my own car maintenance,) so I probably wouldn’t like being herded into the kitchen with the ladies to do whatever it is “women folk” are supposed to do.

Recently I watched an episode where one of the stars said he was happiest when he was “killing things.” I understand if people eat what they hunt, but enjoying the kill is something I will never understand. And that’s just gotta be great for all the kids out there on the verge of killing….something.

Personally, I wonder if the whole thing isn’t an act. These guys were very successful financially before they ever got their own TV show.  They can’t be as stupid as they act; their conversations never rise above a fifth grade level, even when seeming to ponder “larger” issues.

And while I’m sure in real life they have perfected personal hygiene, I consider their constant slovenly appearance as costumes.  The ZZ Top-like beards were always frowned upon in times past because they usually denoted an unkempt person who was not concerned with his appearance. Long beards have also historically been considered…well…dirty. It’s well known they’re a great breeding place for germs and bacteria. Maybe they always had some sort of beards, but I submit that everything we see is done to the extreme for the benefit of the “greatest show on earth” – and in true Barnum and Bailey style.

(And don’t get me wrong, if these guys walked into the Rescue Mission for supper, I wouldn’t be passing judgement on them. I’d gladly offer them a bath and shave however. God does not see appearance, but if you are one of the top rated shows on TV, you are influencing the public in ways that haven’t even been thoroughly explored.)

For the life of me, I cannot understand the entertainment value. How low have we gone as a society that a mindless show like this breaks viewership records? Worse yet, the mass marketing is nothing if not disturbing. There is something very wrong with self-professed “Christians” allowing themselves to make millions off overpriced items that bear their image or logo.  Maybe we need to bring back the old phrase “What Would Jesus Do?” Would he want his image on thongs and Band-Aids? And these guys actually agreed to have a duck put on a cross and market it through Walmart. There is something sacrilegious about that. A duck didn’t die for my sins.

The bright star of Duck Dynasty will come crashing down one day, but it won’t be due to any of their Christian beliefs. Sooner or later, like Andy Griffith’s pedestal fall as “Lonesome Rhodes” in A Face in the Crowd, the public will get a taste of something they won’t like…and it won’t be squirrel brains.

duck dynasty cross




A day after I posted this, someone else compared Duck Dynasty to A Face In The Crowd:


Hey southerners – did you know Phil Robertson is “offended” by the Confederate Flag:

BLOG POST: I don’t usually blog but…New Year’s Eve 2013…

new years eve

I don’t usually “blog.” I try to keep my writing to a certain standard and not jabber on with my personal views. I am making one exception today. 

Man what a rotten New Years Eve TV wise. And I mean this in a MUCH bigger way than “Gee, the TV shows weren’t much.”

I know I know, some of you go to bed, never watch – but this is my take after decades of watching…

So we had what? Kathy Griffin, that immoral trollop over with Anderson (all the gay guys watch me cuz I’m gay) Cooper. They had Melissa (all the lesbians watch me cuz I’m gay) Etheridge and some other guests. Just a nice little end-of-days romp in the woods. (CNN was obviously so impressed with Griffin’s simulated oral sex on Anderson last year that they brought her back again!)

Bill Hemmer and Elisabeth Hasselbeck – B-O-R-I-N-G. Hasselbeck was no Megyn Kelly, and although I’m not a HUGE Kelly fan, her absence on New Years Eve made Hasselbeck look like someone’s 10-year-old little sister was “trying” to fill in.

Meanwhile, they get Megyn Kelly LIVE on the phone closer to midnight, who shows a couple of pics and talks about some Mardi Gras-like-cheesy-place she is spending New Years Eve with “her man.” Complete with belly dancers (she said.) It sounded more like they were at a New Orleans brothel and you just kinda went, “ewwww.” BUT – according to Kelly – she never wanted to be anywhere else for New Years ever again! Yee haw.

Meanwhile Phil Keating was in South Beach Florida, a hellhole of hedonistic immorality. He kept trying to talk to people there thru the night and most everyone either looked like they wanted to kill him or walked away from him. (Some were so far drugged out they couldn’t respond or even walk). Others were just kinda like…”Hey.” Um….okay.

