Susan D. Harris earned her degree in Telecommunications – Radio and Television Broadcasting; simultaneously receiving a journalism scholarship and journalism awards. She formerly worked as a newspaper reporter and has written for various newspapers and magazines.  Additionally, she studied theater on scholarship in London’s West End, the National Theater, and Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon.

More recently she held a National Security Clearance for many years while serving as a Facility Clearance Officer as well as working on software applications for the Defense industry.

In the old theater days.

In the old theater days.


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Contributor to American Thinker, The Blaze, World Net Daily, Renew America, Freedom Outpost and Conservative Commando Radio Network.



Notes from the author:

Christian. Conservative. Writer. Creator. Philosopher. Humorist. Hat person.

At home with Kings and tramps — each has a story to tell, and both are equal in God’s eyes.

Mixing current events, creative thought, history, passion and humor.

No Facebook; only Twitter @PoetKeats

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Looking to the day when an article will not simply be read, but experienced with all 5 senses. (And maybe 6). 😉

The smell of fresh cut grass when you read the words, the sound of the church bells when the mind is elevated above the spires, the taste of salt water as we voyage the seven seas, the feel of the horses silky mane as the writer asks you to stroke it, and the glorious view of a sunset across a sea of pink glass. And just maybe…a mysterious yearning to read an article before you even know the theme. The complete experience in one package…as it was meant to be, before we limited ourselves to mere words…and bound our reality to limits set by man.

I draw my strength from the red earth of Tara:


I would not exist nor flourish without my always loving and always supportive parents (married 62 years and counting) – mom who always believes ‘I can do it’, Shakespeare, Rhapsody in Blue, astronomy, all movies made before 1945 and an insatiable love of history, music, nature and the arts.

My mother is truly the happiest, savviest and smartest person I have ever known. She has taught me to find beauty in everything, and hope in every corner.

Additionally, I thank the following people for their encouragement: Ed Randazzo, Barb, Karen, Murphy, Kelly, Laura, and Jeannie (you guys know who you are!) And a special shout out to a kindred writer – Glenn Fairman. And how can I leave out my biggest fans who give me faith in the darkest times – Don and Jeanne Glass?

Thanks to Cassie dog for truly being our guardian angel, saving a life, and for always giving me ‘the look’ when I was acting too crazy…we will miss you always but will see you again. God would never take us to where you are not. And to our always vivacious Katey dog for her keen understanding that the whole world either needs a good barking down or a playful shaking up – there is no in-between….and for teaching us that dogs have a ‘learned’ vocabulary and intelligence far beyond what mankind acknowledges.

And a special thank you to Jesus Christ for sticking with me and my family through thick and thin; and for sharing glimpses of the supernatural with us…unworthy and unlikely candidates though we be.



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My amateur video channel: https://vimeo.com/susandharris/videos

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Somewhere in Kentucky

by Susan D. Harris


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IT’S NOT YOU! Get the low down on what is really wrong with some of the people around you. Check out this website and begin your journey…    “A country of liars“…



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  1. Unless you are making a general or personal comment to the author, please instead leave your comment under the article you are discussing.
    Thank you!

  2. You write like Eric Hoffer and you think like Eric Hoffer. I gather that you are still a very young person with a lifetime ahead of you. As I am in my middle to late 70’s I won’t be around when your work will be done. By that time you will have consolidated your thinking in a dozen books. I wish you the proverbial 120 years but when your last day comes they will not be burying your life with your body.

    • Ms. Alex, after some research as to the possible nature of your inquiry, you will find that the situation you were contacting me about has been resolved on this website.
      Susan D. Harris

  3. March 14, 2014, the day I first read Susan D. Harris; a
    day to look back on with fondness. I have been
    Rushified into thinking that anyone with your education
    and professional life could possibly emerge with such
    clarity of reality. In these days of liberalism’s
    increasing shadow over the light of truth, your beacon
    will expose the utter failure of media’s responsibility to
    expose the ruling class’s hypocrisy. Thank-you.

  4. Read your piece on Ann Coulter today. Surprisingly there were two pieces from opposing sides of the issue. You accounted yourself well. Glenn Fairman

  5. Hi Susan,
    I read your article on looking for prayer and having google display mosques etc. Excellent article! I tried it for five surrounding communities and was astounded that here is a rather conservative area with so many churches, the first listings were all Islamic. Some had the first nine as ads for mosques. Unbelievable! Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I do appreciate your posts. I usually see them on Bradley Dean’s site. Keep up the good work!
    God’s blessings!

  6. Hello Susan,

    Thank you for listing my site, Country-of-Liars.com, in your “Links I Like” above. I truly appreciate it.

    I’ve created the site with a heavy dose of passion.


    • You’re welcome Larry. You have an awesome and important website that helps people across all political and religious spectrums. You’ve turned your own horrible experiences into real help for others. That’s a pretty rare thing.

  7. Thank you for your well-written “A Stranger in My Own Land’ in today’s American Thinker. Consolation, if any, lay in the fact that we are not alone and that Christians have been rejected since Day One. I’m an aging (85) culture warrior who has had much to say about this and many other disorders of our times. Would be glad to send you a copy of my “Post-Christian Times” (PDF via email), written in 2003, if you want an authentic Christian look into the matter.
    All best wishes,
    Anthony J. DeBlasi

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