“And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people:  all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.” (Zechariah 12:3)

By Susan D. Harris

One only needs to skim current events articles on the internet concerning Israel to see that anti-Semitism in America is stronger than ever.  Websites that don’t block profanity are laden with anti-Jewish, offensive, disgusting comments that make no attempt at rational discourse and no apology for not doing so.

It seems strange that many of these comments come from self-professed atheists or agnostics, and some, sadly, from people identifying themselves as Christians, Muslims, and scarier yet, American Jews.

Self-professed atheists and agnostics seem to make hating Israel their passion, while never acknowledging that their hatred of Israel’s very existence is paradoxically laid out in the very Bible that they spurn.  The irony is breathtaking.

The recently backfired attempt at the Democratic National Convention to paint today’s Democratic Party as the Blue Dog inclusive party of our mothers and fathers was a clear indication of where registered Democrats truly stand today.

In that now infamous moment, former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, an ordained United Methodist minister who chaired the platform drafting committee, moved to reinstate “God” and “Jerusalem” (as Israel’s capital), into the platform.  When the vote obviously did not carry a 2/3 majority, (though this fact was ultimately ignored), Strickland looked downright confused.  One has to wonder why.  Everyone knows that the anti-Israel, pro-homosexual agenda, pro-abortion lobbyists rule the party.  At least the half of the party that is not ruled by unions wanting to keep their taxpayer funded hyper-inflated pensions.  You know the ones that are pushing cities across the country to consider bankruptcy.

It’s time for Americans to form their “Red Rover” lines and take appropriate sides, no longer relying on old conceptions of parties past, or indecisively walking into the voting booth falling back on whatever party line their parents voted.

The “progressive movement,” formerly known as liberalism on steroids, took the White House in a silent revolution, with Barack Obama leading the march and his radical revolutionaries filing in behind him.  They do not represent the Democrats of yesteryear.  Neither do they represent the “last century” nor “black and white” TV as Obama keeps telling us Republicans do.  Realistically, they represent a hot forged heathen mass that is forcefully dragging our country towards an anti-Semitic, Godless Communism, mixed with a well lubricated dose of Weimar Republic morals.

Truthfully, most people already know where they stand.  It will be the Independent voters and the rabid Ron Paul followers who will ultimately decide the Presidency.  Independent voters, as hard as it is for some of us to believe, will be whimsically making up their minds in the weeks ahead.  Ron Paul voters, infused with the rebellion and stubbornness of the Nader and Perot voters before them, will likely siphon votes from Romney and hand the election to Obama, whom they profess to hate more than Romney.

Israel is forced to stifle a muffled cry.  They are continually threatened with being wiped off the map by a country that, by all estimates, is near ready to make good on that threat.  All this is converging while America is lying in bed trying to fend off a fever that will either take her life, or break in the middle of the night; hopefully finding her healthy and hungry the next morning.  An anxious and fretting world, and a tiny nation in the Middle East, sits by her bedside, awaiting the outcome.


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