At some point, Fox News said we were going to watch Susan Boyle sing Auld Lang Syne. Well….kinda. They put her up in a box in the corner of the screen and then played highlights from the night – complete with audio overtaking her voice. That was total chaos. Original idea probably sounded good in someone’s drunken head.

And then just a quick word about Times Square. How sick is it that everyone is herded into pens – LITERALLY – HOURS before the ball drops – can’t leave even to go to the bathroom or get a hot cocoa. Well, you COULD, you just can’t come back. Really.Everyone has to be under 30 – I estimate, in top physical condition, and willing to stay in wind chills most people couldn’t tolerate while not drinking or going to the bathroom! It’s sick! But oh boy! They’ve got those stupid blue Nivea balloons and hats every year to keep them happy. Can anyone say POLICE STATE? (And great to have a German company promote themselves year after year in America’s most internationally viewed television event. Oh, and by the way, in 2011 Nivea published a map on their website that conveniently LEFT OFF ISRAEL. Great to know there aren’t any Nazi’s left over there.)

Dick Clark’s Rockin New Years Eve – um. Yeah. That went to the dogs years ago. If I see one more black man come out with the whole “homeboy vaudeville shtick” I’m gonna puke. Wow – look, I’m tough – I walk and talk like a gang member – love me! And of course – none of them can sing. They just come out and chant mindless rhymes. Impressive if you’re 5. (If only Bill Cosby could have come out and given them that “serious” look and thrown them off the stage.)

Then there was the Duck Dynasty interview…. Somebody wake me when it’s over. Bill Hemmer: “What’s coming up in the next season?”

“Well, we’ve got a lot of stuff going on.”

“Who is the first to break their New Years Resolutions?”

“We don’t really make any” (an answer I actually kinda liked because I get sick of hearing people talk about “resolutions” and I got the idea the Duck Dynasty guy didn’t give a rats bum about it either. Actually he and his wife looked like they didn’t give a rats bum about anything in particular.)

….you got the picture. The Duck Dynasty couple were nice enough, but it was like pulling two random people off the street! And when there was nothing left to ask them…Hemmer and Elisabeth kept asking them MORE questions that weren’t interesting and they had no interesting answers for.

Just did a Google search and found out it was Melissa Etheridge who sang John Lennon’s “Imagine” in Times Square. Surprised to find most other people also said she completely slaughtered it. I abhor the song because of it’s lyrics, but you have to admit that to the EAR anyway – the MELODY and Lennon’s voice are quite soothing. I said to mom – “Wow, they couldn’t even play Lennon, someone is SLAUGHTERING IT!”

Miley Cyrus, whom everyone had previously agreed was some sort of Satanic elf run amok seemed to get praises from on-air anchors last night – and at the very least promoted in a positive light. Hemmer and Elisabeth even promoted her – smiling and showing a clip from a video as she stuck her tongue out and spanked an obese black woman who was gladly bent over. Wow. That was FUN.

Look, I don’t tune in for a church service. If people want to get a little crazy – fine. But at least entertain. There was NO entertainment.

In Nashville, the music note dropped as three guys – perhaps one of them Hank Williams Jr. who we were told had performed but we never really saw – slaughtered Auld Lang Syne as they stumbled about the stage with their backs mostly to the audience.

(In the nearest city to me, we could hear the fireworks from our First Night celebration. We don’t have New Year’s Eve, we have First Night – originally started by a bunch of Boston hippies and was supposed to not emphasize alcohol consumption. (Excuse me while I laugh). So, basically all the liberal “artistic” people and gang members go downtown in a chaotic mess of “hidden” drugs and alcohol and have a whooping good time. The fights, arrests and stabbings are usually covered up. Only a gunshot makes it to the news when it happens.)

In short, New Year’s Eve – on television – was a colossal let down. Actually, it made one want to retire from society completely. At the very least one wanted to take a shower and try to scrub off the acquired filth.

If anyone wanted to confirm that civilized society – as we used to know it – is dead…last night did it. If anyone wants to confirm that humor, comedy and intelligence are dead…last night did that too.

Hospital Spokesman Dictates Limits For Hope and Prayer (Audio Available)